Automatic albums, improved search, Pokémon and more updates to the OneDrive photos experience

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Photos are one of the most popular and most important file types that our users save to OneDrive. We’ve been working on improving the OneDrive photos experience across the web and in our mobile apps.

Here’s a look at new features we are rolling out:

Automatic albums

You upload photos to OneDrive so you can easily find and relive memories—whether from another device or by sharing them with friends and family. With automatic albums, this experience is now even easier.

OneDrive detects whenever you take a few photos in a short period of time, in a particular location. The highest quality photos are then selected and put into an album. You are even notified when they’re ready to view and share on, in our mobile apps or via the Windows 10 Photos app. In addition, to celebrate all of the fun stuff you do over the weekend, on Monday morning albums from your weekend photos are automatically created.

On this day…

On, you’ll also see the new “On this day” view in your All photos page. We love discovering photos we’ve taken in the past, and this view updates every day with images you have taken over the years on that same day. It’s a great way to relive birthdays or anniversaries or to remember old family vacations.

Improved search

You can now search directly from the All photos view too. This includes finding photos that have been tagged (such as “cat” or “sunset”) or photos from a specific location (try your last vacation). You can even search using emojis. These searches also work in the OneDrive mobile apps.

Photo folders

We listened to your feedback and now have a dedicated view for your folders that have a lot of photos in them. The new photos view includes a hero image, larger thumbnails and a revised menu to help you quickly create an album or share photos.

OneDrive photos experience 4

Updated app experience

In addition to giving the photos view in our mobile apps a little bit of a facelift, we worked closely with the Windows team to improve the experience in the Windows 10 Photos app. Now, when you sign in to Windows 10 with your Microsoft account, all of your OneDrive photos show up—including albums that were created for you automatically by OneDrive! You can even upload local albums to OneDrive so that those albums roam with you and are available across all your devices.

Automatic albums improved search Pokémon and more updates to the OneDrive photos experience image 5

Poké detector

And finally, we know that the Pokémon* craze has captured everyone’s attention. A lot of players take screenshots of their captured Pokémon to show off to their friends—both digitally and in person. We had to make it easier for you to find all your Pokémon screenshots, so we went to work and partnered with Microsoft Research to bring a Pokémon detector to OneDrive.

When you have the OneDrive app on your phone and camera upload is turned on, the screenshots you take from the game are automatically saved to OneDrive and 150 Pokémon are identified for your searching and viewing pleasure. You can also search for your favorite Pokémon by name.

—Douglas Pearce, group program manager for the OneDrive team

*POKÉMON is a trademark of Nintendo Co., Ltd., Nintendo of America, Inc. or their affiliated entities. Neither Microsoft nor OneDrive are affiliated with Nintendo.

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  1. … First you remove 30 Gb for everyone who didn’t sign-in to keep it and make them get only 5 Gb and now you make something for Pokemon. How can I take you seriously?

    30 Gb was the best thing on the market, now 5 Gb is the worst.

    Good that I signed up to keep my storage, but that suck for everyone else.

  2. How about you stop supporting Android and IPhone until Pokemon GO arrived to Windows Phone ?
    or just leave Microsoft and join Google 😐
    if Google wouldn’t mind that Pokemon GO to be in Windows Phone ,
    that would happen since the first version of the game.

  3. Finally the experience when searching with tags or key words works better. It feels like there’s more work to do here, but definitely a step in the right direction. General browsing around my photos seems noticeably snappier. Good job.

  4. Is there an option to switch off automatically creating folders? I don’t need or want a new folder of random pictures that I may have taken or received and also getting a notification randomly. I don’t want to turn off all notifications from OneDrive as some are useful.

  5. If you really want to appeal to photographers, add support for RAW photo formats in the online experience. Many photographers don’t shoot in jpeg and, currently, can’t even view their RAW, ARW photos in OneDrive online.

  6. How about RAW support for cameras newer that 3 years? Google drive has the “RAW Codec” much more up to date than Onedrive… If you go to uservoice for Onedrive, there are a lot of people asking for this.

  7. So… OneDrive will identify #Pokémon from screen shots I upload. And this is because #PokémonGo ISN’T available on #Windows10

  8. Really? Pokemon functionality over Sharepoint Online integration? Get your priorities sorted out.

  9. Something is really wrong over at Microsoft… and especially on the OneDrive team.

  10. How about just making OneDrive Work fast ?
    Placeholders ? The most requested feature on userVoice ?
    Try navigating inside a folder with lots of Photos – scroll-wait-scroll-wait-scroll-wait
    Timeline ?

    Has anyone cried fro automatic albums or pokemons ?

  11. PLACEHOLDERS — not pokeman! This is as bad as people voting for Hillary Clinton!

  12. placeholders not pokemon… I know they both start with a P but….

  13. August 16 update to Onedrive app for iOS doesn’t seem to have a place to enter login credentials.

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