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A deeper look at Skype for Business integration with iOS CallKit

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We recently announced deeper integration of Skype for Business with iOS devices using Apple’s CallKit framework, which enables a better experience for Skype for Business calls on the iPhone. The CallKit API with iOS 10 enables Skype for Business calls to work the same way as the native calling experience on iOS, allowing you to seamlessly extend your personal device as a business phone.

Answer Skype for Business calls from lock screen

Now, iPhone users can accept an incoming Skype for Business call right from the lock screen. There is no need to unlock the phone or launch the Skype for Business app to receive the call. Skype for Business calls will appear and behave just as regular cellular calls do—including being able to see the caller’s name on the lock screen. When you need to, you can also get to the app from the calling interface with just one touch.


Handle Skype for Business calls like any other call

This integration also allows you to switch between calls across Skype for Business, your personal cellular line and other VoIP applications supporting CallKit. If you are in an important Skype for Business conversation and receive an incoming cellular call, you can send the second call to voicemail or put the Skype for Business call on hold to accept the incoming cellular call. You’ll also see Skype for Business calls in your phone’s call history.

Built-in IT and user controls

These new features are enabled by default for all iOS app users. In scenarios where you may not want the Skype for Business calls to appear in the native iOS call log, the built-in IT and end-user controls allow you to disable the CallKit integration altogether. IT admins can disable this integration for their users through a policy, and app users can also control it in the settings.


Try the new calling experience

To try the new calling experience, update your iOS app today. If you haven’t yet checked out the Skype for Business mobile app for iOS, you can download it at Skype for Business Apps & Downloads.

  1. “IT admins can disable this integration for their users through a policy”. Which policy please?

  2. I noticed after the most recent update (November 23) of Skype for Business (version on iOS 10.1.1 for iPhone 7 that Skype for Business is crashing on a regular basis. It was not doing this prior to the November 23 update. I emailed myself the log files and looked through them and see where it is showing internal server error. Basically what I am seeing is that if I do not use S4B for a while and go back to it, it acts as though I did not have the app running and logs me back in again.

    I noticed that when calls arrive to my work number that they were not ringing to the S4B iPhone app as I had set up. Again, this only started after the November 23 update. Anyone else noticed this issue?

    I love the new integration of iOS CallKit. That is very nice! Much easier to answer S4B calls. Also nice to have the missed calls in the regular iOS missed call log and to be able to call directly from there.

    Now if there could be an easy to way to hand off between a wifi connection and going to a cell signal. Currently if I am between buildings, the call just drops.


    • Hi Haverty – thank you for the feedback, and sorry for the trouble. We’ll reach out to you directly to try to diagnose and solve your issue. And appreciate the vote for the wifi-3G handoff – it’s on our radar.

  3. I got issue with new version of S4B on iOS.

    The S4B goes unreachable after the phone lock for several minutes (around 5 minutes),
    It happens on many devices (iPhone 6 with latest iOS version)

    In previous version, S4B still reachable even the phone lock and untouch for more than 1 hour.

    The phone connection to the server is always using WLAN, not Mobile data.
    So, we can ensure no connection issue.

    We really like the implementation of iOS CallKit, but the behavior need to be fix.


    • thanks Yudha

      Having the same issues. We needed this functionality so we receipt the calls on Skype for business. This way we can transfer call within the organization.

      Every time there is a upgrade the build in some major bugs or setbacks unfortunately this version is not usable. to many problems inconsistency’s.

  4. I Phone 7 Skype for Business (version on iOS 10.1.1
    since I installed the new version Skype for business will not react to incoming phone call and the phone will automatically go to voicemail. is there a way to download the old version until we finally have again a usable version.
    Please if you change futures make sure the old functionality’s will not change. Give me the option to use Skype for business only. The Integration is a great Idea but I need to transfer calls from the Skype for business App. so forwarding it to my cell line doesn’t help anyone needing this function in there organization.


    Thanks a million.

  5. Dear all

    I have tested and tested again. the issues is not with Skype for business App rather with the newest IOS 10.1.1 from Apple.
    I had some older I Phones 5 and six with different version IOS and installed the new version and in each of the other Phone with and older IOS version we had no problem whatsoever.
    For some reason after a couple minutes the I Phone gets into a Saving mode or sleep mode and it will not weak up when a calls comes in.

    Hope this will help some off you.

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