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Are you in charge of getting your enterprise organization onto Office 365? We have the information you need to plan, deploy and manage Office 365 and hybrid environments. Find content about core Office 365, Office client deployment and Office 365 services (including Exchange Online, Skype for Business Online, SharePoint Online and more) all in one place at

We consolidate trusted, authoritative content from multiple Microsoft content sources into one convenient experience so that you can browse to the information you need:

  • Learn what’s included in Office 365 by reviewing the service descriptions.
  • Discover the types of scenarios you can support with Office 365 and hybrid environments versus on-premises server environments, and what else you can do if you integrate with Microsoft Azure.
  • View cloud architecture resources for identity, security, storage and networking and use test lab resources to work through your specific implementation.
  • Find out how to set up the services you need in Office 365, and how to manage them over time.
  • Review your choices for how to deploy the Office client applications to your users and get training resources for them.
  • Understand Office 365’s security and compliance capabilities created to meet the legal, regulatory and technical standards that your organization might have.


Find this content and more at

—Samantha Robertson is a content portfolio manager for the Office 365 content team.


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  1. This is a good initiative – instead of jumping around to multiple places. I think in the long run crowd-wisdom ( admin-wisdom) would also help to build more engaging articles _ not just from super-admin geek side but also those who work in mid-small side of enterprises.

    Other than this issue, for user experience, compliance and reporting side ,I suggest to consider introduction of visual cues for users as well. For example, allowing users to change the color of folders ( to have a same set of colors in user’s machine and cloud for one drive ) will not just help to get sync done more efficiently but also to get more personalized reports about sync to users and admin.

    Similarity, allowing admins to get graphical view about bulk of data ( total # of excel, word files, pictures etc) will also help to build a healthy one-drive / share point,/ yammer solution.

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