Announcing the inaugural Microsoft Data Insights Summit

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Data Insights Summit

The inaugural Microsoft Data Insights Summit is a brand new two-day event specifically created to bring together professional business analysts, leading industry experts and Microsoft product teams. The summit will be held in Bellevue, Washington, on March 22–23, 2016—and space is limited, so reserve your space today.

Attendees will receive product insights and hands-on training covering all the favorites—including Power BI and Microsoft Excel. In-depth talks, hands-on demos, workshops and sessions will help you get up to speed on new features. Plus, you can test-drive the latest technology to really get a feel for its potential. You’ll walk away inspired and ready to apply your discoveries. In addition, attendees can schedule one-on-one meetings with the engineering teams or attend Ask-the-Expert sessions to get specific answers to your data analysis questions.

Visit and register today.

  1. The idea of the conference seems GREAT but I’m looking for an agenda and/or list of speakers.

    • Hi Bud,
      Glad you like the idea. We’re in the midst of putting together the agenda and speaker list. It’s always an interesting effort as there are so many more folks that want sessions than there is time to accommodate them all. Is there anything in particular you would like to see us include? No promises but we tend to prioritize sessions that customers want.

      • To Bud;s point, I won’t sign up until I know what the content will be.

        Here are a few topics I would like to see:
        – Details on Gateways and the different use cases, or a deep dive on them
        – Using PBI with Azure Machine Learning
        – Integrating PBI with other applications and or portals
        – Roadmap for PBI Desktop and Excel, the differences, will both still be used, what’s going to happen with each platform, etc.

      • I was just wondering if there are going to be more conferences in other locations or is it planned that this is an annual event?
        Thank you & Happy Holidays!

        • Hi Rachel,
          Your question is an excellent one for which we don’t have an immediate answer. I don’t think we yet know how often the conference will be delivered and if it will ‘travel’. A lot of those decisions will be based on the success of the first one as determined by customers.

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