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Editor’s note 8/24/2016:
Please see Fixes or workarounds for recent issues in OneNote for Mac to help troubleshoot any issues installing or using the OneNote Importer for Mac.

OneNote has become one of the most popular note-taking apps as a result of hard work we’ve done to deliver a superior experience across all platforms, including Mac (4+ rating in Mac App Store), Android (4.0 rating), Windows (4.3 rating) and iOS (4.5 rating). We even hear from Evernote fans who acknowledge OneNote’s appeal but are hesitant to make the switch due to the fact that all their ideas and information reside in Evernote.

Today, we are removing this barrier and are thrilled to announce a tool that will help you import your Evernote notes into OneNote. The OneNote Importer tool (for Windows initially) migrates all of your Evernote content into OneNote, giving you the opportunity to switch to OneNote and have all your notes in one place, on all your devices. We will deliver the Importer tool for Mac in the coming months.

Download the OneNote Importer tool.

OneNote and Evernote are similar in many ways, but we think you’ll appreciate the advantages OneNote has to offer, including a free-form canvas where you can mix text, images, documents, handwriting, audio, video and more; free offline access; and unlimited monthly uploads.

While OneNote is free on all devices, it comes with Office and works seamlessly with Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint to help you stay organized, collaborate and get things done. Evernote Premium ($49.99/year) is more than 70 percent of the cost of Office 365 Personal ($69.99/year), which includes all the apps you know and love, plus 1 TB of storage.

How to migrate your notes from Evernote

To get started migrating your Evernote notes to OneNote, you will need:

  • A PC with Windows 7 or later. Once your Evernote notes are imported, they’ll sync across all your devices—Mac, iOS and Android included.
  • To speed up the migration process, it is recommended you have Evernote for Windows installed. Sign in to Evernote for Windows with your Evernote account and make sure your latest notes are synced before importing.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to use the Importer tool:

Visit our support page for more information and step-by-step instructions—and don’t forget that you can send us feedback and ask questions at the OneNote UserVoice or tweet us at @msonenote.

—Vijay Sharma, senior product manager for the OneNote team

  1. Is there a browser plugin for OneNote that works as well as Evernote’s? Their plugin is the main reason I prefer Evernote over OneNote.

    • Yes, there’s a clipper. No, it’s not as good as Evernote. The biggest problem is that, while it gives you 3 ways to clip (full page, selected region, or article) only ARTICLE provides an editable note. The other two methods are screen shots.

      That’s OK for some pages, and maybe even ALL of them if the article clipper is always 100% accurate. But we know it cannot be.

      The Evernote clipper provides better clipping options that result in editable text, as well as two (bookmark and screenshot) that do not.

      • That, and the OneNote clipper continually fails to clip to my Office 365 business account. about 75% of the time, it just hangs at trying to show me the notebook/section structure. I wind up clipping it to Evernote then emailing it to OneNote,

        I do that because Evernote is my personal repository and OneNote my business, but I need Evernote for really good and reliable clipping. It just works. 100% of the time.

  2. The importer is awful. I use lots of nested notebooks, and it basically just turned my nice neat Evernote notebook into a couple of dozen horrible, disorganized OneNote notebooks, most of which don’t even contain all their notes. In fact, some of them contain only the first note, and none of the others that were in that notebook, despite only having 2 import failures.

    I’ve tried to move from Evernote to OneNote 4 or 5 times in the last 2 years. Not because I dislike Evernote, but I do dislike their text editor. A lot. And OneNote is superior there.

    My problem is that for the things Evernote is really good at, OneNote is awful for, and to some extent vice-versa.

    If you want all your notebooks in one place, with super fast search, organized by tags, nested notebooks and a superior web clipper, Evernote cannot currently be beat. Evernote is amazing if your notes don’t need to be fancy. It favors speed over presentation; if you want your notes to look beautiful, you’re in for a lot of frustrating work.

    OTOH, if you want to deal with notebooks like physical objects with pages, tabs, etc. in order to organize information in a very hierarchical way, putting different major subjects into different notebooks and a strong rich text editor, OneNote is terrific.

    For me personally, Evernote gets most of my business. It’s just easier to get stuff into and to organize it. I do use OneNote when I need definiite structure, but I can’t imagine having all my notes in multiple notebooks – they take far too long to load, even on a fast connection.

    I’d love to a tool that excels at both things. I just don’t see how either EN or ON can do that in their current incarnations.

  3. OneNote still lacks several critical things before I’d consider this:
    1) It cannot search through PDF files inserted as attachments. Evernote OCRs all PDFs so they are searchable in the index.
    2) Evernote can merge notes. I can do this with OneNote with a $30 addon, but that isn’t ideal.
    3) Evernote can actually annotate images and PDF files. OneNote can put stuff ON an image, but those arrows shift around as the note grows, and if you email the note, there is no telling where those arrows go. And there is no way to put text on an image. OneNote lacks any ability to annotate PDF files.
    4) OneNote has no tagging capability at all. You can add “tags” but you cannot search based on tags, which means they aren’t tags, but just things that are not labeled correctly.

    That said, I like the OneNote UI much more than Evernote, but the functionality just isn’t there.

    • This is the reason why I cannot migrate yet. I’d like OneNote to have tags support and search by tags support.

    • I agree 100% , I expected these features in OneNote 2016, instead is almost equal to 2013… I cannot wait for the next version, it will take years to come out.

    • In Evernote I can edit attachments that are stored in notes. In OneNote the attachments are read only, so I have to save the file edit it then re-attach the file. This is the one limitation that holds be back from switching.

    • We will make the Mac version available in few months.

  4. 我都只用Chrome版本的Evernote,一定要從桌面板的Evernote才能轉移過去嗎?

  5. Hi. Great addition. I just imported 81 notes from an ENEX file. Process was pretty smooth, however an MP3 file and a video file show imported but did not have click-able content. Can you help with this? I also recently tried the Centrallo Evernote importer ( which did import and play the MP3 and video. Perhaps it needs time to upload? Thank you for helping.

    • Thank you for the feedback. The Importer is a Preview edition and currently cannot handle 1 single note containing large media files. We will continue to look into ways to automatically import larger notes. For now, the workaround is to manually copy over those specific notes. The rest of the notes, will get imported automatically though.

  6. Onenote work very well for me without having download it from the Internet i am able to upload my files and photos and sharing them with friends and relatives and family.

    • Thanks Patrick. We are glad that you like OneNote.

  7. For some reason I’m not able to add in my comments. Please see my posts under the Engadget article (in comments). Will continue posting parts here.

    • Unfortunately the importer is missing a key point: It converts Evernote notebooks to OneNote notebooks. But I think a critical issue is that Evernote Notebooks should optionally be considered to be analogous to OneNote Notebook sections.

    • Evernote Notebook Stack = OneNote Notebook
      Evernote Notebook = OneNote Section
      Evernote Page = OneNote Page

      Import Tool doesn’t work. In Evernote I have ~1,300 notes, in ~170 notebooks, in 6 notebook stacks. The results of the import are totally useless, as it seems to get stuck on notebook stacks. Removing all the notebooks from stacks (and then having to rename them so that they are still grouped together) didn’t help — as in that case I end up with 170 notebooks that can’t be grouped together (I would want those notebooks to become sections of 6 main notebooks).

      I’m a big fan of MS, and hope your team can address such a basic need in helping Evernote users try out (or move over to) OneNote 2016.

      • Thanks Surya for trying out the OneNote Importer tool. Thanks also for the suggestion on mapping Evernote Notebooks to sections in OneNote. We will investigate this.

        • I wonder when will it work.
          If this function be added, I will give OneNote a try.
          Evernote’s editor become worse and worse, I always hope I can find an alternative software.

  8. please consider to release a Linux Onenote client, or a browser plugin which support format and math formula editing.
    I really like Onenote, compared with evernote, since a really notebook should support math formula, in my opinion. And in mac client and ein client, I am very satisfy with onenote, but it is really frustrate that I can not even read these math note from browser onenote in Ubuntu.

  9. I converted to Onenote from Evernote about 12 months ago using a 3rd party tool to do the conversion. I had been using Evernote since I purchased my first iPad in 2010; so I had many notes to convert; and they all came over fine except for tags.

    I’ve been happy with the move to Onenote, but do miss Evernote’s tags feature. It’s very useful, and allows me to group notes from different notebooks together in an ad-hoc fashion. I’ve tried the tags feature in Onenote and it’s not a patch on Evernote’s. I tried creating a custom tag which worked ok. I tagged a few notes, and then moved to another device to find that I can’t use that tag; it seems the tag is tied to the Onenote installation on that device, not to the data….

    Am I missing something?


    • The custom tag is only stored on the machine you created it on.

  10. I tried to migrate to Onenote from Evernote last year. I quickly moved back to Evernote within a week. My main use for Evernote is the web clipper to save articles for research and secondarily for quick notes that i want to sync across platforms. Onenote does the note syncing great but the clipping doesn’t compete with Evernote. When i clip the page… I actually want the page.

    • Hi Ronald,

      We are glad to hear that you like OneNote’s note taking capabilities. We are also making continuous improvements to the OneNote Clipper and have recently added a mode in OneNote Clipper to clip “Articles”. I hope you will give OneNote Clipper a try. Install the clipper from here:


  11. Hi Dipak and Vijay,

    The most important difference for me is that the free version of Evernote can be used for commercial purposes and Onenote (according to the TOS) cannot. Even the free “Windows 10” version of Onenote that came with my Surface Pro 3 supposedly cannot be used for commercial purposes.

    On the importer tool website it compares the two and says Onenote can be used to scan business cards- but wouldn’t that be a commercial use of it?

    I just want to clarify because if I can use it for my very small side business, I would love to. Onenotes structure works much better for me than Evernotes notebooks and tags.

  12. Could we possibly get someway to actually move a text container within a page on the iPad version of OneNote? We also need a way to actually select hand written text in OneNote and move the selection to another location on the page. With the advent of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil I am finding myself using OneNote for just about everything at work but having to switch to my computer, load up OneNote, Sync, move the desired object, Re-Sync, go back to iPad to be a bit of a pain each time that needs to be done.

    Could we possibly try implementing those features? EverNote does those things without any issues and with out making me switch to another application on another device to do that.

    Other than that, OneNote is really awesome to use. I really like it on my iPad Pro.

  13. I am sorry for the brutal honesty, but this importer is a total train wreck that shouldn’t have been released at this point in its development:
    I have been using Evernote for many years, but I decided to give Onenote a try for my language course as it felt like a better fit for the purpose. The only problem? I already had 50 (only FIFTY) notes, incl. scanned exercises and handwritten notes in a standalone Evernote notebook, all tagged and neatly organized.
    I gave the Importer all the best-case-scenario variables. I had exported ONE notebook into an .enex file, making sure the tags were exported as well, and tried to import… Importing 50 notes file took over 7 mins! I cannot imagine how long would it take if I tried to import all 3700 notes I have in Evernote so far…
    Once the Importer did its job, I checked the newly created notebook, only to find it being a total mess:
    -Evernote links (links to other notes) were not translated at all. They just appeared as regular hyperlinks that open in Evernote.
    -Tag conversion was a mess. Notes with more than one tag ended in seemingly random tabs/sections with no way to easily fix it. The mechanism behind choosing which notes end in which sections eludes me. I would have to manually go through each section and manually re-file each note into correct sections, or at least into sections which make more sense. It almost feels like the team behind the importer tool doesn’t understand the point of using tags: one note can have more than one tag. I understand that OneNote doesn’t work this way, but at the very least I expected the importer asking me what to do instead of just making a mess.
    All of thisbrings me to the conclusion that I stated above: In its current form, the importer MAY appeal to very, very lightweight users who have only ever used Evernote for quick note-taking with little to no organization other than filing notes to individual notebooks and tagging each note with one and only one tag. Anything more is clearly beyond the abilities of this tool and if anyone at Microsoft thinks that it can sway Evernote power users in favor of OneNote, they are clearly misguided…

    • Thanks Brian for tying out the OneNote Importer tool. We are continuously improving the tool and will investigate the issues that you reported.

      Regarding the Tag to Section mapping, there is feature in OneNote Importer, where you can disable grouping by Tags. If you uncheck the “”Use Evernote tags to organize in OneNote”” checkbox on the Import screen, then all your Evernote notes will be arranged under the default section of the Notebook. You can then arrange the notes as you prefer in OneNote.

      • Thank you for the response. However, the suggestion to just throw all notes into one notebook and then reorganize manually is EXACTLY WHAT I AM NOT WILLING TO DO WITH 3000 NOTES AND 500 TAGS.

        To better demonstrate what I mean, let me suggest a simple solution of what the importer could ask:

        “We found that notes in the imported notebook are tagged with multiple tags. However, Onenote only supports placing each note in only one section. Please select which of the tags and in which order should be used to created sections. Each note will then be placed to a section corresponding to which of its tags is highest on the list. Notes tagged with tags that you do not select will be put into a separate section.”

        • Boy, I’m glad you posted this Brian. I use a flat-file approach to Evernote. I have only one notebook and I organize everything with tags. Tags “current” and “bills” bring up my bills forward out of email. Tags “current” and “taxes” bring up all the notes dealing with this year’s taxes. Tags “current” and “travel” bring up the notes dealing with the business trip I’m on right now. As you can see, I use descriptive tags for more than one purpose. I’m going to see what the import looks like, but I am not optimistic. As a big fan of Office 365, I’m disappointed OneNote doesn’t seem able to compete with the flexibility of Evernote.

        • As I noted tags are not pages nor sectionsections. A notein a section or page may have multiple tags, please consider an option to transfer Evernote tags to One note tags when importing

  14. I’ve spent 2 days trying to get this migration done and have called it quits until something better can be created. I have over 11k notes in my Evernote and yes I’m a diehard Evernoter that is really interested in Onenote. I’ve played around as a beta test some ways to make this work vs Evernote. The editor and PC/IPad/IPhone inter gratin is so much better than Evernote. The main reason for the switch is cost, and my companies use Office 365 accounts and it just makes sense to have all under one platform. The tool MS has made is cute, but not for large users like myself or my company. If this would work, my whole company would come over from Evernote. If anyone has suggestions, I’m open.
    I’d also like to put all files in one notebook, then have current notebooks as tabs, then the notes as pages. I hope that makes sense.

    • Thanks Jeffery for considering OneNote. We would love to help you migrate your notes to OneNote. Your suggestion around mapping Evernote Notebooks to OneNote section is very valuable. We will investigate this and look into making improvements to the tool.

  15. Oh dear. I tried this only because hbworry about the sustainability of Evernote….
    However, with c2,200 notes in EN, I was concerned when c900 of them did not get ported across using this tool. I expected some issues but not on this scale. The notes that came across are fairly useless as I used a fair bit of cross referencing within EN.
    Maybe I’ll try again when the Importer has been developed further but fir now EN continues to do what i ask of it.

    • Thanks Mark for trying out the OneNote Importer tool. We are humbled that you are considering OneNote. We cannot import certain kind of content, such as ink, reminders etc. Did the issues that you saw during the import mostly related to your content containing ink or reminders or large files?

      Also, note that we were overwhelmed with all the traffic that we have got since Friday. Although this is very exciting, we are fixing bugs as fast as possible.

  16. Ok, still awesome, but the part of the FAQ about needing to have evernote installed is a little misleading:

    Does Evernote need to be installed?
    No, Evernote does not need to be installed if you already have an exported Evernote file (.enex) of your notes. However, importing notes happens a bit faster on a computer that has it installed because you won’t need to first export your notes.

    What happens if Evernote isn’t installed?
    You can import notes with an exported Evernote (.enex) file.

    How do I generate an exported Evernote file?
    From any Windows or Mac that has Evernote installed, start Evernote, select the notes you want to export, and then click File > Export to to save them to an .enex file. Transfer this file to the Windows PC on which you want to run the OneNote Importer.

    The FAQ takes great pains to explain that you don’t need the evernote pc software installed. Weeelllll, kinda…

    You don’t have to have evernote installed on the machine where you’re RUNNING the importer,.but you have to have it installed on SOME machine to generate the .enex file!

    But how would you have that file unless you have already installed evernote’s PC software? And how many people just have a spare (proprietary) export file sitting around from software that isn’t installed?

    In reality, I have to install evernote on my windows pc to use the sync or import option. And yet I had to read three bullet points in a separate FAQ and *infer* in order to know that…

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for trying the OneNote Importer tool and we are humbled that you considered OneNote. We will look into our documentation and address any gaps appropriately. Thanks for your feedback and we hope that you have a delightful experience with OneNote.


  17. HI Guys

    I am sorry but the import tool has not been planned well considering it is Microsoft. If you are trying to help EN users jump ship the import needs to work. I have like many other a nested notebook system which is supported by a tag system with 9500 notes. I have done the import it looks like everything has been dumped in a skip.
    All the notebooks have mixed notes none of the tags have imported. I had a Financial Folder with subPages to this but i am getting pages from Recipes Folder.

    A total shambles and whoever beta tested this and passed it needs some knowledge of Evernote. This tool may be ok if you have a basic EN setup but if you are after EN Premium members who will have a structured setup you need to work harder on mapping across.

    DIssapointed MS user can i ask because it is such a mess how do I delete correctly from OneNote

  18. Microsoft seems not to understand what are tags and what they do. Tags are NOT sections or pages. There should be a way to transfer notes with tags (onnoete has tags and tag search). Or to transfer Evernote tags to onenote so not have to create them again. Custom tags need a MAJOR update in onenote

  19. Set up OneNote on Windows7 and got that working. Then I made the mistake of trying to setup OneNote on my Windows10 on my laptop which until then was using a local account for sign in. The laptop has Office 2010 installed on it. I tried to get OneNote 2010 as well as the modern UI version of OneNote.. Two hours later I went to use the laptop to discover that the laptop instead of using my local account was now using my microsoft account which also changed my Windows desktop. Went back to Evernote a lot less hassle.

  20. Tags are not pages nor sections. One note has tags. It should transfer the tags from evernote

  21. I was almost exulted to learn about the chance of getting all my Evernotes into OneNote, not just because of the money saving aspect (having committed myself to the M$ Office subscription anyway but primarily the few things I had done in OneNote seemed very promising. I had not keyworded files, no allocation whatever even tried.
    But, with the manpower of Microsoft, their software teams, their powerful servers, I felt quite confident that OneNote would easily be a match, if not superior to Evernote.
    Alas, I my first attempt at importing notes into OneNote was not overly convincing mainly because some notes got lost in transit, respectively are waiting for synchronisation. Not a single one of those has budged since.
    OK, that is one thing, next is the webclipper dilemma. I use Chrome and the Evernote clipper works beautifully, the OneNote one works as designed, meaning not all features available.
    Keywording is such a wonderful thing in Evernote, dead simple and yet sophisticated. The M$ thing is clumsy and has no real future. I mean, I have tutorials with pictorial content for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and Photography
    I can beautifully allocate multiple keywords in Evernote, I can see in a list what keywords are allocated to which content.
    Categories in OneNote are an attempt at keywording but stuck somewhere between the world of MSWord and MS Outlook.
    This is not good enough.
    OneNote should be organizer of all content handled in the Office suite with a powerful enough engine to store and retrieve digital stuff of many years. Whether NSA look in or not is the least of my worries, but I want to find my stuff with the catchwords that come to my brain. Important or discuss with is all very well, but that is not a prime feature of Categorizing. Put it differently, each and everyone has different requirements and to tweak existing categories to suit is hardly a winning feature.
    There are such terrific features in OneNote such as the vastly superior editing means – the absolute wow! OneCalendar misses only one thing – print-out. Where is it hidden? Don’t tell me a screenie would do.
    Come on folks, take a good look at Evernote, implement their winning features, keep what is superior in OneNote and the winner will be ? No need to guess !
    You can do it :-))
    Cheers !

  22. I am not an Evernote poweruser, so this has worked out pretty well given my usage. There are two issues that I see with it:

    Nested Notebooks
    In Evernote you have the concept of a nested notebook. In OneNote this is analogous to a book with multiple sections and possibly section groups within those sections, depending on your Evernote structure. Currently Evernote bnreaks this paradigm completely, so the conversion process requires some post-action data manipulation.

    PDF storage
    In Evernote you have the ability to import PDFs and then they are searchable because Evernote uses an OCR process to import the PDFs. In OneNote the imported PDFs are just a PDF with no OCR and thus no search capability.

    As I stated earlier, I am not an Evernote poweruser, so these drawbacks aren’t that big of a deal to me. YMMV…

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