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Updated people profile experience coming soon to Office 365

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We’re pleased to announce an update to the Office 365 people profile experience under Delve, which consolidates the profile and activity pages to make it easier for you to discover relevant content, connect with your colleagues and find experts inside your organization. Watch this short video to see what’s new:

Learn more about your colleagues

The new profile page gives you a place to learn more about your colleagues, providing their contact information, a photo, who they work for and a summary of their experience and expertise, as well as discover their recent activity and a quick glimpse of what they are working on. The profile is actionable, too. You can start a Skype chat, call or email to a colleague right from their profile page. Remember, Delve only shows you content that you already have permission to see.

The whole experience is responsive and looks great on any device.

Customize your profile and quickly find documents

Give your Delve profile a personal touch—upload a favorite profile photo, choose a unique background or edit your expertise. Up-to-date profiles make it easier for others to find out about you and help you when you are looking for information. From your profile, you can also quickly and easily get back to your documents, as well as see documents your most frequent contacts are working on.

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Delve is more useful and intuitive than ever thanks to the new profile page. By connecting you with the content and the contacts who are relevant to you, Delve helps break down silos and keep you in the know. Try the new profile pages today and see how easy it is to stay connected to the content and people most relevant to you.

Learn more about how to view and edit your profile and find people and information in Office Delve.

—Nick Robinson, senior product marketing manager for the Office 365 team

Frequently asked questions

Q. When is the new profile experience rolling out?

A. The new profile experience will roll out to First Release tenants over the next several weeks, and we expect it to roll out to all eligible Office 365 customers by the second quarter of 2016.

Q. How can I get Delve?

A. Delve is included in the Office 365 Enterprise E1–E5 subscription plans (including the corresponding A2–A4 and G1–G4 plans for Academic and Government customers, respectively). Delve is also included in the Office 365 Business Essentials and Business Premium plans.

Q. What if I do not want people to see what I am working on?

A. Delve never changes any permissions and only shows you content that you already have permission to view. Only you can see your private documents in Delve, and other people can’t see your private activities—such as what documents you’ve read, what emails you’ve sent and received or which Skype for Business conversations you have participated in. Other people can see that you’ve modified a document, but only if they have access to the same document.

    • Great question, and great feedback. Delve, powered by the Office Graph, is a part of the Office 365 business offerings, which does include Office client apps like PowerPoint, Word, Excel and such, and in addition Office 365 for business ( includes backend services like SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, and more. It gets signals and intelligence from across numerous people in an organization from the above-mentioned backend services – which are not included with Office 365 Home. We don’t have any further, specific information or insight to share today.

    • Good question, and great feedback. We don’t have anything specific to share today. And know that Delve, powered by the Office Graph, gets insights and signals from numerous backend services within Office 365 for business; services like SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Office 365 Video, Yammer, and more.

  1. I don’t see any mention of “praise”. Will you be be bringing back the Delv praise feature?

    • Yes. We are actively working on Praise for broader production rollout, with additional IT control per feedback we received during the initial First Release phase.

  2. Will it be possible to brand the page, e.g. replace the cover photo with a corporate one?

    • We are looking at various aspects for profile extensibility and configurability. No specific release dates to share, and it is on our backlog.

      • Branding the page is absolutely key for my organization, and moving from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013 is not so appealing anymore, since our current SP2007 ‘People’ page is highly customized with our branding and a custom business card look. I just can’t understand why something like changing the cover photo to an uploaded wouldn’t be available IN FIRST RELEASE.

  3. We are on first-release, and we haven’t yet seen Yammer content being surface in Delve. Anything on that front?

  4. Not going to lie; My heart sank in the video at 1:27 with the realisation that there is still no Delve app for Windows phone. Is there any intention to provide a Universal Windows App for desktop and mobile?

    • We like truth telling. And the good news is, yes all the intentions: we are working on it. Stay tuned! You will be able to Delve into your Windows Mobile phone to your heart’s content; and think your heart will be content.

      • Is there an update here? As loyal Windows mobile users, we are more often than not having to beg for translation of features that are being provided to rival platforms. So, while Andriod and apple users can use their watches for content management on SP servers, we still cannot see anything. Sorry to rant here, but please support your own platform and use it to innovate as a market leader should. Our whole group invested in Windows mobile and we are stuck without reasonable access to SharePoint as the Microsoft experience is much better on other handsets for reasons that aren’t obvious….

  5. Good to see Delve maturing. Are there plans to allow Delve ‘Add Ins’? eg to extend the profile to meet organisation specific needs?

    • Thx, Simon. We don’t have timing details to share per your question, and yes, we are working to enable extensibility and additional configuration for the profile page. 🙂

  6. Do you also plan to add a Windows Phone app for Delve?

    • The good news is, yes: we are working on it. Stay tuned!

  7. You misspelled Android on 1:26 in the first video.

    • Thx, Bolin. The team is in it and should have an updated embedded video in there soon. It takes a village. – Mark.

    • Sorry Bolin abt misspelling your name, guess we’re good at misspelling. – Mrak 😉

    • Hi David,

      Interesting question. By default, Access 2016 publishes the core db to Azure, and can then be consumed from within SharePoint via Access Services. That said, Delve does not yet have awareness of the list or list items Access helps create.

      That said, a question to you: how do you see Delve helping collaboration for you and your use of Access? Can you provide a day in the life scenario description of how it would work and your preferences of the role Delve could play?

      And the interesting feedback I takeaway from your first question is: can an item in a list in SharePoint be something that surfaces in Delves – a list card of sorts? And if so, how is it best represented, linked to and contributing to the overall discovery and collaboration elements of productivity.

      Interested to hear more.


  8. Hi Mark, I am thinking that it would be useful if Delve would announce changes to all users of an Access database as they happen. I currently have audit trails in my proposal development database but users do not know when a new record in the RFP tracking or resumes modules have been made. When working on a proposal, writers frequently depend on content written by other SMEs. In other words, if I am responsible for a section on program management then a person building the pricing model needs to know how many project managers will be needed, when they will be engaged (onboarded and offboarded), and what will be their duties on the contract. This information comes from the assigned program manager. Someone in operations needs to nominate project manager candidates by selecting their names in the resumes module. The sooner the pricing analyst gets this information then the sooner he/she can model the pricing for staffing the contract. In traditional Kanban fashion this information would be tracked by the proposal manager and sent via email to team members. If Delve would announce when the program manager has defined the job and when operations has assigned candidates that would help the analyst a lot.

    • Great scenario, and I can see the cards you are envisioning. One side of Delve this touches on is the fact that you can programmatically send additional signals/content and create custom cards to meet your needs. I’m not a developer, but encourage you to find a few moments and review the Office Graph API information here: Hope it sparks ideas, provides a little guiding light, or simply entertains solution thinking on the last half of this Friday day.


  9. Here is our laundry list of Delve questions and issues (upgrading from 2007):

    The biggest item being adding a “Home” button on Delve pages. When you go from profile to profile, instead of clicking back a thousand times, it’d be nice to have a one-click back button. Is that possible?

    • “Home” button from Delve pages
    • get rid of “more info” on delve page
    • don’t allow About Me section (this is where my birthdate and school went to FYI)
    • Get rid of files (one drive for business) section on delve page
    • Delve page: where do people on left pull from?
    • Delve page: align info under contact section
    • check in to photo on right come from delve
    • Delve photos are grainy

    • Hi Aaron,

      All good design feedback; thanks. There is the main Delve tile within the Office 365 app launcher; this takes you to the top level of Delve Home; see if this is close to what you’re looking for from a top-level nav item.

      The team is reviewing how we enable customization and configuration control, as well as considerations for opting out of various segments within Delve. We’ll have more to say on this in the future.

      And people on the left come from your Active Directory with the intelligence of the Office Graph presenting those that are most relevant to you based on who you worth with and content you work on; not just who you work for or content you yourself own.


      • Hi Mark, thanks for your reply. It appears the only way to get “Back” to our SharePoint site from a Delve page is going to the Office 365 logo on the top-left and then going to Sites –> Team Site. Is there a way to get a 1-click option for users?

        Also, I was told that in mid-February that end-users would have the option to customize Delve pages. I was not given any details on what exactly we’d be able to customize … do you have any information on that?

        One more item: the top-right photo in SharePoint 2013; is it possible to pull that photo from Delve rather than Outlook?


        • Hi Aaron,

          The Office 365 app launcher does allow custom tiles:; this may help a user to get back to a particular site. For example, in my demo environment, I created a custom tile for quick/consistent access to the Contoso Company Portal.

          It, too, should be noted that one can follow a site, which makes it accessible from the Sites page in the “Followed sites” section.

          We’ve not shared details about when the Delve profile would be customizable/configurable; but know this is planned and will land on the roadmap soon to signal its coming availability.

          The photo associated to a user is a work item across teams to ensure that it is more centrally managed and leveraged. The profile image, and thus the one surfaced in other locations, is the central target for consistency across Office 365; why we call it the Office 365 Profile, and not just the Delve Profile.

          Hope this all helps,

          • Hi Mark – Is there a date set, as of yet, as to when end-users will be able to customize the Delve page? We were originally told Mid-Feb 2016 by the contractor working on our upgrade.

            Also, is it possible to put a custom logo/link (to use as a Back button) in the ribbon to the right of the “Office 365” logo on the Delve page?

            Thanks Mark!

  10. Whats the plan with the skill proteries of a user in the profile?We need to have the ability to specify a level for each skill. E.g.

    Project Management Level 2
    .net Development Level 4

    And it would also be great to have some kind of company skill catalog. So that everbody is using the same terminology.

    • Hi Tobias,

      We showed some early thinking at Ignite 2015 where the service discovers areas of focus and interests based on your actions with people and content, and then would present you with items you could OK to be shown on your profile. Think in terms of skill ‘tags’ similar to what might be found when you do an expertise search in SharePoint, and with a layer of intelligence of who you work with and what you work on; what the profile gets from the Office Graph. Appreciate the feedback on the ask for a skills term set taxonomy and how we should think about supporting it.

      We don’t have timing to share on skills, and design/capabilities may change. I hope this gives you a little insight into what we shared and some of the ways we see the Office Graph powering a more intelligent AND curated profile experience.


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