The evolution of PowerPoint—introducing Designer and Morph

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Today’s post was written by Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office team.

Office 2016 hit the market just two months ago and over the coming weeks we’re rolling out the next wave of monthly innovations for Office 365 subscribers. This month, PowerPoint leads the way with game changing tools that make it simple to build designer grade layouts and transitions. With this month’s feature update, we’re also introducing Office Insider, an ongoing preview program available to Office 365 subscribers.

Taking presentations to the next level

PowerPoint Designer and Morph are new intelligent tools that work for you by automating the creation of slides and presentations, helping everyone get more out of Office. With a cloud-powered recommendation engine and smart animation technology, these new PowerPoint capabilities help anyone create polished slides and captivating motion effects with just a few quick steps.

Introducing PowerPoint Designer

PowerPoint Designer allows anyone to create high quality professional slides within seconds. Just drop an image into your presentation and Designer provides you with several design ideas. Select your favorite and you’re done! This allows you to spend less time figuring out how to produce high quality designs and more time preparing for that key moment—your presentation.

The evolution of PowerPoint 1

This all works thanks to a powerful combination of automated design and smart image analysis. PowerPoint Designer was built in collaboration with professional graphic designers, who helped develop over 12,000 creative blueprints. Designer applies cloud intelligence to analyze and identify the most compelling portion of your images to determine which blueprints work best with your content. For example, if the visual contains a natural scene, Designer can zoom, crop and frame it. But if the image contains a chart, it focuses in on the relevant region to ensure the important data is highlighted. Designer then selects from the 12,000+ blueprints to provide multiple layout options to help you make the most of your image. The end result is a high quality and customized presentation—in seconds.

This first release of Designer will do amazing things, but it’s going to get even better with time. In the coming months, we will expand Designer to work with additional slide types.

Create cinematic motion with Morph

Morph creates cinematic motion by seamlessly animating between your slides. Morph doesn’t just animate regular text or images, it can animate 3-D shapes or be applied at a word or even character level, including text wrapping. Simply duplicate slides you want morphed together, move the objects based on how you want them to animate and click the Morph button under Transitions. You’ll be amazed with the quality of animations you create with just one click.

The evolution of PowerPoint 2

Exclusively available to Office 365 subscribers, PowerPoint Designer and Morph are premium authoring and editing features. PowerPoint Designer and Morph are available first in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows desktop and Windows Mobile, but expect to see these same features rolling out to other platforms in the coming months.

Join the new Office Insider community

Today, we’re also launching Office Insider, a new program that allows Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal and Office 365 University subscribers to opt in to pre-release builds of Office 2016 for Windows. As an Insider, you get first-hand access to the latest innovations, putting you on the inside track for all things Office. And when you become an Office Insider, you are joining a community of like-minded power users. With your partnership, we can ensure a high quality Office experience for millions of Office users worldwide.

Sign up and learn more by visiting the Office Insider page. If you are a commercial Office 365 subscriber and would like to get early access to new features, you can opt in to Office 365 First Release. Mac customers, stay tuned for more shortly on Office Insider for Mac.

Get started

These PowerPoint innovations are just the highlights of new Office 365 exclusive value we are delivering this month. You’ll see new capabilities and improved usability across Office 2016 for Windows, including personal finance templates in Excel, new sharing options across Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and online video embedding in OneNote. Learn more about the November update here.

This month’s updates will be available to Office Insider participants in the coming week. Then, over the following weeks, the update will roll out to consumer and commercial Office 365 subscribers.

To get started:

  • Buy Office 365 to get the 2016 apps and these exciting new enhancements.
  • Already an Office 365 Home, Personal or University subscriber? Opt in to Office Insider and get access to Designer, Morph and updates across Office 2016 when they become available. Visit to learn more.

Thanks for your continued feedback and support.

—Kirk Koenigsbauer

  1. We are installing Office 2016 throughout Nov-Feb in our organization. We are setting the patching to CBB1.

    So, based on the fact we have Office 2016 now but are on the CBB patching schedule — when will we see this feature update? Now, or in February?

  2. Morph really looks amazing! This has been missing in PowerPoint for ages. I was beginning to think that you’d forgotten about improving animations. It seems you haven’t after all.
    Are we finally beginning to see the benefits of Office 365?

  3. Morph is wonderful! Who needs prezi for now? Btw, will this animation playable in older versions of (e.g. Office 2010)?

  4. Great! Looks like Morph brings PowerPoint into Prezzi style. Will it be available one day for Mac?

    • We will also be releasing Morph on Mac, iOS and Android in the coming months, so stay tuned!
      – Lauren, PowerPoint PM

  5. I have Office Professional Plus 2016. Will I be receiving these updates too?

    • The description says it’s exclusive to Office 365, so probably not.

    • Probably not, considering Micro$oft is only willing to update versions that are subscription-based. Those of us who do not like subscription software are left in the dust.

      I wish they would stick to their licensing as it was with Office 2007/2010. They used to allow for THREE activations PER ONE purchase of Office.

      • Agree with you. I hate that everything turn around 365 subscription.

        I liked when it was like you said…

        I’m ok that 365 users have more clouds features or other little things, but people without subscription should have great stuffs too!

  6. This feature is my most awaited thing in PowerPoint since I have Office 2007. But will designer and Morph be available for me as an Office 365 Personal subscriber even if I don’t be an Office Insider. If I can’t get it, can I both install Office 2016 and Office 2016 Insider Version, in the same PC without uninstalling Office 2016?

    • Hi Roice! Yes, as an Office 365 Personal subscriber, you will get access to PowerPoint Designer and Morph in the coming weeks.

  7. I’m hoping against hope that PowerPoint will someday offer a transition that works in the same way KeyNote’s “Anagram” transition works by dissolving the uncommon letters and rearranging the common letters and dissolving in the new words.

  8. You mentioned that there’ll come “Office Insider” to mac shortly… what does shortly mean? are the same features coming to windows and mac??
    Designer seems to be a very helpful feature…

    • Hi Okampa – Yes, we are currently working on making Office Insider builds available to our Mac users as well. We don’t have a specific date of availability, but it is on the horizon. And yes, PowerPoint Designer and Morph are features we plan to bring to other platforms, including Mac. Stay tuned!

  9. Alexander Black

    Is this update coming to the Universal Windows Apps soon? Go, Microsoft, you’re finally giving more attention to your own platforms!

    • Hello Alexander, yes, PowerPoint Designer and Morph are coming very soon to PowerPoint Mobile on Windows 10.

    • Hi Alexander, Yes, PowerPoint Designer and Morph are both coming soon to PowerPoint Mobile for Windows 10.

      • Wow, not coming to $150 Office 2016, but will be available to free mobile app.

  10. Hi,

    Will you make Morph and Designer available later for people who bought the full version of Office 2016 (without 365 subscription)???

    Hope it will.


    • Hi Nic727 – PowerPoint Designer and Morph are currently available only to Office 365 subscribers. Along with 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage and Office installs across multiple devices, the Office 365 subscription includes a continuous set of new features typically delivered on a monthly basis. We anticipate delivering many of these subscriber features to our perpetual customers in the next major refresh of the perpetual suite, which typically ships every 2-3 years.

      • Hi,

        Why not just make certain new features available for normal customer with Office 2016 and make other available for a couple of $ (like $2-$10)?
        Could be much better than waiting 2-3 years. That’s so sad 🙁
        I think there is too much focus on Office 365. Every features of Office 365 should be available for a certain amount of $ for unlimited time. For example, $30 to unlock office video, etc.

        Could work with Microsoft account credits we have.

        What do you think?

  11. What happens when you have the latest version of Office 365 (according to Office, when I click in update on the File > Accont Tab: 16.0.6001.1038) and Morph and Designer do not show up?
    That’s what I call frustration.

    • I just noticed it was not released yet unless you’re in Insider program. Shame on me for this.

      • No problem Andre, thanks for signing up for Office Insider! When PowerPoint Designer and Morph are available (soon!), you’ll be among the first to try them out!

  12. Hi, I am using Office 365 Home on my PC. Will these fantastic features of PowerPoint – Designer and Morph – arrive to Office 365 subscribers in this month ? I am waiting for and hoping so much ^_^

  13. @Amanda Lefebvre
    When is the release of the new features (for the insider program)?

    • I was wondering the same. If it isn’t out yet, lots of people wasted their time already trying to get it.

      • Windows 8 User and Wanderlei Santos Filho – I hear from the team that the update will come in a matter of days, pending some additional testing. If you’ve already downloaded the Office Insider build you will get the update with the new features when they are available, you won’t need to re-install a new build.

  14. Fantastic! Great to see Microsoft keeping PowerPoint very relevant…

  15. So, is this available yet?

    I believe I signed up for the insider thing. How does one know for certain? What can we look at to see?

    I saw that this was to become available this week and it’s Friday. I’m not sure how we become aware it’s available. I’ve been opening PPT and using the “Check for Updates” feature. All it does each day is report I’m using the latest version.

    Thanks for any info! Rick 🙂

    • So I checked for updates this morning and was so very excited to find there was an update! After the updates were downloaded and installed, I opened my presentation and saw no new “morph” transition. I thought, hmmm. Perhaps it will only be available in totally new presentations. So I tried that. But no joy.

      Anyone else seeing anything different?

      • Got the same thing mate. Only signed up to Insider yesterday, but there were a few updates available when I did. But after they’d run – no Morph 🙁
        Does anyone know when it will be released for the ‘Insiders’? In the middle of a project now that could really use it…
        Plus, I take it all you have to do is run the ‘Office Updates’ from inside PowerPoint to get it, if it’s ready?

      • Nothing here either, got an update, but no new designer features, it would be nice to say when to look for it.

  16. When will these amazing features be available?

  17. I have already install Office insider build, but I cannot see Morph and Designer functions in PowerPoint.
    When I press update, it says my Office is up-to-date

    • Good news! We’ve started to roll out the update that contains PowerPoint Designer and Morph to Office Insiders.

      As usual, the update will roll out over the next few days to those of you who are already signed up for the Office Insider program. (If you haven’t yet signed up, you can do so here.)

      If you can’t wait and want to get the update now, open any Office 2016 app and choose File > Account > Update Options > Update Now.

      Once the update is complete, your build version will be 16.0.6366.2025.

      We’d love to hear what you think of PowerPoint Designer and Morph. Also, be sure to let us know if you run into issues or have any feedback.

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