Skype call scheduling and more updates for Outlook for iOS and Android

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The Outlook and Skype teams share a passion for helping connect you to the people that matter most in your life. That’s why we’re working together to build integrated experiences that make it easier to communicate and manage your calendar from your mobile device.

Today’s updates to Outlook for iOS and Android make it easy to schedule and begin a group chat and call with your friends and colleagues using Skype. Additionally, we updated Outlook with new calendaring features, improved our navigation for Android and delivered on some of your top feature requests.

Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Skype and Outlook—the best way to schedule and join a call

It can be challenging keeping up with friends, family and colleagues. Finding a time that works for everyone and remembering to show up is difficult enough. And then sometimes technology gets in the way: “How do I find you? How do I invite you? Do you have this app installed?”

Outlook and Skype have solved this problem. When creating a new event on your calendar, Outlook now includes the ability to add a Skype Call. When you tap the Skype Call toggle, Outlook includes a Skype link in the description of the event. When your scheduled meeting time arrives, recipients simply click the link in their calendar to launch Skype and join the conversation.

Skype and Outlook top features 1

And with the recent launch of Skype for Web, your friends or family can join the conversation as a guest from their computer and enjoy group instant messaging, voice and video calls. No Skype account or app download required.

New Outlook calendar views and navigation improvements

In addition to the new Skype Call scheduling features, we updated the calendar section of Outlook to give you more ability to manage your personal and professional life on the go.

Managing your schedule starts with being able to navigate quickly to any day. With the new two-week mini-calendar, your events for the upcoming week are just a tap away. If you need to go farther into the future or past, simply swipe in this section to get a full month view.

New Outlook calendar views and natigation improvements

Outlook also now provides a three-day view, so you can see more of your schedule at a glance. In addition, we added the ability to set your week start preference—whether it is Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

Skype and Outlook top features 3

The two-week mini-calendar and ability to select week start preferences features are available today for iOS and are coming soon to Android.

Improved Android app navigation

Outlook for Android now sports a new navigation bar to make moving around the app a breeze. This change brings the Mail, Calendar, Files and People sections to the bottom of the app, within easy thumb-reach, decreasing the time it takes to check your calendar or find that important file.

Skype and Outlook top features 4b

Building a better app, together

We’ve been hard at work improving our app with your suggestions. In the past month, we delivered on several of your top requests, including:

Contact push (20K+ votes)—Outlook now allows you to save your contacts to the default Contacts app for iOS or Android. You can easily see the name of a contact when you receive a call or text message from them and view all of their contact information directly from the default Contacts app. Currently, contact push provides one-way sync from email service to the phone. New contacts or contact changes made in your email service (e.g., Office 365, Gmail) on the web or in Outlook on the desktop will sync to your contacts on your mobile device. Edits made on the mobile device will not sync back to your email service. We are committed to improving Outlook contact capabilities over the coming months.

If you’d like to remove these saved contacts, you can toggle this switch at any time and they will be removed from your address book. For more information on how contact push works, click the ? next to the feature on your device to access the FAQ.

Save files to your Android device (22K votes)—Outlook now supports the option to save files and attachments from your inbox and cloud services to your device’s local storage.

Set Automatic Replies (11.5K votes)—Forget to set your out of office message before you left? You can now set an automatic reply right from Outlook on your mobile device. Go to Settings > select an account > Automatic Replies. For Office 365 and Exchange accounts, your automatic reply is synced from Outlook on your desktop or Outlook on the web.

iOS calendar widget (6K votes)—With next week’s update, Outlook will provide a widget for the iOS Notification Center, making it easy to see your schedule quickly without opening the app. Set this up by going to Edit at the bottom of the iOS Notification Center.

iOS print (5K votes)—Outlook now gives you the option to print emails using available AirPrint printers.

iOS–3-D Touch (3K votes)—Outlook for iOS now supports Quick Actions using the new 3-D Touch technology available on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. On the Home screen simply press Outlook to begin a new email or view your next event.

We continue to work to deliver amazing improvements in Outlook every single week. We need your feedback to help continue to make Outlook even better! Let us know what you think of our new features in a comment below and suggest and vote on future feature ideas right within Outlook by going to Settings > Suggest a Feature.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Does the new Skype integration work with Skype for Business?

A. The Skype Call button creates a link to join a group chat for the consumer Skype app. We will add support for Skype for Business in an upcoming update.

Q. How does the Skype Call link work? Do I need to know the recipients email? Or do I need to send it to an email address associated with their Skype account?

A. No! They just need to click the link to join your conversation.

Q. Can my recipient share the link with other people who want to join the chat?

A. Yes! Simply copy and share the link however you want—in an email, on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger or Twitter.

Q. When will this feature be available on Outlook Mail for Windows 10 Mobile?

A. We will deliver this feature in a future update for Outlook Mail on Windows 10 Mobile.

Q. How does the contact sync feature work differently on iOS and Android?

A. Due to the underlying capabilities provided by the platforms, the contact sync feature works slightly differently on the iOS and Android versions of the app.

On iOS, contacts can be saved to your address book for Office 365 and Exchange accounts. If your phone is set up to sync your contacts to iCloud in Settings, the synced contacts will be added as a group in your iCloud account. These contacts will then sync to all devices that are signed in with the same iCloud account.

On Android, contacts can be saved to your address book for any email service that syncs contacts (e.g. any connection but IMAP). To do so, navigate to your account within Settings and tap Sync Contacts.

  1. It’s nice to see that the Outlook apps are improved quickly. However, one rather elementary feature that the current Outlook for Android app lacks is displaying a person’s real name as sender’s name instead of the email address.

    When I currently send an email with the Outlook for Android app, the recipient only sees my email address as sender’s name (e.g., not my real name. This occurs both for both my as well as my Gmail account. Could you please fix this so that emails show my real name as sender’s name? Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks @Ronald for the feedback. Please let us know what other feature requests you have by going to Settings > Suggest a Feature.

  2. Skype call doesn’t allow Skype for Business….. or am I doing it wrong?

    • Simon one of the FAQ above state it only works for the consumer version of Skype and Skype for Business will be implemented in a further release. I am also waiting for this feature it will be very welcomed for my workplace when implemented.

          • Is it possible to disable this until you add in support for Skype for Business? I’m sure my (and many other) organisations doesn’t want people using consumer Skype when they’ve invested significantly in Lync/SfB?

  3. When will Outlook for iOS get password protection support?
    Its the only thing keeping my company for allowing us to use it (stuck using OWA app since it does use a password)

  4. What I really want, more than any new feature, bell or whistle, is for Outlook to not drain my battery on my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge!!!! The Outlook app is BY FAR the worst battery hog of every app on my device. In fact, I use other (less feature rich) apps on my phone simply because using Outlook is too much of a battery hog.

    • Please contact support in the app by going to Settings > Help & Feedback. It appears you may have an issue with your device and they can help you troubleshoot.

  5. Why do you guys hate Windows 10 Mobile? I really want to know.

    • I know. I’m wondering myself. It’s like an obscene joke.

      • Hey @Vitor and @Ross – we LOVE Windows 10 Mobile and have great Outlook Mail and Calendar apps for that device. Since our apps here only launched a month and half ago, we simply have some more catching up to do with features. Please bear with us while we get caught up!

        • It’s good to read this. Since Windows 10 Mobile is not generally available yet, we’ll give you some credits for what we have for now. I hope to see more features coming soon =D And besides the app for W10M, I’m also interested in your new Web Experience, I hope to be able to test it soon too.

          • Agreed. Love seeing progress in a device agnostic Microsoft, but Windows Phone / 10 Mobile do appear to be the unloved step child sometimes. Would love more transparency around the roadmap for it 🙂 Do you have a user voice site for that?

            Hankering for shared mailboxes and being able to attach more than just a picture (8.1).

            Thank you.

          • @Lucas – stay tuned!

            @Jonathan – in the app settings, go to “Feedback”. For Outlook on Windows 10 Mobile, we use the Windows Feedback tool which provides the same capability as UserVoice.

  6. The big roadblock for our organization in using the Outlook app is the lack of HIPAA compliance when used with Office 365, due to stored credentials. Or has that changed?

  7. For the Outlook Team: do you hate Microsoft Phone? Or Lumia Phones? Or just you hate Microsoft and you hope to work with Google or Apple?

    Why on the WP10 you did the worst app in the mail world?

    Why I cannot read in a normal way both phone than continuum any html email?

    Why you don’t want to use any Lumia phone to see how ugly are the mail on the phone?

    Why you work at Microsoft and use and support only Iphone or AndroidGoogleChinese phone?

    Maybe you have google stocks or Iphone stocks and want to earn only doing crappy mail app for Lumia Windows Phone 10!!!!!!!!

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