Outlook hopes to fill the hole Mailbox left in your heart

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Today’s post was written by Javier Soltero, corporate vice president for the Outlook team.

Today, Mailbox is shutting down, leaving a lot of its users mourning the loss of one of the first great mobile email apps. Like the Mailbox team, we’ve always believed that email on the go can and should be better. As Mailbox is turned off, we are convinced more than ever before that there is still much more to do to make email on your phone amazing. In today’s mobile world, we believe email on your phone needs to be more than just for reading messages while standing in line for coffee. It needs to help you quickly focus on what matters and ignore what doesn’t. It needs to let you send better email more easily. It should make you more productive, not overwhelm you.

Since our mobile app launch in January of 2015, our goal has been to build the email and calendar app that would accomplish all of those things. Joining forces with our friends from Sunrise, we made Outlook a full featured app that puts your mobile email in focus, integrates with your calendar and makes attachments much easier to use on the go. Over 30 million people have chosen Outlook as their default email client on their iOS and Android devices.

Today, we want to invite former Mailbox users to give Outlook a try. Here’s why we’re sure you’ll love it.

While you may think of Outlook working only with or Office 365 email, it also works great with many email providers, including Gmail, iCloud and Yahoo. In fact, The Verge referred to us as “the best Gmail app for the iPhone” back in December.

We recently made improvements to our Schedule feature to make former Mailbox users feel right at home. We added several more options for scheduling messages to a later date and time with just a tap, including This Weekend for those personal emails you want to get out of the way or Next Week for less urgent projects. On top of that, we made it easier than ever before to reschedule an email if you change your mind.

All of these features will be available in the App Store and Google Play next week. We hope you’ll join us in our journey to better email and calendar.

Have any feedback for us? Let us know through our in-app support (Settings > Help & Support > Contact Support) and add #mailbox to your message.

Welcome again.

—Javier Soltero

  1. Outlook app for iPad was working until you released an update a week ago. Then it stopped. I have to make lots of workarounds to make it work again (tip: simply unintall and reinstall do not work).

    Hope it doesn’t happen every update.

    • Hi Christian! Sorry to hear that you’re running into issues with the app. We’d love to help you get back up and running so you can start using Outlook for iOS again. Could you open an in-app ticket with us so we can take a look? Just go to Settings > Help & Feedback > Contact Support.

  2. These new scheduling options for messages are a nice addition to the apps. The Outlook for Android app is unfortunately (still) not usable for me, due to the fact that when I currently send an email with that app, the recipient only sees my email address as sender’s name (e.g. instead of my real name. This occurs both for my as well as my Gmail account. Could you please fix this so that emails show my real name as sender’s name (either by changing the app in such a way that it pulls the name automatically from the server or add an option to change the sender’s name manually)? Thanks in advance!

    • @Ronald T – Thanks again for sharing this issue (I remember seeing your comment a few months ago). Can you please contact support in the app? This is not the expected behavior, this works correctly in our testing. Support will need to help you fix this.

  3. No love for the Windows Phone 10? Come on Microsoft, if you want users, give them something to come to.

    • I agree with you: I don’t understand sincerely why Microsoft consider Windows Phone a second choice, so not like Android/IPhone; yes, I agree that they have market share, but if we, with windows phones, don’t have or receive this kind of app after them, what we can try; whay we must stay with Windows Phone and so with Microsoft apps/software?
      Please, consider us.

      • @mark and marco – we LOVE Windows 10 Mobile and have great Outlook Mail and Calendar apps for that device. Since our apps here only launched a couple months ago, we simply have some more catching up to do with features. Please bear with us while we get caught up! This feature will come to Windows 10 Mobile in a future update.

  4. Now I am confused! Why are these features not available in the Outlook app for Windows Phone? What are you trying to do? Steer people away from Windows Phone to iPhone or Android?
    Every app developer out there thinks iPhone and Android first. And Windows Phone, well, maybe never, its not a priority. Now you are doing exactly the same: iPhone and Android first.
    I love Windows Phone because I like to have everything on the same platform on my laptop and on my phone. And it looks awesome too. Still, because of the lack of popular (business focused) apps I have been thinking lately to switch to something else. This is one more point to push me elsewhere.

    • we LOVE Windows 10 Mobile and have great Outlook Mail and Calendar apps for that device. Since our apps here only launched a couple months ago, we simply have some more catching up to do with features. Please bear with us while we get caught up! This feature will come to Windows 10 Mobile in a future update.

  5. Is there any chance that one will soon be able to view share calendars/room calendars in Outlook for iOS/Android like you can with OWA? I would like to use Outlook, but the lack of this facility keeps me away.

    • @aksel – Thanks for the feedback. This is a feature we have on our backlog. Please let us know what other feature requests you have by going to Settings > Suggest a Feature. Your votes help us prioritize our future planning. Thanks!

  6. Hi Javier. With the introduction of generic top-level domains, it would be great to have a junk email option to accept email ONLY from original top-level domains (like .com, .org etc) or specified exceptions. It seems that spammers are using generic top-level domains, frequently changing addresses faster than blockers can keep up. That would junk most of the spam I am getting at the moment. Thanks..

  7. Why are these features not already available on Windows phone? No wonder Microsoft continues to lose share in the mobile phone market. You would think they would build features for their own OS first to help increase awareness of Windows phone.

  8. I am using Xiaomi Note 2 Prime, my MIUI rom version 7, i installed the for android but i’m not getting the email notification. how i can get notification once the email arrives. every time i need to open the application rather than move with notification. FYI, i select all inbox from the settings under notification.

    hope this will over come in this release.

    thanks & regards

    • @Quazi – Please reach out to Support by going to Settings > Help & feedback > Contact support. They will be able to help you out!

  9. How does one add a contact using Outlook for Mobile (missing functionality on both Android and iOS it appears)?

    • Hi @Ryan. Currently, you need to add new contacts in the email service (, Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). You can do this via the web browser or Outlook desktop app. We don’t currently support adding contacts from mobile.

  10. i have outlook 2016 installed in my laptop i noticed i tried to setup an exchange account , i notice this option Microsoft exchange server or compatible service is not available in outlook 2016 because of this i cannot setup an exchange account. it is available in outlook 2013

  11. Outlook (as part of Office365) on iMac is a disgrace. For quite some years I have used professional versions of Outlook when working for numerous organisation and then as a self employed person. The functionality of Outlook doesn’t compare to what I could get on my PC. There is no ruler, there is no Help, there is no option to resend an email.l I could go on and on because the list of gaps in functionality is huge.

    What is the answer? I just throw away the new iMac and buy another PC.

    • @trevor – sorry we’ve disappointed you. We have Loads of updates coming for our Mac product – stay tuned. We are committed to having a full Outlook experience on the Mac. If you are missing a few features, try using Outlook on the web (if you are using the business version of Office 365).

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