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Watch Satya unveil Microsoft Teams

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Two days ago, we announced Microsoft Teams, the chat-based workspace in Office 365. It is a new experience that brings together people, conversations, content and the tools they need—all in one place and integrated with familiar Office applications.

As Satya says, “Every individual is different, and so is the case with every team.” We see great opportunity in helping them achieve more together—and Microsoft Teams is the open, digital environment we created to make that happen.

Watch Satya unveil Microsoft Teams in this video.

Want an exclusive look at the new product in action? Don’t miss our Modern Workplace webcast, November 15 at 8 a.m. PST / 4 p.m. GMT, titled “Bridging the Generation Gap: How to create cohesive teams.” Register here.

  1. Why didn’t the partners get this in their email inbox first? I feel like something this transformational should have been communicated to partners first, or least some kind of notification that we should be watching this online. I would have attended if I had known. If I search for it on the Partner Network, there are ZERO hits.

  2. I would prefer better integration of recent tools, instead of the introduction of yet another one. How does it align with stuff like Groups, Yammer? In regards to Groups – Planner, Web and One Note seem so desintegrated, that it is an usability nightmare …

    • Hi Peter, thank you for your comments. Microsoft Teams is built upon Office 365 Groups which is a cross-application membership with shared assets such as SharePoint and OneNote. When a Microsoft Teams is created, Office 365 Groups membership is created, with a SharePoint shite and OneNote notebook built in. An Office 365 Group owner can also created a Microsoft Team using his/her existing Office 365 Group, and pull in their Office 365 Groups SharePoint notebook and OneNote into Microsoft Teams.

      • We will see – so far, I can’t envision it enough to understand it properly. If it creates the group in the background – where can I find group email conversation in terms of Teams UI?

        • Hi Petr, Office 365 Groups conversation is separate from the persistent chat conversation that you find in Microsoft Teams. The team interaction in Microsoft Teams is designed for highly engaged teams to have quick back and forth exchanges to make decisions, to share files and other collaborative work

  3. Why isn’t Teams included in the Education license? We have Groups already!

    • Hi Leif, thanks for your interest in Microsoft Teams for education. Microsoft Teams is not available to Education and Government customers at this time. We have started investing engineering work to ensure future readiness for Education and Government, and will communicate roadmap after commercial GA. In the meantime, please continue using Office 365 Groups.

    • Hi Yoav, thanks for your question. The Office 365 Roadmap is the mechanism through which we share new features. If you are looking for more information on developer tools (the things you listed are for custom integrations), you can see them at our developer site for Microsoft Teams:

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