Assigning multiple users to a task is now possible in Microsoft Planner

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As of today, Microsoft Planner users can assign multiple people to a task—a feature that tops the list at Now, users can assign more than just one user to a task in Planner, and every user that is assigned the task will see it on their My Tasks page.

Our goal is to support additional collaboration, and we will continue to develop features and enhancements that our users want. Feel free to join the conversation about this feature and many others at our TechCommunity page. Also, please share your feedback with us about Planner features you would like to see at

—The Planner team

  1. Will this work within Teams as well or just standalone Planner?

    • It works within team too lbenitez.
      Best regards,

  2. Nice. One thing that really frustrates us is not being able to pull someone from one team into a planner task that is not part of that group. Everyone works across teams, especially IT people when it comes to resource allocations. Insert then into a task, get the input or resource, then they’re gone. Kind of like pulling somoen into a conversation thread with an @mention.

  3. I really like planner, though it still has quite often problems to load content. The addition of having multiple people assigned to a task gets me closer to replace another project management tool.

  4. Just add reminders that reminds you on any device and planner is a killer feature. Without reminders it is not.

  5. What about dependent tasks? This is the one thing that is keeping us from using Planner.

  6. Wow is the best simple solution to assign projects and tasks. I really appreciate if you add an access from email inbox, to transfer to planner.

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