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Introducing the new Office on Windows Phone 8

  By Bert Van Hoof, Office Engineering Today, we’re proud to introduce the new Office; it comes pre-installed on every Windows Phone 8, which is launching worldwide today. When we started on this journey we set five clear objectives: All your Office documents, where and when you want them The best Office document rendering on any phone All your notes – in one place and with you, anywhere Communicate and…

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Keeping Your Organization Safe with the new Exchange

Beginning this week at the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC), you will have opportunities to have in-depth dialogues with the Exchange team – both in-person and virtually. We kick off this week with a blog post that highlights a need of organizations everywhere and of every size as they look towards ensuring they have control of their data in a secure and manageable fashion. We hope to continue the conversation with…

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Building Office for Windows RT

Earlier this year, Steven Sinofsky announced Windows support for ARM processors (Windows on ARM or WOA). His post on the Building Windows 8 blog included the following news about Office. In the months since that announcement, there has been a great deal of speculation about what we are delivering. David Brodsky, Partner Test Manager and Josh Pollock, Principal Development Manager join Office Next to walk you through what Office for…

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Click-to-Run and Office on Demand

If you’ve downloaded the new Office Customer Preview, then you probably noticed that your installation experience is quite a bit different than in any previous version of Office. These changes aren’t just cosmetic, they’re part of our strategy to bring the rich Office applications that you know and love into the future as an integrated part of our Software + Services offering. In this post I want to talk about…

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Apps for the new Office and SharePoint IT admin guide

We often see IT set a significant amount of their discretionary spend aside to help them deal with deployment surprises that pop up. In the new Office, we’ve done a lot of work to help give IT much more visibility into what people are using within Office and SharePoint so that they can be better prepared going forward.

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New file format options in the new Office

In the next release of Office, we have added two additional formats for use: Strict Open XML and Open Document Format (ODF) 1.2. We have also added support for opening PDF documents so they can be edited within Word and saved to any supported format. By adding support for these standardized document formats, Microsoft Office 2013 provides users with more choice for office document interoperability. Regardless of your preferred document…

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A new and enhanced developer experience for Office and SharePoint

Developers can now build apps that enable brand new user experiences and scenarios by combining web technologies and cloud services right in Office and SharePoint. New experiences that we could not have dreamt off before. As an example, customers can acquire a collection of apps on stitch them together to create powerful solutions to monitor metrics with KPIs right in Excel. Apps in SharePoint that help solve specific goals that…

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Introducing apps for the new Office and SharePoint and the Office Store

In the new Office and SharePoint, we are introducing a new cloud app model that enables developers to build apps that are scalable and flexible using web standards, such as HTML5 and CSS3. We are also introducing a new Office Store for developers to publish their apps, and for people to find and try apps with confidence.

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The new Outlook Web App extends to tablets and phones

The primary purpose of Outlook Web App (OWA) is to give Exchange users access to their mailboxes from anywhere through the same Outlook UI and functionality they already know and love. In this release, OWA has evolved to reach not only laptop or desktop computers, but also tablets and phones. As we did with desktop browsers, we’ll continue investing in wider and richer support for tablet and phone platforms in…


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We’re wrapping up another outstanding week of the Office Preview release. We are getting a lot of great feedback, and hope to get much more. Please continue to help us by sending us your smiles and frowns, and forums feedback on Microsoft Answers, TechNet and MSDN coming. This week many teams across the division have begun blogging about their specific investments. There is a ton of great information out there…