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Office Lens comes to Windows 10 and adds Office 365 support

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The new Universal Windows Office Lens app gives your Windows 10 PC, tablet, phone or even HoloLens scanning superpowers. Whether you need to share your latest ingenious napkin sketch or grab the text from a photo or screenshot in your pictures folder, Office Lens makes it simple to automatically crop and re-use your content in OneNote, Word or PowerPoint.

Office Lens GIF - cropped

Once your content is captured and saved to OneDrive, it becomes searchable from your Windows PC through the power of Optical Character Recognition, so you’ll never misplace a key idea again.

Office 365 and OneDrive for Business support for Windows, Android and iOS

With the latest updates for Office Lens for Windows 10, Android and iOS, you can securely save your scans to your work or school Office 365 accounts. Whether you’re collaborating over OneNote, need an image on your OneDrive or need to re-create a document in Word, Office Lens brings your content securely to your Office 365 experience. Just sign in to Office Lens using your company, organization or school email address and capture to your heart’s content. Your scans will benefit from the easy sharing and security afforded by Office 365.

Get Office Lens for free today: iOS | Android | Windows

—The Office Lens team


  1. How to import the scanned documents from CamScanner to Office Lens?

  2. Product is crashing on Android 7.0 Nougat when trying to use with a work account that require Microsoft Intune to be present.

  3. Sorry if Im being dim, but once you snap the image how do you push it to OneDrive and where would it be saved? The only way I see a choice of OneDrive is if I go to the view where it shows all the images I’ve taken and press SAVE ALL.

    This is on iOS10 on an iPhone 6.

  4. On windows 10, is there a way to create a screenshot or do you have to:
    1 open snipping tool
    2 create screen clip
    3 save screen clip to a directory
    4 open office lense
    5 import file
    6 save to onenote
    7 delete screen clip from the directory

    seems like a lot of steps!

    • Two ways I can think of.

      1. IF your using OneNote Desktop application
      a. Windows + Shift +S which brings ups the built in snipping tool
      b. create screen clip
      c. it automatically puts it in to your default Notebook/Section and takes you to OneNote.

      2. If your using the UWP version of OneNote:
      a. do a print screen
      b. open OneNote if not already open
      c. save it into your default Notebook/Section

      3. if it is a browser page and you have OneNote addin and Edge
      a. click the addin
      b. choose what to do
      1. Full Page
      2. Article
      3. Bookmark
      c. Clip
      d. it then wants to take you to the web version of OneNote but you can do that or just ignore and open one of the other two versions.

      Hope that helps.

    • ALT-PRTSCN on the keyboard will capture the active window to clipboard – then CTRl V to paste where you need.

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