Schedule meetings faster with FindTime—a Microsoft Garage project

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FindTime is an add-in for Outlook that helps you come to consensus on a meeting time across companies. Have you ever spent more time deciding when to meet than actually meeting? FindTime offers intelligent suggestions on what days and times work best for people within your organization. Propose your selected times to all attendees and allow everyone to vote. Once you reach consensus, FindTime sends out the meeting invite on your behalf, eliminating the time consuming back-and-forth usually required to find the best meeting time.

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How FindTime helps plan your meetings

FindTime is an add-in for Outlook that helps you pinpoint times to meet by looking at available free/busy data for your attendees as well as creating a poll where attendees can vote on the times you suggest or suggest new times themselves!

Recipients can receive invites on any email provider and can access the FindTime voting website on any device. Organizers’ email accounts must be on Office 365 and can access the FindTime Outlook add-in in Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 or Outlook on the web.* The Microsoft Garage turns fresh ideas into real projects. Find more great projects at

—Anne Legato, chief communicator on the Microsoft Garage team

*FindTime is best for Office 365 users with Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 or Outlook on the web.

  1. Interesting add-in … does it work with Mac Outlook 2016? I installed it on PC and I can see the icon. However installed it on a MAC and I don’t see any icons.

    • I don’t think it integrates with Outlook 2016 on the Mac. Kind of a red-headed stepchild of MS. I cannot even save emails form Mac Outlook 2016 to OneNote.

      Sadly, I don’t even see how to schedule via the FindTime website. At work I use a PC so it works well, but at home I am on a Mac. Not ideal. 🙁

      Go to the site and vote at the top of the web page for Mac and website support for creating meetings.

      • Oh, if you (or your admin) add FindTime into your web based Office 365 store, you can use FindTime via Outlook online. Not as good as using Outlook on my Mac, but a heck of a lot better than having to remote in to my WIndows PC machine to do it when out of the office, so that is definitely workable.

        • Hi Brad and Ed – we don’t currently support Mac Outlook 2016. However, you can vote for this at As a workaround on Mac, as Ed suggests, you can use Outlook on the web to use FindTime.

          Thanks for giving FindTime a shot!

    • Oh how I wish Microsoft would give the Mac just a little more love than they do today. They are great about iOS support, but most seem to simply ignore Macs or think that they aren’t used in the enterprise (or at home). I hope this changes quickly under new leadership.

      • Hi Brad, Ed, and John – as you’ve found, we don’t currently support Outlook 2016 on Mac. If this is something you’d like, you can vote for support at under ideas. In the meantime, you can access FindTime using Outlook on the web using Safari. Thanks for giving FindTime a shot!

    • Hi Ed! This is Kevin from the FindTime team. Thanks for sharing! This keep us going 🙂

  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this app…..easily my favorite Outlook plugin!!!!

  3. Add iPhone app to see another person’s calendar (who has shared / given permission to their calendar) would be very helpful. For example, I can see my boss’s calendar on Outlook 2010, but their is no way to see his calendar on my iPhone. I would use this to see when he is available or might be in a meeting.

  4. As we cannot use it without 365 … That’s not really the killer thing right now …

    • Hi Magissia – thanks for the note! This is Kevin from the FindTime team. Only the organizer needs O365 to kick off a meeting poll. Meeting participants only need an email address to vote and do not need to be using O365.

  5. Interesting. Any sense of how this compares to the Meet feature in Sunrise calendar?

    • Hi Jerry – Meet and FindTime, both are great solutions to eradicate the back and forth. Send a single email and a meeting shows up. Meet is optimized for the mobile experience where as FindTime takes advantage of the fact that you are already in the outlook experience and it can talk to your exchange, get availability of others in your tenant and make intelligent suggestions. FindTime also makes the voting collaborative. That means each attendee can see the current status and voting. We believe it informs attendees to select the best times to converge the meeting faster.

      Vivek from FindTime Team

  6. Can an Office 365 University user access this add-in? I’ve tried a couple of times and it claims it doesn’t recognize my account.

    • Hi Aaron! This is Kevin from the FindTime team. As an Office 365 University user, you should be able to access this add-in. You can try installing directly from the Office Store ( If you’re still running into problems, shoot us a note at and we’ll help get you up and running. Thanks for giving FindTime a shot!

  7. I just installed this having arrived at work on Sunday morning (standard here in the middle east) and the first date that I can schedule a meeting for is Monday, so it seems my customized work week is not being picked up.

    How can I get it to show all 7 days of the week, starting on the current day?

    • Hi Jamie – We are releasing a feature today that takes your working hour into consideration if you have it set up in Exchange. It will also let you uncheck working hours (first screen when you click on your TZ) to reveal the entire week. Should be up soon!

      Thanks for asking!
      Vivek from FindTime.

  8. For everyone I have invited to the meeting it says “availability unknown” when I hover the mouse over their name. The accounts are in O365. I use outlook 2016 on my Windows 10 PC. I added my O365 account in Outlook 2016 and invited 2 username which are also in O365. I know from 1 of them that detailed info about availability should be able to see.

    • Hi Willem – Are they part of your tenant? Do you see their availability when you use scheduling assistant in outlook? If you can, then send me their names/screenshot to and I will take a look.

  9. Great concept. If people could also subscribe to share their free busy data into findtime from google apps for business into findtime then we would bite your hand off to use this in our organisation

    • Need my hands, Scott! 🙂

      Great suggestion. We have a bunch of ideas about cross platform/service support. Stay tuned!

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