New tool for helping resolve Office 365 issues

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Office 365 is an extremely reliable service, with service availability that typically exceeds 99.9 percent. So if an occasional issue occurs with, for example, getting your email, you may not know where the difficulty lies. Is it your network connection? Has your colleague inadvertently removed your access to that shared mailbox? In these situations, wouldn’t it be nice if you had an automated assistant to help you troubleshoot—and resolve—the problem? Now, there is!

The Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 is an easy-to-use app that asks you some simple questions, tests for some of the most common Office 365 support issues and attempts to implement resolutions on your behalf. While the current version is focused on some the more common scenarios people encounter with Outlook, the Support and Recovery Assistant will gain new troubleshooting and resolution capabilities in the future. The Support and Recovery Assistant is built to automatically update itself as these new capabilities become available.

Getting the Support and Recovery Assistant

You can install the Support and Recovery Assistant by visiting Note that you’ll need to have administrator rights to install software on your computer.

Helping to grow and improve the Support and Recovery Assistant

As the last step in using this tool, you are asked to let us know if the Support and Recovery Assistant was able to resolve the problem, assign a rating to your experience and provide any feedback for how the tool could be improved. We carefully review these submissions and use this information to help prioritize new ways that the Support and Recovery Assistant can help find and fix issues.

For more information about the tool, please visit Fix Outlook account problems in Office 365 and watch the video and see some sample images from the app.

We encourage you to install the Support and Recovery Assistant, so that if you do run into an issue, your automated assistant is ready to help!

  1. I love the tool!

    I’ve been attempting to get it to work since beta but for Outlook issues in particular I can never get the tool to go past the “We’re checking if protocol status is enabled for your Office 365 user.” stage.

    If I can get that part working I would love to deploy this to our organization.

    • Hello Micah,

      I’m glad you like the tool! I’m one of the Engineering Managers for the Support and Recovery Assistant and would love to make sure it is working for you. Feel free to contact me ( and we’ll figure out why it is not working.


    • Yes Raoul, at this point we only support Windows, although the Windows application does have a scenario for troubleshooting Mac issues, as well as mobile issues. What OS’s were you interested in?

    • Hey Robert, great question! We are the same team that owns (RCA), so we are the right folks to answer that. There are a few differences:

      1. While RCA has only connectivity tests the Support Assistant has a much richer set of tests, which include local machine state tests, local networking tests, O365 service configuration checks and much more
      2. RCA is only designed to check for connectivity problems, whereas the Support Assistant covers a range of different issues, from install and activation of office, to mobile issues, to sharing mailboxes and calendar, to (of course) connectivity
      3. The new tool is designed to present you not only with the error, but with actionable content that can be used to solve the problem
      4. This tool is also capable of performing powerful local repairs, such as recreating a corrupted profile, to get you up-and-running automatically


  2. I just tested this tool and get an error that message says that the is not supported.
    Any idea on when you will add support for this domain.

  3. Is there any plans on adding support for personal Microsoft account? I can see that at the moment only work or school accounts are supported.

    • Jimmy, 3f6bc72bae5093cb,

      We have considered adding support to personal Microsoft accounts, but at this point we are laser-focused on Office365 and making sure users have the best experience in that environment.

      • It seems strange that the link in Office 365 takes you to the download page only and doesn’t show the article described above which obviously informed that only school and business and not for personal accounts – should it be there until after you have rolled it out?

  4. We would love to be able to deploy this to our users, any chance of an MSI installer?

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