Office 365

Is your company’s data secure?

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Keeping data secure is pivotal to the success of all organizations. Office 365 Enterprise E5 Plan is Microsoft’s most secure productivity solution ever—offering industry-leading security and compliance features. Microsoft’s cybersecurity intelligence and machine learning capabilities help protect against unknown malware and detect anomalies quickly to allow a rapid response.

In addition, Office 365 meets many industry and regulatory requirements and helps organizations respond to legal issues with machine learning that quickly identifies relevant content for eDiscovery.

Organizations improve visibility and control with Office 365. Administrators can set control policies, discover “shadow” IT, control data access and gain critical insights into threats.

Download this infographic to see how Office 365 helps organizations stay ahead of the threats of tomorrow.

  1. I’d love to keep our company information secure using Office365, unfortunately however due to the continual failure to launch have a reliable sync tool for SharePoint TeamSites we’re using DropBox for working files. Thanks MS.

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