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First step to the all new Skype for Business for Mac

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We are excited to announce the start of the Skype for Business Mac Public Preview. Commercial customers can request an invite to test the Mac client at We’ll start by issuing invites to IT administrators to download the client and gradually expand the preview to everyone in the coming weeks.

The preview will release in three cumulative stages leading to public availability, planned for the third quarter of 2016. Today’s initial release lets you see and join your meetings. Let’s take a look at the functionality rolling out today and what’s coming in the future.

Preview phase one—Once you sign in, you’ll see your meetings for today and tomorrow, based on your Outlook calendar, displayed in the Skype for Business client.

Skype for Business Mac Preview 1

View your meetings schedule.

Join any meeting with just one click and enjoy full screen video, content viewing, in-meeting chat and the ability to invite others to the meeting.

View your video meeting in full screen.

Preview phase two—We’ll be adding instant messaging, presence and contacts in the next preview release coming in early summer. You can continue to use Lync for Mac 2011 side-by-side with Skype for Mac Preview, giving you continued access to messaging and voice features.

Preview phase three—We will add telephony and related features later in the summer.

What to expect at the Skype for Business Preview site

To get started, IT administrators can sign up their organization by visiting the Skype for Business Preview site. Each day, we will issue invitations to IT administrators, with the goal of extending invitations to everyone in the coming weeks. Once an IT administrator downloads the preview client, they can manage its distribution to end users within their organization.

To learn more and see the new experiences in action, watch this demonstration of the Skype for Business Mac Public Preview.

Tell us what you think!

Your feedback will help ensure we deliver the best client experience in the final product. You can submit your feedback directly in the client by clicking Report an Issue or via Skype for Business Mac Preview feedback.

Visit to sign up or to check your status.

—Kaushal Mehta

  1. Hello,
    I have already signed up for the MAC preview. What would be probably date by which I can download and test it out.
    Warm Regards,

    • Did you mark your self as an It Pro when you signed up? We are currently onboarding a set every day from the preview pool.

      • Problem is that if you signup first as an individual you cannot change that to sign-up your business after that your un-signup your self. You would need to have 2 different live IDs and would not like to create one just for that.

    • Just wanted to let those who still might be reading here that as 5/10, we will have on-boarded nearly all requesters! Going forward we will do on-boarding once a week. For those of you who have installed the preview, expect that to auto upgrade as we go forward. thanks everyone!

      • Hi, I requested access for my company about a month ago. Are you no longer on-boarding requesters?

  2. Is this going to be ADAL compatible?

  3. OK.. is it just me, or does this look like they’ve not even got a ‘whole’ product here? It’s been 5 years.. umm.. wow. They are adding on BASIC (IM, contact, etc) features still?! just.. wow..

    • You’re correct, the whole product is not ready yet. Our feature backlog upto GA is locked though so the sooner we get your bugs and feedback the quicker we can get to releasing the client to the world.

  4. Can’t wait to get it and my colleagues feel the same. Please let us participate and grant us access to the install bits 🙂

    • Thank you, Sascha! You cannot believe how excited we are here at Microsoft. The team has been working around the clock to get this ready for everyone. When you get access, do come back and let us know what you think?

  5. I just love how bad y’alls were at really basic IM clients that you have to now replace it with Skype, and don’t even have IM functionality ready in phase 1. You know, IM clients have existed for over 2 decades now (20 friggin years!) I hope this one is more functional than Lync ever was… Please ensure it’s basic functionality and integration with the PC client this time around!

    • This was an intentional move since we are building the client from ground-up. If we had IM&P to start with then our business users who rely on meetings and PSTN calling wouldn’t be fully productive. Providing our Mac business users with meetings functionality in this build to start with and allowing them to use Lync for Mac 2011 14.3.3+ side-by-side for IM&P, PSTN calling keeps them 100% productive. We are already working on IM&P and hope to have that as mentioned in the post above. Also, hoping our users are seeing improvement with 14.3.3 Lync for Mac client.

  6. It’s mentioned that “Each day, we will issue invitations to IT administrators”. Does the IT administrator need to check the site each day or will they receive an email?

    • signed up earlier in the week, I can’t wait to try it – I’m the Mac Global Custodian so our users are anxious to try as my #1 complain is connecting into meetings and dropping out of meetings. Lync 2011 is very intermittent however, we’ve found Chrome with the SkypePlug in to be reliable so far, just a bit more finicky having our end users having to configure before. The side-by-side will be nice as my users use Lync for IM ..

      • Thanks, AM – we are adding people everyday. People should get an email. You can also visit the portal and see if you now have access. We always run into customers who have aggressive spam blockers that block our emails.

  7. When will this preview be available for Educational customers?

    • The preview is available to all IT Professionals. Have your IT Professional sign-up.

    • UPDATE: Looks like a chrome-specific problem. May affect other browsers as well but I should have tried Safari first, as it went though ok…

  8. I am our Company Admin and just signed up last night. How long before I can download to test?

    • Don’t hold your breath…
      Our organization requested access to the private beta at thew end of December and never heard back. We also requested to get in on this preview April 26, 2016 at 1:30PM, filled out quite a bit of info on Lync/Skype usage, and the site still says “Thanks for signing up. Request is pending”

      • I’ve been using Lync for Mac 2011 for as long as I can remember so i’m certainly not expecting access anytime soon!

      • I know that onboarding in a rolling approach can be frustrating. 2 factors impacts this: (1) quality, and (2) demand. If we onboard too fast, the sfb mac team cannot keep up with the flow from you, the end users. every comment, bug report, etc. must be triage d and responded to. All I can for ask for here is your patience on this. As of this morning, we had on-boarded about 40% of the candidates.

    • Thanks, Tyler. We are onboarding admins and end users everyday. I cannot predict exactly when any company comes through but I am more confident that most people will be on-boarded in the next few business days. How many users do you anticipate internally trying this, if any?

      • Thanks Paul! We have 10+ users of which about half use a Mac w/ VMWare Fusion.

        • FYI – anyone who requested access before 5/9 should now have an invite to download. IF you did not get the email, a spam or junk filter may be blocking it. You can always go back to and download. If someone has requested on or after 5/9 – expect onboarding to happen once a week.

  9. How long have most users been waiting to get out of the “pending” status once an account has been created and survey completed?

    • Currently we have on boarded 40% of total users so far – hoping we will touch most users before the end of next week.

  10. Will you be looking to roll out persistent chat rooms to the new mac client?

    • PChat is currently in maintenance mode (sustain). We continue to look at that feature set and as soon as we have a public ready roadmap message, we will be sure to share.

      • What does this mean? Is it even a planned feature that will make it to the client once the official S4B app comes out? Wait a year after release to “maybe” get that feature that has been around for ~4 years now?

        My Mac users have been the neglected step children of Microsoft and they are demanding better as they should.

    • Thanks for letting us know. The web team was not able to recreate it and ask me to ask you: (1) are you still seeing the problem? (2) your OS & Browser (for browser version as well).

  11. Any update on how long it will be before I can download the dmg? It’s been 4 days since I signed up.

    • Sorry for the wait although if you signed up 4 days ago as an end user, we should be getting close to onboarding you. Everyday at 8 AM PT there is a quality meeting where we decide how many will get added that day. Today we bumped into a login issue for some customers so we are going to pause adding for 24 hours to allow for additional triage time for the team. As soon as we can, we will resume onboarding.

      • I have the company admin role so am I considered an end user rather than it pro?

  12. When will individuals get the chance to preview SfB? We use it on other platforms in our organization but there are a few Mac users that want to participate.

    • As we mentioned in the blog – we are grouping users into 2 groups: IT Pros and End Users. We actually have already started adding end users to the preview. We are at roughly 40% of end users added. I am hoping before the end of next week – most end users will be on boarded.

      • All requesters before 5/9 should be on boarded now. If you did not get the email, spam or junk filters may be interfering. Go directly to, login, and see if you have access to the client. If you sighed on 5/9 or later, we are now onboarding once a week. Those who did install the preview client should expect updates to occur automatically.

  13. Hi

    I have downloaded the app, and i have been using my Microsoft liveID to login to the preview site when downloading.

    However my work email are the email that I want to use, but the login in the app fails. If I use Lync for mac it works fine.

    Any ideas, please?


  14. Hi I signed up for the preview but do not know when I can download or get further information

    • We are now onboarding once a week – please stand by.

  15. Hello,

    I have already signed up for the MAC preview. I cannot make myself an IT Pro in my profile but I have been using Lync 2011 a few years now on my MAC. I would love to get a hand of the preview sooner than later as I have been involved in many betas in the past.

    • We are now onboarding once a week – please stand by.

  16. Any idea when this will be available for wider use? All of colleagues on PC use Skype for Business for every day communication. I am one of the few employees using Mac and I’m out of the loop because Microsoft can’t put together a full product offering for Mac. Please get us the same offerings as PC users!

    • We are now onboarding once a week so please stand by. Keep in mind that preview 1 is meetings only at this stage. We can expect IM/P to come in preview stage 2 in early summer. Stage 3 will be telephony features. GA will come toward the end of Q3-CY16,

  17. installed today – struggled a little getting the internal & external addresses sorted but with a little head scratching using auto discover connecting from an external wifi source instead of connecting on the domain itself worked a charm

    so far so good

  18. So, I requested a preview invite, received an email today “welcoming me to the validation” (YAY! Finally, no more Lync!)— and when I login to, it says “Nomination Processing” and I can’t follow the emailed steps to download Skype for Mac. It’s hard to go to the “My Activities” tab when it’s not there. :/ Can anyone help?

  19. Hi,
    I just got an email sent to my work mail welcoming me to the validation.
    When I follow the steps and login to I don’t see the “My Activites” tab so therefore I’m not able to download the client. My Microsoft account email is not the same as my work mail, is that the reason? I signed up for this using my Microsoft account but it asked me for the work mail in the signup process.
    On the page it says: “Nomination Processing”

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