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Why not use Excel as your calculator?

By now, you’ve gotten used to using digital calculators, such as the one in Windows or in your phone, and you know their limitations. For example, say you want to calculate mortgage interest or your grade point average — help! This is when you can switch to Excel, a vast improvement over a simple calculator. In this post, Gary Willoughby introduces you to the concept of using Excel to do simple…


College students learn about SkyDrive and embedding workbooks

Last month on a visit with business students at the University of Washington, everyone’s ears perked up when I led them in a hands-on exercise that showed how you can work on a spreadsheet in your web browser without having Excel installed on your computer….in fact, multiple people could  work on the same file at the same time! We were working in the Excel Web App in a file stored on SkyDrive on  Here’s…


Easy budget management with Excel

In today’s economy, smart money management is a necessary skill. Whether managing the family budget, planning college expenses, or budgeting for your upcoming wedding, Microsoft Excel can help you track the latest numbers, even while on the go with Excel Mobile 2010 on your Windows Phone 7 or the Excel Web App. Keep reading to learn more about managing your budget in Excel. This is post #8 in the Ten…