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Office 365 news roundup

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Knowledge is power.” So said English philosopher and scientist Francis Bacon. Recently, Microsoft took several key steps to give admins more knowledge about Office 365 and more power to manage those services in support of users.

First, we announced the new Office 365 admin center, which makes it faster, easier and more efficient to manage Office 365. Second, in conjunction with that announcement, we started rolling out the new reporting portal in the Office 365 admin center, which provides admins with valuable insights about how people are using the Office 365 services and delivers details down to the individual user level. In addition, admins can now manage Office 365 client updates—including those for Office 365 ProPlus, Visio Pro for Office 365 and Project Pro for Office 365—directly through the System Center Configuration Manager’s built-in software updates workflow engine.

After launching Skype for Business Cloud PBX, Meeting Broadcast and PSTN services three months ago to provide a complete meeting and voice experience in Office 365, we recently expanded those services into many new countries. We also announced new support for hybrid deployments, new modern meeting room solutions and improvements to our unified reporting, management and analytics.

It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to continuous innovation and improvement of Office 365—and giving you the power to increase the productivity and performance of your business.

Below is a roundup of some key news items from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Office 365 admin center offers up new reporting portal—Learn how Microsoft is making it easier for Office 365 admins to support users.

Now you can use Linux just like Microsoft does—Find out how Microsoft is embracing the open-source software Linux.

Microsoft teams with Rhode Island to bring computer science to every high school in the state—Discover how Microsoft and Rhode Island are joining forces to take the first step to put computer science in the same league as math and science in high schools nationwide.

Wolters Kluwer promotes global collaboration using Office 365—Learn how Office 365 is helping 19,000 employees in 170 countries connect, collaborate and share knowledge at this global company.

Delve Analytics lets Office 365 users track (and maybe change) bad email habits—Find out how Delve Analytics can help Office 365 users work smarter.

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  2. For admin center dashboard, I would recommend a spot to check the health and status of ” internet connectivity”.
    This will lessen the time required to troubleshoot such issues.
    If there is enough info about CNAME and DNS etc on the back-end of the admin panel, then with proper connectivity info about ISP, Microsoft can further analyze the scope of bandwidth utilized by customers and other metrics such as which application is optimized and also to stream the connection worldwide by looking at bottlenecks ( impact of net connectivity for pics, graphs, text and various sources like database etc).
    Also, this will help to understand the connectivity info from data centers to customers and ability to jump from one DC to another.

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