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Page breaks controlled (video)

Are you having trouble getting your pages to break where you want them to in Word 2010? Do you have unwanted blank pages in your document? In this video, we look at how manual and automatic page breaks work in Word. I show you how to reveal special formatting characters in your document that are designed to let you know how paragraph formatting may affect your page flow. You can…


Change the footnote or endnote separator (video)

If your Word document contains footnotes or endnotes, Word will automatically place a small line between the body text and the note text. This line is called the note separator. You can change the footnote or endnote separator to whatever you like or you can remove it by following the steps in this video. <div><img alt=”DCSIMG” id=”DCSIMG” width=”1″ height=”1″ src=”” mce_src=””/></div> For more information, see Insert or create footnotes and…


Word video: Insert the number of words in your document

This video was inspired by an episode of Joannie Stangeland‘s video series, A Writer’s Guide to Office. In Joannie’s video, she describes how a writer might use the word count feature in Word 2007 and how inserting the word count in a document might be useful to a writer when submitting work to an editor. This video describes how to insert a word count using Word 2010. — Ron Owens