Microsoft Planner hands-on demonstration

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Earlier this month, we launched Microsoft Planner, which offers you a simple and visual way to organize teamwork. There are different ways we all get work done and until recently Microsoft has had solutions on two ends of the spectrum. Tools like Wunderlist or Outlook help manage your personal task lists, while Project or Project Online can be used to manage projects that require scheduling, prioritization, resource management, timesheets and integration with Line of Business systems. The middle ground is where Planner fits in, and it’s designed for structured team collaboration. For example, you can use Planner to manage events, office moves, user training or other team projects.

Today, we take a deeper look at Microsoft Planner—a new experience in Office 365 to organize work, manage and assign tasks and collaborate within your teams. Sajan Parihar and I go hands-on and show you how to use Planner—including integrated experiences across Office 365.

In the show, we demonstrate where to find Planner, how to get started with creating plans, assigning tasks and the things you can do while working through a plan. We walk through the integrated experiences with Office 365 Groups, board and chart views to visualize tasks and monitor progress—and finally what the team is building in the coming months.

To learn more and see this in action, watch the video and keep giving us your feedback at our UserVoice site.

See you soon,

Jeremy Chapman

  1. Can you give me an idea of when Planner will be rolled out to me? I am on a Office365 small business premium plan in Australia.
    Planner looks to be exactly what we need for our business.

    • Same question here. I’m on office 365 NonProfit E1 but no sign yet. looks good though…….

      • try going to

        We have O365 at work (Enterprise E3 license), but it wasn’t listed when clicking the 9-tile button in the top left of my O365 homepage. Going to the above website allowed me to login, however.

  2. If this could be integrated with GitHub, that would be awesome.

  3. Any word on the ability to do templates? Or copy and paste tasks? This would be a great tool for us to use to process some semi-structured ad-hoc events like “closing out a contract” or “onboarding new client” where there are certain core tasks that always have to be done but the entire process is somewhat flexible and agile.

    Is there not anyway to have an “onboard client” template or copy and paste so we don’t have to hand type out the same 25 tasks each time?

  4. Loving Planner so far, perfect for ad-hoc teams and day-to-day tasks, Visual Studio Team Services Lite, just what I was looking for when running agile non-code development projects.

  5. Seems not ready on our O365 enterprise domain (

    We’re not ready for you yet.
    We’re still setting things up. Please try again later.
    Date and Time: 7/5/2016 8:44:19 PM
    Planner Version: 16.0.7117.5003

    Are you sure this is live ?

  6. When is this ACTUALLY going to show up in my apps. Its been “rolling out” for weeks and I have nothing!!?!?

  7. I hope Microsoft thinks to allow some of the O365 home users plans to have this also. I could easily see families using this for vacations or local school type events and such. Roll it into the cost or as an add-on with a yearly fee. same with Visio.

    thanks though it looks great

  8. We are an Office 365 Business Premium customer. When will this be available? Still getting the “We’re not ready for you yet.” when we go to and log in.

  9. Any idea if we can auto create tasks when opening a new project? I would like to either do this via a a template or could be via code.

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