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Office Online Server April 2017 release

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We are excited to announce our second major update to Office Online Server (OOS), which includes support for Windows Server 2016 as well as several improvements. OOS allows organizations to provide users with browser-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote, among other capabilities offered in Office Online, from their own datacenter.

In this release, we officially offer support for Windows Server 2016, which has been highly requested. If you are running Windows Server 2016, you can now install OOS on it. Please verify that you have the latest version of the OOS release to ensure the best experience.

In addition, this release includes the following improvements:

  • Performance improvements to co-authoring in PowerPoint Online.
  • Equation viewing in Word Online.
  • New navigation pane in Word Online.
  • Improved undo/redo in Word Online.
  • Enhanced W3C accessibility support for users who rely on assistive technologies.
  • Accessibility checkers for all applications to ensure that all Office documents can be read and authored by people with different abilities.

We encourage OOS customers to visit the Volume License Servicing Center to download the April 17, 2017 release. You must uninstall the previous version of OOS to install this release. We only support the latest OOS version—with bug fixes and security patches available from Microsoft Updates Download Center.

Customers with a Volume Licensing account can download OOS from the Volume License Servicing Center at no cost and will have view-only functionality—which includes PowerPoint sharing in Skype for Business. Customers that require document creation and edit and save functionality in OOS need to have an on-premises Office Suite license with Software Assurance or an Office 365 ProPlus subscription. For more information on licensing requirements, please refer to our product terms.

  1. Where can I find the detailed list of improvements/bug fixes etc?

    • We do not a comprehensive list of improvements/bug fixes as this is a release as opposed to an update. In any case, we would recommend that users update to this version, as we only support the latest version of OOS.

      • Thanks.
        But as I understand it, there will never be any updates for OOS, just new complete releases. Isn’t that correct?

        • We provide updates, which are mostly security-related.

  2. I’m looking for the same information and any issues with compatibility. I installed it and then restarted the OWApool on the Exchange server hosting my mailbox but I don’t see the “view” option anymore, just “download”. Running Exchange 2016 CU4

  3. Is there an ETA for an Office Online Server 2016 Management Pack?

    • We do not provide a Management Pack in Office Online Server. This was something that was available in Office Web Apps 2013, but has been deprecated for OOS.

  4. i install april release today, after that i cannot edit or create a new word document in sharepoint 2013 and exchange 2016 owa. i have uninstalled april release and reinstall novemember release, all issues has gone.
    the error message is “Sorry, Word Online ran into a problem”

    sharepoint and exchange has been installed the latest CU.

  5. Is Office Online Server only available to Volume Licensing Customers OR is it enough to have an Office 365 Pro Plus Subscription in some other variant ?

    I really need to solve the question how to get this commercially – and the docs here are useless.
    (And i did not find anyone at MSFT that knows this product)

  6. I’m having a hard time finding a clear answer on this. Does OOS allow co-authoring from the Office programs themselves, or only through the web viewer?

    To be specific and clear: By setting up OOS, will users be able to open Word documents from our hosted SharePoint instance with Word 2016 and co-author (that is, work on the same document at the same time with real-time updates rather than refresh-based updates) with other Word 2016 users?

    • Office Online Server only provides the online versions of Office, not the client versions. In other words, OOS does not unlock real-time co-auth between rich clients.

  7. We are trying to download OOS April 2017 release from Volume License Servicing Center, but we are unable to find it. The closest we found was, “Microsoft Office Professional Pro Plus 2016” but I am assuming that it contains OOS November 2016 bits. We are looking for the April 2017 bits. I had opened up a VLSC Support case on this very topic, but they were unable to identify it also.

    • OOS is a component of Office so it shows up on each of the Office product pages including Office Standard 2016, Office Professional Plus 2016, and Office 2016 for Mac Standard.

      All of these always contain the latest release bits, as they replace older releases. You can always check the release date, it changes when the components are updated.

  8. Office Online Server is with “Office Online Server (April 2017)” supported on Server 2016 as stated in this article

    When looking on MSDN and VLSC I can only find “Office Online Server (Last updated March 2017)”.

    So my question is do we need to install the March 2017 ISO from MSDN/VLSC and then patch it with KB3127895 ?

    KB3127895 is described here as “Download April 2017 Office Online Server 2016 – this is also a security update!”

    • Yes, installing OOS from MSDN/VLSC will always give you the latest release. Then, you will need to download the latest patch.

  9. I seem to be getting an unhandled JavaScript exception when navigating away from excel documents with this release.

    Error: Unable to get property ‘j’ of undefined or null reference

    Is anyone else seeing this?

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