The Deferred Channel June updates for the Office 365 client now available

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The June Office 365 client update (version 1602) includes a number of new features and capabilities for those receiving updates from the Deferred Channel. As you might recall from a previous post, the Deferred Channel allows organizations to choose an update schedule that reduces the frequency of feature changes for the Windows desktop apps, enabling IT admins and developers to have more time between releases to validate Office against their line-of-business applications, add-ins and macros. New features are available in the Deferred Channel three times per year, on “Patch Tuesday,” in February, June and October.

For information on the updates available in this month’s Deferred Channel, visit the Office 365 client release notes. In addition, the existing Office 365 ProPlus version (1509) within the Deferred Channel will continue to be serviced for an additional four months. For information on how to download and install these builds, visit our Office 365 ProPlus TechNet site.

Improved versioning for the Deferred Channel

We’re improving our updates naming to help distinguish multiple Office updates. To help distinguish between major updates and their subsequent builds, we are implementing a versioning scheme that will help simplify how we refer to all Office updates.

Each Office update will be represented by a year and month. For example, version 1605 corresponds to the May 2016 update. To distinguish builds within each version we will add a build number, for example: version 1605 (Build 6758.1000). This versioning scheme is similar to what you see with Windows 10 and the System Center Configuration Manager and should provide an easier way to distinguish the different builds.

Get ready for the October Deferred Channel release

We will make version 1605 available in the October 2016 Deferred Channel update. You can also obtain this release though the First Release for Deferred Channel. We encourage you to download and start validating this build against your environment and line-of-business add-ins, applications and macros.

We encourage you to download and install the latest Office 365 client update (version 1602) from the Deferred Channel and start validating the next First Release for Deferred Channel update (version 1605) in the coming weeks.

—Amesh Mansukhani, senior program manager for the Office Engineering team

  1. There’s a lot discussion regarding the new OneDrive for Business Client. Is it still the OLD Client supplied in the Office installation and then it will upgrade itself after a while? Or when will the Office installation actually include the new OneDrive for Business Client? Can you please clarify how it works since OneDrive for Business Client seems to have an update Schedule on it’s own?

  2. Thanks for this post to share here. And in present I’re used this new updated version of office.

    HR Admin at SLA Consultants India

  3. It would be nice if Microsoft would provide a RSS field or other way to fetch JSON/XML type data to alert IT Administrators when new Office updates are available. I had this working on the old web page (Version and build numbers of update channel releases for Office 365 clients), but when you guys updated it the table parsing portion broke 🙁

  4. Unfortunately, the current version of PowerPoint still show the problematic video playback behaviour which is detailed in support request 115081313038020. It was accepted as a bug already in October 2015. For lack of a premium support ticket it was only reported for further investigation.
    I would be very glad to help to solve this issue which is preventing us from further deploying Office 2016.

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