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Announcing the public preview of the new Office 365 Network online community

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Today, we are pleased to announce the public preview of the new Office 365 Network. Over the last three years, the Office 365 Network has become a vibrant online community for IT pros, technical experts, product enthusiasts and Office 365 customers to come together and share best practices related to Office 365.

As more organizations embrace the cloud and move to Office 365, we want to make the wealth of valuable information in the Office 365 Network available to anyone who is looking for it. Currently, the Office 365 Network is hosted as an authenticated Yammer network, which requires registration and sign-in to participate in the community, and makes discussion content searchable and discoverable only by users who are registered and signed in to the network. In an effort to make the community content accessible to anyone, the new Office 365 Network will be hosted on an unauthenticated platform, meaning community posts will appear in internet search results and visitors won’t have to sign in to view content in the network.

The Office 365 Network will continue to be a community for valuable insights and great conversations, including engagement from Office 365 product teams seeking input and feedback on products, knowledge sharing among community members and involvement from product experts, who help make the Office 365 Network the place to be for passionate technology pros to connect every day.

The new experience provides the ability for community members to:

  • Personalize your home page so it displays community discussions and other content related to topics you select.
  • Earn badges based on your activity in the community, which will be displayed on your profile page along with a summary of your activity—including latest posts, likes given and received, people you follow and community notifications.
  • Search community content to uncover discussions, ideas and other information from across the Office 365 Network.
  • View conversations as threaded conversations and hold private conversations with others using your community inbox.

Community members will no longer be able to create a group at will, but can request a new group in the Community Ideas Exchange.

We encourage current Office 365 Network members to start participating in the new Office 365 Network right away by visiting The current Office 365 Network will permanently redirect to the new community starting September 1, 2016.

Some technical communities will continue to be hosted on Yammer, as it provides a secure, authenticated environment for NDA discussions. This includes the Office 365 MVP Network, an invitation-only network for Office Server & Services MVPs and Microsoft product teams—and a new external group for Yammer Community Managers, which will also be invitation only. To view content and participate in these communities, participants need to be invited, and sign-in is required.

We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Use the Community Ideas Exchange to let us know what you’d like to see! For discussions about this announcement and the Office 365 Network in general, visit the Community Discussion Board.

—Anna Chu, senior product marketing manager for the Office Marketing team

  1. You say, that “The current Office 365 Network will permanently redirect to the new community starting September 1, 2016.” So it means, that all content already here will be lost in short language? I hope not. We already start a bunch a discussions with a really helpfull information stored here. We see in past migration from Office 365 Community to Microsoft Answers Community. All history of solved problems with their information are lost now. Even Google in search results still indexing old texts, but site redirect to new site homepage, not the information which user looking for. Same as TechNet and old help for Office 365. Just moving, moving and moving from one platform to other…

    • Hi Petr, the existing Office 365 Network will shut down on September 1. That means it will remain open until then. Starting today, you can decide what content should move to the Office 365 Network Public Preview and determine where it will be located. We do not have the same structure in the new Office 365 Network as the previous version. There were over a thousand groups, not all of them highly utilized. The other thing to keep in mind that content shared over a year ago may not be relevant or useful solutions anymore. With the fast moving pace of Office 365, users want the latest and most accurate solutions to help them run their organization. We cannot make the previous Yammer Network read-only, that is an option we have explored. Let’s continue the discussion in the Community Discussion group of the Office 365 Network:

      • I agree with Petr! I am not happy at all to see our fantastic archive of discussions (yes, even ones over a year old) in the Yammer Office 365 network disappear! That will be a huge loss of information. And I honestly like the format (for the most part, would like easier ability to find specific past content) of our Yammer-based groups and threads..

        • We recognize there is a lot of value that exists in the previous network but because the Office 365 Network now allows for unauthenticated access, we need to respect the privacy of existing members of the previous network who would prefer search engines not pick up their previous posts when trawling for results.

  2. When the current Office 365 network on Yammer was limited access, I could understand it..

    But now that you are making the whole thing public, why create an whole new data silo? Why not just add these subjects to the existing ANSWERS forum?
    How is this thing different enough from answers to require making it a separate silo.

    At the very least you should add cross links between the 2 sites.

    since this seems to be at least partially a bug reporting forum, the new one should also at the very least include a description of the “UserVoice” sites, and maybe even a complete collection links to all of the uservoice subsites (since there does not appear be an “official” one anywhere else!


    • Hi Ron, you bring up Answers and UserVoice, two forums that meet specific needs:
      – is a support forum. We clearly state in our Office 365 Network Guidelines ( the Office 365 Network is not a place to post support questions. The Office 365 Network is for product discussions within a community of customers, MVPs and Microsoft Product Managers but for focused support please use Answers, or open a support ticket in your Office 365 Admin Console.
      – We are working on integrating UserVoice forums into the new Office 365 Network. Our aim is that you don’t have to leave the community to post a new request, comment or upvote on an existing request. We are in Public Preview now and are working actively to make this happen during this time.

    • The Office 365 Network is built on responsive design, meaning you will be able to access the site on any mobile device. There isn’t a mobile app currently but that is not to say there won’t be one in the future.

  3. Great! Microsoft is all the way to Innovation.

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