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Project helps take the stress out of holiday meal planning

We’re officially in the holiday season, and you’ve been nominated to cook the big dinner. Whether you’re a little nervous as a first-time host or you’re a veteran who wants to be more organized, Project can help you with event planning to make all of your holidays less stressful and a lot more fun. I recently used Project to successfully host Thanksgiving dinner, but you can apply the same techniques…


Server Reporting in PWA

Hi!  I’m Mike McLean, Program Manager with the Microsoft Project team.  Today we’ll discuss some of the changes to server reporting in the next version of Project Web App (PWA), including an introduction to the new OData service.  Historically, users access data in PWA by going directly against the database or via cubes available on-premises.  With the launch of Project Online this release, we also have users storing data in…


Timesheet Improvements for End Users in Project Web App

Hi, my name is Matt, I’m a PM on the Project team and I’m here to talk with you a bit about the improvements that we’ve made to the timesheet experience in the new version of Project Web App. Over the course of the next couple posts I’ll talk about improvements targeted at both end-users, backend administrators, and developers that streamline the timesheet process and provide increased functionality to make…