Now you can create and share Office documents while collaborating in Yammer

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Yammer connects people and teams across your organization. To be truly productive, team members need to be connected not only to each other but also to the tools they need the most. Last week, with Office 365 Groups integration, we announced that every team working in Yammer now has integrated access to a SharePoint Team site and Document library, a OneNote notebook and Planner for task management. Today, we are connecting teams in Yammer to another core productivity need: the ability to collaborate around Office documents.

With today’s announcement, users can now create Office documents such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel and co-author them with their team from within a Yammer group. Additionally, users can easily browse their SharePoint and OneDrive libraries to share files and start discussions with their teams on Yammer. This focus on enabling employees to get work done through deeper integration into the Office 365 suite has led to the fastest annual user growth in Yammer’s history. These new features start rolling out today and will be available to all Yammer users in the coming weeks.

Create documents directly from Yammer

Work is more than just conversations. Every day we collaborate with co-workers to create documents in Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Now, create these Office documents without having to leave Yammer. With the full functionality of Office Online, you can co-author documents with colleagues, view version history and mark important files as official. Because you’re in Yammer, you can also easily share and discuss the document with your team from within your group in Yammer.

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Share files from SharePoint and OneDrive

To help teams leverage the power of SharePoint and OneDrive for file storage and management, we made it much easier to share and discuss these files with your team on Yammer. The improved file picker lets you browse and share files from your Office 365 SharePoint Document Libraries or personal OneDrive for Business. This means you can take advantage of SharePoint and OneDrive’s content management capabilities directly from within Yammer.


File, link and image previews

Based on a popular user request, we improved how attachments look inside your network. Whether it’s a link to a website, a file you need feedback on or simply a set of photos—they all now render beautifully right in your Yammer feed.


New image gallery 


New file preview


New link preview

Share files from anywhere in Office 365 to Yammer

Managing permissions when sharing documents with a group of people can be difficult. One of the big advantages of having Yammer connected to Office 365 Groups is that every Yammer group will exist as an entry in your Global Address List (GAL). This means that you can share and email content from across the whole Office suite directly into your Yammer groups. When a document is shared to a Yammer group, the members of the group are automatically granted access to the document.


Watch this Microsoft Mechanics video from Ignite to see a preview of how these new features work:

—The Yammer team


  1. Great job Yammer Team!

    All these updates looks and sounds fantastic to get collaboration in a whole new digital level.

    But I can’t see the updates in my Yammer, when will they become available?

    Keep up the great job Y-Team!!!

    • Thanks for the feedback Salim! We’ve started turning them on today and will roll out over the next couple of weeks. You should start to seem them in your network very soon.

      • Has anyone gotten this feature yet? We have employee’s who are creating groups and I keep telling them we need to delete them and start over when Yammer gets O365 groups since that is what everyone wants! This is a good problem for Microsoft!

        • You can start using Yammer group today. We’ll go through and connect all existing groups automatically for you. 🙂

          • Hi Angus…thanks for responding. I know we could use Yammer groups today and I am testing it with a small group its not an Office 365 group. We also don’t want to start using yammer groups today and in 2 weeks you turn on yammer office 365 groups and we have to wait until wave 2 to get them linked up. I have several O365 groups we are testing in the outlook version but we are going to delete these and recreate them from yammer with the same email address.

          • Angus, like Jesse I’m waiting for this feature to be turned on for 3 of my tenants. The reason we stopped 2 of them stopped using Yammer which everyone actually loved was the silo’ed files and groups in Yammer and duplicated functionality. This implementation is a dream but with no clear timeframe as to when this will be available its tough to plan reengagement. Is there any way to force implementation?

  2. Does the group integration tie back to the groups in Outlook as well? If not, it would be great to close the circle and provide teams multiple ways to collaborate that suits their needs. It would also help reduce the number of inboxes we have to check these days…

    • We agree that one size doesn’t fit all teams with is why we offer multiple ways to collaborate in Office 365. Today, we allow a team to choose if they’d prefer to work in Outlook or Yammer, so each group can only have one type of conversation.

  3. How long before Files are replaced by the Group OneDrive and Notes are replaced by the Groups OneNote document? Would love to see those two standalone areas disappear from Yammer.

    • Hey Luke…That’s definitely our plan, but we’re going to be rolling the functionality out in phases. The first phase will still have files separated from OneDrive. Same for Notes and OneNote. Can’t really speak to a definitive timeline for when we’ll switch over to OneDrive and OneNote, but know that what you’re describing is definitely what we aim to deliver.

      • @Steve: Great news. It will make it a lot clearer for the end user and make it much more manageable for IT. 🙂 It’s great to see Yammer integrate more and more with the rest of Office 365!

  4. Please replace files with the group OneDrive location and replace Notes with the Groups OneNote as soon as you can. This would show a more complete integration picture in my mind.

    Maybe the hold up is what to do with existing Notes and Files, but this seems like a no brainer going forward.

    • We do have a plan to deprecate Yammer Notes. That’s in progress. Before we do that, we’ll be converting existing Yammer Notes to Word Docs.

  5. Good job guys!!!

    When these features are planned to be rolled out?

  6. I do love the message in this post, but the heading “Now you can….”??

    You are confusing me (again)! When you write NOW I read NOW. And what do I do next?

    I open Yammer and try to create a document the way you describe. But i can not do that NOW!

    But once again; I LOVE this new functionality!

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