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Ways to use Access data in Excel

When you need to use Excel to analyze data in an Access database, you have several options: you can copy and paste the data, create a data connection from Excel, or export the data to an Excel file. Your best choice depends on what you want to do.  Copy/Paste  If you just need some values from Access one time — and you don’t care whether the data changes in Access later…


Query Criteria Part 3: prompting for input by using a parameter

In part 2 of this series, we considered using LIKE and wildcards in query criteria to find inexact matches. Good stuff – but what if you could get the query to apply criteria that are supplied when it is run? What if you could make a query ask for input? Good news! You can make a query ask for input, and it’s actually very easy.


Use code to “undo” things in Access

One of the more common tasks on a computer is to undo something you just did by mistake. At least, it’s one of my more common tasks. CTRL+Z is my friend. But not everyone uses keyboard shortcuts – that’s why there’s an Undo button in the Microsoft Office user interface. Trouble is, sometimes folks just don’t see it. Moreover, in Access it’s possible that they can’t use the toolbar because…