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New Office training courses from LinkedIn Learning

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Today’s post was written by Peter Loforte, general manager for the Office Modern User Assistance and Localization team.

In our continuing effort to provide better help to our customers, we’ve partnered with LinkedIn to provide an array of new LinkedIn Learning training courses to help you get more out of Office.

The new courses are available today and focus on helping you get the most out of Outlook 2016 and Excel 2016. Learn how to use Outlook 2016 to set up an email account; send, receive and organize messages; add a signature; manage contacts and calendars; manage meetings; and collaborate and share with others. Get started with Excel 2016 by learning how to enter and organize data, create formulas and functions, build charts and PivotTables, and use other time-saving features.

These courses are freely available and can be found alongside the hundreds of courses and videos in the Office Training Center.

If you’re interested in exploring the breadth of content from LinkedIn Learning (formerly, you can get one month of free, special access to LinkedIn Learning, which includes thousands of courses and videos.

Here’s a peek at some of the new Outlook courses in the Office Training Center:

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section below.

—Peter Loforte

  1. Umm, I’ve asked before, but, would you guys PLEASE mention if this is available across all OS’, or just for Windows versions? I have OS X Sierra and iOS devices, and…kinda tired of reading about exciting new things, that I don’t get to use with my limited versions, that you don’t charge less for.

    Thanks, in advance!

    • Sorry you hare having a problem. If you click on the LinkedIn icon on the left and sign-in to LinkedIn, it should work. I just did it and it worked. Of course, it took me 2 tries to remember my LI password. 🙂 –Doug

  2. Hi guys – this sounds great BUT I can’t see any easy-to-use training on the LinkedIn page – have you let your user experience guys look at the organisation of the page? It’s almost unnavigable.

    Have been dismayed to see online interactive training become video and ppt over the last few years – everything we know about learning tells us that interaction is key. Watching videos has to be the most boring way to learn. Have searched for decent online tutorials which involve interaction and can’t find anything half decent. Have you guys hidden it somewhere?

    Have downloaded training files too but need a new search engine just to manage and navigate the files downloaded – am trying to send this to a newish user to get her skills up but unless she’s already an expert she’d never navigate the structures.

    User Experience – keep saying it your selves and hire some great user experience guys – then this will fly (IMHO)

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