The future of work on Modern Workplace

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Register to watch the latest Modern Workplace episode, “The Future of Work: Build, attract, connect,” which aired April 11, 2017.

  • Jacob Morgan—speaker, futurist and author—presents five factors affecting the future of work. He describes how, as a futurist, he helps people not be surprised by what the future will bring.
  • Angela Oguntala—futurist, designer and director at Greyspace—adds her perspective on how companies need to think about the future differently. Too often people confidently state, “This is what the future will be,” and organizations listen to them. But instead of trying to predict the future, organizations should consider different options and how their core processes could be affected.

Also, see a demo of the new Microsoft Teams enhancements, available to all Office 365 business users, and get an exclusive tour of the Microsoft Envisioning Center, where you’ll see how Microsoft is planning for the future of productivity.

Watch the Modern Workplace episode to learn more.


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  1. That’s wonderful! For the time being please open limited free versions (i.e.up to 5 or 10 users) of Teams and the Planner tool to the public. It will benefit you greatly and will help many other people too. Thank you!