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Master “The Art of Stage Presence” with James Whittaker

Every hour of every day in every country where business is conducted, the same scene plays out: dozens of well-paid people sit in a conference room being bored senseless. Death by a thousand slides. This mind-numbing, soul-crushing, grotesquely expensive experience ends here. James Whittaker reveals the secrets to conceiving, building and delivering a great presentation.

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Win 15 computers for your school with Office Mix

You’ve told us how much you love using Office Mix to bring your lessons to life online, and we’ve been awed by the lessons and creativity of the mixes you’ve created. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our Lessons to Life Contest, which is accepting entries through September 28th. You could win up to 15 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 devices to donate to the school of your choice!


Presentation Summit 2012

PowerPoint is a versatile communication tool, and millions of people use it every day in very creative ways. As engineers, we like to understand how customers use our product and how we can make it better. That’s why we flew down to Arizona this week to attend the 10th annual Presentation Summit in Scottsdale. Experts from around the world gather every year to share techniques for creating effective presentations, and…