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Bring in business 24/7 with Microsoft Bookings

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As a business owner, you know that scheduling appointments with customers can take a lot of your time. Sending emails back and forth, playing phone tag and reminding people to show up can clutter your day and keep you from the more important work of growing your business. To help make appointment scheduling simpler and more efficient for you, your staff and your customers, we’re introducing a new Office 365 service called Microsoft Bookings.

Customers can schedule your business directly online

Bookings provides your business a unique web page that your customers can use to schedule appointments, even when you’re not around to pick up the phone or respond to an email. The web page is simple to use: the customer first selects the service they want and, based on availability you provide, chooses a day and time when you or one of your staff is available, enters their contact information and books the appointment.

The web page looks great on both larger screens and mobile devices. It’s easy to link to your scheduling page from an email that you send to customers or from your business’s website or Facebook page.

Bookings Gif

Customers can book with your business from any device.

Reduce missed appointments with confirmations and reminders

When a customer doesn’t show up for an appointment, it can mean wasted time and money for you. To reduce no- shows, Bookings sends your customer an email confirmation right after they book, with an option to quickly add the appointment to their calendar. But we all know how busy people can get. So to help customers remember to show up, Bookings allows you to set up a reminder email, which is sent based on how much notice you want to give before the appointment.

Make it easy for your customers to reschedule or cancel bookings

Sometimes your customers need to reschedule or cancel a booking they’ve made. With Bookings, it’s easy for them to make a self-service change. They simply click the link in the confirmation email or the appointment in their calendar, which then takes them back to the scheduling web page where they can pick a different day and time or cancel the appointment. Want to avoid last minute cancellations? No problem. You can control how much advance notice is required, whether it’s one hour or one week.

Bookings 1

Your customers can easily reschedule or cancel the booking.

Manage bookings and customer information from anywhere

All customer bookings are visible in a centralized booking calendar, giving you a complete view of upcoming appointments. You can reschedule, cancel or re-assign an existing booking to another available staff member. You can also quickly create a new booking if you’re talking with a customer in-person or on the phone and use the day “split view” to quickly see which staff is available at a given time.

Bookings 2

Bookings provides a clear view of your staff’s daily schedule on the web and mobile.

Bookings also provides you with a customer list to help stay in touch with your customers. Each time a customer creates a booking using your scheduling page (or you create one for them in your booking calendar), Bookings automatically creates a contact for them in your Customers list inside Bookings.

You can manage all of these capabilities on the web, with easy access from the Office 365 navigation bar. For those times when you’re out of the office, in the coming months Bookings will have a mobile app that lets you manage your bookings or contact your customers with a few taps.

Get appointment details and customer information in the Bookings app.

Automatically add bookings on staff calendars

Your customers aren’t the only ones who can forget appointments, so Bookings automatically adds new or updated customer appointments on your calendar or your staff’s calendars. Bookings works great with your Outlook calendar in Office 365. If you or your staff use an or Google calendar, no problem—it integrates with those calendars as well.

You work to grow your business; we want to grow with you

You work hard to build your business, and as your company expands, Bookings grows with you. You can create different booking pages and easily add new staff members as your workforce grows. There is no additional cost for creating multiple booking pages, and additional staff members aren’t required to have Office 365 subscriptions.

How to get Bookings

Bookings is now rolling out in First Release to customers who subscribe to the Office 365 Business Premium plan and will roll out to all Business Premium customers worldwide in the coming months. Once it rolls out, anyone with an Office 365 Business Premium subscription can access Bookings in the app launcher within the Office 365 web experience. Bookings doesn’t require your business email to be routed through Office 365, so you can keep using your current business email service with no changes.

To get started, sign in to Office 365, open Bookings from the app launcher and then click the Get it now button. You’ll need to provide a bit of information about your business and the services you want your customers to book. After that, just click the Save and publish button in the booking page tab to publish your scheduling web page. Your customers will now be able to start booking appointments with your business. It’s that easy!

Bookings 6

We hope Bookings will free up time for you to grow your business, help you reduce missed appointments and no-shows and keep you on top of your business wherever you are. As you use Bookings, please tell us what you think by providing feedback in the Bookings home page.

Frequently asked questions

Q. When will Bookings be available?

A. It is currently rolling out to Office 365 Business Premium subscribers who are in the First Release program and will roll out to all Business Premium subscribers worldwide in the coming months.

Q. Which Office 365 subscriptions have access to Bookings?

A. Bookings will be available with an Office 365 Business Premium subscription.

Q. As a business owner, do all my staff need to be Office 365 subscribers?

A. No. You only need one Office 365 Business Premium account to set up and manage Bookings. Your staff can use any email service.

Q. How do I manage the appointments while I am away from the office?

A. In the next few weeks, Microsoft Bookings will deliver a companion app that will allow designated users with an Office 365 subscription to manage and see all appointments as well as all customers’ information.

Q. Will my customers see my personal or business calendar?

A. No. Your customers will only see the Bookings calendar that you publish online. You specify the services, times and staff that are visible on that calendar.

Q. Do my customers need a Microsoft account or an Office 365 subscription to be able to book with me?

A. No. Your Bookings page is publicly available. To book an appointment, your customers only need to provide their name and email so that Bookings can send the confirmation email and reminder.

Q. Do my customers need to download an app to book an appointment?

A. No. Your customers access your web-based booking page from any browser in a mobile device, tablet or laptop. The upcoming Bookings mobile app is only for the business owner to manage their Bookings calendar.

  1. Please bring this to Office 365 Home users or at the very least Education. This would be a great tool for educators to book appointments with there students with.

    • Agreed, this would be awesome for our education staff

    • Hi Jason,
      Thanks for your interest in Bookings! We started rolling out Bookings to Office 365 Business Premium because it was designed with small businesses in mind. We know that there are small businesses in our Enterprise SKUs in all segments (Commercial, Government, EDU, Not-for-Profit), and we are working to bring Bookings to E3 and E5 in the coming months.

      • Gabriel,
        this would be an excellent tool for edu! one possible use case scenario is Student Advisement – students can book appointments with their advisors online. Right now we are exploring OOTB meeting functionality but our students are on a different tennant so we are forced to jump though the hoops.

        please “Make it so!” 🙂

        • I am only seeing mention of it coming to E3 and E5. AS a nonprofit you put people on E1, I am hoping this will be available as it would be a great way to schedule and keep track of volunteers.

      • This will be great for E3 and E5. As a Gold Microsoft Partner and developer, I would love to be involved with the Bookings project. Daryl

      • This will be great for E3 and E5. As a Gold Microsoft Partner and developer, I would love to be involved with the Bookings project for the Enterprise. Daryl

    • My college is actively looking for an online appointment scheduling tool for our advisors (career, counseling, etc.) and faculty (faculty advising). This would be a great solution for us. Hopefully it will be made available to educational customers soon.

    • Agreed. This would be a VERY helpful tool for those on the Education plans. There are many instances where students and parents need to book appointments with members of the school. I also regularly use a similar service to allow our faculty to book appointments with me to show them how to use their classroom technology.

    • Hi Robert,

      We started rolling out Bookings to Office 365 Business Premium because it was designed with small businesses in mind. We know that there are small businesses in our Enterprise SKUs in all segments (Commercial, Government, EDU, Not-for-Profit), and we are working to bring Bookings to E3 and E5 in the coming months.

      • If I add a BP license to my tenant with E3 will I get early access to this?

        Very keen to set this up and demo it!

        • It’s great to hear the enthusiasm. As Gabriel noted elsewhere, Bookings will be rolling out over the next few months to Office 365 Business Premium subscribers starting with those in the First Release program (E3 and E5 come later). If you purchase a Business Premium subscription then Bookings will light up for you within that period of time. It will show-up sooner if you opt-into the “First Release” track from within the Office 365 Admin Center. But exactly how much sooner is hard to say. Because Bookings is new and because we want to make sure we ship a high quality experience, we will roll-out slowly. As we increase our coverage, we will monitor feedback and check our key metrics to ensure we are meeting our quality goals. Exact timing will basically be driven by how smoothly things go. I hope that makes sense.

          • As MS Parner we use IUR (E3), could you push to these tenants? That would be amazing, we are still small business and would really benefit too 🙂

          • As MS Partner we use IUR (E3), could you push to these tenants? That would be amazing, we are still small business and would really benefit too 🙂

    • Yeah, I need this bad for booking training sessions with my end users, etc. Been waiting for something like this for a while.

      Please bring to E3.

  2. Hi,

    Does this become available for Office 365 Enterprise subscribers as well?

    Thank you.

    • As noted elsewhere, Bookings will initially ship in Office 365 Business Premium subscriptions over the next few months. Inclusion in E3 and E5 is coming but hard dates are still being determined. Thanks for the interest.

      • Hi Will,

        Fantastic. There are small businesses that turn to Enterprise plans for various requirements. Therefore it would be ideal to have that in Enterprise plans as well. 🙂

        Thank you.

        • Except R1 is inexplicably being left out.

        • We’re a small business whose customer database is built and housed in Access. We don’t need an Enterprise-level plan, but our only option to get Bookings and Access on the same plan is apparently E3 or E5 which were designed for large corporations and school systems. It’d be hugely beneficial to small businesses if Access was available on Business Premium.

      • Also, we have an online booking system that we’re very happy with, but would gladly migrate over to Office 365 if Access gets added to the Business Premium plan.

  3. Hi,

    Is their any chance Enterprise E1 and E3 customers could get access to this?

    As a small business we would find this extremely useful for booking our service appointments with customers. Unfortunately we had no choice but to upgrade to Enterprise E1 and E3 to keep Access back when the Small Business Premium plans changed.

    Is their anyway we could get access to this?

    Thank you.

    • I would surely hope so. Enterprise should be a superset.

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your interest in Bookings! We started rolling out Bookings to Office 365 Business Premium because it was designed with small businesses in mind. We know that there are small businesses in our Enterprise SKUs in all segments (Commercial, Government, EDU, Not-for-Profit), and we are working to bring Bookings to E3 and E5 in the coming months.

      • Hi Gabriel,

        That’s great news, I shall keep an eye out for it!



  4. This would be a great tools for a me as a teacher
    when planning meetings with students and parents.

  5. This would be a great tools for a me as a teacher
    when planning meetings with students and parents. So

  6. I think it’s a great tool, but since I know something called Appointment + from WPMU (, I think it’s bad to make this only for Office 365 Business.

    My wishlist :

    1. WordPress Plugin could be great for MS Booking to manage booking directly inside the WordPress control panel.
    2. Booking should be available to buy (forever without subscription) via Normal Office or MS Account and the possibility to add more admins to help manage by adding them with email.

    Thank you

  7. Hi,

    I know something similar called Appointments + from WPMU. Since AP+ has a free version and work with WordPress, what about doing something similar instead of restricting this cool software to Office 365 Business?

    What I would like is :

    1. WordPress plugin where you can manage directly into WordPress Control Panel. (Buy only one time forever, but upgrade to major update cost less… Example, $50 to buy the plugin for one or multiple website and $20 for upgrade from v1.0 to v2.0)

    2. Booking without Office 365. So normal users without subscription could be able to get the software for the same price as above and could work with a normal MS Account, Outlook and possibility to add people to help managing by adding more emails to admin/staff list so they can help too.

    Thank you.

    PS: I hate to see everything only focusing around Office 365 when Normal users without subscription, but only Office Home and Students 2016 or Family, etc. pay more, but for less stuffs.

  8. Any direct link to web site for bookings in the system?
    Any plans for Enterprise subscriptions?
    Any plans for Education subscriptions?
    Any roadmap/documentation or dates?
    For which regions is this first release version?
    If we have Business Premium plan, and do not see this link ,where to sign-up?

  9. Hi.
    Great to see this service! Is there any plan to surface this in Microsoft Flow or Logic Apps, to be able to use or define workflows. e.g. When someone schedules an appointment, send me a text message using Twilio.

  10. These apps are great! Will you consider making one for a small business landlord with single family rental properties?

    Abilities that would be needed include:
    –tenant notification when rent is due
    –track rent is paid (can be manual, doesn’t have to link to bank account)
    –way for tenant to enter service requests

    • Hi Ried, could we connect? I would like to speak with you about your comments. Thanks!

    • Hi Reid,

      We would happy to work with you with regards to your requirements. Please let me know contact details and a convenient time to get in touch.

      I look forward to your reply.

      Kind regards,

      Ashraf Kala.

  11. Hi-
    What’s the expected timing for the higher education sector?

    • Hi Kelly,

      We don’t have an expected timing as we have to complete the rollout to Business Premium.

  12. What is the main difference between resource booking and this new Bookings for room booking system?

    • Hi Honna,

      I hope I understood your question correctlly. The main difference is Bookings is made for external customers to be able to book your resources (staff / rooms). Resource booking for users in the same tenant.

      Hope this helps!

  13. Congratulations Microsoft! It’s a great move forward towards helping small businesses.

    We ( have been into scheduling software space since 2007 and after working with 100,000+ small businesses can definitely tell that it is a must needed product for small businesses.

    I see that there are lot of people here who wants to get access to scheduling software (which Microsoft Bookings is not able to serve yet) and Appointy can help them right away. Appointy is a Microsoft Bizspark plus company (incubated by Microsoft Accelerator -2014) hosted with Microsoft Azure with an avg. of 4.8/5 rating on most of the review sites.

    Please let us know if we could be of any help.

    Thank you.


    Nemesh Singh | CEO
    A P P O I N T Y . C O M

  14. How would it work alongside Microsoft FindTime? Would the two merge in coming times? Am asking in context of E1/E3.

    • I’d also like to know how and if this integrates with FindTime somehow or if there are plans to?

      I’d also really like to see this on E1 not just E3 and E5.

      • Thanks for the feedback about FindTime. Bookings and FindTime are separate tools and there aren’t any plans to integrate or merge the two, at this point.

  15. Will the app allow delegate management? for example we would like an administrator for our clients to be able to book delegates on a course. This would also entail the storing of custom delegate information (through SP lists perhaps?)

    • Hi Mick,
      Sorry, I am not sure I understand your question but let me try to answer. Bookings allows the calendar owner to add an admin to their Bookings calendar, as long as that admin is in the same tenant. Once that permission is granted, the admin has full control over the owners Bookings calendar, but can’t access the owner’s personal/O365 calendar.

      Did that help?

  16. HI, As i already own copies of office 2016 I use O365 business essentials for my small business, is this feature premium only or will essentials customer get it as well?

    • Hi Ian,

      There are no plans to bring Bookings to Office 365 Business Essentials.

  17. Is this available through the BizSpark program? I would like to implement this feature and do away with Google Calendar.

    • Hi Josh – I am not sure what Office 365 you get through BizSpark. If you are in First Release you can look for the Bookings tile from the app launcher in the Office 365 web mail experience.

  18. As a Government using the G3 level licenses, this would really work well for several areas of Government including the Health Department, Inspectors, and Probation Officers just to name a few! Excited to see if this shows up in the Government tenant in the future.

    • Hi Chris – It’s great to read you are excited! We are too! We are working on completing the rollout to all Office 365 Business Premium accounts. Thanks for the feedback, we will definitely evaluate that.

  19. I echo those who have mentioned the need to bring this to Education – many departments on my campus are looking for a booking system exactly like this that integrates with 365, and as our students are on a different platform, this would be a tremendous help for students looking to book time with their professors as well.

    • It’s great to hear the excitement around Bookings in the Education space. We are focused first on delivering an awesome booking experience to small businesses using Office 365 Business Premium (starting with those in First Release and later to those using E3 and E5). There are no plans to share at this time, but based on this feedback, we will certainly consider how we might bring Bookings to EDU, and other segments, down the road.

      • Am getting very excited to see this (hopefully before the end of the semester?!) come to EDU tenants!!!!

        The basic functionality seen so far looks fantastic! We can plan internal meetings but also meetings that include internal (teachers, staff, students) and external (parents, community members, etc) people and could see a great use for scheduling parent/teacher conferences!

        As future plans are being made, would you consider being able to also schedule resources (pull items in from our Exchange Online GAL)? Rooms/locations as well as resoursources (laptop, tablet, etc) would be a great addition. But how about also including items such as a resource “group”? A case might be a teacher wanting to reserve the cart of laptop “resources” (the entire cart of laptops/mobile devices versus just reserving a few).

        It gets me exited thinking about having such easy use of Exchange calendar/resource scheduling!!!!!

        -A 1-man tech department who manages our school district’s Office 365 tenant (along with most other things that connect to the network, plug in, or are accessed via a computer)

        • +1 for edu/non profit. I’m an IT advisor for my kids’ school and this would be great for parent-teacher meetings!

          • And another +1 for EDU access. Ideally before September this year 🙂




    • Is there going to be a free trial of this? When is this going to launch?

    • Hi Nathaly,

      Let me answer your questions.
      1. Bookings doesn’t save/remember customers info in the booking page. Depending on how the customer has setup their browser, auto-complete might be available.
      2. Right now you can’t control what the client needs to fill, name and email are at a minimum what Bookings needs to work efficiently. There is a text box for the customer to add notes/requirements for their booking.
      3. Once a booking is completed, the admin can re-assign the appointment to someone else. Bookings also allows you to addign specific people to specific services, so a customer would not book someone who could not provide the service.
      4. There are no current plans for a free version

      Hope this helps!

  21. Will Microsoft Bookings have an API to allow management of bookings?

    I would be interested being able to see if a timeslot is available for a booking, creating/updating/deleting bookings.

    Will API access be available on launch or is this a feature that will be added at a later date?

  22. Hi,

    Will there be APIs available soon because we are doing a prototype using the Skype For Business Mobile SDK but realise that it do not contain a Scheduler API.

    This Booking looks good if it have APIs for us to call.

  23. Will there be any APIs for this service so we can integrate it with Dynamics CRM for instance or any other application?

    • Thanks again for all the great feedback. There aren’t any details to share, right now, about our API plans for Bookings. But, interest such as that shown in these comments is certainly taken into account as we plan and prioritize our next set of investments.

      • As a Dynamics CRM Partner it would be interesting to have access to an API so we can integrate with Dynamics CRM, or a Microsoft Flow App template that do the integration creating contacts/accounts and booking records. Dynamics CRM has a fantastic workflow engine that could compliment functionality to Bookings and follow up business processes

  24. This looks like a very useful tool to add to the MS Office suite.

    Will this have the option for reoccurring bookings/appointments?

    It would be useful if this can possibly tie into payment portals as well. Payment received = appointment confirmed.

    I know a lot of people are asking for an APIs and whatnot. Will this potentially integrate with any other 3rd party partners or through Microsoft Flow?

  25. Will you be able to take payment (deposits, etc…?) or integrate with a payment transaction ?

  26. Do you have a Microsoft Bookings UserVoice site? How can we keep up with its development?

  27. Are there any similar solutions to handle payment/billing as well as keeping track of your warehouse stock?

    • Thanks for the question. Our primary goal with Bookings is to provide small businesses using Office 365 with something that drives significant business value. As we roll-out over the coming months, we’ll take all new feature feedback into account as we plan what to build next to ensure we achieve our goal. It’s too early in our product lifecycle to commit, but APIs, availability in a wider range of Office 365 plans, recurring bookings, and payment processing are all great examples of such feedback, and are things we’ll certainly consider as we think about how to make Bookings more valuable and useful going forward.

  28. Hello,

    Can the use of Microsoft Bookings be extended for managing Hostel Rooms by any way ?
    Any API to extend functionalities ?


  29. I love this new feature. Is there any more details on how we would integrate customers Bookings page to their own website?

  30. This is really great feat – and it is ridiculous that only Biz Premium has it. I need it and we have E3; my customers need this and they have E3 (many of them for Access reasons). Come on, E3 should be an “expanded” option, not “limited”

  31. I am reading this and I just want to be clear.
    A few of my employees have E3 accounts because we needed Litigation Holds, Archiving, and Microsoft Access. Mostly the managers have E3 and E5 actually.
    But the rest of my employees have Business Premium accounts.
    Since my tenant have Business Premium accounts, will that also allow ALL of us to have access to BOOKINGS. None of the admins have Business Premium accounts. Most of the admins only have E3 and E5 accounts. Thanks in advance.

  32. Stop crippling your products and deploy them to all of your enterprise clients. The Lumia line was not successful because of it being with only one carrier. There are a lot of non-profits and EDU clients that could use this now.

  33. Please make this available on E3 tenants. This feature would be widely used by our organisation and save me having to find yet another product.


  34. As an MVP I would expect to be able to access Bookings on my MSDN provided Office365 Developer licence. How do I enable this?

  35. I’m so disappointed here! I’ve been trying to set this up for weeks now, have spoken to several customers support and tech team members and have still made no progress in even accessing the bookings software. The poor team seem to be completely unaware that this new feature even exists and it seems that there is no communication between then team as with every person I speak to, I have to repeat the same processes to get to the same (non) conclusions.

    • Hi Kirsty – thanks for the comment and sorry for the frustration. We have just started to roll-out Bookings and as we noted in the blog post above it’ll be available for our First Release, Business Premium customers over the coming months. We described it this way to try to communicate that it might take a while for some of our customers to see Bookings but to let you all know it’s coming. Again, sorry for your disappointment but please know that we have started to roll-out Bookings and it is coming soon to you as long as you’re on Office 365 Business Premium – sooner if you’re in First Release, slightly later if not.

  36. Would be a great addition to G3 plans too – There are many places in Government where this would be extremely useful. Please consider adding this (when your done your initial roll out to Business) to your Government Plans too…

  37. Ditto on what other E3 users have said. This is great and the sooner you bring to the Enterprise subscriptions the better!

  38. Will there be an app for both Windows, iOS and Android? Will this app support both phone and tablet view?

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