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Office 365 local datacenters now available in the United Kingdom

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Today, reflecting our deep and continued commitment to make Office 365 the most trusted cloud service for productivity, we are announcing the general availability of Office 365 from multiple local datacenters in the United Kingdom. We are pleased to be the first global cloud productivity provider offering U.K. data residency for core customer data at rest.

Since October 2014, we have rapidly expanded our global cloud footprint and opened new datacenter regions in Japan, Australia, India, Canada and now the U.K. In addition to the highly secure productivity capabilities already enjoyed by Office 365 customers all over the world, these new data center regions add in-region data residency, failover and disaster recovery to help effectively address the legal, regulatory and compliance needs of customers in industries like banking, government, public sector and healthcare.

To learn more about Office 365 and our security and compliance capabilities, please visit our website and the Office 365 Trust Center. To read more about Microsoft Cloud in the U.K., please visit the Official Microsoft Blog.

—Rajesh Jha, corporate vice president for the Office 365 team

  1. Is there a path for us to request that our data is moved from its current location into the UK datacentres, or will it happen automatically?

    • You can use Azure Site Recovery to change the region of your provisioned services.

      • I don’t think Azure Site Recovery can move a 365 Tenant – Exchange, SharePoint, Onedrive, etc… Azure Recovery only moves Azure VMs and Windows Server images from on-prem.

        So how do you get Office 365 Tenants moved to the UK DCs?

  2. My understanding is that only MS can move a O365 tenant with a support agreement in place.
    VM’s now can migrate across VNet’s – once created however cloud services with PIP cannot move between datacenters.

  3. From what I can understand there is a process already in place that has been used as new regional data centres are brought online see:
    and for the actual process:
    both links relate to Japan, India, Canada and Australia/New Zealand datacetnres but I would expect the process to be similar.

    Moves are requested through the Office 365 Admin Centre NB This option is only available on the Office 365 Admin Centre Preview.

    As of this morning UK time the option is NOT yet available in my test tenant which is on the first release track.

    MS still need to say when the option will become available in the Tenants.

    • Any idea when the move option will be opened up to allow a move from Europe to the UK data centre.

  4. Any ideas when the data import/export service will be available in the UK datacentres? Onboarrded a new customer to Office 365 and got the Exchange and Skype for Business data migrated with no issue.

    When trying to migrate data I get the below message:

    “The Import service for your region has not been rolled out yet. Please check back after rollout is announced.”

    Frustrating to say the least and embarrassing when you are blowing the trumpet of Office 365 to then be blocked from migrating file data.

    What are the alternatives as my customer is not going to pay for third party tools.

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