Share your Excel insights with Power BI

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The Excel and Power BI teams have been busy releasing capabilities and tools that allow you to share your Excel data and insights to Power BI more quickly and easily.

Here are a few new ways in which Excel and Power BI work better together:

Share your Excel insights with Power BI publisher for Excel

With Power BI publisher for Excel Preview—just announced two weeks ago—you can save snapshots of important PivotTables, charts, cell ranges and more from across all of your spreadsheets to a single location quickly. Select a range or an element in your workbook and, under the Power BI tab, click Pin.

Share your Excel insights with Power BI 1

Next, select an existing dashboard from the list or create a new one, click the Pin button and you’re good to go.

Share your Excel insights with Power BI 2

Power BI publisher for Excel also allows you to keep your pinned elements up to date with the Pin manager. Download Power BI publisher for Excel to get started today.

Pin Excel elements to your Power BI dashboard

Last November, we announced the ability to pin Excel ranges, tables and charts to your Power BI dashboards. No need to re-format or rebuild your Excel reports—simply upload to Power BI, select a range, a table or a chart, click the Pin button and your Excel tile is now part of your dashboard.

Share your Excel insights with Power BI 3

Using Excel reports on Power BI not only allows you to pin content to your dashboards, you can view spreadsheets when you click the respective tile. You can also personalize the way your Excel tiles look and feel, open your Excel reports directly from Power BI or even add Excel workbooks to organizational Content Packs.

Publish to Power BI from Excel 2016

Last but not least, last September we announced the ability to effortlessly publish your workbook content to Power BI directly from Excel 2016.

Share your Excel insights with Power BI 4

Once your workbook is published, you can keep working on it in OneDrive for Business. Power BI automatically refreshes when you make updates to your workbook.

To publish your Excel workbook to Power BI, simply select File > Publish.

Can’t wait to try these out? Sign up for Power BI and try the new Excel.

Stay tuned for more Excel + Power BI updates and let us know what you think.

Additional resources

And last but not least, join us for the inaugural Microsoft Data Insights Summit on March 22–23 in Bellevue, Washington, and discover new ways to bring your data to life. This will be the first Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Excel user conference designed especially for you, the business analyst.

  1. Issue with using the onedrive to access my excel file. It keeps asking me to sign in over and over. Tech chat was clueless

  2. Office 365 for Mac user here, just purchased two days ago and was reading your use excel like a boss article and the linked sub articles reference templates not present within Excel or online here:

    To be clear none of the templates: Stock analysis, Calendar insights, Business Analysis feature tool are not showing up for me. I was thinking it was because I’m using the Mac version but I cannot find any of these online either.

    I’m in the US and I’m wanting the English versions which going by the articles all the templates were in English and there’s not a trace of them to be found.

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