OneNote July roundup

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This month the OneNote team is pleased to release new capabilities to enhance inking, clipping content from the web and working with others. We have a lot of great things to share with you, so let’s dive right in.

Inking with OneNote

Ink effects—Sometimes a simple color isn’t enough to get your idea across. Now you can jazz up your notes and drawings with new ink effects like rainbow, galaxy, gold and silver to make anything you write more unique and even more fun. We were inspired to create these new ink effects in response to requests we heard from students when we visited their classrooms. During beta testing, we were pleased to see the smiles brought to everyone’s faces—young and old alike. Ink effects are now available for Office 365 subscribers in OneNote on Windows 10.


Inking in OneNote for Mac—Today, we’re launching ink in OneNote for Mac for the first time, bringing to life one of our top user requests. Now you can write, draw and highlight with tools on the new Draw tab using your mouse or trackpad. You can also use your third-party drawing tablet or display that uses a pen or stylus to write, draw and erase –just like pen and paper. And we’ve added lined pages and grids as a background option to help keep your new handwriting and drawings neat and tidy. If you’re a big fan of drawing and writing with ink, OneNote works great with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil as well. These new tools for Mac let you express yourself in a whole new way, as you think with ink.  Get OneNote for Mac in the Mac app store today.


OneNote Web Clipper

Our OneNote Web Clipper is better than ever. We have a number of new features on our Web Clipper for Chrome, Safari, and IE to give you more control over your screen clippings before you send it into OneNote.

Preview—Ever wonder exactly what was about to show up in OneNote once you clipped? Problem solved! Now all clipping modes—full page, region, article, recipe and product—provide a preview so what you see is what you get.

YouTube and Vimeo support—You can now clip videos from YouTube and Vimeo pages into OneNote.

Highlight text—When you clip an article, product or recipe you can highlight sections of text, and those highlights will be saved to OneNote.

Clip multiple regions in one go—Clip multiple regions of a webpage and save them all in a single OneNote page.

Use your own title—Change the title of your page in the preview window before sending it to OneNote.

Articles your way—Change the font size and type in your article to improve readability before you even clip it to OneNote.

Update to the latest version to see all the new features or download the extension at

web clipper screenshot_July 2016Sharing Notifications Email service

Never miss an important notebook edit again. For consumers using a Microsoft account, our newly improved sharing notifications means you’ll receive an email letting you know that someone has made a change to your shared OneNote notebook—helping you stay on the same page.

Users now will receive a maximum of five emails a day from the Sharing Notification Email service.  Each email includes changes from all of your notebooks. The cadence of emails may change as we continue to improve our services. To manage your notification settings, visit

It’s been a big month here at OneNote, thanks for taking the time to read up on everything new you can do. One last thing, in the next few weeks, we’ll launch our new OneNote importer tool for Mac to help even more people import with confidence.  

—Scott Shapiro, product marketing manager for the OneNote team

We always want to hear your feedback, so make comments below or follow these links.

  1. Please,
    You did not mention the OneNote Web Clipper for Microsoft Edge browser.

    • I usually use the “Web Note” tool on Edge in place of OneNote Clipper. You should try it.

    • Currently, Windows Insiders can download the OneNote Web Clipper for Microsoft Edge from the Windows Store. This extension (and many others) will be available to all Windows 10 users on August 2. Hope that helps!

  2. It’s too bad that the WM10 version doesn’t allow inking on mobile….

    • ‘too bad’ is an understatement. I’ve been waiting for, expecting, inking in OneNote on MS mobile since Pocket PC in 2000.

    • Supporting that heavily!
      Far too many times WM is kept behind other platforms concerning new features in MS’s apps :-((

  3. OneNote Web Clipper has updated in Chrome on my MacBook Air but in Safari it still shows the previous version as the latest. Why is this?

  4. Great to see continuing development. Still not the tools to get me to swap from Evernote, but it feels like it is getting closer each month.

  5. Although not a Mac user I would be happy that they got inking working for it, which sounds like a big improvement.

    Although the other changes are all good things, I would really like to see some of the essential improvements for some of the biggest purposes of OneNote, vis. School and Business Note taking.

    1) Control boundaries when sending to PDF and Printing (if you control PDF export than that gets any desire to print too). Tool like page break view from excel would make exports look neat and professional.

    2) Searching tags using a secondary search criteria such as order found in text. E.g. Search question tag in the order it is found in the notes. Or See important tags in the order they are found. Organizing alphabetically takes a powerful search tool and renders it practically useless by removing the context.

    3) Fix syncing issues with Windows store version of OneNote.

    These are 3 must haves as a student and a working professional. We need the base functionality to work then throw in the accidentals such as cool font color. Currently I have excuse the sloppy exports to PDF when I send it to people saying it was done in OneNote and it doesn’t allow for clean PDF making, which doesn’t help give a good impression to OneNote.

  6. Team,

    Thank you so much for including inking for Macs. I started inking in OneNote with an HP tablet convertible PC about 10 years ago. Since switching to a MAC it’s the one thing I missed about leaving the PC world. I loved OneNote so much and recommended it to many many people. It is still the foundations of much of what I do. So glad I have ink capability again! THANK YOU MICROSOFT!

  7. Any news on Onenote integration with Outlook for Mac – for task creation in particular??

  8. Hey guys, the inking feature on OneNote (Mac) is a great feature. However the way it auto switches to pen mode means I am scribbling all over my weekly reports. I use a Wacom tablet instead of a mouse for everything and 99.9% of the time I simply want to select a paragraph to add some text but it’s switching to pen mode. It might be worth removing the auto-switch feature and relying on users to select pen mode from the ribbon menu. That way they can switch back to cursor mode once they’re finished drawing. I’m probably one of the very few users using a Wacom for everything however a lot of ex agency / designers I know like using a Wacom instead of a mouse.

    I work as a UX designer for Nintex (one of Microsofts biggest partners) and would be happy to speak further about how this might be fixed in the next update as well as how we are using OneNote in our teams. Feel free to contact me.

  9. Any news on the ability to share a page? The most voted idea UserVoice.

  10. The different types of Ink effects could be wide-reaching. Their warm, fun, and celebratory colors could put many smiles on students’ faces, as they have done to my four-year-old toddler son’s face. They would also transform the manner in which I provide feedback to those students in that each color would represent a level of excellence in my OneNote writing rubric. I could potentially write birthday and other special greetings in style to my students. I optimistically look forward to implementing these ink effects holistically to promote learning and enhance my teaching among my diverse body of students.

  11. I have also same problem with Wacom Pen and always goes to default as draw option. I need to work a lot with text mode and that is whay I use OneNote on my mac, well until last update. I don’t use pen to draw nor to write so this issue is make me to consider other options for notes. I was reading in forums and this issue comes from Windows versions since 2013 also and is not solved at all. Neither Microsoft does nothing about it. So… I was a very loyal OneNote user now I am looking other options to take notes, like Evernote or Dropbox that has a new note feature launched by this days.

  12. I think MS needs to work a bit more on improving OneNote Application for mobiles. There is still loots to do for example
    Possibility to reorder attached Books or open or close books tree

  13. Great to see the Ink feature added in Onenote for Mac. But I dont see the Ink to Text feature on the Ink tab. Is that only available on Windows machine? And is it on the roadmap anytime soon?

  14. Please give me a way to stop my Macbook Pro from switching to pen when I use my Wacom or I’ll have to stop using what has been my favorite note program. Everytime I jump back to OneNote, it has switched back to Pen mode. This is ridiculous. I can find no option to turn it off.

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