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Introducing Microsoft To-Do—now available in Preview

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Editor’s note 4/25/2017:
Please see this support article to help troubleshoot any issues using Microsoft To-Do with your Office 365 work account and this support article to troubleshoot enabling Microsoft To-Do for your tenant.

Today’s post was written by Ori Artman, general manager of Microsoft To-Do.

Today we’re excited to introduce a new, intelligent task management app that makes it easy to plan and manage your day. Say hello to Microsoft To-Do—now available in Preview.

Microsoft To-Do comes from the team behind the Wunderlist app, and delivers a smarter, more personal and intuitive way to help people stay organized and get the most out of every day. Powered by Office 365 integration and an intelligent algorithm, it is the first step on our journey to simplify task management and help you achieve more.

All your to-dos in one place

Microsoft To-Do helps you create a list for anything—for work, home projects or just your groceries. You can keep track of deadlines by adding reminders, due dates and notes, and personalize each list with colourful themes. You can access your lists from anywhere with the Microsoft To-Do apps for iPhone, Android phone, Windows 10 devices and the web.

Plan your day with Intelligent Suggestions

Managing your to-dos and lists can sometimes take as much effort as completing them. Microsoft To-Do helps you focus and plan your day from the moment you open the app. Every morning, your My Day list starts out with a clean slate, allowing you to be more intentional about what you want to get done.

You can also tap Intelligent Suggestions for ideas on what’s most important. Just tap the lightbulb, and you’ll see any to-dos from the day before, what’s due or upcoming, and other helpful suggestions based on Microsoft To-Do’s smart algorithm. Just add the ones you want to get done to My Day.

Integration with Microsoft Office

Microsoft To-Do is built on Office 365, which in coming months will enable the product to be even more useful in more places. Our first integration with Outlook makes it easy to stay on top of your Outlook Tasks from anywhere. It will automatically sync your Tasks with Microsoft To-Do, and allow you to access and manage them across devices.

As the only task management app built on an enterprise cloud, Microsoft To-Do offers the advanced security that our Office 365 customers expect. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and Microsoft To-Do is served out of our hyper-scale, global network of data centers. For commercial users, IT professionals can now enable the Microsoft To-Do Preview through the Office 365 admin center.

What’s next

Today’s Microsoft To-Do Preview would not have been possible without the support and input of Wunderlist fans over the last six years. In the coming months, we’ll bring more of the favorite elements of Wunderlist into the Microsoft To-Do experience, adding features such as list sharing, apps for Mac, iPad and Android tablet, as well as additional integrations with other Microsoft services. Once we are confident that we have incorporated the best of Wunderlist into Microsoft To-Do, we will retire Wunderlist. While the name and icon may change, the team that brought you Wunderlist continues on. We look forward to making Microsoft To-Do even more useful, intuitive and personal.

Get Microsoft To-Do Preview for iPhone, Android, Windows and the web today.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what you think would make Microsoft To-Do even better. You can talk to us via our in-app contact form, on UserVoice, Twitter or on Facebook.

—Ori Artman

    • Ditto, no option for me either. Looks like the FAQ was scrubbed from the main article: it’s only showing in my RSS reader.

      • Hi Paul and Maurits, Sorry for the trouble here. We are in the process of rolling this out to you and it’s taking a little longer than expected. You should be seeing To-Do Preview in the Office 365 Admin Center shortly.

        • Why does it need server-side support to be enabled? All we want is something on the phone that can access & edit our tasks list on Exchange server the same as Outlook 97-2016 does.

          • It is a permission thing Adam. Companies want to be able to grant/deny access to employees pulling corporate data onto their phones.

        • Hi Simon, are you able to add it our tenant as well? I’m in the process of logging a ticket with Office 365 support to see why I don’t have it in our Admin Centre.

        • Was able to install the applications, but can’t log in. Get this error: “Sorry! Microsoft To-Do is not enabled for your organization. Please contact your IT admin about getting access.”

          We get our O365 business premium through GoDaddy. Do we need to do something with them to get this operational?

        • Any idea when it is available? I still don’t see it in my admin center.


        • I do not see it either.

          Where exactly in the admin account should the option show up (once it is available)?

        • I have 3 different tenants, and for each of them I do have a “To Do Preview”, and for each of them, I enable them, click save, and then when opening the setting again, it shows as disabled. It doesn’t save the enabled setting.

          P.S. why on earth do I have to give access to the Office blog accessing my CONTACT LIST when signing into to merely comment on this thread with a Microsoft Account? seriously??

        • Hi everyone,
          I have some good news for you all on the option to turn on To-Do in the Admin Center. Firstly, thank you so much for your patience as we’ve worked to resolve this. The toggle to turn To-Do Preview apps on is now deployed worldwide and working as expected. Please note that you may need to toggle and save a second time if it doesn’t work the first time – we are working to fix the issue that causes this by Sunday.

          • still no to do available here. so I guess not worldwide?

          • Unfortunately, the web app doesn’t support Work or School accounts yet. We’re working on it!

          • I did have the toggle to turn on To-Do in my tenant as of Friday and Saturday, but it did not retain the setting when I enabled it. As of Sunday evening and this morning when I checked, the option to enable To-Do is no longer listed at all.

          • I saw ours that was having trouble toggling on is now gone. What gives?

          • Wanted to report the same issue others seem to be having. Been trying to turn this on for my Org since it was announced last week and the slider wouldn’t save. Start yesterday evening when I tried the option has now completely disappeared. Came back to the blog post after 24 hours to note this apparently has been fixed, however I still do not see the option to turn on To-Do for my org.

          • It would be great if you could fix the issue “To-Do preview toggle is not available in Office 365 admin Center” first by sunday 🙂

          • Simon — Any chance of a status update? Last posts I see from you say that everything is hunky-dory, but it seems that right around the time of your posts it seems that the option to enable to-do disappeared for many of us. If you could acknowledge that an issue still exists and let us know you’re on it, we’d appreciate it.

          • Hi Simon – I’m afraid we still don’t see the To-Do Preview toggle in the “Services & add-ins” section of the admin centre for our tenancy.

        • Doesn’t work. Got this error:

          Unfortunately, the web app doesn’t support Work or School accounts yet. We’re working on it!

    • Maurits, Paul and others, if it has been rolled out to your tenant you will find it at Settings > Services & add-ins > (to go the bottom of the list that shows up) and click “To-Do Preview” and then a side panel will open were you turn it on and click save.

      Hope that helps, and note that while our tenant is first release, one of our clients is on standard and it showed for them too.

      Team WL/T-D, keep up the great work. This is “another” great value add to the O365 platform and we look forward to seeing all the cools things you have cooking.

      • Hi Richard,

        we found the Setting in our admin center.
        But after turning “To-Do Preview” on it doesn´t work. After reloading the setting, it´s turned-off again.

        Any advice?

        • Hi Matthias,

          Apologies for the trouble here. We have rolled out a fix for this and the Admin Center should now be saving the setting properly (you may need to try this twice though).

          • I was having the issue where it wouldn’t save, but know the option is gone from the Admin Center

          • I can’t see anywhere in my 365 admin centre to enable the preview. Any help here Microsoft???

      • Great, I see the slider – however, it has no effect. The service remains inactive.

        • Same here. The option to enable To-Do Preview appeared in my tenant last night, but the setting doesn’t stick. I can turn the switch ON, save changes, then go back to look at the setting again and find the switch set to OFF.

          • Hi All,
            Firstly, thank you so much for your patience as we’ve worked to resolve this. The toggle to turn To-Do Preview apps on is now deployed worldwide and working as expected. Please note that you may need to toggle and save a second time if it doesn’t work the first time – we are working to fix the issue as fast as we can.

          • I still don’t see the app in the O365 Admin Center with Exchange Online Plan 1 in Germany. Isn’t it deployed yet? I just can login on the TODO website but not on Win 10 / Win 10 mobile (app).

          • The switch in admin center is currently missing, though it was there a couple of days ago – but did not save the toggle position….

      • Hi Richard,
        I am a owner of an educational tenant. Can you confirm that it wil rolled out to those tenants? At this moment I can’t see this switch ( It was visible for a couple of days)

  1. I’d like to try out the new app, but I’m going to wait for two features that are available in Wunderlist today: first, I need a cross platform experience that includes a native MacOS version. Next, my wife and I utilize the ability to share lists (like our grocery lists), and we’ll need that going forward. Once those features are available, I’ll jump on the test.

    For extra credit, consider integration to Amazon’s Alexa, as well! 🙂

    • Let me hop on Bob’s To Do list for To Do. Sharing is required. Alexa integration so I could stop using IFTTT would be best, but at least an IFTTT recipe would be needed for me and my wife to make the switch.

      • Hi Eug, Thanks for the extra to-do ???? . I can see how a To-Do and IFTTT integration would be useful for a lot of people and will bring it up with the team.

        • Hi, I’m also highly intrested on sharing ToDo-Lists with other people and I have another one please integrate complete in so I could see the same DoDo-List over the Website.
          One tool for all jobs is amazing, thx for the great work.

          • Hi Harald,
            Great idea! I’ll be bringing it up with the team.

        • Oh, sorry for the “????” – it looks like an emoji did not render correctly.

    • Yes – what Bob said!

      If there is no sharing, there is no point.

      Alexa integration would be amazing!

    • If you do Alexa, don’t leave out my Google Home device. If there’s going to be a Microsoft Branded Samsung Phone, better connect to Google Assistant if you do Alexa. Of course we would all expect Cortana integration on the new Harmon Kardon Invoke.

      • Hi Jayson,
        That’s a very good point on Google Home and Google Assistant support – we’ll look into supporting it too. If you do use an Android phone, you can use To-Do with Google Now by saying ‘Ok Google, make a note…’ You’ll just need to select To-Do as the default app.

    • Hey Bob, as a fellow Mac user I hear where you’re coming from. We’re already working away on To-Do for Mac and list sharing too, and can’t wait for you to try them when they’re released. As for Alexa, that’s a great idea that I’m sure many others would love—I’ll bring it up with the team!

    • Same here. I would love to use on my MAC! We share grocery lists as well.

    • Same here — no sharing then it’s a non-starter.

      Import from Wunderlist failed (got 2 of my 8 lists).

      • Hi Martin, I’m sorry about the troubles you’ve been having with the Importer tool. We are looking into this right now and should have it fixed shortly.

      • My import has been going for over an hour and it says 0/18 imported.

          • Hi everyone,
            I’m sorry for the trouble that you’ve been having with the Importer. We have rolled out a bunch of improvements for it in the past days and it should be working more smoothly now.

        • Sharing is the killer feature in Wunderlist.

          Importing doesnt work for me either unfortunately, 0/24 imported from Wunderlist.

          • Hi Alexander,
            You’ll be happy to hear that we are already working on list sharing, which will be coming to To-Do. I’m sorry about the trouble you’ve been having with the Importer. In the past couple of days we have rolled out improvements to it and if you try again now, it should successfully import your lists.

  2. Hmm! Interesting.

    Please work on the following, off the top of my head!

    – Cortana integration

    – The ability to Pin this List to Start, something I use VERY often with Wunderlist on my Surface due to the Live Tiles

    – Integration with your Arrow Launcher for Android

    • Hi Aaron, You’ve got some great ideas there that could be helpful for a lot of people, I’ll bring them up with the team. If you have anymore, we’d love to hear them. Just head over to our UserVoice forum:

      • Can not agree enough with Aaron on all points – particularly the Arrow Launcher integration! Please work with them to integrate ASAP!

        Meanwhile, love the app and cleaner and more responsive feel of Microsoft To-Do. Wunderlist (without its regular updates) had become a little cumbersome and slow. Then again, I love change! 😉

  3. Two questions:
    1) Will this app be available on Windows Phone 10? (I was able to download the beta on my Windows 10 desktop, but it’s not in the store on my Windows 10 Phone)
    2) Will we be able to import our Wunderlist tasks?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • I used the link for Windows devices above on my Lumia 950 to download this app. There is an option in the settings to import Wunderlist tasks.

      • I used the Windows app link at from my Lumia 950XL and it located it in the store. It is titled Project Cheshire on both the Win 10 and Win 10 Phone stores, and neither find it if you search, but the links in this post and elsewhere do seem to work. You just need to hit the link from the device you are wanting to install it on.

    • Hi Robert, Yes! To-Do for Windows 10 is a Universal that works across Windows phone, tablet and desktop. And yes, you can import your Wunderlist tasks into To-Do. After you’ve downloaded and signed into the app, tap or click Settings and you’ll an option for our Importer tool.

  4. “Unfortunately, the web app doesn’t support Work or School accounts yet. We’re working on it!”
    Seems a little odd if it’s built on O365?

    • Hi Dave, We’ll be adding support for Work accounts in To-Do for Web in the coming weeks.

    • Hi Alan, You’ll be happy to hear that we’ll be building an app for iPad in the coming months.

    • Hey Ryan, That’s a great question. Planner is designed to help customers organize teamwork. On the other hand To-Do is designed to help individuals plan and manage their day and to-dos.

      • You’re making an artificial distinction. Teamwork and individuals’ to-dos are the same thing. Off the top of my head, I can think of six different online task management solutions from Microsoft. None of them work with each other. That’s ridiculous. What we need is a way for teams and individuals to manage their tasks in the same solution. Nobody wants to go six (or even two) different places to decide which task to do next.

        • This.

          It feels like Microsoft has multiple teams building competing products without any oversight or cross communication.Take for example SharePoint Conversations, Yammer, Office 365 Groups, Outlook Public Folders, and recently Microsoft Teams – I’ve given up trying to explain to my users which one to use for group conversations. So now we have Outlook Task Assignments, SharePoint Tasks, Planner, and To-Do? How can I be productive if I’m spending half my time keeping up with all the different places I might have tasks?

          Microsoft should have *one* solution for a need, and make that solution appear in all the different Microsoft applications. A good example of this is Skype for Business. I can use Skype for Business to live chat from Outlook, Microsoft Teams, every Office 365/SharePoint-based service, and of course the Skype for Business desktop and mobile applications. It’s all one system, integrated into every Microsoft application. Microsoft, please do the same for all your other services!

        • I was going to type out a larger response but Thomas hit the nail on the head. Microsoft, what are you thinking? Stop confusing users with so many options to manage tasks/to-dos. This project should have been about unifying to simplify the experience for your end users and for us in IT that have to support them.

        • Hi Thomas, You raise a very valid point here. It’s something that have taken on board before starting to build To-Do and although it’s still early days yet, we are working towards improving task management experiences for our customers.

          • Great, I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Tight integration with other Microsoft solutions would be a killer feature to bring business users to To-Do.

            Eliminating the divide between teams’ project management and individuals’ task management is the key. If someone assigns me a task in Planner (or SharePoint, VSTS, etc.), that should show up on my to-do list. I should be able to prioritize it along with all of my other tasks. When I mark it complete, that should automatically update the source task so that the project manager can monitor progress.

            In addition, Outlook is where I manage my day, so that’s where I should be able to manage my tasks. Most incoming work lands in my email inbox, so the ability to create a task from there is crucial. That task should have a link back to the original email so I can reopen it and reply or process it, depending on what the task entails. Some task management apps refer back to emails, but none of them work well with Outlook because it currently lacks a good way to link to an individual mail item.

            Please, please, please start working on integration between your solutions instead of introducing more new apps that do the same things as existing offerings.

          • I just want to echo Thomas’ points here. I use Planner to assign tasks to my Project team. Are they then supposed to manually move these into ToDo and then manually report back to me through Planner?

            It’s quite annoying that there is not a desktop/mobile app for Planner as it is. When I heard about ToDo I was really hoping that it would include this functionality! Alas, no.

          • Absolutely agree with the comment by Thomas Mueller!
            The real unsatisfied need is to finally get proper integration in this area, and eliminate the drag of redundant overlapping features/apps/services across the MS platform. For individuals and teams, with both O365 and D365.

        • Exactly. I’m extremely confused by Simon’s artificial distinction as I can’t understand how anybody can possibly “plan and manage their day and to-dos” if most of the stuff they have to do isn’t visible!

        • Thomas Mueller really hit the point.
          We are as well struggling to explain Office 365’s redundant tools to our users.
          Every kind of task should ultimately be visible and manageable in Outlook, no matter where it was initially created (OneNote, SharePoint, Planner, To-Do, …).

      • Hi Simon,

        As Thomas Mueller commented, I am a bit concern with your answer. Do you mean that Microsoft feels it is better for the individual that is part of a work team to have 2 separate tools to manage their daily to dos?

        I love working with Wunderlist and I also appreciate the Office 365 infrastructure with 365 groups, Teams, Planner. I like how slowly things are coming together. But I hate having my tasks on separate services.

        I strongly recommend the you guys revisit the road map on this topic.

        But I do want to recognize the constant effort by the different Microsoft teams to bring Office 365 tighter and more integrated.

        Keep up the great work.


        • Hi Christian, I can totally understand wanting to have a better tasks experience with Office 365 and beyond. We are just at the beginning for To-Do, but we’ll be looking at this closely as we build integrations across the Microsoft ecosystem of apps and services.

          • Hi Simon

            Can I Just to be crystal clear about what you’re saying as it doesn’t really make sense.

            I’d read the announcement as Microsoft finally fixing the problem of having multiple tasks apps by providing a tool that lets you see in one place all of your Office 365 environment tasks that exist in multiple places. It is what I thought was meant by: “”To-Do is built on Office 365, which in coming months will enable the product to be even more useful in more places.”

            You’ve confused me by I think misseing a word out of “It’s something that have taken on board before starting to build To-Do and although it’s still early days yet”. I don’t know if you mean “we have taken on board” and therefore are doing or “we should have taken on board” and therefore aren’t currently doing. Which is it?

            Are you are saying it is not yet part of the road map to fulfill this part of the launch announcement “To-Do is built on Office 365, which in coming months will enable the product to be even more useful in more places.”

            If so then people need to know quickly if it isn’t going to work with Planner as then there isn’t much point in evaluating it farther and we’ll have to go back to researching a non-Microsoft solution for task and project management which I’d put on hold because I thought that’s what Project Cheshire was?



          • Hi Stuart,
            Apologies for my brevity in my previous reply – I have now added clarification for this. What I had intended to write was: “It’s something that we have taken on board…”. To be clear, we are and have been looking at numerous places to integrate To-Do across the Microsoft ecosystem of apps and services, which includes Planner.

  5. Hi,
    I think there is a problem with the sign-in where you are using a non-enterprise account to log into windows but it has the details of an Office 365 saved. It seems to constantly tell me I can’t use my enterprise account (probably because I’ve not enabled in Office 365 admin yet) and kicks me out even when I explicitly sign in as the Microsoft account.

    • I had this happen too when trying to use the Windows app. I have a personal Microsoft account and a work account that share the same email address. I tried contacting Office 365 support but they apparently have no idea what’s up with To-Do.

      I would prefer to use my work account anyway, but I’m still waiting for the option to enable To-Do; it has not yet shown up in my Office 365 Admin center.

      • Hi Al & Mark,

        Really sorry to hear you’re running into that issue! We’re looking into how to better handle that scenario where one email address shares two account types.

        We’re also working on getting the toggle deployed worldwide as soon as possible. It’s taken a bit longer than expected and I truly apologize for the delay!


  6. Hoping to see some kind of integration with SharePoint task lists too.

    • Hey Alex, That’s a great idea and I could certainly see how it would help a lot of folks. I’ll be bringing up your idea with the team.

  7. Microsoft being Microsoft
    They bought Wunderlist, and made a new application, with all developers and source code, Microsoft programmers, for sloppiness and laziness and lack of command.
    They have not included Sub Tasks, and can not import.
    They had all the time, all source code and features, and they continue in sheer laziness to add sub tasks.
    Microsoft being Microsoft

    • Hi Alessandro,
      As was mentioned in the blog post, this Preview is just the beginning of To-Do. I do understand how you might feel frustrated without features like Subtasks, however when we were talking with the majority of our customers about what issues they were having (namely that of too many things to-do and no good way of curating that into an achievable daily to-do list), we decided to focus on features like My Day and Suggestions when building To-Do. That being said, we are always looking for ways to improve your productivity. Based on feedback like yours (and if you head to our UserVoice), Subtasks is coming in as a highly requested feature. As we move through this Preview stage, we’ll be taking all of your feedback and ideas on board to help shape the future of how To-Do will work, so keep an eye out for our coming updates.

  8. when will to do list form one note sync?

    • Hi Mark, We’re always looking for new and better ways to help our customers achieve more. I’ll bring up your OneNote integration idea with our team, I think it could really helpful for a lot of people. In the meantime head on over to our UserVoice forum and add or up-vote it and any other ideas you’d like to see next:

  9. Looks interesting!

    What is the strategy for integration with Planner? When will we see Flow integration? Will we see some kind of SharePoint/Exchange integration – the work management service application used to be able to aggregate tasks from both, will we maybe see something like that with To-Do?
    What is your timeline / roadmap?

    • Hi Dennis,
      Those are great questions! While I can’t yet answer them in absolute terms, we are working integrate To-Do across the Microsoft ecosystem of apps and services to make managing and achieving your tasks a lot easier.

  10. When the work accounts are enabled – a good idea would be to be able to link a Sharepoint List/Task List too.

    Along with MS Flow, IFTTT, Zapier etc

    and Cortana, Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby etc

    and a calendar push – which can be used with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar etc

    I’ll stop now … 🙂

    • Hi Andrew,
      No need to stop, we love getting customers’ feedback! A lot of the ideas you have are on our radar. If you have more ideas, just head on over to where the community can also add their vote to them.

  11. Looking forward to migrating completely from Wunderlist to this To-Do app – I love Office365! However, I use Wunderlist all day long on my Mac, so I can’t migrate quite yet, as I don’t want a dedicated browser tab just for To-Do. Get that Mac App out!

    • Hey Casey,
      That’s awesome to hear, and you’ll be happy to hear that work on To-Do for Mac is already underway.

  12. This sounds very interesting! I hope you are able to provide users with a consistent user experience. The “task management” story is currently quite scattered with to-do’s in Outlook, OneNote, SharePoint and Cortana. I look forward to trying this out when it is released!

  13. Those anyone knows if there is a was yo import from Wonderlist? Thanks.

    • Hi Stuart,
      Sure is! You can import from Wunderlist by opening To-Do, heading to the app setting and then tapping on the ‘Start importing now’ button.

    • Hi Stuart,
      There sure is, just head to the app settings and tap on ‘Start importing now’.

  14. I am not able to find any in-app form, so let me ask here:
    1. How about API? Is there any way to make an external integration? Any Developers related information?
    2. Is there any sync to Wunderlist (not an import but real-time synchronization)?
    3. What would be the best person to discuss possible integrations to popular products (to make the Wunderlist users migration smoother)?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    • Hi Alex,
      Just for the future, if you need to reach out to us, the in-app contact form is under the app’s Settings page.
      1. We don’t yet have a To-Do specific API, however you can already integrate with To-Do through the Outlook Tasks endpoint of Microsoft Graph.
      2. No, there is no sync between Wunderlist and To-Do (and vice-versa).
      3. If you reach out to us via the contact form, you’ll be put in touch with the right folks 🙂

  15. Look forward to trying this but why is the link to the Windows store still go to Project Cheshire whereas iPhone, Android and Web all go to Microsoft To-Do?

    • Hi Chris, Our update is rolling out to our app page on the Windows Store and it might be taking a little longer than expected which is why you’re not seeing the To-Do name and icon. If you download the app though, you’ll still be getting To-Do.

  16. I use Wunderlist and I’ve given this a try today and here are my thoughts.

    First the showstopper (for me). No way to assign tasks to other people in your household or share the lists, at least not what I could find.

    I was able to import all of my Wunderlist tasks and categories with no problems.

    To-Do inherently works fine on Android Wear, complete with options to SNOOZE or mark COMPLETE without the need of a watch “app.” Was impressed by this.

    No option to add your task to the calendar on the Outlook App on Android or on “Windows Mail” on Windows 10. I assume that is coming.

    This is actually a good start and very much like Wunderlist. Just not ready to let go of Wunderlist until I can share tasks.

    • Hi Brian,
      Thanks for sharing your experiences. You touch on some very valid points around sharing and calendar integration. On the sharing front, work is already underway and in regards to integrations – I can’t yet confirm what will be coming, but do watch this space the scenarios you mention are on our radar.

  17. Needs IFTT Integration for me to really use this.

  18. I still get the same problem I received all the way through the beta in that none of my lists will sync so I lose everything I add.

    When using the web app first the titlebar shows welcome in German briefly and then I start trying to add some tasks and then get the following error:

    “Internal testing error
    Sorry, it looks like your to-do items aren’t being synced at the moment. Send us a report to help us fix the issue.”

    If I send a report all that happens is it wants to send an email to the team but it does not contain any info or attachments so I am unsure if this helps.

    Also if a search the iOS store for “Microsoft To-Do” I just get a different app made by someone else and like others I cannot turn this on in my Office 365 settings unless I am not looking in the right place.


    • Hi Robin,
      I’m sorry for the trouble you’ve been having with To-Do. Please go to the App Settings, and under ‘Support’ reach out to our support team. From there we’ll be able to help you out and hopefully have your To-Do app back up and running like normal.

  19. I really like the interface.
    I hope that Microsoft consolidates all of the To Do apps into one (something like) from
    – Cortana
    – Wunderlist
    – Windows 10 (phone/pc) native app

    One of the most difficult things “to do” (pun intended) is to centralize To Do’s in one place. Even though I have 1 Microsoft account, Cortana,, Wunderlist are all disconnected and have their own sets of tasks, features and never speak to each other.

    • Hi Ark,
      That’s a great point you have there and one that we are looking very closely at too, keep an eye out for our future updates!

      • Hi Alan and Ben,
        You’ll be happy to hear that it’s on our list. If there’s a specific view that you’d like to see on our upcoming widget, I’d love to hear what you’d like to see there!

  20. How do I connect To-Do with my O365 Outlook account tasks? Is there a support page yet?

    I can’t see any way to get my Outlook tasks into MS To-Do. I use “” hosted by Sherweb, but my O365 account uses a different (MS Live) email address (which is how I’m signed in to To-Do).

    • Hi Tall,
      If you head to the App’s settings, then under ‘Help & Feedback’ tap/click on ‘Get Support’ you can send it to us – thanks!

    • Hi Alex,
      We don’t have any plans at the moment to build one, but we are always open to making To-Do better. If you’d like to see this, head on over to where you can add or up-vote it.

  21. Is integration with Siri possible? I’d like to tell Siri to remind me about a task “when I get to work”, for example.

  22. So for the past two years since buying Wunderlist Microsoft has made a worse Wunderlist?… great job team. Do you plan on shutting down the old Wunderlist before you role out shared tasks? or sub-tasks ? or the ability to upload files?

    • Hi Andrew,
      To-Do and the folks who have been building it are the same team that also made Wunderlist (myself included). I do understand how you feel when it comes to features like sharing, however as mentioned in the post above we are working hard to bring this and more helpful experiences for you to To-Do.

  23. The importer has been importing my Wunderlist to-do’s forever. Any idea why? I don’t have too much data on Wunderlist.

  24. Finally, an app that works work my tasks. So silly that my iPad had this capability, but my Windows PC and Mobile could not…

  25. I see support for iPhone only. Will there be support for iPad as well? I use a keyboard with my ipad and turning my head sideways to read the screen isn’t much fun. And as others mentioned, sharing with my husband is a must.

    • Hi Adriana,
      Yes, we will be releasing To-Do for iPad in the future.

  26. The app looks great. The biggest feature missing for me is the ability to quickly enter tasks for specific dates using natural date entry. Such as “Buy milk 28/2” or “Buy milk Wed 5pm” or “Buy milk tomorrow morning”. It’s way to tedious to go through all the menus for specifying a specific date. Todoist has a fantastic implementation of this which I hope you implement. It’s also important that this feature works based on your date format preferences e.g. in Australia we use DD/MM/YYYY. US is MM/DD/YYYY and other countries like china use the format YYYY/MM/DD. Wunderlist still doesn’t understand when I enter dates in Australian format.

    • Hi Marc,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on natural date entry, I’ll be bringing this up with the team to see if we can build it into a future update.

  27. This feature is NOT available to add in the Office Admin Center.
    Microsoft… Any updates?

    • Hi Jareb,
      Firstly, thank you so much for your patience as we’ve worked to resolve this. The toggle to turn To-Do Preview apps on is now deployed worldwide and working as expected. Please note that you may need to toggle and save a second time if it doesn’t work the first time – we are working to fix the issue that causes this by Sunday.

  28. My Wunderlist tasks are refusing to import. Web page says it’s been importing for like an hour. I only have 25 tasks.

    • Hi Scott,
      Apologies for the trouble here. We have made some improvements to the Importer and it should be running much more smoothly now. Please try running it again.

    • Hi Ethan,
      No, they currently are not, however we are looking into building integrations in general across all of Microsoft’s apps and services.

  29. Where is the macOS version? You do realize this was a Mac app long before Microsoft decided to claim it?

    • Hi Michael,
      Fun fact, Wunderlist’s first desktop app was actually for Windows – but in general has always been a cross-platform product. And that’s not changing for To-Do either. Currently we are in Preview and don’t yet offer an app for Mac, but you’ll be happy to hear that work is already underway on To-Do for Mac.

  30. I hope you guys are planning browser extensions. I use the Wunderlist browser extension to save webpages to a Reading List and find the extension incredibly convenient for this use case. The extension automatically populates the article title, subtitle/excerpt and the URL.

    • Hi Frank, Yes, they sure are!

  31. Hello – Thanks for the app and I look forward to what it might become in the future (mulit-platform, etc.)

    I tried to import my Wunderlist today and received an error on the import.

    An error was generated and sent to (SessionId 5a0bde14-596f-8d6d-475f-89540a8cebd3).

    Now I am a bit confused though… I see some of my wunderlist items showing up in Outlook as tasks. I am hoping that if I try the import again … it doesn’t duplicate my todos. In the mean time I am going to stick with Wunderlist… but look forward to future updates and enhancements.

    If you can provide any guidance on the duplication of todos if I try to import again – would be much appreciated.


    • Hi John,
      Apologies for the trouble here. There were some issue with the Importer, but we have now rolled out improvements and fixes for this. If you do try using it again and select the same lists that you have already imported, they will be imported again.

    • Hi John,
      Sorry for the trouble you’ve been having. We have since rolled out improvements to the Importer tool. If you have already imported lists and select them once more when you import again, you will receive another copy of them.

  32. Would Microsoft To-Do the following feature:

    1. Nest folder
    2. Week view
    3. Tag
    4. Ability to create custom filter for different view?

    Will one has to subscribe to office 365 to use this app down the road?

    • Hi Vannak,
      Thanks for your great suggestions! I’ll bring the up with the team. One thing that you can already do is use #tags – give it a try! While we will eventually be offering premium features as a part of Office 365, To-Do will have a core feature-set that will remain free to download.

  33. There is already a perfect cross platform todo app built for business, todoist – it literally has every feature one would want, except for integration with office 365 and secure storage of work data inside the microsoft cloud.

    I think Microsoft could deliver a perfect solution better if it just bought todoist and re-engineered and integrated it into office 365.

    • Except for the tons of issues I’ve had with Todoist over the years. Change timezones on vacation and come back and all my tasks have shifted an hour. Repeating tasks that sometimes skip a future date and move 2 increments into the future.

      I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Todoist.

  34. > Once we are confident that we have incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do, we will retire Wunderlist.

    CHRIST, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Whats wrong with you, MS?

    • Hi Андрей,
      The decision to do this comes from the same team behind To-Do, which was the team behind Wunderlist. To bring the vision for a task management app that we’ve always had, we approached To-Do with a fresh mindset open to the biggest problems our customers facing. The Preview version of To-Do that we have released reflects this thinking in both design and technology.

    • Hi Marco,
      Once you’re in To-Do, just go the app settings, then you’ll find a link to the import your lists.

  35. Was really happy to see this idea and especially the easyness of the app. I hate those complicated To Do App with 1001 features. But – sharing is absolutely necessary. Want to share the grocery list with my wife – but not sharing my login with her.

  36. I keep getting the error message “Sorry! You don’t have a license for Microsoft To-Do. Please contact your IT admin about getting access”

    I am the IT admin yet I have no idea how to add this app.

  37. The web client appears to have a problem, it’s not syncing or showing the latest changes but my iPhone and Outlook are

    • Hi Alan,
      Apologies for the trouble that you’re having here. Please head to the app settings and under ‘Help & Feedback’ tap ‘Get Support’ where our support team will be in touch with you.

  38. It would be very useful for me (as a one-man IT team!) to be able to quickly move tasks and see an overall picture of the ‘Grand Plan’ and individual projects.
    Please could tasks be connected to the calendar so that changing the date in one affects the other, i.e. drag and drop workload planning.
    Dependencies would also be great as a follow up.

    • Hi Phil,
      It sounds like Microsoft Planner might be a great app for you as it supports most of the scenarios that you’ve mentioned.

  39. Our administrator indicates that the app is not yet available in the Business Store in Windows 10 (normally he should just ‘allow’ it, but apparently it is not available at all). Can you add it?

  40. What is great with Microsoft Outlook is the option to create repeat tasks (with a lot lot lot of options)… It doesn’t seem possible to even create a simple repeat task with Microsoft To-Do app? So for me it is a no go. 😉

    • Hi Pascal,

      The option to add repetition to a to-do is revealed under the due date field in the detail view after you’ve picked the first date in the series.


  41. For now, when I choose an item, and click “Add a note”, it is text only. I would like to be able to take a picture or attach file.

    • Hi Mohamed,
      That’s a great use-case, I’ll be sharing it with the team.

  42. Using Todoist and seeing this, is missing alot of features. Good thing will be integration with the rest of the MS Ecosystem.

    – Shared lists
    – Tags
    – Reminder via SMS
    – Nested lists and tasks
    – Priorities

    And cool featues like “karma” and history of the week/month. How many tasks were done, best days, streak days… etc.

    • Hi Daniel,
      I can understand where you are coming from. To-Do is just coming out in Preview, with many more features and new experiences to come down the road, including list sharing. Also, #tags is already available, why not give it a try?

  43. Right now it is very simple to-do app without any killer feature. Need some features for me to be the app of my choice.
    Please add:
    – manual sort
    – putting tapped tasks on top of the list
    – subtasks

    • Hi Владимир,
      Thanks for sharing your ideas! You can already manually sort a list. For the tapping action, that’s used to open the Detail view which allows you to add a Due Date, Reminder or Note. Subtasks is something that a lot of folks are asking for and we’ll be looking to see what we can build in the coming updates.

  44. Wunderlist is a million times better, killing it off for this… I’m not happy.

    • Hi Andy,
      I can understand how you feel. As To-Do is still very much in Preview, you’ll be able to keep on using Wunderlist. We will only retire it once the best elements of Wunderlist are in To-Do.

  45. It would be good to have a space where all the tasks (from different streams) are collated on a single dashboard for a user as currently we have tasks everywhere (outlook, SharePoint, groups, planner, etc.) which will lead to nothing but confusion.

  46. I have installed To-do-list on my Android-Smartphone but I can not connect to Microsoft To-do using my Microsoft-Account. I always get the message “” does not exist in our system. “.info” is the domain of my account.
    Connecting to Microsoft To-do using a webbrowser or the windows-app causes no problem. What can I do?

  47. ok, I solved my problem while I didn´t accept the suggested emailadress but choosed “other adresses” and wrote the adress manually and was successfully connected.

  48. I don’t currently share my Wunderlist to dos, so your current feature set is a close match to my use of Wunderlist. If I sign into Wunderlist on a new device, my todo is synced in seconds. Your import should be just as fast – scale your import service ASAP!

    • Hi Bernard,
      Apologies for the troubles with the Importer tool. We have since rolled out improvements to it and if you try again, it should be much faster now.

  49. Hi guys,

    Interface looks like, so well done. I use Wunderlist but it’s looked a bit dated now compared to this (even if all the functionality isn’t there yet).

    One question – I’ve been trying to use the import tool with Wunderlist but it just sits there. Is this supposed to be working, or is it on the to-do (ho ho ho) list?

    • Hi Chatan,
      Apologies for the trouble. We had identified some performance issues with the Importer. We’ve now rolled out improvements and fixes, so if you try again, it should be working much more smoothly now.

  50. Are all Office 365 plans included for To-do? Or is To-do rolling out to just a few plans?

    • Hey there Peter,

      To-Do Preview is currently available to organizations with Business Essentials, Business Premium, Enterprise E1, E3, and E5. We hope to expand this list as time goes on. As support for Microsoft personal accounts comes standard with all To-Do apps, naturally users with Office 365 Personal and Home have access as well.


      • Hi Timo,
        I’m using and E3 and do not see a way to get this enabled in our tenant at this time is it still being rolled out?


      • Thanks Timo!
        I now see To-Do preview under a few of our (customer) tenants!

          • No unfortunately I have the same issue as other users here, it does not stays turned on. Tried it on several tenants.

          • Hi Peter and Jannik,
            Apologies for the trouble here. The toggle to turn To-Do Preview apps on is now deployed worldwide and working as expected. Please note that you may need to toggle and save a second time if it doesn’t work the first time – we are working to fix the issue that causes this by Sunday.

      • Hi Timo, i am unable to enable to-do preview on the Service and Add-In Page in O365 Admin. If i click “save” after switching “on”, the setting has not been saved. Thomas

  51. Since the app was built by the Wunderlist team, then why not come up with an option to ease the migration from Wunderlist. I have a bunch of lists with tens of entries in them. It will make it much easier for us to move them over rather than creating each item manually.

    • Hi George, There’s an importer tool (mentioned above in the post) in every To-Do app . Just head to the app Settings 🙂

  52. Downloaded the Android app and viewed the web version. As a power user of Wunderlist, it’s clear to me that the MS version is a long way from being as functional as WL. Looking forward to the full roll out; in the meantime I’ll stick exclusively with WL.

    • Hi Kate,
      Thanks for checking To-Do out. I do understand your decision and hope that you keep an eye out for To-Do updates in the future as we bring over the best elements of Wunderlist.

  53. I’am an old fan of Wunderlist. So I’d like to import ALL of my todos, including the old ones (done tasks) to To-Do. Is it possible?

    • Hi Ruslan,
      Yes, the Importer tool will bring all of your complete to-dos over.

  54. I can’t see any integration with Office or OneNote. Am I missing this or is this something to wait for?

    • Hi Mike,
      Our first integration is with Outlook tasks, with more integrations to come.

  55. BE CAREFUL => Wunderlist importer does not work!
    Hey, looked into the app and it is really not very different from Wunderlist.
    Pain Point: The importer from Wunderlist into To-Do does not work! It is not even capable to import one single task. This is again very frustrating, but nothing new to Microsoft fans. When will actually a product manager make smart decisions BEFORE releasing an app to public?

    • Hi Benedict,
      Apologies for the trouble that you were having with the importer. We have identified the issues that were causing this and have rolled out fixes for them. If you try again, your lists will import smoothly.

  56. 30 minutes so far migrating 7 tasks from Wunderlist.
    Subtasks are not supported.

    That’s some quality software you got there Microsoft…

      • Sadly, in this case Preview appears to mean “Hey, here’s a PowerPoint deck of an application and some features we’d like to have someday. But don’t try this now.”

    • Hi Jeff,
      Apologies for the delay with the importer. We have rolled out fixes for these issues and it is now working faster and more smoothly.

  57. It will be useful when I can see my Cortana reminders in Microsoft To-Do. Please integrate it with Cortana.

    • Hi Lee,
      Thanks a great idea, we’ll be looking to add integrations right across the Microsoft ecosystem, so stay tuned!

    • Hi Timothy,
      We currently only plan to support Office 365 services.

  58. Will my stuff stay at wunderlist? Will you just delete it with all our data? If i will start to like the microsoft thing (i tend to stay “loyal”, hard to switch/move), is there a way to port data? I have 580 lists/todos/else about 1/4 have more than 1 subtask/note, Just let wunderlist stay, like it is or just rename it to micorsoft to-do. Honestly I don’t really trust microsoft with privacy issues going on, so just let wunderlist stay up as it is, don’t touch it ever again & grant ability to port to microsoft to-do.

    • Hi Rasmus,
      We are no longer actively building new features for Wunderlist. If you would like to add ideas or suggestions for To-Do, go to

    • Yes, you’ll be able to keep using Wunderlist as you do today, but it will eventually be retired.

  59. I pay for Wunderlist business, I really like the look of Microsoft To-Do, but it needs a couple of features from Wunderlist before I could make the jump:

    01) First the ability to share lists/to-do’s is essential!
    02) Calender Integration so I see my To-Do’s appear in my calendar
    03) Action Centre/Notifications Integration

    The moment it has those I’ll be on it!

    I currently use Wunderlist on my Lumia 950, My Android Tablet, My Windows 10 PC and intermittently on an iPad and share lists with both my business colleagues and my girlfriend. I’m also an Office 365 customer so if it integrates into that so much the better.

    • Hi James,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on To-Do! List sharing is most definitely coming, as well as more integrations. And that’s a great point you’ve made on Notifications/actions. We’ve seen how in Wunderlist it’s generally not that helpful for a lot of folks, but I do see how it could be helpful for you with how you’ve described using Wunderlist – I’ll bring this up with the team and discuss whether we can work in a way to deliver this in a way that’s helpful for everyone.

  60. @Simon, as mentioned by many other users, most recently James Meek, please-please-*please* get shared lists up and running in your next sprint, or the one after. And get them shippable-done, not “working on my device” done.

    Please. 🙂

    • Hey Mitch,
      To use a very worn out pun: it’s at the top of our list! In all serious, it is a priority for the team 🙂

  61. Not a good start. I am not sure why I need Office 365 to use a tool that replaces one that does not. I have 3 Office 365 accounts (home, personal business, and corporate) so which account should I use for a consolidated task list that requires sharing to all of those groups?

    I will need it to work independently of Office to be effective. I will look for that update so I can start reviewing the product.

    • As I understand this, Office 365 isn’t a requirement… but if you have it, then you can use your work account and all integrates with other Office 365 services.

      As for your multiple accounts… it would be great if you can add multiple accounts to the app, like OneDrive, and then be able to see an overview of all your tasks which are maintained in their respective tenant.

      • Hey Steve and Michiel,

        You can use To-Do without an Office 365 subscription with any Microsoft account. As for account switching, it is a feature that we have been investigating to support the scenarios that you’re both been describing.

  62. Hello – Where can we make feature requests? One thing I always wished Wunderlist would have is per list custom background images that users can upload.and manage.

    • Hi Elliot,
      With To-Do you can have per-list themes and colours. As for a request like custom backgrounds, head on over to to give it your vote!

  63. Checked it out… There’s no way I can migrate from Wunderlist if IFTTT integration isn’t included. It’s a beautiful app, but unless there’s IFTTT I can’t jump ship from wunderlist. Automation is key for me as I use this for my family and my small business for team collaboration.

    • Hi Josh,
      Thank you for sharing this with us. I can understand how automation is a must for you, and I imagine more and more folks. I’ll bring this up with the team.

  64. When I tried logging in, I got the following message:

    > Your organization needs you to beef up your security
    > Your device must be managed by XXXXXX before you can use this application. 

    When I requested more detail by pressing a button, I got this:

    > Access rules set by XXXXX require device management
    > App name: Microsoft To-Do client
    > App id: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
    > IP address: 72.139.642.186 (bogus value)
    > Device identifier: not available
    > Device platform: iOS
    > Device state: Unregistered
    > Signed in as private @ info . com (bogus email)
    > Correlation ID: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
    > Timestamp: 2017-04-20 15:35:47Z (time altered)

    I have MDM set up on my iPhone. I have the Company Portal app on my iPhone and it is functional. I already had my apps on my iPhone, including Office 365 Admin, before installing the Company Portal app. When it was installed, I had to remove my email and reinstall my email. When I open my Company Portal App, it shows my iPhone and iPad, with my iPhone checked.

    I am not sure what the lengthy message is indicating, because I do have MDM.

    When I go to my Admin portal and look at Settings > Services & add-ins > the “To-Do” app is not listed yet.

    Any guidance is appreciated.

  65. No no no this is a terrible decision. You’re seriously going to require users to have an Office 365 subscription in order to use To-Do? Our business has been really loving how Wunderlist fits into our workflow. We will now be transitioning to another product that doesn’t require us to buy a bundle of products we don’t need.

    • Hey there Blake,

      Office 365 subscriptions are only required for login with work or school accounts. While we do plan on offering these customers additional features in the future, using To-Do with a personal Microsoft account or with an additional Office 365 Personal or Home subscription will suffice 🙂


  66. Hi, This is great! I just downloaded the Windows app on my Surface and it looks good but I saw on your description that Outlook syncs the tasks with the app, how do I set that up? and does it also sync with your outlook calendar or?

    • Hey Raphael,

      To-Do currently uses the Outlook Tasks API so the to-dos you see in one app should reflect what you see in the other. We’re hard at work on further integrations like calendar support and so on, so stay tuned!


  67. Like the Intention philosophy behind the app.
    Please consider and the following:
    – TO-DO integatration into outlook mobile app, the ability to send emails as TO-DO items
    – Integration into onenote mobile
    – I assume that creating a an outlook task in onenote desktop will create a task in TO-DO?

    • Hi Lukasz,
      Great ideas! In general, we’ve been looking at a lot of these places and more to integrate with across the Microsoft ecosystem – stay tuned!

  68. Getting error: “Sorry! Microsoft To-Do is not enabled for your organization. Please contact your IT admin about getting access”. The problem is I am my admin, but there is no option to enable it.

  69. So far so good, considering that this is in Preview mode. A few suggestions/requests:

    1. Keyboard shortcuts: I should be able to add due dates, tags, notes, and list-assignments using my keyboard. Even text shortcuts would be nice. Example: in Todoist, I can press the Q button to quick-add a task, and then if I type “Implement keyboard shortcuts tod #p” i have a new task with a due-date of Today and the task is added to my Personal Tasks list.

    2. Due-date consistency: on the web, tasks that I assign with a due date of Today immediately display “Yesterday” as a due date. This is baffling. Note that these tasks correctly display a due date of Today on iOS and in the Windows 10 app. Weird.

    3. Apple Watch app: I would love the iOS app to also have an Apple Watch component so I can see tasks due today or various other views on my wrist. Frankly, the only reason I’m still using Todoist is that I can view my shopping list on my watch.

    That’s all for now.

    I posted this on the Microsoft To-Do Facebook page too, so sorry for the redundant comments.

    • Hey Steve,
      Great ideas, thank you for sharing. And no worries about posting to Facebook as well. On the due date front, that sounds like a bug – sorry for the trouble! The team has rolled out a fix for this.

  70. how do you share a todo list? wunderlist I was able to to share a list with another person ie shopping list.

    • Hi Mike,
      Sharing a list isn’t yet available in To-Do, but is being worked on and will be released in a future update.

  71. How will we be notified when it’s available in the O365 Admin Center and when will work/school accounts be able to use the web version?

    • Hi Brad,
      You should be able to see the toggle for To-Do Preview in the Admin Center now. We’ll have a message for admins when work accounts on To-Do for web are available.

  72. Please count me in among the users that want this to have integration with Cortana reminders. I also would like to see integration with the Calendar app that comes with my Surface.

  73. Looks like a promising start. My main use case for wunderlist was as a shared grocery list, where anyone in my household could add items via Amazon Alexa (and IFTT), and we could all access the list, so shared lists and Alexa support are key for me. If you can implement Alexa support without IFTT then that would be great.

    The thing that stopped me from using wunderlist more (and pushed me towards Google reminders) is the lack of support for recurring notifications on Android. It was too easy to dismiss a reminder and never see it again. I’d happily switch if you can get that right.

    • Hey Mark,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We’ll be working on many of the things you mentioned, stay tuned!

  74. If there’s no mac version, I’m looking for a different solution, Microsoft.

    • Hi John,
      To-Do for Mac is coming. We’ve already started work on it, but in the meantime, if you’d like to try To-Do, you can always use our web app via

  75. We have access to turn on the To-Do Preview now, but whenever I turn it on it doesn’t seem to save the status. When I go back it, it’s off again. Is this a bug or do I need to be check something?

  76. To-Do Preview is now available to enable in my Office 365 Admin Center. Woot!

  77. Look I kinda get it, there are a million todo apps for Windows/macos/android/ios. I’ve used wunderlist and as a todo manager it’s quite good. But really…. What I need is an integrated calendar/tasks/todo list for MacOS and iOS (could just as easily be Windows/android). Todo lists on their own get used (by me at least) for a day or so then back to a calendar app. Well google calendar is far from perfect, but has tasks or reminders (not both). You can only show one task list at a time, so my tasks go into the all tasks list. And on the phone, calendars by Readdle. You need the $2 task connector. Then everything is sync’d and all together, appointments, todos, notes etc.

    MS Should look at the ‘big’ picture (OK some may get away with just a todo list, but I bet most won’t). I use gmail web-app calendar (yes there are limitations, google apps designers do some simply counter-intuitive and stupid things) made into a desktop app by using a Fluid wrapper. It’s not perfect, but for $2 I get everything on all devices sync’d together.

    So a decent calendar app with included/embedded Wunderlist, sorry MS todo, would work for perfectly me. This isn’t an anti-MS todo, as I said I really like Wunderlist, but on it’s own, meh, it’s a nice app that will get used less and less because it just doesn’t sync everything together in the one place.

    • Hi Kevin,
      What you see in To-Do today, is just a Preview in every sense of the word. We are working towards building integrations across many of the services you mentioned to help make planning, managing and completing to-dos a much more helpful experience.

  78. Hi!

    I have two requests:

    1. Allow the Windows app to float individual lists on the desktop (like Sticky Notes does). Having them there on the desktop serves to motivate me to get things done. One good example of what I am referring to is the Google Desktop To-Do list widget or this (

    2. Publish the API so that developers can extend the experience.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Gabriel,
      Thanks for sharing your ideas. I’ll bring them up with the team!

    • Hi Brent, There’s download links at the bottom of the post, but you can also search your favourite app store, or visit

  79. The blog says it will integrate with office 365, but can you make it integrate with office home as well?

    Having it sync with Cortana would be cool as well. and/or have it integrate with edge. Like having it as a button if you add it as an extension, and then a drop down of the list.

    I think that’s all the ideas I have. I like that you have this app very simple without a bunch of bells and whistles, but at the same time you can add notes and other to-do’s.

    Also, I like the new creators build, especially with edge. It’s a lot faster now, and the new ad blocker works. Good job guys.

    • Hi Harmony, Thanks for the kind words on To-Do and the Creators update. You’ll be happy to hear that we’ll be integrating with many of the apps and services on offer to Office 365 Home and Personal subscribers, as well as other parts of the Microsoft ecosystem like Windows and Cortana. Stay tuned!

  80. Hi,

    I might have been reading too quickly, but are there any plans of releasing a macOS version of this to-do application? I personally think it works cool on the iPhone and the web, but I would like to see a standalone app for Mac.


    • Hi Mathias,
      You’ll be happy to hear that To-Do for Mac is being worked on right now and will be coming in one of our future updates, keep an eye out for it!

  81. Not a bad start but you have work to do to bring it up to Wunderlist’s level.
    1. I had the usual import problems (stuck on 0/37 and the swirly wheel), gave up and closed the browser importer, closed ToDo, reopened ToDo and the imported to dos were there! There are no nested lists yet so all lists had been imported to a single level. That wont do for me – too many lists.
    2. When I try to reorder the lists with drag and drop, the app crashes (Win 10 1607).
    3. I expect I’ll keep running with Wunderlist for now and try ToDo again once you’ve done a bit more dev. By then my WL data will be quite different. Can you add an option in the import to wipe the (old) destination data before importing? I dont fancy doing it manually.

    • Hey Guy,
      Sorry about the troubles you’ve been having with the Importer. We’ve since rolled out performance improvements if you’d like to try it again. For points 2 and 3, I’ll bring these up with the team. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and we would love for you to keep an eye on To-Do as we keep improving it.

  82. I have found the option to enable in O365 admin but cannot save the toggle ‘on’ option

    • Same here. Message states “To-Do Preview settings have been updated.” after saving, but remains disabled.

      • I had a reply back for @ToDoHelp on twitter, it’s a known problems which they are working on a fix for.

        • Hi Terry and Pascal,
          This should now be fixed and the toggle will now save its position.

  83. I have attempted to enable the Preview via the Office 365 Admin center. But the setting does not stick. I have included a video showing the issue. Basically I do the following:
    1. Go to Office 365 Admin Center.
    2. Select Settings–>Service Add Ins–>To Do Preview
    3. Click the preview slider to on and click save
    4. Click Close.
    5. Click to check that the setting stuck and it has reverted to off.

    Here is a video showing that:

    Not sure how to resolve this.

    • Hi Eric,
      Sorry for the trouble here. The toggle to turn To-Do Preview apps should now be working as expected.

      • The toggle page has disappeared now on our tenant.
        Neither can I find the windows app in the store. Is it available in all Markets?

  84. We have in the family my Lumia 950 and Surface Pro 4, my wife with iPhone and Surface 3, plus two teens with iPhone and Android, both with W10 PCs as well.

    I’d love to have across all devices a shared shopping list plus possibility to send tasks and see if and when they are completed.

    Any hope with Microsoft To-do to achieve all this?

    • Hi Mikko,
      To-Do already has a Windows 10 universal app for phone, tablet and desktop, as well as apps for iPhone, Web and Android. Apps for Mac, iPad and Android tablet are on the way, as well as List Sharing.

  85. does that mean that Wunderlist is shutting down?If that is so how can I export my notes and import them to ToDo??

    • Hi nikosvg,
      Yes, Wunderlist will eventually be retired, but not until the best elements of it are incorporated into To-Do. This means you can continue to use Wunderlist, or you can start using To-Do – the choice is yours. If you do want to start using To-Do, you can import your lists by going to the app settings for To-Do, then follow the prompts to out Importer tool.

  86. Support subtasks, so I can import, and I’m signing off from Wunderlist

    • Hi Dimitar,
      You can choose to import them, however the will be added as a note in To-Do. You do not however, need to stop using Wunderlist. It will remain available while we incorporate the best elements of Wunderlist into the Preview of To-Do.

  87. Really, no folders????

    You do understand that if you don’t include them you’re going to lose quite a sum of users, including me.

    What else are you not going to include that Wunderlist already has?

    It was really hard to rebuild the front end of Wunderlist and make a tighter Microsoft integration, was it?

    • Hi Dimitar,
      Yes, we intentionally chose to not build Folders into the Preview of To-Do due to it’s low usage in Wunderlist. I do though understand how they might be a must-have for you. Just like before, we are always open to making the apps we build more helpful. If you’d like to see folders in To-Do, head on over to

      In general, as outlined in the post above, To-Do is much more focused on helping people where Wunderlist wasn’t as strong, namely in creating and achieving to-dos on a daily basis. To that extent, not all of Wunderlist’s features will be suitable for To-Do. However as mentioned in the previous paragraph, if the majority of our customers need something, it’s more than likely we will build an experience that helps them achieve more.

      To answer your third question, yes, it’s an incredible challenge to develop and design the technology that sits behind the Preview for To-Do. It’s a bit like building the foundation of a sky scraper, in which a lot of ground work needs to occur before the building starts coming up out of the ground. This is just the beginning for To-Do, we’d love for you to come on the journey as we make a smarter, more personal task management app!

  88. Worst Rollout Ever. Great idea, good looking app, but off to a horrible start.

    • Hi Peter,
      I’m sorry to hear that, is there something specific that isn’t working for you?

  89. I am really sorry to say this, but it is a BIG mistake.

    Why shut down something that just works and it is loved and used by lots of people and replace it with something new that lacks functionality or replaces some of it with something else.

    I have been a Wunderlist user since it first came out. I love it use it all the time on my iPhone and my Mac, I share lists with my wife and my co-workers. I love the simple elegance of it and the fact that it just works.

    I am not a user of Office 365, nor I will be, but Wunderlist is pretty awesome.

    I find it hard to believe that Microsoft does not have the resources to keep its servers up and have a small team working on it just to keep it up to date.

    Sure. I installed To-Do right away, but the Import page doesn’t work and the app is missing some key features for my workflow.

    Please, PLEASE Do NOT kill Wunderlist! Just leave it the way it is and it will be just fine for us, its loyal users. You can create other apps and some of us may find those more interesting. But leave this one working,

    I don’t want to speak for others, but Wunderlist may be the best way to manage their work and personal lists and I am pretty sure a giant like Microsoft can do that for all of us who really love this app.

    • You do know what PREVIEW means, right? So, no, Wunderlist will not go away before the majority likes To Do, because it has all the great stuff from Wunderlist and more. 😉

  90. It would be a great idea to
    1) Create the ability to sort by categories
    2) Create the ability to copy-paste a list
    3 Create the ability to create sub-lists.

  91. My partner and I use wunderlist as a shared reference application, not as a daily itinerary. I hope that you will accommodate usage like ours which involves shared lists for the various places we go so that whomever is there can pickup the what we need.

    • Hi Andy,
      You’ll be happy to hear that work on list sharing is already underway.

  92. Synch with Outlook 2016
    Hi there, will it be possible to synch with Outlook 2016?

    • Hi Martin,
      Our Outlook Tasks integration will work so long as you’re using the same Microsoft Account across both apps. If you are using Outlook desktop apps, you’ll need to have an Office 365 subscription.

    • Hi Simon,
      i don’t have Office 365, but Office 2016 pro.
      So it will not be possible do synch with my android app, or what i have to do that it works?

  93. Aaand the problems have started… Why isnt there a Windows 10 Desktop version of ToDo ??

    Have you guys forgotten that Windows is part of Microsoft too ??

    • There is the UWP app, that works on your desktop… like I expect all new apps from Microsoft to be UWP.

  94. Hey,

    is there a URL Scheme in iOS to launch the app from elsewhere?


    • Hi Heiko,

      Sorry, at the moment this isn’t available.

  95. Will those To-Do tasks integrate with the ones in terms of Planner for e.g.?

    • Hi Petr, We are planning on building integrations across the Microsoft ecosystem which includes apps and services like Planner.

  96. I would love to work with the app but I use two office 365 accounts. Is there a plan to support multiple accounts on the mobile app? I can’t find a way to have more than one account connected.

    • Hi Goetz,
      Thanks for sharing this with us. I can see how for you and many others work, that multiple account support would be very helpful. While we don’t yet have plans to this, I will be bringing this up with the team.

      • Simon

        If this feature is not part of the plan.

        What is the plan and/or roadmap!!

  97. Unfortunately, this is not a great product. It is a step backwards from the original Wunderlist. It has removed features that made Wunderlist a competitor in this space. No one uses or likes Microsoft Planner. It is horribly clunky and really just sucks because Microsoft is bent on tying everything to Groups and Sharepoint. This is what is killing their line up of products. No one likes them because they are extremely slow and have been surpassed by the competition.

    Advice here….incorporate Wunderlist into the ecosystrem the way it was and add it to Yammer and Teams. Then kill off the Planner project completely and build Wunderlist to compete with Asana.

    We use Asana because it is fast and functions as advertised and it now can do Kanban boards.

    In short, move forward, not backwards. I love the products, but hate the way the company is pushing everything back on to Sharepoint, Groups and whatever they have laying around. You need to stop throwing things against the wall and build out good products. Teams is a great direction, but it is slow loading and the functionality is not on par with Slack. Slack is fast and efficient.

  98. Does the link to the Windows app still work? I can’t install the app on desktop or mobile?

    PS: Love the images of To-Do on Windows Mobile 🙂

  99. Don’t I already have this? I sync my iPhone to Office 365, and all Outlook tasks are in my Reminders app. How is this different, except it’s another list to keep track of, and another app to download?

    Now, if this app could actually meaningfully organize todos from Outlook, CRM, Planner, Visual studio teams services and whatnot, that would help. Adding another thing to the mix doesn’t.

  100. I was able to activate Microsoft To-Do on my adm panel in my Office 365 Enterprise E3 account, but when I try to access the mobile, desktop or web app, an alert pops up and says I do not have a Microsoft license to-do. Why does it happen?

    • Have you checked that the option was really enabled. It was a common problem that it didn’t save the change despite telling it. For me it took 3 tries to save it successfully.

  101. Simon Chan, you are brave to reply to these comments, thank you.


    – Wunderlist tasks did not sync to client apps, just Outlook 2016
    – will Wunderlist be around long enough to transfer completed tasks that have not been synced


    – is there a roadmap for other O365 services
    – if not, when will the following Wunderlist features be added, subtasks, comments, and email to create a task, sharing for both business and personal accounts
    – will MS Planner sync with To Do for O365 E3 users and other business accounts
    – will MS project tasks that sync via SharePoint sync with To Do?
    – will MS To Do sync tasks created in MS Contact Manager?

    You can see a theme here, I am not sure I have covered all Microsoft services that create to do’s!!

    I have heard that To Do Team considers MS Planner tasks to be “group” tasks vs personal tasks. having a unified app/service that aggregates all the Microsoft app/services would be the best of all worlds

    Today, I use MS Project, MS Planner, Wunderlist and Dynamics 365, finding tasks all in one place especially for mobile would be of great value. Today, this is a “dumpster fire” as blogger @bradsams would comment

    Also, not providing the basics of Wunderlist after almost a 1 yr private beta concerns me, yrs to add back features of Wunderlist may prompt users to move to services like Basecamp, Asana and many others that can start up quickly, update quickly as opposed to Microsoft take forever. to update services.

    The communications and support have been a challenge, this service showed up and worked on my O365 tenant Saturday, the O365 Support team knew nothing about the service after Microsoft released to the blogger community Wednesday that service was available, a total disconnect between development, operations, and marketing.Does Microsoft not “dogfood” their own services?

    One last item, this is positive, my Dynamics 365 tasks and open phone calls updated to all MS To Do clients

  102. I can’t see the option to enable the To-Do Preview on our tenant.
    Yesterday I was able to see the option, which didn’t save the change when I tried to enable it, as I saw on the thread, was an open issue, but today I don’t have the option on the O365 admin settings.

    Any advice?

  103. About 4 days ago the option appeared in Services & add-ins.
    About 2 days ago I managed to change the setting on my own tenant after three tries.
    Now I just wanted to enable it in the tenant of our customer but now the option is gone (it was there before 4 days ago also in this tenant).
    I also checked it in my own tenant and there it has disappeared too but the app is still working as I enabled it before.

    • Same here. The option to enable was in the admin portal last week, but changes to the setting never stuck. This week the option is completely gone.

  104. Really excited about this. I’m a google apps / todoist convert. Having everything within the office 365 framework is ideal for me. Initially I had the same problem enabling the To Do feature from the admin panel. It wouldn’t save. That problem was rectified Saturday. I’m not logged in and synced with the app on my smartphone. BUT – I’m unable to login to the web interface of To Do with my Office 365 account. I can login fine with my microsoft account credentials, but of course, this syncs the To Do list with my outlook account, not my Office 365 account. I’ve tried to login the web interface with edge, chrome, and safari on 3 different machines and get the same 503 error. Unable to login at this time. Is this another glitch or has the web app only provided for outlook currently and not Office 365?

  105. Ability to share lists and have > 1 person work on it is a must for me. Will use Wunderlist until that’s available.

  106. Hi
    Has this feature been rolled out to Australian based tenants? not seeing the preview in the Admin centre


    • I’m in Aus to, and not seeing it! I think the whole MS account system is terribly flawed, I seem to go round and round in circles from screen to screen! – anyone else getting to your admin centre? I seen an image of it, but I can’t get to any screen that looks like it!
      Sound like this was prematurely released 🙁

  107. The Wunderlist importer worked for me, but I am unable to “Hide completed To-Dos”.

  108. I still cannot enable To-Do for my Office365 users, On friday To-Do was visible as option under “Services & Addins” in the admin center, but unfortunaltely i couldn’t enable it (as mentioned earlier by other users. Today, To-Do has dissappeared (again) from Services & Addins… When will i be able to enable To-DO for my users?

    • Same thing here. It was visible, but wouldn’t stick to ON. Then it disappeared…

  109. This application is still not available it the Office 365 Admin center. Is this app already deployed across all tenants?

    • I also cannot see this in our Admin Centre. Do you know when it will be available – currently on Office 365 Business Premium.

  110. This application is still not available in my Office 365 Admin center. Is this app already deployed across all tenants?

  111. You bought something because people like it, you bought it because you like it – re release as it is and then improve overtime…..

  112. Can you give me the name “Wunderlist” once you dont need it anymore? I am really surprised to hear that given up the brand “Wunderlist” for such a generic-everybody-using-it-name like “ToDo”. There are a thousend apps at least that have “ToDo” in their name…..

  113. I was able to see To-Do on my O365 Tenant but unable to activate it.
    For now I can’t see it anymore.
    Any serious updates on roll out ?

    • Earlier, I had this available on three separate tenancies and now it has been removed. An explanation or update from Microsoft should be in order.

  114. Hi

    This still just showing in our education tenancy in the UK – any ideas when it will?



  115. Still no sign of ToDo in my admin centre, is this still an issue?

  116. I fave downloaded the desktop app and attempted log-in but get the following error message:

    “Sorry! You don’t have a licence for Microsoft To-Do. Please contact your IT admin about getting access.”

    How do I resolve this?

  117. I have downloaded the desktop app and attempted log-in but get the following error message:

    “Sorry! You don’t have a licence for Microsoft To-Do. Please contact your IT admin about getting access.”

    How do I resolve this?

  118. Hi Simon, is there any way I can email you personally for issues on enabling Microsoft To Do for Office 365 Business accounts? Thank you!

  119. Wow, this is a sad little app that has summer intern project written all over it. On second thought it looks like something I could whip up in an afternoon…

  120. I have heard from O365 support that MS Planner will not sync to this service.

    I get the idea that Planner is designed for groups.

    However, how productive are users who have multiple silos’s of tasks?

    The My Day view would be perfect to consolidate all work and personal tasks in one place.

    Even Wunderlist had the ability to share tasks among users, Dynamics 365 shares tasks with users, you sync Dynamics 365?

    Please make our task management easier with one mobile app, no more switching between Planner on the web, Dynamics 365 tasks and the former Wunderlist, one view of all tasks..please

  121. Echo the critical path need to forward emails to create tasks.

    Otherwise, I love the Beta and am ready for rapid development of much-loved features/platforms/integrations from Wunderlist. Already migrated from Wunderlist to To-do and am using daily.

  122. Looks good so far, but I don’t see the option to star an item or to enable smart lists. Are these features planned for a future update?

  123. Only one major deal-breaker missing for me. Time-based reminders are standard with these apps/services but I’m wondering if this supports, or will soon be supporting location-based reminders?

    I’d quite like having my Work Tasks popup when I’m at work. Other apps/services (including Cortana) can do this but I’d like to have just one that does most (if not all) of what I need.

  124. Hi,
    Last week i had the option to enable todo but it didnt work.
    Now i dont have the option to enabled it it gone from the list ?


  125. Hello Team,

    I would like assistance on how to make the To-Do feature available for an Office 365 Tenant set up for “First Release”.

    We are accessing the Tenant as an Administrator, going to Settings>Services & Add-in.

    However the feature is not showing up as available.

    Can someone help?

  126. Hi MS.

    I am not able to see the licensing on my Tenant as well.

  127. This move to alienate Wonderlist users (very happy ones all of in my home and in my team) make me INCREDIBLY angry. To Do will not even install due to Android version requirements on my main device, Blackberry Passport SE, though Wonderlist has functioned there in the ART for well over two years. Not only will I lose one of my most used and most useful apps, I will not even have access to this FAR LESS mature replacement? MS decision, through and through. I’m livid at this news.

  128. If Microsoft wants me to migrate from my Wunderlist Pro Account to Microsoft To-Do, they will definitely have to add the subtask feature. I need this additonal structural level – I do have hundreds of subtasks.

  129. I have an Office 365 Business Premium subscription and also can’t see the option to enable To-Do.
    When I attempt to sign in to the web site I get
    “Unfortunately, the web app doesn’t support Work or Education accounts yet. We’re working on it!
    Please try using your personal Microsoft Account instead, and if the problem persists, contact support”

  130. The enable To-Do was in my Office 365 admin center last week but I was unable to turn it on. That option is now gone. I just downloaded the Windows app from the store and received this error: Your account is incompatible with To-Do. Unfortunately you are not able to login with this account. Please tale to your IT department about migrating to Hosted Exchange Online.

    Is this going to be fixed or is my agency out of luck with this product because of the type of Office 365 we have??

    • Look at the link at the top of the article. The inability to enable To-Do and/or it not showing up in the admin center is a known issue. We are all having the problem, or at least most of us.

      • Thanks captain obvious. I was simply reporting the error I received from the windows app and was inquiring about the hosted exchange online migration. Next time I’ll just read the top of the page and keep my comments to myself instead of sharing what I felt was not address on this thread of 350+ people posting the same issue as you.

  131. And now Microsoft has gone completely silent on this topic. Have they not learned that silence only makes it worse?

    Ok, so the roll out got screwed up, we can get past that, just tell us what is going on and when you thinks may be corrected.

  132. There are some really great suggestions here! Similar to other people, I am going to wait for a couple of more features to be added before making the move (shared lists for example). However I would like to suggest:
    -> Location based reminders for tasks.
    -> Lists popping up based on location (e.g. the grocery list when in the supermarket; shopping list when on the High Street or travelling on holiday; and of course for work).
    -> The ability to send an email from a recognised address to To-Do to creating a new task.
    -> Reminders to take medication when in the kitchen after a certain time (for elderly relatives!).
    -> Integration with all the Office apps.

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