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New update options for Office 365 ProPlus using System Center Configuration Manager

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IT admins can now manage Office 365 client updates—including those for Office 365 ProPlus, Visio Pro for Office 365 and Project Pro for Office 365—directly via the System Center Configuration Manager’s built-in software updates workflow engine.

One of the top feature requests we hear from IT admins is to use System Center Configuration Manager to update Office. To accomplish this, we streamlined the ongoing update management for Office 365 clients by integrating with Configuration Manager and the Microsoft Update service to allow a consistent process to discover, view, deploy and track available software updates—similar to how you manage other apps in your organization.

Each time an Office update is published, information is automatically sent to the Microsoft Update service. Configuration Manager automatically receives notifications when updates are available and validates whether your PCs require the update. IT admins can use the existing workflow engine to download and distribute the update. Take a look at the video below to see how this works:

The new capability is available in the upcoming release of Configuration Manager update 1602, currently in Technical Preview. Office notifications within Configuration Manager will commence with the current release of the Office 365 client builds that are in the First Release for Current Channel and First Release for Deferred Channel. Current Channel updates will start to roll out later this month, with the Deferred Channel rollout starting June 2016. For more information, visit our TechNet site to learn how to Manage Office 365 client updates with System Center Configuration Manager.

We are continuing to listen to your feedback and enhance the deployment and management capabilities of Office. You can see our progress on the Office 365 Roadmap.

—Amesh Mansukhani, senior program manager for the Office Engineering team

  1. nice and amazing post. it will be great expierence now working on updatad version.

  2. Great work on making Office 365 updates available on SCCM, definitely beats running a scheduled task to download the updates and DFS to distribute it..

    Is there any chance of deploying Office 365 updates using WSUS as well?

  3. Glad to see more information being released on this, but it still does not specify exactly how this is working.

    Taken from the Technet article you’ve linked; “Configuration Manager can then download the update and distribute it to distribution points selected by the administrator. The Configuration Manager desktop client then tells the Office client where to get the update and when to start the update installation process.”.

    That suggests you simply distribute it to the distribution points, and then the Office 365 client (once enabled) automatically goes and fetches the update from it.

    Where is the deployment of the updates?? – Everything I have read and heard (in person from Cloud Roadshow etc) suggests you do not deploy these updates to clients, simply distribute them to DP’s. If this is the case, then the amount of control we have (as configmgr admins) really is at a minimum in terms of who gets what. The whole point of SCCM is to have control of what goes where and when. This method completely goes against that.

    Also, could you please confirm if security updates are a separate installation from a client update? In all scenarios we obviously want security updates installed at the earliest opportunity. We do not want these rolled into an entire client update. Please clarify.

    I hope this more information can be detailed on this soon.

    Rich Mawdsley

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