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The new Visio start experience

The new Visio start experience is all about helping you quickly and easily find the template you need to begin your diagramming experience. You’ll see that we’ve updated all our template icons to be simpler and easier to quickly scan.   We’ve also color coded them, so that, for example, all the flowchart related templates are green. Additionally, new search functionality will make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking…


Visualize your organization like never before in the new Visio

The new Visio pushes the boundaries of what org charts can look like and how easy it is to create them, by providing modern shape styles, automatic photo importing and a host of other improvements. Let’s jump in and explore how you can have more flexibility than ever in creating a professional, engaging and modern organization chart with the new Visio. 


Modern shapes in the new Visio: org chart, network, timeline, and more

Visio users tend to do one of two things after creating their diagram–share it or present it to others. Both of these scenarios require your diagram to look visually appealing. So, unsurprisingly, one piece of feedback users continually told us was that they wanted to make professional and modern looking diagrams. This week, we’ll give you an overview of the changes we’ve made to Visio templates and shapes–what we call…