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Four how-to’s on finding stuff in your inbox

A stream of messages most likely flows into your inbox from co-workers and friends, and from all those enewsletters and notifications you signed up for. You need a quick way to track down specific messages without having to wade through all of them.  To help you cut through the clutter, we’ve compiled four tutorials that show you some ways search in Outlook.


Plug into your data: Connecting Excel to an Access database

Northwind Trading Company is a growing online wholesale food business. Orders from retail merchants are coming in from across the country and are being stored in an Access database. Now the marketing team needs a better way to view the mounds of data. Luckily, the same features that Excel provides for viewing and organizing information in a spreadsheet, can be used to view and organize information in an Access database. But…


Working Offline in OneNote at 30,000 Feet

Your crack sales team for your mobile phone company travels across the world–from London to Shanghai. Figuring out a discounted phone offer or other deals is tricky because tax rates, cultures, and lots of other things change from country to county. To save each other time, team members pass along tips by adding them to a shared OneNote notebook stored on a company SharePoint site. But how do they add new…


Automatically relink Microsoft Access tables

Automating the relinking of tables just makes good sense. This is especially true if you are distributing your database to others. It can save you a lot of headaches, trouble, travel, and time. You do not have to be physically present, nor do you need to remotely access another computer. Additionally, you do not have to enter the names of your back end database(s) or your linked tables. In this…


OneNote on SharePoint: A quick guide for site admins

Hosting your organization’s OneNote notebooks in a SharePoint document library offers the advantages of organizing them in one location, and the flexibility to decide who can access them through setting permissions. The job of creating a library and configuring permissions usually falls on the shoulders of the SharePoint site administrator. This post shows you how to perform both tasks.


The good kind of circular reference

There have been ample articles about troubleshooting unintentional circular references in Excel workbooks. This post focuses on the opposite: choosing to deliberately work with circular references. Circular references aren’t a bad thing in itself: you can use them to achieve complex calculations that are otherwise impossible to do, but first you must set them up properly.  


Too much data to view? Use Auto Outline to group it

Puget Sound Pets can’t keep enough dog chews on the shelves for all the corgies they sell. And they can’t keep up with the sales data they generate from their booming business. To better understand their revenue stream, they need to view it on a month-to-month and a store-to-store basis. Excel’s Auto Outline feature offers a simple way for them to do that by letting them group–limit or expand–the types…


Tight Teamwork: OneNote on SharePoint

One developer has a sofa in her office for quick snoozes; a tester has a pyramid made of Red Bull cans. We’re working overtime and need a break. It’s up to me and my co-workers on the morale committee to figure out how to relieve some stress.  Since I am a self-professed Office geek, I know that OneNote on SharePoint will make a great collaboration tool. Each time one of…