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Try the OneDrive app for Windows 10 on your PC to access all your files

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Today’s post was written by Reuben Krippner, director of product management for the OneDrive team.

We’re continually working on making the OneDrive experience on Windows 10 even better. Today, we’re releasing an update that brings the OneDrive app to your Windows 10 PC and the Surface Hub─a top requested feature on our UserVoice forum.

The new OneDrive sync client already comes pre-installed on Windows 10 PCs, allowing users to easily access their synced files through File Explorer. But this new app is a great touch-friendly complement to sync that lets you open, edit and share any of your personal or work files without having to sync them to your device.

Try the OneDrive app for Windows 10 1

Additional features previously only available in the browser experience are also available, such as restoring files from the Recycle Bin, easily dragging and dropping files to the app to upload them, quickly accessing recent documents─which will open directly in the Office applications on your computer─finding files shared with you by others and more.

This update delivers OneDrive experiences to even more devices, and we will bring other capabilities to this platform over time. As we announced last week, this app will also provide an easy and lightweight way to access your company’s SharePoint libraries, and we look forward to sharing additional details on what else we’re working on very soon.

In the meantime, make sure Windows 10 is up-to-date and head on over to the Store to download the app. As always, give us your feedback on UserVoice.

—Reuben Krippner

  1. Editing files doesn’t seem to work. When you open a file and try to edit, you can’t resave. If you download, edit and re-upload, it creates a new copy leaving the original and the edited copy

  2. The only thing I really care about is the return of placeholder files. Do not need this app.

    • Same here. Especially since I read the app re-downloads files that have already been downloaded (or sync’ed) over and over again.

  3. Reuben,

    This is an excellent addition to the OneDrive ecosystem. I greatly look forward to the SharePoint integration coming later this year.

    • Thanks for the feedback – more to come in this app later this year – stay tuned!

  4. Am I missing something, head over to the store, which says my device is not supported. Windows 10 Pro Surface Pro 3??

    • Sorry the install hasn’t worked for you Andy. I would suggest running Windows update first then try the install – if this fails then please contact our support team. Hope this works for you! Thanks again!

  5. There should be a group policy setting, to disable this functionality. Now the only way to disable this setting is to disable OneDrive entirely. I see it as security issue.

  6. Sorry guys but… we need a real integration in Windows Explorer with placeholder ! Please re-add this functionality 🙁

  7. each time it loads it reports the following files are not suitable for this OS – Windows 10 or they are a bad image:-

    I have been exchanging emails with tech support for the last month & we are getting nowhere.

    I have added exclusion to my internet security program for the above file & onedrive.exe
    I still have the problem.
    Using a program remove prog to delete it again, was trying to fin the files to re-install

    not impressed, also MS edge keeps playing up & the only way to get it to work again is to do another upgrade install.

  8. What are the differences between Onedrive and Onedrive for Business? There is very little information about Onedrive (I have Office 365 Home Edition. it seems all focus is going to Onedrive for Business. Also keen to learn the feature roadmap for Onedrive.
    Is there a good user manual for Onedrive (e.g. I have a very small amount of storage on my computer and would like to run the local Onedrive on an external hard drive)

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