Skype for Business announces new Mac client and new mobile sharing experiences

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Today, we are pleased to announce that Skype for Business Mac is now publicly available for download. The Mac client offers edge-to-edge video and full immersive content sharing and viewing. The result is a great first class experience for Mac users.


We’ve also updated the Skype Operations Framework (SOF) assets to help customers plan, deliver and operate the new Mac client. You will find the latest documentation and updated training on the SOF website and you can read more about what has changed in this SOF blog post. See what’s new for Skype for Business for the Mac or get the latest help and training at

Enhancements to Skype for Business mobile apps on Android and iOS

We are also announcing new capabilities in Skype for Business apps for iOS and Android—including the ability to present PowerPoint files in a meeting and a faster, more reliable content sharing approach.

skype-for-business-announces-new-mac-client-and-new-mobile-sharing-experiences-2Present in a meeting from your mobile app—Now you can present content right from Android or iOS device. No more emailing files and links back and forth when you present from your phone or tablet. Now, sharing a PowerPoint deck in a meeting is as easy as selecting the file from your favorite cloud drive and presenting right from your phone. On Android, you can also share a file stored on the device itself. With swipe gestures, you can easily transition between different slides. Once shared, the PowerPoint file also becomes available in the meeting’s content bin for other participants to download or present.

Video-based Screen Sharing for mobile devices—We’re also continuing to enhance the content viewing experience with Skype for Business on mobile devices by using Video-based Screen Sharing (VbSS) for content viewing on iOS and Android apps. The initial setup is much faster, the experience more reliable, while also consuming network bandwidth efficiently. It provides a seamless viewing experience, especially if you are sharing animated content such as CAD models. Learn more about VbSS and how it can enhance your meeting experience.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates, such as call-kit integration on iOS. If you haven’t yet checked the Skype for Business mobile apps for Android and iOS, visit Skype for Business Apps & Downloads so you can download the apps and experience meetings on-the-go today!

—Paul Cannon and Praveen Maloo

    • Hi Tyler – the goal is quality over quantity. we have adopted a modern software development model where we will regularly introduce new value and continuous product improvements based on customer feedback post GA. Please check out our post GA roadmap to see what’s upcoming. We will work with our field organization to make priority adjustments in our post GA roadmap based on customer feedback and business needs.

      As always, we will strive to light up high value scenarios for customers. After using the GA version – let us know what you would like to see added next.

    • Are you the author of this blog? Was this updated for launch? In general, we have adopted a modern software development model where we will regularly introduce new value and continuous product improvements based on customer feedback post GA. After trying this GA build, come back and let us know your top request. Or visit to have a dialog with other IT Pros as well as Microsoft.

      • Didn’t work in Chrome.. Switched to Safari and it opened right up.


        • Thanks for that feedback. I have shared that on to the download center folks.

  1. Love it. Download link worked for me from Chrome. Great next step on the Mac.

  2. Is it me, or can you still not add contacts and create groups… my client is greyed out for that

    • Create groups is currently not supported. It will be added soon.

      Add contact is supported. In Contacts tab, search for a contact, multi-tab on returned contact, select Add Contact. You can also use the Contacts/Add contact when you selected a contact in the search result.

  3. As the lone Mac user in a Microsoft-partnered company, this release is MORE than appreciated! Unfortunately seems to not be playing nice with Outlook… won’t let me join online meetings without kicking me out to a browser and going through a ton of links and downloads of a web client and back to Lync and then it finally opens in SfB. What’s up with that?

    • Hi Chelsea. It depends on the meeting. If the meeting is organized by someone who is not part of your company/organization, the current Mac client does not support join this type of “external” meeting yet. It will automatically to direct the SFB web page to join via the web app, hence the additional web pages.

      • Unfortunately, happens for meetings even within my own org. Even when I make the meeting myself.

  4. Is it possible to send a message to a group? We use this quite often at my job and I can’t figure out how to do this.

    • Hi Brad. This feature is not implemented yet. It is in our backlog.

  5. A good start and much needed update from Lync.

    Chat history population in Outlook seems to be hit and miss. 1 out of 3 for me so far.

    Population of meetings seemed delayed.

    And I really depend on groups in the chat contacts and was surprised that I can see my existing groups and “kind of” interact with them but I cannot modify them or create/delete groups.

    Last, it seems like the Chat history is displayed. I was expecting this to work like a tabbed chat window like in the Windows version allowing me to close them as needed but so far I don’t see a way to close them or remove them from the list.

    Hoping to see some updates soon on the Office Faster Insider ring.

    • I agree, not being able to manage the chat history is an immediate issue…in my company I talk to dozens of people daily and this history page is going to fill up fast…I feel being able to manage chat history should be there from the beginning as this is for business use and inherently have an expectation of lots of chat windows.

      I downloaded this 30 min ago and I already have to scroll to find people.

  6. I am unable to close a specific chat window…as a large business, having a list of 50+ names to scroll through to have conversations is not user friendly…having the ability to have a conversation with somebody and be able to close it immediately after would be ideal functionality.

    Are there plans to manage the chat history?

  7. This seems to be a solid release and appreciate the continuous improvement. So far it has been quite stable. Thanks for releasing this as promised.

    The biggest features I could use is conversation roll up. Even after deleting past conversation windows, after a while they seem to respawn again. I wish they could just remain in one window.

    With that, an option to turn off email notifications of missed conversations. I get these constantly throughout the day and it’s annoying.

    File sharing would be great too.

    I noticed that screen sharing on a retina display at the highest resolution seems to be really slow. Improvements to Lync had improved desktop sharing performance so hopefully this will improved. Until then, I’ll still have to use third party screen sharing services.

    But I’m still happy with the release.

    • Thanks, Kevin. Appreciate the balanced and thoughtful feedback. The good news here is that cycle of improvements should be fairly quick in that we have the auto-updater, etc for the product.

  8. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I was part of the preview program and I downloaded the new release here and it’s not giving me any of the new stuff (like the single window UI which I have been chomping at the bit to get since it was announced).

    • For single window UI, please check in the Preferences/General, if you have “Show conversations in separate windows” unchecked.

      • This button does not work on my version (16.0.3639) — clicking it does nothing and after I close and re-open the app, the button goes back to being unchecked.

  9. Why it’s has to be white ui, im gonna die, oh why guys!! please at least add matte gray black ui as alternative, it’s so bright!! :/

  10. the skype for business web app has more functionality than the full skype for business for mac. You can’t upload a powerpoint presentation. you can only share your screen. you still need to be signed into Lync to create a web meeting through outlook. Clicking on a online meeting link doesn’t open up the skype for business app to attend the meeting. you have to go to the calendar section of the app to join the meeting.

    not fully baked. limited functionality. Worthless until they fix the problems or at least make it on par with the web app.

    • Hey Phong,

      Thanks for the direct feedback. I want to address some of your concerns and let you know we hear you.
      PPT UPLOAD – you are correct we have not added that feature yet. Part of the reason is that the team is quickly working toward Video-based Screen Sharing (VbSS) which is the future of most sharing scenarios for SfB.
      MEETING CREATION – We do require the latest Outlook updates for meeting creation to work properly.
      BROWSER – There is a known situation where sometimes your meeting link goes directly to a browser – this is being looked into as well.

      Sounds like we may have lost you before this new era for SFB on the Mac has even begun :-). Hopefully you will give us more time to iron out some of these challenges. If not – I understand. I encourage to come back even in a month or 2 as you may find things are changing fast in a good way for the SfB Mac client.

      • Hi Paul,

        Why wouldn’t the PPT upload be a part of the release. I understand that VbSS is on its way, but one would expect to have the ability to share something besides your screen in the mean time. I guess my company would still use our current setup until things get better – Lync with Skype for Business web app until the next version comes out.

        I think the error in not being able to open the meeting when clicking on the meeting link stems from having Lync installed and having the Skype for Business Preview installed also. One would have to following the following script to get that functionality to actually work:

        It’s a shame to think that it would be something that the package should take care of instead of having to run a script to make it work.

        In terms of use, if it is just a simple chat, it works fine within our company, but when we have so many mac users who needs to do presentations with clients that does involve video, this app isn’t an option. Again, we’ll have to stick with Lync and the Web App for the time being until VbSS finally arrives.

      • Paul, regarding PowerPoint upload, if VBSS is the future of most sharing scenarios, why did they just recently add the capability to upload PowerPoint decks in the mobile app? Or are did you mean to say they’re busy working on VBSS, and PowerPoint upload will definitely be added later?

        • VbSS is the future of most sharing scenarios for Skype for Business. What that means is that PowerPoint sharing is evaluated against other requests by customers. For our first update due before the end of the year, we are targeting improved contact management, VbSS viewing, and P2P Sharing. That list is not exclusive – simply the top 3 items.

      • Hi Paul,

        Just a followup on the new VbSS for skype for business. If it is anything like how it’ll be in the new Teams app, it is still not worth it at all.

        We’ve tested it by sharing a video through screen share, and though the video is a lot more smoother than how it was previsously, there is an audio issue. There is no way to isolate the audio that is being shown and have that be presented along with the video.

        So what happens is that the computer will need to not be connected with any headphones and have the audio play through the computer speakers and then hope that the mic from the computer pick up the audio without any feedback or interference so the other meeting members can hear the audio.

        Unless there is another way, I’m not seeing it. It’s not clean, since you can’t mute the mic block off any ambient noise that might be picked up from the mic or any background discussion while the video is playing.

        Currently with the powerpoint file share, it’s not an issue. The video plays with the audio through the file and everyone could see a HQ video along with the audio and the present could mute their mic without any issues.

        Unless this issue is address, VbSS would be a failure from the start. If you plan on upgrading all skype for business apps and clients to this new feature, then we’ll be forced to find an alternative for video presentation.

  11. Thanks for the release – seems to work nicely!

    It would be perfect if file sharing would be possible in chat discussions…

    • Thanks Juho! Indeed this is oen of those moments where we ran into something with 1:1 File Sharing. We held that feature back but its coming shortly.

    • definitely coming soon. In the meantime, let me know if using the “meet now” adhoc meeting creation works as a short term work around.

  12. Hi,

    Fantastic work getting this released.

    Is it correct that I cannot do screen sharing peer-to-peer?


    • Thanks Ian – really appreciate you like it. I have to say I have held manage different releases (from a Marketing perspective) and this one has been the most fun and the most rewarding. Definitely there is more to do here but I feel good about this release. 1:1 sharing was one of those features that needed a little more time. I expect to see it shortly in the product.

  13. Hi,

    How can share my screen in a chat with a single contact?


    • I don’t think you can unless you are in a conference. Waiting for someone to confirm.

      • in a group conversation you can share, there’s a button at the top.

        in a call with a contact i wasn’t able to, that’s a major miss

        • Right – we held that back. I expect to see it shortly. Although not as optimal, one work around is meet now – you can see that feature in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Creates an ad-hoc meeting.

  14. Is there a way to view the participant list while in a meeting with the ability to see who is on, their mute status, the ability to mute participants, elevating users to be presenters, etc? I have not been able to figure out how to activate these controls assuming they weren’t overlooked.

    • Hi Michael. In the meeting window, click on the Person+ icon on the top right corner. You will see the list of participants. Use the the touch pad or mouse to table to multi-tab on the participants. You will get a sub menu which includes Mute Audience, Mute Microphone, Promote to Presenter, Remove Participants and Admit All in Lobby actions.

  15. I’m not seeing Online Statuses within Outlook, has that feature not yet bee released? Thanks

    • Hi Nickolas. Outlook integration requires Outlook Mac 2016 15.27 (160928) or newer builds. Please check if you have the right Outlook. If you already have it, please reinstall SFB Mac and restart Outlook.

  16. No whiteboard support as yet for meetings? When is that expected to be added?

    This may be a question/observation better suited for a different blog, but I am curious as to why MS chose to release a client like this; small bits at a time. as I have never seen this done for other apps from MS. It seems pretty cut and dry to take the features found in the Windows client and put them in the Mac client. If someone is using the “business” version of a client, they’re going to need the “business” features…

    • Thanks for the feedback Bill. What makes this a different exercise is that it is a new client platform. All the skills that are developed for Windows do not necessarily translate to Mac. Really a different set of developers, etc. Also important if you dig into the client is that in some respects it shares more in common with our Mobile clients. It uses UCWA for much of its functionality and so that changes it. Finally, as you can imagine, there is “long tail” of features which do not get a lot of use in the Windows client. Some of that internal data then helps guide the development process.

  17. Is the ability to send and receive files (images, documents, etc) in a single person chat gone? I don’t see a way to send an image, and when someone sent one to me, I instantly got a missed conversation email.

    • Coming in our first post GA release – we should know timing shortly.

  18. Hello
    I downloaded the same day and Joined an MVP PGI with the new client, at the beginning it was working perfectly fine, However when 160 people were connected the application was frozen, the slide sharing wasnt working, and I had to finally force quit the app to estabilize my system again.


    • I think you are referring to P2P Screensharing – that is due in the first update which should be available in December. As a workaround while waiting for that feature, consider the “meet now” functionality in the menu. It spins up a meeting with you in it. You can then add your coworker. No need to go to Outlook to schedule.

  19. Hey guys, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this one – as in, checking every day through October! Congratulations on the release and nice to see you guys released it in Oct as promised. My Microsoft-partner workplace have pushed out most of the Macs (partially because of unreliable Lync) – I’m the last one left, so very happy to see this. However unfortunately for me the very first thing I tested after successfully calling a colleague was screensharing – and not working. It’s a must have in my workplace, so I’m going to have to stick with Lync for now 🙁 (please no!!). Any idea on when that feature will be available I’m sure it’d be #1 for a lot of people. The second it’s in I’m back. Also the ‘current location’ will be a must have for me too – remote workers often have policy around this value being set and accurate!.

    • I think you are referring to P2P Screensharing – that is due in the first update which should be available in December. As a workaround while waiting for that feature, consider the “meet now” functionality in the menu. It spins up a meeting with you in it. You can then add your coworker. No need to go to Outlook to schedule.

      • Thanks for the response. Looking forward to that update. Is there a roadmap with this type of release info o n it?

  20. 2 niggles thus far.
    No sound when dialling IP to IP, just silence then they pick it up. tried all settings
    No notification sound through main speakers its either through headset or speakers, However if you choose speaker the call also comes through them :/ no segregation
    notifications should be either 1 of each or both.
    Works fine on old client.

  21. In build 16.0.3639, many of the checkbox functions under Preferences seem to be not working — when I click on these boxes, nothing happens (Show conversation in separate windows; Use compact contact list; Show contact status, notifications not showing). In addition, opening after minimization brings up the Love to talk? introductory screen twice. I have deleted and re-downloaded several times now with no changes.

  22. Hi – How do you add external users? Searching for contacts only seems to find users in my organisation.

      • Hi

        We are also having this same problem – trying to invite external users via email.
        We are currently having to use the PC version to invite external users, or do it via the web meeting scheduler.
        Am I missing where this functionality is, or is this not supported yet?

  23. Functionally unless I have missed something it has the same flaw as Lync. If you think its going to allow you to share something other than your whole screen, forget it.

    I don’t see how you can use this as a business tool with this limitation. It looks nice but regrettably until application sharing is supported I can’t see this as an alternative to Webex.

    Nice try but way short on required functionality to match its competitors.

    • Thanks you for the feedback on this – I will pass it along to the rest of the team.

  24. Every time I try to go to preferences, it crashes. I sent the crash reports, but I’m not sure if there was something I could do until an updated release.

  25. I can’t seem to share my screen with any amount of ease with my co-workers. This seems like a no-brainer piece of functionality for inclusion?

    For example, if I need to share someone my desktop real quick to prove a point or try and resolve an issue.There’s no reason I should have to send out a meeting for this or video chat…

    • I think you are referring to P2P Screensharing – that is due in the first update which should be available in December. As a workaround while waiting for that feature, consider the “meet now” functionality in the menu. It spins up a meeting with you in it. You can then add your coworker. No need to go to Outlook to schedule.

  26. Very happy to see this update. So removed Lync and installed this version, but I have even fewer options now.

    – Cant send files
    – Cant share screen
    – If my colleague shares their screen, I get kicked out of the call, but they can still hear me. (BUG)
    – Cant create contact groups

    – Chats: conversations with one person should be grouped (like regular skype)

    Bit surprised this release went out to the public. The beta testing period was quite long and still missing all these features and having numerous problems.
    Hope they get fixed soon. For now back to Lync 🙁

    • Hi Sjors, Thanks for the feedback! To help us investigate the bug, can you please provide steps that can help reproduce the problem where you’re colleague sharing their screen kicks you out of the call?

  27. Seeing a strange issue. My cloud provider only supports a manual login configuration. When I enter in the internal and external server names the save but does not activate in the mac client? Is this a bug?

    • The save button does not activate. It will not allow me to save the server names.

  28. I have problems logging in. I guess it could be connected to me using two factor authentication?

  29. Hi Paul, will this allow for syncing across platforms when it comes to presence as well as chat? Currently SFB on Windows and IOS do not sync up when it comes to messaging from different clients.

  30. Does anyone know if the music on hold feature is supported on the new SfB Mac client? If not has anyone heard if and when this might be added?

  31. Could you please confirm if this client support MFA login or not?

  32. The new version of Skype for MAC has a great UI but I am unable to launch a screen share in a Peer to Peer Chat session. Is there a fix?

    • Please let us know when P2P screen share is available. It really detracts when you start a conversation with someone and can not share the screen.

      • Hey Dan,

        We use the technical community to discuss and announce new features – that would be a good place to keep an eye while we wait for sharing to come. Did you try the “Meet Now” feature as a work around? You can find it in the menu above.

  33. I have this installed on my Mac. I’m used to being able to sort contacts by status to see only contacts who are online. I looked everywhere, can’t find where to do this. I hope it’s not a feature they missed.

  34. Just updated from 16.0.3036, the new version looks much nicer. Pleased to see the progress you guys have made with this. Lync is stable, but that’s about all that can be said about it’s appeal. Here’s my feature suggestion; the ability to fire off a real live confetti canon somewhere within Microsoft every time some types :confetti: inside of chat. That would be pretty cool.

  35. How can my organization stay informed as to what Audio I/O (USB) hardware/peripherals are compatible with S4B for mac? At my organization which is blended Mac/PC, our PC users are able to plug into our Polycom CX3000 telephones and use Skype for Business on their laptops as a speakerphone, but our Mac users are not able to (on Macs the audio comes through very poorly and unintelligible.) The Polycom CX3000 is branded as a “Lync compatible” device, but clearly that means “PC Lync Compatible”. How do we know which devices are “Mac Lync Compatible.” OR how do we get them to work with our Macs?

    We also have a Polycom Trio that we are considering deploying and I was able to get it to make calls with S4B via USB but the keymapping was wrong (the mute button actually hung up calls) I am going to contact Polycom to try to get this resolved for the Trio, but even better it would be nice to get our CX3000s which are existing up and running with Skype for Business as we have them deployed across our campus. Thanks!

  36. Hi!

    I can’t seem to be able to download the new version, it takes me to the page for downloading the Lync 2011. Is anything wrong? or am I doing anything wrong?

  37. A few issues:

    My Outlook calendar doesn’t sync. On the meetings tab it just says ‘No meetings today’ (which I wish was true, but isn’t).

    I keep on getting automatically signed out after periods of inactivity, which is extremely frustrating. I need to stay logged in so people can contact me, regardless of whether I’ve been using it or not. If I want to sign out, I will do it myself.

    There are way too many windows that open when I’m on a call. When I login to a call, I want only want one window with that call in it open. If I reopen my main contact list, let me do that manually. The minimalist view should replace the main call window if I minimize the window, not just be another window that’s open.

    This might partially be my org., but logging in is a process. Can’t it just be a one-step login? Plus, it doesn’t save my credentials, just has an old inaccurate credential in there. Every time I login in, I have to retype my credentials, but they are never saved.

  38. Is there a way to just turn off the minimalist view? Every time I minimize the meeting window, it pops up and then when I try to reopen the meeting to see content, etc. the minimalist view opens instead and then I have to go looking for the meeting window, as it’s not on the dock for some reason.

  39. I’ve also had it log me out in the middle of a meeting, which is obviously not good.

  40. Visually, this is SO much better. However, the inability to send files in a chat is debilitating. Right now (with v16.0.3639), I need to send files via email – not very collaborative. Hopefully, you’ve got enough resources to close the gap quickly!

    • Thanks Dwayne – I thinkt he team is pretty excited about this release and what it emans for SFB Mac users. The lack of file share wasa big deal to us as well. We finally decided that we had to get the client out and not hold it due to this feature being a little less reliable then we wanted. The team is working to solve this issue and get it into the release as soon as safely possible.

      Please keep an eye on out – its where customers can chat about their feedback and issues for our products. We definitely will post news as it occurs for the Mac client.

  41. Being automatically logged out continually is very frustrating. Is there a way that this could be an optional feature? I have been logged out in the middle of a call, an IM conversation and have missed other messages because I hadn’t noticed I’d been logged out.

    • The Microsoft failure to deliver…Sorry guys i’m sure you have worked hard on this but it’s not good enough. Too many problems – what did the months of preview achieve.. I’m a startup business who has signed up to 365 and this Skype/Lync situation has just been a struggle. When you don’t have an IT department things need to not take so long but the hours i’ve spent trying to get Lync and Skype working and googling various terms about Skype.
      Why cant i add people outside my organization to Skype for business…Normal Skype needs to have everything put into Skype for business and then some more..What is the difference again…? I use a mac and have done for 6years now, it has been a pleasant experience. First encounter with Microsoft products again and it’s frustration. BTW i’m not Apple enthusiast, i have Android phone.
      For new business the image needs to be professional – your letting me down Microsoft with Skype for Mac. Maybe it time to buy a Windows based laptop again… Dare i take that plunge…

  42. SFB for MAC released version 16.0.3638 is ‘quitting unexpectedly’ when I hit Preferences menu option (this is one of several issues I am facing with SFB)

  43. I started using SFB for MAC released version 16.0.3638 last week, and my colleagues using Lync 2013 for Windows are reporting to me that their client is crashing when on a call with me. Same happened to other close colleagues that use a Mac, in the same scenario, on a call with Lync 2013 client colleagues. Seems SFB for Mac and Lync 2013 for Windows don’t get along with each other.

  44. I started using SFB for MAC released version 16.0.3638 last week, hoping it would be much better than Lync 2011 for Mac. Upset that screen sharing is still unavailable for 1:1 calls. Screen sharing for corporate users is a must, not a nice to have. Hopefully this is available very, very soon.

    • check out – its where customers can chat about their feedback and issues for our products. Technical support questions should definitely be handled there.

      Hey Marcos,

      Going to reply just once here if that is ok – I see you have posted at least 3 times. Thanks so much for the feedback. (1) Lack of 1:1 sharing has been a prime concern for many of our users – we definitely hear you. Its on the roadmap as one of our top items to add. (2) Are you saying the remote clients are crashing on a call with a Mac client? Definitely need logs etc. to troubleshoot that one. (3) unexpected Exits – we expect in our first post GA update to address some of these issues. Be sure to check that Microsoft Updater is running and that you have the latest.

  45. Some issues/frustrations… When in a SfB call, I cannot share my screen, nor can other party share screen. This works with SfB for Windows and also Lync. 2nd, in Office 2016 for Mac, when I choose to create an online meeting, it errors out saying I must be signed into “Skype for Business (Lync)”. So I can’t create online meetings in Outlook with SfB for Mac. If I reopen Lync, I can create the online meetings just fine. This has proved immensely frustrating because these are 2 of the features my department uses most. I have no choice but to revert back to Lync as a result.

    • FYI – definitely post this at – its where customers can chat about their feedback and issues for our products. Technical support questions should definitely be handled there as well. We loving blogging 🙂 but handling technical feedback support is better done at the site above. A bonus is that actual support and engineering employees often address concerns directly there.

      Bill – thanks for the feedback. (1) A lot of people feel the same way about 1:1 sharing. In terms of feature requests this one is either #1 or very close. The good news is that we hope to get that added before the end of the year. (2) You might want to quickly check what version of Outlook and Exchange you are using and post that to the tech community I mentioned above. I know we have a REQUIRED update for Outlook for Mac that came out in October.

  46. any trick out there to share desktop in p-to-p convs? it works when it is 2+ people convs or in a meeting, but I can’t just share when it is me + just another one. Thanks in advance,

  47. Am I right that Share Screen, and “give Control” is not available in this new Skype for Business client for macOS?

    That’s exactly what I need 🙁

  48. I just updated my MAC client to version 16.1.456 and now all my chat windows are on separate windows! This is horrible compared to the previous version which gathered all my chats in one window. Is there any possibility to turn this off or at least revert to the previous version?

      • I understand your concerns but at least give us the option of continuing with one window at our own risk even tho notifications might suffer. I don’t believe you understand what a big step backwards this was; I might as well run Lync 2013…

  49. Hi,

    I posted a comment about 24 hours ago. Few things I need to add:

    1. Screen sharing; it seems that I can share screen if join to a meeting, but I can’t share during a call.
    2. Skype IM comments sent to me, pop up to the top right side of my (main) screen. The problem is that they don’t fade away without closing or replying to them.
    3. I have the same problem with the new skype that I had with the old Lync; When sharing screen or being involved in a screen sharing, skype cpu usage goes to 100% and stays there, memory usage is about 500mb –> Mac acts really slow during screen sharing. When I hide the screen sharing window, CPU usage drops to 10-20%.



    • Wow,

      I don’t know where all my texts go but they don’t show up here. I were using Chrome, now trying IE.

      The original post I was wrote, had two reports:

      1. Screen sharing is greyed out during calls.
      2. I am unable to send or receive files during IM / call. Drop or paste don’t work, and I can’t find a button for sending files.

      Version is 16.1.456

  50. I don’t know where my messages go they don’t show up here…

    i give up.

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