OneNote—what’s new in January 2016

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When writing our New Year’s resolutions, we challenged ourselves to answer just one question: How do we make 2016 the best year yet for OneNote users? To that end, we’re thrilled to announce the number of features we’ve released in the past few weeks.

Insert shapes on Mac

Sick of circling things? Keeping chart axes straight have your mood slopin’ down? We’ve got your back. You can now add perfectly crisp lines, polygons and other geometric shapes from the Insert menu.

OneNote January update 1b

Search all OneDrive notebooks on Mac and iOS

We spiffed up Search over the holidays and added some new tricks! Now you can search all of your OneDrive notebooks—even if they’re not on your device. You can even search for things you’re currently reading.

OneNote January update 2b

Publish notebooks publicly on

It is easier than ever to share your notes with the world with, which lets you make notebooks accessible for others to copy and use with just a single tap.

Whether it’s a notebook that details must-see sights and local hangouts, a lesson plan fellow teachers are clamoring to use in their classrooms or those Chem 101 notes your fellow freshmen are begging for—you can share your notebooks on Try it out today.

OneNote January update 3b

Me-me-me-me (at work, works!)

Need to save an email alongside all your other notes? We made it easy: just forward it to and we’ll get everything sorted away for you; think of it as your personal email filing entity. Get started today.

OneNote January update 6b

Crop shop

Crop the top (or any other part) of an image in OneNote Online with the new Crop tool. It’s teacher approved!

OneNote January update 7b


Done for the semester? You can now remove notebooks you’re finished with from the list of notebooks displayed in OneNote Online.

Firefox and Safari users rejoice—clip with abandon

You now have the OneNote Clipper extension in all of its glory (and functionality) including Region mode clipping on Firefox and Safari browsers. Of course, we still have it for Chrome as well.

Office Lens built in

Never lose a white-boarding session or homework assignment again. Now you can scan documents right into OneNote with a single tap with our fresh-off-the-software-presses Office Lens integration in OneNote for Windows 10.

OneNote January update 9b

That’s all, folks

We always want to hear your feedback, so make comments below or follow these links.

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  1. How long before we can view and edit password protected notes on Android? It’s a long standing missing feature that actually inhibits the use of Onenote, unlike other features getting added that are just niceties.

    • Hi,

      I am a Product Manager on the OneNote android team. Thanks for using OneNote and for giving us feedback.Support for password protected sections on Android will be added this calendar year most likely the first half of this year.

  2. Still waiting for the option to make connections between shapes and keep those connections in place when moving those shapes.
    And pen options. I would love to have a pen that I can customize for calligraphy type writing.

    • Hi Marcellus,

      I’m the Product Manager for OneNote Ink. Thanks for the feedback and being an ink user! We hear your feedback loud and clear, and my team is working hard to make OneNote’s ink capabilities shine…stay tuned. 🙂

      Also check out OneNote’s suggestion box where you can vote with other users for feature requests and add your own as well:


  3. We use shared computers in my classroom. The students cannot use the desktop version of one note. We would love to be able to draw using the online version. Any chance that might happen in the near future?

    • Hi Marcia,

      I’m a Product Manager on the OneNote Online team. The Online team are particularly focussed on our education customers right now, so I’m thrilled to hear that you are using OneNote Online in your school! Being able to ink online is very much a priority of ours. It is something we are working towards – I’m afraid I can’t share any specific dates, but do stay tuned 😉

      Also, feel free to email with any feedback, feature requests, or technical issues. We would be particularly interested to learn about your experience using OneNote Online in a shared device classroom 🙂


  4. Has OfficeLens been updated so it doesn’t balk when you have more than 5,000 files in OneDrive for Business? I have the new OneDrive for Business that does away with file limits and has 10GB file sizes. OfficeLens didn’t work well with that last week at all, and I was unable to save anything to OneDrive for Business or OneNote with my work account.

  5. Hi there,

    A question regarding ‘Forget-me-now’. In OneNote online (O365 Business Premium license) I don’t get the crosses yet. Do you have a clue why not? I really want the notebooks gone there. Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Wilma,

      I’m a Product Manager on the OneNote Online team. The ‘Forget-me-now’ feature (nice name!) only works for notebooks that aren’t stored on your personal OneDrive for Business storage. In the Online list, we show both your notebooks and notebooks that you have recently opened that are shared by other people (these are the ones with their storage location listed below in light grey, and are the ones that you can now ‘forget’).

      If you want to remove a notebook that you own, please go to OneDrive for Business and delete the notebook.

      Hope that helps,


  6. Hi,

    A question regarding ‘Office Lens built in’. Is it available for O365 Business premium? Or just for MS accounts?



    • It should be available for all accounts.

  7. Great additions this month! I’ve (temporarily) run out of things to ask for!

    BTW, I love inking on the iPad Pro.

    • We will be here waiting for when you come up with more 🙂

  8. cant delete my templates Onenote 2016
    every contact set up in outlook 2016 gets 3 emails have to manually delete display as when adding a contact
    contact photos dissappear outlook 2016

  9. My company (with total staff of 102, with 32 currently using OneNote), and Myself used to be a heavy user of OneNote. However that has dramatically changed for myself and thus, the entire rest of the company is having a hard time adjusting to the alternative: Evernote Business.

    Reason for that? I recently switched from a Windows Phone and Surface to an iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.

    In iOS the OneNote app is just terrible! Main problems and reasons are:

    1) From the OneNote app in iOS: unable to insert multiple photos (we insert Many many photos into each note… So OneNote in iOS really was giving a big headache for myself. Evernote handles this perfectly! **will this be possible anytime soon??

    2) In OneNote app in iOS: I simply cannot select “sync all notes” (or make all notes available offline, UNLESS I MANUALLY CLICK ON EACH TAB/NOTE OF EACH NOTEBOOK… OMG!! **will this be possible anytime soon?? Evernote handles this Just fine!

    Are our days with OneNote really coming to an end? Or can we have faith that above issues will be fixed?? Are there any teams working on these problems??

    Many thanks for your attention… Would really appreciate a reply to this. 

  10. Just saw the OneNote App for Windows 10 for the first time and I have to say that I’m disappointed. Why is it so limited? It seems like a way to get folks NOT to use OneNote instead of use it. Many of the features that I love in the full desktop and online versions are missing. You can’t hide Authors…really folks! I really hope you plan on updating the App to be more fully fleshed out!

    • Thanks for the feedback Stacy. We’re updating the app every month with new features, so if there’s something you’d like to see added (like showing/hiding author tags), then please let us know on We’d love to know exactly which features you’re missing.

  11. I love the new search feature on OneNote for Mac. I use this app every day.

    I would love to have the option to have Notebooks listed on the left hand side like the PC version does with the ability to drag and drop note pages.

  12. I run Windows 10 Education in my classroom with OneNote 2016 installed, how and/or when will the embedd video feature be available for us? Thanks…love the rest of the program!

  13. Still waiting for the feature of drawing on Mac. Why on Windows but not Mac?

  14. Hi, do you have any plans to add bamboo pencil as a tool to draw in onenote?

  15. Aww you guise are the best! Thanks for a TASTE of draw on Mac (I have to run a Win10 VM for Draw most the time and eventually bought a Surface just for OneNote). Office Lens on desktop is a gorgeous addition as well.

    Any chance on divulging your intent on bringing back the Radial Menu as an option (Full O365 version too please!) as well as Mathematics plugin?

  16. Still hoping to see the ability to group objects together so you don’t have to RE screen clip to keeps arrows and higher on screen grabs

  17. Any idea yet on adding the a4 formatting to mac? The biggest limitation to me is that I can’t print any of my notes without it being a hassle. I currently switch to my windows side of my duel booted mac just so I can make my notes conform to a4 for easy printing.

  18. I just wanted to say that I find Onenote to be a valuable resource. The only thing I wish is that I could have discovered this years ago. I could wax lyrical about how this has changed my life but I will just say ‘thank you’ to all those involved in the development of Onenote and if I could, I would shake your collective hand.

    Best wishes

  19. Is the Crop tool available in OneNote 2016 Desktop App yet? I can’t find it. This is a really useful feature.

  20. The for work does not let you select a default notebook if you have over 5000 items in your Onedrive for business. Is that going to be fixed soon? Thanks!

  21. What’s the deal with the keyboard not functioning correctly in OneNote for iPad? Certain keys refuse to register a keypress, such as the letters L, O, and P. The return key doesn’t work. The keyboard cannot re retracted. The keyboard has been rendered useless by these problems. I sometimes end up having to force the app closed to get past this obstacle. The only thing I can use OneNote for on my iPad is to look up info I already have stored in my notebook. This behavior has been going on for a long time and is well documented in various forums. I have yet to see any official response from Microsoft anywhere on how to resolve this problem. It”s like the dirty family secret that nobody wants to talk about. I find this to be very surprising given the popularity of OneNote. So Microsoft … what’s the problem? Am I going to get a response or are we going to hear crickets?

  22. It seems like the “palm” detection has taken a step backwards. I use the IPad Pro and Apple Pencil with OneNote. Prior to the last update, everything was great. This morning, I was taking notes and everytime I put my palm/fingers down to start writing it made a little black dot. I ended up erasing like 30 tiny black dots all over the bottom of my note.

    Also, why not have special support for Apple Pencil like you do in the “Pencil by FiftyThree”? AFAIK, the Apple Pencil is the best writing stylus for the IPad Pro, so I don’t understand why it isn’t natively supported. Is that just a marketing thing? I think if it was directly supported, there wouldn’t be any problem with palm/finger detection interfering with note taking.

    Otherwise, I love OneNote and threw away all my paper notebooks. Although the ability to select an area of a note and move all those drawing around (e.g. select and move) would be awesome. Also the ability to crop/resize screenshot pictures or pictures in general would be real nice.

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