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Skype for Business for Android now available

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Today, we’re pleased to announce availability of the Skype for Business app for Android. Over the past few months, we received valuable feedback from people participating in the preview program and we’re excited to make the new app broadly available so that everyone can be more productive while on the go.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Skype for Business app for Android.

Tailored for on-the-go scenarios

A new dashboard design brings the contact search bar, your upcoming meetings and most recent conversations to one place. Simply tap the Quick Join icon to the right of your appointment name to join your meetings with one touch, or tap the name of the meeting to see its details. Your recent conversations are at your fingertips, no matter which device you had the conversation on. Additionally, full-screen video as well as larger call-control buttons to mute and add participants to a meeting make it easy for you to collaborate on the go.

Better contact management

The contact search bar allows you to search your Global Address List by name, email or even a phone number. You can also easily search for a contact within your organized Skype for Business groups and add or remove a contact.

Skype for Business Android 2

Additional authentication and security options

The Skype for Business Android app now supports modern authentication, which is utilized by other Office clients and allows for a consistent authentication experience for your users. Moreover, since modern authentication is based on access tokens, user’s credentials are not stored on their device.

Modern authentication also enables IT admins to configure multi-factor authentication for users of the Skype for Business Android app, increasing the security beyond just a user name and password. With multi-factor authentication, users are required to acknowledge a phone call, text message or an app notification on their device after correctly entering their user name and password.

Learn more about the modern authentication public preview program and how to use it for Skype for Business.

Prepare for the upgrade

The new Skype for Business app for Android is now available in the Google Play store. Android users with Lync 2013 will be automatically updated to the Skype for Business app based on their device settings. If you are an IT admin, use the Skype for Business for Android productivity guide to learn more and prepare your users.

What’s next?

We will continue to bring new features to our mobile apps with regular updates. Look out for integration with Microsoft Intune, which simplifies application management and corporate data protection and lets your users access the app from their mobile devices even more securely. Join our Skype for Business IT Pro Yammer community to stay up to date with product news, participate in interactive Skype Meeting Broadcast sessions and to share and learn from the community.

—Praveen Maloo, product marketing manager for the Skype for Business team

  1. No Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) support? Will this app be supported with on-prem ADFS and MFA?

    • Hey Don,

      Modern authentication uses ADAL – so the Android app has MFA capabilities for online tenants. Modern authentication will be available early next year for on-prem customers as well, including the Skype for Business Android app.

  2. The new app still fails to make any phone calls or join meetings with audio on a Google Nexus 6P running stock Android 6.0.1. Phone calls and meetings disconnect immediately on joining. This has been a bug for months now.

      • Skype for Business for android can’t dial any Numbers , as it move all dialed numbers to either Phone or Skype. No Voice Calls can be done using the new APP, except if i pick number from Recent calls.

  3. Still doesn’t look like you can view a shared screen/app with the new update.

    • Seriously? I just joined a meeting with Lync Mobile 2013 yesterday for the first time in a while, and was shocked that I couldn’t see the meeting slides – I just expected that to be there. Now, they finally release SfB for Android, and you *still* can’t view meeting content? I’ll have to check this (just got the update), but I will be very disappointed if true.

      • George, Rob,

        You cannot view meeting content on this version – we are actively working on it, and look forward to bringing it to the app as soon as possible.

  4. So , i can use MFA with Skype for business on Android , or it will work with the App password like the rest of Office apps ????

    • Hi John,

      you can use MFA if you sign up for the modern auth preview program, and enable it for Skype for Business. The modern auth blog should help you get started. Please let us know if you run into roadblocks.

  5. We are in desperate need of a Mac client. Can you please share details on when the preview will be available or send me an invitation?

  6. Is this only for Android Phones then? Any android tablet I’ve tried (4.2.2 and a 5.0) both get the version where a android phone on the same network gets the code.

  7. I would like to know minimum configuration we need to use Skype apps, Recently i Downloaded it on my Micromax A67 device having 512MB RAM and running with Android v4.0.0. My mobile get hand when i am making calls and sometime calls get disconnected automatically.

    Thanks & Regards
    Robin Pinto

  8. Multi-factor authentication is still not available on SfB for Windows Phone, unlike their iOS and Android counterpart, despite the former having been released sooner. When can we expect this feature to be rolled out?

  9. MAC client should be the priority, when is the early preview will be available ?

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