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Announcing the new Office 365 admin center

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Today, we’re excited to announce the rollout of the new Office 365 admin center. The new admin center makes it faster, easier and more efficient to manage Office 365.

Over the last few years, Office 365 has been evolving at a rapid pace, making more features and functionality available to users and admins on an almost daily basis. (Take a look at the Office 365 Roadmap to see a list of past and future features.) As the service evolves, we wanted to make it easier for you to find common tasks and scenarios.

Improved experience for all customers

We built the new admin center hand-in-hand with our customers. From the very beginning, through the introduction of the first preview back in September, we’ve incorporated your feedback into the development of the new experience. We’ve received hundreds of pieces of feedback each day, with amazing insights, and we read all of them. You influenced every change we made.

The new admin center includes significant enhancements:

Simplification and discoverability—When you access the admin center, you don’t want to spend more time in there than necessary. You want to get your work done quickly and be able to focus on all the other tasks on your long list. The new admin center allows you to manage Office 365 quickly and efficiently by showing frequent tasks directly on the dashboard and by simplifying the experience. For many tasks, you won’t even have to leave the dashboard. It’s all there at your fingertips.

Search—We added a new search bar at the top of the admin center to help you quickly find the feature you want to use. Today, you can search for users and groups to look up details and make edits. In the near future, search will extend to other features as well.

Reporting—We are currently rolling out significant improvements to Office 365 reporting. Many of you already have access to a variety of new reports that provide consistent insights across all workloads and deliver details down to the individual user level. You can see how users are adopting Office 365 at the subscription level as well as for each specific workload. Reports currently available include active Office 365 users, email traffic and Office activations. In the coming months, we’ll add reports for OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer and Skype for Business activity as well as on user interaction with Office 365, such as which operating systems users are on when they access the service.

Just the beginning, more enhancements are in the works

Our goal is to make the admin center experience simple, fast and efficient to enable you to achieve more easily what you need to get done while increasing features and functionality. We’ll be adding further enhancements in the near future, including:

Customization—Soon, you’ll be able to customize the dashboard as well as other areas of the admin center to tailor it to your needs. Your feedback made it very clear that admins have very different roles and priorities and you need the ability to tailor the admin center to meet the needs of your role. For example, in a larger enterprise, your role as an admin may be focused on a specific service and billing might not be one of your areas of responsibility. To allow you to personalize the admin center, we’re introducing customization.

Contextual help—We know that not all customers are experts in all capabilities within the admin center. We are working to include contextual help and detailed explanations of functionality right next to the task to improve your ability to quickly make settings, user or configuration changes and to use the admin center more efficiently. For example, when creating a new user account, you see details on the settings for creating account names, including limitations in length, special characters and numerals. That way you don’t have to jump out to separate help articles to understand and accomplish the task. New short, embedded “Discover and Learn” videos will provide additional information.

Rolling out worldwide

Over the next few weeks, the new admin center and the reporting dashboard will gradually start to roll out as the default experience. While you’re getting used to the new admin center, you will be able to switch back to the old experience. All features will gradually be added over the coming weeks so that the new admin center will soon be your go-to place for all management, configuration and reporting needs.

If the new admin center is not your default experience yet, you can directly log in to it at Or you can use the “Get a sneak peek” link at the top of the old admin center. In the new admin center, you can use the feedback tool to tell us what you like or what we can do better. Please keep the feedback coming!

There are a few ways you can check out the new admin center preview:

  • If the new admin center is not your default experience yet, you can directly log in to it at
  • You can use the “Get a sneak peek” link at the top of the old admin center.
  • Or you can watch the following video:

In the new admin center, you can use the feedback tool to tell us what you like or what we can do better. Please keep the feedback coming!

—Anne Michels @Anne_Michels, senior product marketing manager for the Office 365 Marketing team

  1. apparently nobody at microsoft understands “if it aint broke dont fix it”.

    i’ve already found an issue with editing a person’s username when their account is synced with active directory. In the new system I cannot change their domain, its greyed out saying “some changes can only be made in active directory”, however in the old system I am able to make this edit.

    • Hi Arjun,
      first of all, apologies for the bad experience you’ve had trying to edit the username/ domain for an AD synced account. This is due to a bug that we’ve already fixed and the functionality will be available in the new admin center from next week on. We built the new portal based on customer feedback that the old one was difficult to navigate and not meeting the needs of the majority of our customers anymore. If you have further feedback on the new admin center, we’d love to hear it! Please use the feedback widget directly in the admin center as this will directly go to the respective engineering team.
      Anne, senior product marketing manager for the Office 365 Marketing team

      • Ok, I will post to Forums for a workaround in case your engineering team doesn’t get to this in time for the switchover. Microsoft’s new method of “@^#% you, we’re moving” is very frustrating to deal with. I swear to God I’m going to pick up the LAMP stack one of these days.

        • Hi Arjun, can you please try if the problem you described still exists? This should be fixed in production now. I’m sorry that the communications about the new portal coming have not reached you. We made the first preview available last year in September and have been communicating about it through various channels (i.e. blog, message center). Early and transparent communication about upcoming changes is very important to us as we know that you need to plan ahead.

          • Anne,
            I was also having the issue Arjun described, but it is now working properly. Thank-you for resolving this. I do have a question regarding these users. I notice that the last part of the email address is typically incorrect when the new accounts are created. I am unable to fix them in bulk, and with a sometimes large list of users this can take some time. Is there a way to change this, so I can make the corrections to all accounts simultaneously? I am able to do this under the old interface.

          • Hi Joe,
            thanks for taking the time to providing us with this feedback. This is the something we are in the process of adding to the new admin center. But until then, please use the old admin center. You can see a list of other features that are not yet available on the What’s New page (you can access the page directly from the home dashboard of the new admin center). We apologize for the inconvenience.

  2. Is there no way to change the organization theme (logo and colors) in the new admin portal? Serious oversight if so.

    • Hi Joshua,
      not yet. We’re still working on adding that feature to the new admin center. It will be available soon. You can see an overview of all the features and functionality that is coming on the “What’s new” page:
      Please use the feedback widget on the site if you’re missing anything.
      Anne, senior product marketing manager for the Office 365 Marketing team

  3. Hi, i have a question about the reporting section.. I have a tenant in O365 and in the past days i enable the new admin center try.. I cant see the Reporting section, i need see the O365 downloads statistics. How can i enable the reporting section?

    • Hi Miguel,
      we’re in the process of rolling the new reporting portal out to all customers. As of today, the portal with the following reports are available to customers in the US, Australia and Canada: active Office 365 users, Email activity and Office activations. The rollout for Europe, APAC and Latin America will start in April.
      Anne, senior product marketing manager for the Office 365 Marketing team

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