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What Microsoft Stream means to Office 365

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Today, Microsoft announced the preview of Microsoft Stream, a new business video service that makes it easier to access and discover video content inside your organization. Microsoft Stream builds upon the learnings and success of Office 365 Video, and over time the two experiences will converge, making Stream the de facto video experience in Office 365.

We’ve seen tremendous success and adoption of Office 365 Video since launching it in Office 365 more than two years ago. With the introduction of Microsoft Stream, we can’t wait to provide new innovation that meets the evolving requirements of Office 365 customers, such as the ability to integrate video with business workflows.

During the preview of Microsoft Stream, there will be no changes to the Office 365 Video experience. We will share more details on future enhancements and user updates closer to general availability of the Microsoft Stream service.

To learn more about Microsoft Stream, read the full preview announcement on the Official Microsoft Blog.

    • #Like it. High on the list with our engineering backlog. 🙂 Thanks for the feedback, Mark.

      • +1 for this. There is a definite need to provide a business style tube site where businesses get their own public channel. Then combine that with skype meeting broadcast for live streaming. This would be a huge win.

  1. Dare I ask if this service uses the same datacenters as Office 365 Video? I ask because Office 365 Video is GCC-ready, might this service be as well?


    • Hi Steve,

      The commonality behind the two services is the primary backend – and that is Azure Media Services – GCC ready today for Office 365 Video. As Microsoft Stream nears general availability, Microsoft will provide more details about the service. For Office 365 Video, the design goal going forward is to not retract any of the existing value/features.


  2. Replaces Office 365 Video same bundles E1, E3, E5? Additional cost?

    • Hi Alex,

      Today, and during the Microsoft Stream preview, there is no change to Office 365 Video either in feature set or Office 365 plans. We are not sharing any new or future pricing or licensing details today. We will share more as Microsoft Stream nears general availability.


  3. How much storage space do we get for videos with Stream or the current video offering?

    • Hi Robert,

      For Microsoft Stream preview questions, please reach out to them via Twitter: @MicrosoftStream.

      Office 365 Video follows the SharePoint Online storage model of file upload size up to 10GB, with a maximum of a 1TB/channel size; you can have up to 500,000 channels and the overall pooled storage is calculated by how many Office 365 licenses you acquire: 1TB + (0.5GB x users). More here: — plus a helpful video to help visualize what happens to a video file when you u0pload it into Office 365 Video:


  4. 1) Can we prevent our users trying Stream, until we learn more about the future of it and 365 Video?
    2) Are there any licensing restrictions on viewing videos in Stream, as there are with 365 Video?

    • Hi Jon,

      I believe the preview only requires an email address to sign up, but is not related to Office 365 Video, and would not take away from the existing governance capabilities of Office 365 Video. And we are not yet ready to share specific license details, but if you try the service you’ll see you can mark videos as ‘public’ 🙂 for a new kind of anon scenario. More concrete information to come as we move from preview to general availability.


  5. Hi Mark,

    This is a fantastic announcement.

    I see below that you’re not ready to share any pricing or licensing details yet – do you have a timeline for when that might happen?

    Reason being, I’ve got a couple of clients with business problems that even the current Office 365 Video service would completely solve perfectly, and really add value to their Office365 investment. However these are only small businesses, hence on the Small Business Premium plan, not an E-series plan, so they don’t have access to Videos, not even at additional cost.

    I’d love to get them started using the preview, but I’m hesitant to do so in case at GA Stream is restricted to just the E-series plans like Videos.

    Any visibility you can provide would be much appreciated!


  6. What is the future of Office Video?
    What happens to existing Videos in Office Video?
    Will both exist in parallel?
    What big difference does it make from Office Video to Stream?

    • Hi Rashid,

      The convergence of Microsoft Stream and Office 365 Video simply means Office 365 Video will get new features and grow into being an important part of the overall Microsoft Stream portfolio. We’re not providing pricing or plan details as of now – that will come soon. Today and during preview, Office 365 customers can expect no change. If you are an Office 365 customer benefitting from all services in addition to Office 365 Video, you will continue to get the value of today, plus additional features and scenarios to come – without changing your video service within Office 365. Have a look at the Microsoft Stream post and consider the future announcements they asserted as the future of Microsoft Stream – which as noted is the converged future for Office 365 Video:

      Hipe that helps with what we can share today,

  7. Looking good!
    I really do hope there will be an option to download a movie instead of sharing / embedding.

    • For Office 365 Video, the design goal is to not lose features, and you can download videos today from within Office 365, in addition to being able to embed them throughout your intranet, in context of SharePoint sites, portals, wikis, etc.


  8. This looks great – will we be able to embed videos from Stream into PowerPoint?

    • Great question. The Office 365 Video team has had this on their backlog. And FYI, the Office 365 Video team is now a part of the larger Microsoft Stream team. Blend them in a blender and the future is bright. I’ll pass along your feedback.


  9. I hope that the new system Can cater for the following: -allows both external and cross tenant sharing
    -blacklist names for groups/categories
    -administration and auditing
    -archive option instead of delete
    -ability to move videos between categories
    – live steaming straight into category (think company wide news)

    Also i have had a poor experience with trialing the preview and have screenshots to document. I can’t find a feedback link anywhere to share it… Can i get an email or user voice link?

  10. Mark, for organizations with a larger Office 365 Video footprint and adoption – How are you recommending we reconcile the communication/governance while the two platforms are separate. We put a lot of work into building out Office 365 Video, and I would like to know how we quickly get to a single platform instead of splitting out the user experience.

    • Hi Brian, thanks for trying. At preview they are separate products but our goal is to make it a single product in the future. For now, please continue to use Office 365 Video and as soon as we are ready, we will be able to offer the new Stream capabilities without you and company losing out on functionality or having to worry about losing content you have in Office 365 Video. We just released a preview and are working through the details of how convergence/migration will work and will share more details as soon as we have them.

  11. This doesn’t work at all. I add a video and it fails. I try to create a channel it fails. None of the functionality actually works.

  12. Instead of building biuilding new services how about something obvious like the ability to arrange your videos into folders/ sub categories within your channel . I have channels videos 50+ that it is impossible tio manage. A school environment needs to be able to organize videos within a channels, this and external sharing is a higher priority than Stream.

  13. Will there be options to brand channels accordingly to reflect team, product, initiative?

  14. As an education customer, I would really love the ability to stream directly from a PC / Mac using products like Wirecast. Perhaps companies like TeleStream can build plugins that allow direct streams to Microsoft Stream.

    • Great idea. We’re always looking for ways to support new scenarios and enable partners.

  15. Is there an option that restricts users of my org from uploading videos? Or perhaps plans for some sort of approval process?

    • Yes. Today in Office 365 Video you can name people and groups that are allowed to upload videos on a per channel basis. And the team is reviewing various workflow scenarios, and this would come from the planned integration with Microsoft Flow.


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