New editor coming to Outlook 2016 for Mac

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Welcome to the new editor in Outlook 2016 for Mac. Enhanced formatting support has been one of the most frequently requested improvements in Outlook 2016 for Mac. Today, we are laying the foundation with the new editor and will continue to build on this work in future updates, including support for Tables.

Let’s take a look at some of the key improvements.

Resize and format pictures

When you insert a picture in an email message, you’ll notice the new resize and rotation handles. You can use these to resize or rotate the image on the canvas. You can also pull up the context menu and select the Size and Position… option to manually set the size in the dialog, as shown below. Double-click an image in the editor to open up the full task pane with image editing controls.

New editor coming to Outlook 2016 for Mac 1b

New editor coming to Outlook 2016 for Mac 2b

Rich formatting support

With the new editor in Outlook 2016 for Mac, you now have access to a richer set of fonts, font colors and bullet and numbered lists—plus enhanced font editing and hyperlink dialogs. These are available on the ribbon by using the familiar controls in the Message tab or using the menus for Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Signatures.

New editor coming to Outlook 2016 for Mac 3b

These features will roll out in mid-May. You can also sign up for Office Insiders program to get early access to new Office innovations. Please read “Format email messages in Outlook 2016 for Mac” to learn more on how to use these features.

What’s next?

We will continue to refine the new editor in upcoming releases. This includes adding support for Tables. If you have additional requests for specific functionality, please suggest or vote at our UserVoice forum.

—The Outlook team


  1. I hope the team didn’t switch to using Word as the rendering engine because that would be a complete disaster. Outlook on Windows has been unable to display any kind of basic HTML emails since 2007 and I would not be happy if this “feature” ends up on other platforms as well.

    Look at this gallery to see how the same email gets rendered in Outlook 2003, Outlook 2016 and Windows (phone) 8 mail:

    • Hi Steve,

      We retained our existing engine for rendering emails. This change is for our editor used in Mail, Calendar etc.

      Program Manager | Outlook for Mac

  2. since yesterdays update, my outlook became incredibly slow when writing/answering emails, characters are appearing on the screen much slower as I type them – is there a way to turn off the new editor? is it the new editor?

  3. I’m really, really, really hating the autoformat stuff.

    1) “Replace… Internet and network paths with hyperlinks” keeps turning itself back on.

    2) There is no checkbox for replacing ordinals with superscript, which is a terrible feature anyway (are there any style guides that recommend this in English? Not any of the ones I know), and it’s horrible that I can’t turn it off.


  4. Inline answers in quoted HTML messages is not possible anymore.
    The inserted test will also be quoted.
    I expect that the quotation and indentation will be not continued, it a new line will be inserted, like it was before.


  5. Outlook for Mac is a pointless disaster because it doesn’t even support calendars and contacts. Lots of smaller developers do so quite nicely. I pay for Office 365 and can’t get my calendar to work on Microsoft’s own software? How ridiculous.

  6. I have 15.22 installed but I don’t see any of these editor enhancements.

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