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Track your Office knowledge and skills with Office Training Roadmaps

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Today, we are releasing Office Training Roadmaps to help your company set training expectations and track progress for six Office apps. The training roadmaps help you quickly find what you need to learn and are available both online and as printable posters for Office 365, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and Access 2016.

Track your Office knowledge 1

Also, if you or your company needs help getting started with Office apps, we have expanded our Quick Start Guides to include Excel, Outlook and Sway. All of these free resources can be found at the Office Training Center.

—Lesley Alexander-McVie, program manager for the Office Learning team

  1. @Lesley these are great resources, are these able to be used by Microsoft Partners, and do you know if the Linked In Learning will come to the CSP program?

    • Hi Dave: I work with Lesley here at Office. Sorry to get back to you so late. All videos at are free to use, and we have several partners that use them. I don’t know if these will be incorporated in the CSP program. –Doug

  2. This is great.
    Food for thought
    If each marker are attached with training videos ( rating via crowd-sourcing) and ability for users to mark it as complete then it creates a meaningful learning environment.

    Those who have office O365 portal can build a tracking course for their staff and use analytics to see the level of training and how it correlate with engagement with the portal for official use.

    Both these give a new meaning to existing training life-cycle. When people get the analytics about their action, it can then further expand it areas like coding and open-source product offered by Microsoft i.e. from simple to complex.


    • Thanks for the comments, Adam. We are continuing to evolve our training content.

  3. Great resource sheets. Would it be possible to translate them over time?

    • They will appear in some of the international sites based on how much of the training gets rolled out.

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