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Announcing the public preview of Microsoft StaffHub—the new app for deskless workers

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We’re pleased to introduce Microsoft StaffHub—the go-to app for deskless workers to manage their life at work. With Microsoft StaffHub, it’s easy to create and manage shift schedules for your team and provide relevant information needed for the job. For deskless workers, their work schedule, and other important information, is right at their fingertips—on their mobile device. Starting today, Microsoft StaffHub is available in public preview for Office 365 customers. Learn more at

Deskless workers—the unsung heroes

There are hundreds of millions of deskless workers around the world working in hotels, restaurants, retail stores, on construction sites and in manufacturing and other service-related industries. These team members are often the public face of the company—interacting with customers and making things happen. While critical to the company, deskless workers typically don’t have a dedicated work space or computer. This makes it difficult to get the information they need for their job. Microsoft StaffHub makes this all easier.

Easily create and manage shift schedules for your team

For many deskless workers, it starts with being at work on the right day and time. However, for managers, creating, distributing and maintaining up-to-date schedule information can be difficult and time consuming. Microsoft StaffHub allows managers to quickly create, update and manage shift schedules for their team members—using a simple and intuitive interface.

Managers can easily see their team’s schedule, create new shifts and change existing shifts. Shifts can be color-coded for easy identification.

You can add a shift for an employee at any time by clicking a cell and entering the shift details. Since shift schedules sometimes remain similar over time, you can copy over the entire schedule from the previous week, giving you a starting point. You can also copy just a range of shifts and paste it in for another worker. When you are ready to share the schedule, just click or tap Publish and the schedule, updates and notes are automatically pushed to your team in the Microsoft StaffHub app, so everybody always has up-to-date information.

Team members can quickly view their schedule and request changes

Workers have access to all their schedule information right on their mobile app—no more having to go into the breakroom at work to look at the bulletin board. The home screen provides a summary of upcoming shifts as well as any important notes for the day. You can also see who else is on the schedule, which is useful if you want to know who you’ll be working with or if you want to swap shifts.

See your upcoming shifts at a glance and review shift details, such as important notes for the day.

Schedule conflicts come up occasionally—Microsoft StaffHub makes it easy for workers to swap a shift or offer their shift to someone else. Requests are always routed to a manager for approval, and updates are automatically pushed out to the involved team members.

Workers can easily request to swap a shift or offer a shift to someone else, and managers stay in control by reviewing and approving all requests.

Enables deskless workers to stay connected to the information they need

Deskless workers often don’t have their own company email or access to internal sites. This makes it hard for managers to distribute important information—such as policy manuals, handbooks or training materials. With Microsoft StaffHub, it takes just a few clicks for managers to select and share files with their workers. For employees, the content shows up directly in the mobile app. Deskless workers can also send quick messages to each other such as “Let’s grab lunch today” or “VIP guest is arriving in 20 minutes” by tapping a coworker’s contact icon and typing a note.

Managers select the content they want to distribute to their team; deskless workers view the files in the mobile app.

How to get the Microsoft StaffHub Preview

Microsoft StaffHub is now available in public preview on the web, iOS and Android. Visit to learn more.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Who has access to the public preview?

A. Customers need to visit and request a promo code for a Microsoft StaffHub Public Preview license. Customers must also have one of the following Office 365 plans: K1, E1, E3 or E5. Public preview customers can download the mobile app on Google Play and iTunes.

Q. What’s currently available in the public preview?

A. Microsoft StaffHub is currently available in public preview on the web, iOS and Android. During the public preview, Microsoft StaffHub is available in the following languages: Chinese-Simplified, English (U.S.), Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, Brazilian-Portuguese, German, Korean, Italian, Chinese-Traditional, Dutch, Turkish, Swedish.

Q. Does each team member need to have an Office 365 account for the Microsoft StaffHub Public Preview?

A. Yes, each deskless worker and manager using Microsoft StaffHub must have an Office 365 account.

Q. Are there major differences between the iOS and Android public preview apps?

A. The core functionality is the same between iOS and Android.

  1. Where is the *** UWP app? Why are you abandoning even Windows 10, newest OS from YOURSELF? I think Google released more useful apps to Windows than Microsoft itself.

    • Even Google has released things on iOS before Android. I don’t remember what it was but I remember people complaining about it.

  2. Just tired of getting excited about what MS is releasing only to find that they continue to prioritize the competition over their very own handsets. I was told at the Microsoft store that my new 950XL would provide the “best Microsoft experience”. It is starting to seem like I was lied to.

    At least give timelines for propagation to a UWP app that my team (who all uses W10M) can utilize for our needs. The opportunity to take a leadership position here was lost hopefully a lesson learned for the next projects that release first on your equipment and not that of your competition.

  3. It’s pretty sad that we put out a great app like this, and then it doesn’t run on either Windows slate devices or Windows Phones. Pretty embarrassing when trying to demo it for someone.

    • It’s understandable though, Windows Phone has no market share and it’s only in “private preview”, by letting people test out on Windows devices you only benefit by capturing platform specific bugs at this point. My guess is Microsoft will port the iOS version using their new tools once everything is ideal.

  4. No UWP app (perhaps with some UWP only features)? No wonder WP is failing. So disappointing.

  5. Apparently it must be extremely hard to develop apps on the Windows 10 Mobile platform. If Microsoft won’t do it for their own apps then why would other developers.

  6. Getting very tired of Microsoft refusing to develop for their own platform, how can you turn around to developers and sell your platform to them if you refuse to lead on it? Every single time a new app or feature is released it comes last, or worse not at all to the Windows platform.

    It is an embarrassment frankly.

  7. Is the communication done to the staff-hub users using Yammer? I hope it is otherwise it adds a another duplication of applications to the O365 world. Also do the deskless workers need an actual licence?

  8. So many questions:

    Does it integrate with Outlook/Google Calendar?
    Can it handle overnight shifts? How do they show in the app?
    Can it automate the rollout of a yearly schedule with non-weekly patterns (i.e. if our roster pattern repeats every 5 weeks as opposed to every week)? If not, can a roster schedule be imported manually via a csv file or otherwise?

    • Indeed. Being able to break the day into several shifts would great.
      Also, sort roster by role not just name. -Sounds like this comes under custom views?
      And will costings be coming later? -Dynamics integration? ….Please 😉

      Exciting stuff.

  9. Hi
    Presently many lot’s of project management apps are present for scheduling ,budgeting & resource management .
    Now but the problem I personally faced to integrate those with MS Project/Server , Integration of task effort of cloud service ,Team foundation server & online ticketing system (For BI purpose ).
    Now what are the interfacing and integration facility present here ?

  10. is there any sort of automation on inscription ? Weird to have a public preview requesting a code access that is normally dedicated to private preview … And moreover, be on a waiting list… Come on guys, u know better …

  11. Why don’t I see scheduled shifts or calendars in Outlook/Exchange? Please tell me that I’m missing something, because it would be absolutely ludicrous to add this product to O365 and not even somehow leverage or integrate with the rest of the suite. Another silo/parallel communication tool that competes or overlaps in functionality with Exchange, Yammer and/or Office Groups? Ugh…please, more information! As a team manager, I would expect this to work with Outlook desktop, for example, and allow me to schedule shifts directly from there. Our company-wide schedule is or course Exchange-based. When I schedule shifts, I reference that calendar, but that information is nowhere to be found in Staff hub, or vice versa. So now I have to replicate a company schedule that already exists somewhere in yet another tool/silo. It just seems like nobody sits down and thinks through basic use cases for software at Microsoft. If this is planned or available functionality, then apologies in advance for the harsh criticism.

  12. I seems, that I am able to add a user without any licenses to the Staffhub ? I thougt all users needed a K1 license as minimum ?

  13. If your account is managed by NTTCommunications, you are SOL.
    Which is a shame as this would be interesting to try >_<!

  14. Is there going to be / is there already, a Content Pack for Power BI?

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