Now teachers can include live code demo in OneNote

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Calling all teachers! We made programming easier to teach with the ability to embed executable code snippets from into OneNote. is a powerful tool that allows teachers to create live executable code examples in the cloud with zero setup time needed. It supports more than 30 major coding languages and more with highly customizable, simple and easy-to-use IDE-like features.

Now, teachers using OneNote can easily put code examples created in into a OneNote notebook as an embedded object with two simple steps:

First, create your code examples in and then copy the Share Link.

Now teachers can include live code demo in OneNote 1

Next, paste the Share Link into a OneNote page. Now, the executable code snippet is part of the lesson plan.

Now teachers can include live code demo in OneNote 2

Feel free to try it out today and don’t forget to send us feedback and ask questions at OneNote UserVoice or tweet us at @msonenote.

—Fanguang Kong, product manager for the OneNote team

  1. This looks brilliant, and will be super helpful teaching CompSci this year, thanks!

    Does it just work in OneNote Online? Or will it also work in the apps?

    • Hi Michael, the feature works in OneNote online as well. Take the URL and paste it through OneNote Online you will see the Embed show up.

    • Sorry, misunderstood your question. This feature also works for OneNote Apps.

  2. Does this only work for EDU licenses, because I tried pasting the embed both with and without the script tag in both client and online OneNote, and it didn’t expand the paste to a code snippet.

    • Hi Mikael,
      I’ve just tested with my personal account and it worked for OneNote Online, Windows and iOS apps. No EDU account needed.

      • Mikael, did you try to pasting the code snippet coming from website? In order to get the code show as executable embed from OneNote, you need to paste the code snippet URL, not the code snippet itself.

        Rafael is right, this feature works with both Microsoft Account or Work, School account sign-in.

  3. I read through the notes on and noticed QBasic is supported but PowerShell is not. Seems like a bit of an odd choice as PowerShell is the scripting language used for Microsoft system management.

  4. Does this also work with the OneNote desktop app, or just the Modern app from the Windows store? And is this a precursor to broader support for code recognition in OneNote? I know this has been a widely requested feature for several years now – if I paste my SQL code into OneNote, for example, I want it to retain the relational information

    • Hello Steven, this feature is suppoted on OneNote desktop app, Modern OneNote from Windows Store and OneNote online. For the first two platforms, it needs to be at least version: 16.0.7070.5761 or above.

      Paste SQL code to OneNote and retain the relational information, such as color etc. is still the feature we are working to get to.

    • Hi Steven, this feature supported on OneNote desktop app, Modern OneNote from Windows store, and OneNote Online. For first two platforms, they needs to be at least version: 16.0.7070.5761 or above.

  5. This is amazing and just in time before school. Thank you OneNote Team.

    I just tried and it works great in OneNote Online, but doesn’t work on the Desktop app? Do I need to update the Desktop App?

    • Hi Robert, yes please make sure you are using OneNote desktop version 16.0.7070.5761 or above.

      • Thanks for your response. Yes, its working on Desktop.

        Our school is having serious sync problems in OneNote. It keeps saying “section is corrupted” and sometimes it never syncs or takes a long time to sync. How do we contact OneNote support?

  6. This is not working for me. I have pasted both the http url and the <scripr src+''… into OneNote (desktop 2013) and all I see is the text of the url and script e.g.

    Any ideas?

    • OK I’ll take back the idea that it works that I just put below. Tried the url in OneNote Online and all I see the the path. It doesn’t work!

  7. Continuing problems using Have managed to get the link working in OneNote online but every time I try and run code that includes anything like an alert, prompt etc my OneNote session online just stops responding altogether..

    • Thanks for the feedback and we are investigating the issue and solution.

  8. Looks great and I can get a clickable link but the page doesn’t embed, have tried in onenote online and desktop. Can you give a clearer explanation of how to get the embed option?

    • When you create code from, you can get a link from -> Share -> Share Link. The link will be something like this format: Then you can go to OneNote Online or OneNote desktop, paste the link to you OneNote page and hit “Enter” key, after that you will be able to see the link been transformed to embed object.

      Please note that your OneNote desktop client needs to be at least version: 16.0.7070.5761 or above.

  9. When are you going to upgrade the editor and provide syntax highlighting? As it stands, it seems all Microsoft products use a different editor. Why can’t you people just standardize on one thing? (Not Word’s engine please! You’re best best is the one in Visual Studio Code.)

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