OneDrive storage plans change in pursuit of productivity and collaboration

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We’re making changes to OneDrive storage plans for consumers and are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible.

Since we started to roll out unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 consumer subscribers, a small number of users backed up numerous PCs and stored entire movie collections and DVR recordings. In some instances, this exceeded 75 TB per user or 14,000 times the average. Instead of focusing on extreme backup scenarios, we want to remain focused on delivering high-value productivity and collaboration experiences that benefit the majority of OneDrive users.

Here are the changes:

  • We’re no longer planning to offer unlimited storage to Office 365 Home, Personal, or University subscribers. Starting now, those subscriptions will include 1 TB of OneDrive storage.
  • 100 GB and 200 GB paid plans are going away as an option for new users and will be replaced with a 50 GB plan for $1.99 per month in early 2016.
  • Free OneDrive storage will decrease from 15 GB to 5 GB for all users, current and new. The 15 GB camera roll storage bonus will also be discontinued. These changes will start rolling out in early 2016.

We’re taking the following steps to make this transition as easy as possible for customers:

  • If you are an Office 365 consumer subscriber and have stored in excess of 1 TB, you will be notified of this change and will be able to keep your increased storage for at least 12 months.
  • If you are an Office 365 consumer subscriber and find that Office 365 no longer meets your needs, a pro-rated refund will be given. Click here to learn more.
  • If you are using more than 5 GB of free storage, you will continue to have access to all files for at least 12 months after these changes go into effect in early 2016. In addition, you can redeem a free one-year Office 365 Personal subscription (credit card required), which includes 1 TB of OneDrive storage.
  • Current customers of standalone OneDrive storage plans (such as a 100 or 200 GB plans) are not affected by these changes.

OneDrive has always been designed to be more than basic file storage and backup. These changes are needed to ensure that we can continue to deliver a collaborative, connected, and intelligent service. They will allow us to continue to innovate and make OneDrive the best option for people who want to be productive and do more.

Additional information can be found at the FAQs, and we will continue to update it throughout the transition.

—The OneDrive Team

  1. Checked the date, its not April. Why punish everyday subscribers for those that are abusing your system with possibly illegal content.

    This is a huge back down.

    • Yes I agree.

      • AGREED!!!goobye onedrive!!!hello gdrive!!!

        • Wow, now you make it really easy for me to switch to Google Drive. Thanks 🙂

          • I loved the simplicity of OneDrive, but I feel like this is a breach of trust, so I too am looking into alternatives.

            As a long time Windows Phone user I’ve been looking into the 950XL, partly because I like the way it will upload my photos to OneDrive. If there’s no Camera Roll bonus (even for WP users?!!!!) then suddenly the equivalent unlimited Google Photos storage looks tempting. I need to check out the handsets available.

            I’d already tentatively cancelled the renewal on my Groove account. I see the extra 100Gb included with this stands, but I still feel this was an overreaction to a situation that could have been easily rectified in other ways, and as such I think I’ll upgrade my home broadband and make more use of my Plex pass. My trust in your service is shaken, even if in practical terms it would make little difference to me.

            Well done team, you should be proud. To be this incompetent takes real talent.

          • I agree 100% with Stuart on everything.

            Taking away storage from what was promised after users have already utilized that storage is borderline criminal in my mind. And you can call on the “It’s free storage” defense, but someone compared this to drug dealing in another forum and if you think about it, it actually is like that. MS offers their 30 GB of free cloud storage to the masses (promising the good stuff) and deeply integrates onedrive functionality to all it’s products/services, and gets many users hooked and utilizing their services to the point they’ve got onedrive deeply entrenched in their own processes. Then suddenly they go “alright, no more good stuff unless you pay for it”. Tell me that isn’t, metaphorically speaking, what a drug dealer would do.

            That’s what they’re doing, and that’s what is ******* everyone off about it. On top of that, now I have to spend time managing/moving my photos and documents off of onedrive. That time is taken from doing something else I’d much rather be doing (which is just about anything else as storage management is right up there with going to the dentist or having a colonoscopy). By forcing this on us, makes it even more personal, which makes me (and many others from reading the posts) quit using onedrive altogether.

            All of this at a time that Microsoft was actually making good moves and improving their public image… I used to be holding the MS banner, saying “just wait and see, once it all comes together you’ll see what Microsoft is doing and it’ll be awesome”. It was just culminating to that point. Now, it feels like they’re stabbing us all in the back. I’m dropping that banner, and leaving it in the muck to be trampled by all the users that will now be abandoning onedrive (and who knows what else we’ll decide not to use from MS after this). I know I’m seriously questioning getting the Lumia 950XL now because of this.

            To quote Stuart: “Well done team, you should be proud. To be this incompetent takes real talent.”

          • +10 for what Bob S and Stuart wrote! As for the comparison to dentist & colonoscopy.. well, imagine my “joy” of having to that all again on some other provider, after I spent 3 months last year moving it all to OneDrive… and now again, I have to go through all the painful uploading, data management, and everything else. This isn’t just killing my mood towards Microsoft and OneDrive, but cloud services in general… Who & what will be next?

          • First time I saw this my reaction was “Are they serious?”. I have been a long time customer from Microsoft when they released Zune HD, Vista, Windows 8 and Microsoft Band. All products with really great potential but Microsoft just… I don’t know… I will say in a very diplomatic way “stopped caring”. I own a Nokia Lumia 1020 due to the camera and I am currently using around 7.5GB of storage for photos and videos. I saw the feature of been able to sync my phone with OneDrive and getting 15GB more of space as a very nice option. Now I will get all that removed and only be able to use 5GB… Microsoft you are really trying very hard to make me hate you, so instead of that I will do this: I will got to Amazon, buy 2x 2TB drives, put them in a RAID 1 in a NAS and make them available online. That is I how easily I replaced your service and you don’t get any money from me.

            Are you happy as I am?

          • For those moving to a different cloud storage this is an absolute must use tool. Found someone else recommending this and I have to pass it on. I’m already transferring my files off OneDrive now using it.


            It’s really slick and I don’t have to do anything except set up the source (OneDrive) and destination (in my case Google Drive but it supports many other services too) and click ‘Run’ and boom it transfers everything for you.

            Bye Bye OneDrive team, you’re lack of trust will not be missed. Now to look at some non-windows phones to best utilize google services.

          • I would DEF not switch to gdrive. I have both OneDrive and gdrive. The only reason I use gdrive is so I can create HTML websites using Editey, but other than that i stick to onedrive. plus microsoft is not going to make an API for google drive to integrate fully with office online like onedrive until #godknowswhen.

          • MGS.PC.Environments

            Go to – 50 Gb Free/Gratis

            Mediafire Google-Play Android-App – Free
            for Photopgaphy an other Things todo.



        • Mastericarus333

          I agree

          • pratheep kumar

            yeah, we trusted microsoft and it seriously let us down

          • Nathan Vergin

            I completely agree with the comments above. This is a huge breach of trust and penalizes not only paying customers (Office 365 users) but also many of Microsoft’s most loyal fans. I have never been naive enough to believe that Microsoft was perfect, they have clearly made plenty of mistakes over the last few years… But I have always thought that I could see their over-arching vision and the direction they were trying to move and have defended them in both personal and professional capacities. This horrible decision blindsided me. With their recent hardware announcements and releases paired with Windows 10 I was finally feeling like “we” were gaining some positive momentum for this ecosystem. Then they pull this BS move and the wind has been knocked out of us. This feels like a knife in the back and a slap in the face. So bummed right now…

        • its also good bye windows mobile phone and windows tablet, its that simple, they wana act like this and use a excuse that is so blatently a lie then I want out. Shame on you microsoft, I recommend whoever wrote and changed the onedrive that you sack them cause its not even a proper hiden lie, its a outright were gona screw you all and tell you to your face moment. Shame cause windows 10 and onedrive were looking great. Id now rather pay google or apple 2 or even 3 time what you charge just so I don’t stay with a company that continually LIES AND CHANGES POLICYS ITS PRESENT CUSTOMERS USE. dID YOU KNOW MY APPLE FRIENDS GOT A DOUBLING OF THEIR CLOUD STORAGE WITHOUT A PRICE CHANGE, ITS ALOT BETTER THAN TAKING IT AWAY FOR SURE.

          • are you seriously blaming people for using a service you advertised as unlimited? **** your the ones that advertised the unlimited service. you should have just apologised for your mintage, added the cap and then compensated the people who the cap would affect buy either financial or by letting them keep the extra storage. you should not be penalising everyone else for what is your , and yes your means microsoft mistake.
            As it is you have probably just killed your mobile phone 950 and 950xl chances of good sales, I think your also gona find your tablets and book sales will now lower and the reason for this will be.,…. PEOPLE CANT TRUST YOU ANYMORE. its really that simple and you don’t need a education to see that.
            Someone needs sacking. Tell me is there someone in the management team whos in charge not quite with it cause this is to many steps to far removed from reality. Wow. I hope someone buys the rights to a microsoft movie covering the last 5 years, it would be truly amazing, something you could maybe title, one flew over the cookus nest one to many times.

          • Well do not switch to Gdrive or iCloud EVEN THOUGH IT IS FREE YOU WILL NOT GET THE BEST FEATURES!


          • Shaun W. Hale

            You realize Dropbox only give you 2GB, right?

        • I’ll keep my terra of OneDrive and I’ll keep my Office 365 subscription because now high school is starting to go a little with homework and they’ll increase the homework and project guidelines every month so office 365 is not going in the garbs for me anytime soon!!! IN YO FACE MICROSOFT!

        • Ok the downside to Google’s GDrive is that if you decided to backup your files & documents into a USB Drive, delete the items on your Gdrive online. When you put your items back online, the file would be rendered useless. Very important note to keep in mind.

        • Claudio Iodice

          Agreed!!! Microsoft used one drive I was an enticement to use their product and then or year later takes it back from you that makes no sense to me. This may not be politically correct anymore but when I was a kid growing up we used to call this an Indian giver. At least you know with Google They’re good reputation mean something to them. Google will not give you something and then take it away so I agree with you hello Google Drive here I come !!!

      • It’s all just a smokescreen to try to hide how greedy they are, and incompetent. They could have done a smarter client apps and server back-end, and do deduplication on both sides, and adding a delta-sync (differential uploads), and they’d have less bandwidth requirements, and less storage needs altogether, without losing users and their trust in Microsoft as a company, actually giving users what they need and making this service better, not worse. So this is just pure greed, asking 2$ per month for 50GB? There are free alternatives like Box where I had 50GB for free for several years now! And there sure are technically better alternatives all around, starting (but not ending) with Dropbox.

        Anyway, I also wanted to ask everyone to voice your concerns here s well, on official OneDrive Uservoice forum:

    • Tim Smith

      come on do you really need more than 1TB of storage. suck for those in the 5-15GB range but the removal of Unlimited to 1TB is not an issues for 99% or users.

      • If you buy a Ferrari knowing it can do 300kmp/h, but only take it to 100. If someone killed themselves doing 400 going downhill, wind assisted. Would Ferrari go and limit all the other cars to 100. When you are promised something in tech industry and it’s not delivered the public can be so soft. Microsoft made a claim that affected purchasing decisions on hardware and other services and has not lived up to it. Look at VW they didn’t deliver in their claim, they’re paying a price even to the point that they may have to pay out car owners as their resale values have plummeted.

        You make decisions on hardware, apps, software based on what a great offering OneDrive was. Its now taken away and frankly I want to offload my 3x surface pros, 6x windows phones, office 365 subscription, groove subscription. If I lived in the us I’d take them to court.

        • HansOderfest

          I am glad you don’t then ^^

        • Valid point!

        • Dan Wells

          I feel the same way – moved from Mac to PC last year, largely because OneDrive was such an amazing offering for media pros compared to the low caps of iCloud. Apple seemed to be going after a luxury-focused consumer with the Apple Watch, while Microsoft understood the needs of those of us who are in the visual media world, offering reasonable cloud storage and fixing longtime holes in the operating system (color management). I may well be going back to the Mac, not because I’m any happier with Apple, whom I still don’t trust, but because many software developers are Mac-first, and Microsoft doesn’t seem to be committed to changing that anymore.

          • Photographer here…and I totally agree. I reworked my entire workflow around OneDrive. I picked up a Surface Pro 3 specifically for this reason and I couldn’t wait to upgrade to either Pro 4 or Book…..but when I saw Win10 handicapping OneDrive….and now this, I realize I made a huge mistake trusting Microsoft with my data and with my work.

          • For your needs as you describe, I think you should visit this page 50TB 50€/year.
            I’ve changed, and I returned to use the Apple office suite.

        • dumb analogies…

        • I can understand why MS would go back on the “unlimited” offer. It’s not correct to call it abuse if offered as so, but, still I understand why.

          I fail to understand why “abuse” on the >1TB plan has any relation to the 15 GB free offering, nothing get’s abused there, so why hurt us?

          Still, this will hit Microsoft right back as more people will abandon OneDrive and move to Google.

      • I do video production work, so this is a heavy blow to me. Made it easy to backup my work files without having to worry about a limit to how much space I’m using.

        • I do video renderings too for work. I take max 3TB online. This is extremely bad for me.

          • Dan Wells

            I’m in a similar situation – cloud backup of my own photographs – I’m a landscape photographer and photo teacher – about 4 terabytes on OneDrive, growing at 0.5 terabytes/year – no piracy, and one of the most appealing things about OneDrive was the huge storage for a reasonable price. Don’t back down from a service that is crucial to a bunch of (non-pirate) media professionals!

          • Well – as I’m in a similar position and was just searching for an suitable alternative (although OneDrive file size limits were kind of ridiculous for me) I’d like to point to something I read on another comment here: -> 50 TB for 50€/year. Plus up to 2,5TB for 5 (free) referrals. No file size limits, available on all hardware… Not only with the option for 1 main synced folder like in onedrive/gdrive etc, but additionally being able to push hole backups of folders and drives up there without caring for “what’s in my local sync folder to auto sync it and what’s not”…

      • Anonymous

        5.2gb in average, and new policy free storage is 5gb… LOL

        • 10GB is the minimum and the most reasonable space for online storage nowadays. I don’t know if 5GB is enough, especially for backup photos JPEG+DNG & Video from pureview phones.
          I am here with 5MP camera, photos backup alone is take 3.5GB plus 2.5GB of video.

        • Why don´t you turn back to 7 GB, which is the space you gave before the upgrade to 15 GB? Free users now are in worse situation than before.

          • I thought everyone knew this was the plan all along. Get users to sign up for a “free” service and store a significant amount of content, and then eventually make it so the free plan isn’t big enough for most users. Saw that one coming from a mile away.

        • The idea of going from 15GB to 5GB is very stupid. It only makes users being very angry at MS.

      • 1TB limit is a HUGE deal (and even a deal breaker) for photographers. I need my cloud solution to allow for off-site backup, even if I need to pay for that. So my unified cloud solution won’t be OneDrive anymore. Whatever the cost, it doesn’t do the job.

        • If you are a professional photographer you can easily get a business account for OneDrive and pay for more than 1TB of space. These changes effect Home and University accounts.

          • Anonymous

            Business account is SharePoint based. you can’t have nested folders and the character length limits are brutal.

          • Anonymous

            To the other commentator who said SharePoint doesn’t allowed nested folders. That’s absolutely false, it does. Many people advise against using folder hierarchies in SharePoint, but that’s a business practice, not a technical limitation. As to the character limit, while there is one, it’s not a ridiculous limit (i believe 260 characters) and from what I understand, that limit is due to URL limitations, not strictly SharePoint (not that that makes it better though).

        • If you are a professional Photographer… You should seriously check out…
          with out a doubt a much better solution to online storage, delivery, archiving, store front… pretty much everything…

      • I agree with the 1 TB limit, why not make some 5TB – 10 TB – 20TB whatever subscriptions.

        What I’m having problems with is that Microsoft doesn’t reward LOYAL hardware / Windows Phone users.
        If one uses a Microsoft Handset (Lumia) or a Microsoft Surface, he has the same 5 GB free limit like those who use OneDrive from an iOS or OSX machine??

        • There are options for greater than 1TB. You can go to OneDrive for business.

          • No you can’t. OneDrive for Business is limited to 1TB.

          • Thaks for the information.

            The other part of my comment is the more intresting for many here I think…
            I’m a Windows and Office user since 1988.
            Windows Phone since 2011, Lumia since 2014.
            Plan to buy a Surface (as my two daughters already have) next year.

            And now, I’m going to loose 10 GB standard space, 15 GB camera roll and 10 GB loyality space, going from 40 to 5 GB. Okay, it was free, and one has to pay for a service.

            But what does MS think that I feel seeing that my brother in law and his wife have both iPhone and Macs, and no Windows, and their OneDrive storage will go down to the same 5 GB as I have?

            Does Microsoft know what Customer Orientation means? Having a Windows Phone, I do not have really the impression…..

          • Anonymous

            to the individual who says OneDrive for Business is limited to 1TB. This is not true. While it comes with 1TB, you are free to purchase extra storage.

          • with the 30gig I get free I was just a little short to put my music collection on one drive, I was actually already thinking and talking to friends about getting OneDrive 1t as it is awesome but not only do microsoft use a excuse that is so plainly a lie they are taking storage away from the bottomed end. When you spend the high prises on windows products you should expect a min amount of storage, being a windows user on desktop and having a windows flagship phone means I get 30 gig. they are taking 25gig away and leaving 5, that means I have to use my phone and desktop differently. That is not acceptable from this company or any other company, I wont be investing in windows eco system anymore. Ill keep my desktop just for gaming but itll be the last product I buy from microsoft. My only hope is that google or apple make their platform gaming so we wont as desktop users have to use windows anymore. Enough is enough I cant support this attitude, I really thought sayta would and was changing things fore the better with a more open policy, this just proves microsoft is exactly the same company they were under Ballmer. Same on you all.

            If you want me back your gona have to guarantee MORE THAT 30GIG MIN FOR MY LIFETIME. That’s the only way I stay with them cause I cant trust them and having the better product means nothing without trust.

        • I agree with Tino. Microsoft should at least run a check if you have MS Windows, Office or MS Hardware and offer more free storage (above 5GB) to those users rather than just the same across the board to everyone who doesn’t use MS products. Call it a LOYALTY bonus!

        • dissapointed


      • The problem is you sell something “unlimited” and then find later that they had a hidden limit all along. I have used OneDrive for years first taking advantage of the 25GB cap before the changed it to 7GB and then the camera bonus of 15GB. Now the free is 15GB and I’m losing 10GB of that plus the camera bonus. They left the loyalty bonus, which is actually kind of humorous in light of this change.

        Going from 40GB to 15GB is a big hit. I was ready to expand my use of the service and pick up an O365 subscription, but the heck with that. Not after this change. No way.

      • Matthew Parrish

        I use Windows 10 on 3 computers at home. I have 4 iPhones and 4 iPads at home, all using OneDrive, Groove, and Office 365. I subscribe to Office 365 Family. I did so for the very purpose of being able to access ALL of my Documents/Pictures/Music from OneDrive, on ANY DEVICE. I am using more than 1TB now, but NOT 75TB or more. Those people need to be flagged and encouraged to remove content.

        This ********* move by Satya and Co, completely undermines the very reason for offering this. They’re punishing everyone because of a few. It’s a Comcast move, if I’ve ever heard of one.

      • 99% of the users don’t swing buy the onedrive blog.

    • Bill Gates is a swindler….

      • captainobvious

        Bill Gates doesn’t have anything to do with this

        • do you really believe that lol.

      • durianwool

        Bill Gates and even Steve Balmer would never have agreed to this idiotic move. This new CEO Satya is not visionary like Bill and showing his bean counter, ruthless self. Penalizing everyone else because of some idiots is not a valid excuse to reduce free to 5GB (almost useless for modern files nowadays that contain a lot of media).

        This is done in the gamble that people will pay for Office365 or they can go elsewhere like Dropbox, and arguably better deal with Google Drive. Cost of storage gets cheaper – reducing free from 15GB to 5GB is just greed.

        Time will soon tell if Satya Nadella is what John Sculley is to Apple – killing the original founders’ visions in the name of corporation.

    • Google Drive = 15GB free + 35GB for camera uploads


      • Indeed! This move just makes its competitor more attractive compared to OneDrive. Forgot Office 365, not all users need it but need generous amount of free storage and huge amount of storage for paying power-users.

        If somebody abusing the system then only punish those who abuse the system, don’t penalize everybody. This will just bring more hate to the platform. I thought Microsoft is getting better these days?

        • No one is abusing the system. They marketed unlimited. Turns out they never intended for it to be unlimited. Now they have to back-track and make it seem like it’s a customers fault.

        • NO ONE ABUSED the system, microsoft offered unlimited and people used it, where is it the peoples fault. Microsoft made a big f up and then had to reneg. The sad fact is most people would have accepted a cap of 1t on the office 3 service but to then attempt to use it as an excuse to penalise everyone else by taking away the decent free storage is just plain wrong. In a couple of years all use people on 30gigs would have payed anyway but not now not with a company being this ******. Microsoft should have admitted their mistake and should have punished themselves by capping he 1t service and then letting the people with more than 1t use their space for free. that’s would be microsoft punishment. But to punish their whole user base for what was microsoft own mistake is a terrible idea.

      • Indeed! This move just makes its competitor more attractive compared to OneDrive. Forgot Office 365, not all users need it but need generous amount of free storage and huge amount of storage for paying power-users.

        If somebody abusing the system then only punish those who abuse the system, don’t penalize everybody. This will just bring more hate to the platform. I thought Microsoft is getting better these days?

    • Agreed. I’ve used Onedrive since I got a Lumia phone to back-up my camera roll. It has been great and I just checked that I’m using 15GB out of 30GB I’ve. Now this will shrink to 1 GB… No-way I’m taking the Office 365 as I’ve a feeling it is now “forced” on me.

      So, bye bye Onedrive.


    • Agreed,

      How can someone abuse the space of a service that was meant to have unlimited storage for them? Did they perform any sort of hack, cheating or reverse engineering to obtain this additional space?

      Also what’s with the collective punishment?! I had like 25GB for free, and now MSFT is punishing people like me because of others?! And again: unless there has been some sort of foul play in obtaining storage space, what this people did hardly constitutes abuse.

      When I think that MSFT couldn’t do anything else to damage their relationship with their customer base, they bull this kind of stunt out of their hat. BRAVO, MSFT! Another facepalm moment.

    • Wow what a disappoint coming from a new window phone user who just moved my 10gb of music to OneDrive from Google.i guess its back to Google and Android for me.

      • yeh similar situation, ive supported and ejoyed microsoft and microsoft products for 17 years, yesterday after this announcement is the day I start to move away from windows, their promises mean nothing to me anymore and I certainly don’t want my digital files with a company that cant keep their promises or even tell the truth.

    • One, ***. This came out of nowhere and obviously not from anyone in PR or marketing. Two, I can’t even count how many times the OneDrive clients ate or borked and upload and synchronization across my computers because it would happen so much. Third, I never even saw the prompt or limit for “Unlimited Storage” as an Office 365 subscriber. Fourth, I have no idea what getting rid of the camera roll bonus will do, but I had the photos backing up from my mother’s android phone to OneDrive because of it… I guess she’ll have to be happy with Google photos now.

    • Totally agree with you. Microsoft/OneDrive team, why punish the rest of us who try to keep within the limits? Why not just notify those guys that they’ve “exceeded” their “unlimited” storage?

    • That has no sense. First, some winphone mobiles don’t have microSD slots because of Onedrive 15GB with photos and videos uploads, so what’s the solution now Microsoft?? I’m so disappointed…

    • And OneDrive continues its decline from what was: (in my opinion) the clearly superior cloud storage solution that made Office 365 a no-brainer, to becoming merely Microsoft’s DropBox.

      I used to have One Drive that lived in the cloud that I could use for everything across all my devices without worrying about much of anything. Now, I have regular old cloud storage that requires me to manually select what I want to sync, deal with storage limits and conflicts between devices. I miss the old OneDrive…

    • It’s astounding because Microsoft is definitely not the first to offer unlimited space. Others have tried and have folded because of these exact same reasons. This behavior is inexcusable. There are so many cases out there where this has been an issue and yet Microsoft went ahead with the offering anyways. You can’t just sweep it under the rug.

      • Neither Backblaze nor Crashplan have ‘folded’ yet. Granted, they don’t offer ‘live’ storage so users can’t really offload all their files while reducing their local storage, but they do offer unlimited backup space and have so for quite a while.

    • It’s very sad to know that Microsoft is punishing normal users for other person’s wrong usage. I have a Windows Phone, Windows 10 PC and it is very useful to have 15GB free storage, I always recommended for my friends and family to use OneDrive, now I will have to stop using OneDrive and migrate to DropBox 🙁

    • I wonder when MS decide to block use of more than two apps simultaneously on Windows 10. They advertise it as a free upgrade, just like unlimited space in OneDrive for Office 365 users…

    • Well, the carrot of 15GB is now gone for iPhone picture backups. Why should I use your service for a measly 5GB when Google, Hive, Box, and ADrive (to name a few) offer more for free?

      Apparently I can’t trust Microsoft to have any longevity in a product. Which begs the question, why trust Microsoft in the first place?

      Time to move on and dump the Microsoft apps…
      It only takes so many bad decisions before I’d rather host my own data than trust a company like Microsoft to handle it.

      • Hive is gone as of 10/15. A-Drive is no longer offering free accounts as of 2016. Box and Google are still good though.

    • Dissappointed

      Thanks for treating me like such a loyal customer Microsoft. I’ve been using this service legitametly for 6 months and backing up my photos. Might cancel my subscription to office 365 and look at other options.

    • +15
      Oops, I mean +5

    • Agreed, DropBox is looking prettier and prettier now.

    • Agreed. Why punish everyone because a few users are abusing this benefit? Deal with the abusers…

    • Totally, Just when I was thinking on droping off my gdrive account, this is a sign I shouldn’t. Greedy Microsoft.

    • Right when I thought Microsoft was finally getting it, they pull something like this. Unreal, they should be ashamed.

    • I completely agree. You need to control the abusers of your service. I understand needing to make changes but this is a little drastic for a first stab at making changes.

    • It is not abuse to go over 75tb when storage is unlimited. There is no 75tb cap it’s unlimited, there is no “abuse” it’s unlimited. That is the whole point of unlimited (The word meaning no limit) is that there is no limit. So your excuse is not valid. 1tb is not enough for me and I’m just a techie and a photography lover, never “abused” the “unlimited” but welcomed the fact that I had room to grow without worry I planned on using One drive for as long as I’m on this earth. If I’m already over that then that leaves me where? I mean isn’t that what you want from customers is long term commitment? We want the same from a company. I no longer trust you and will be going elsewhere. Btw I have almost 2tb filled on my xbox one and you guys thought 500gb was enough and you are misjudged your consumer needs for storage also.

      • I totally agree it wasn’t wrong for people to leave 75 t on a unlimited service. But microsoft realised they made a mistake in offering it as unlimited. Unfortunately they want to penalise everyone and not just change the single 1 unlimited service by capping it(which id be understandable and sympathetic to microsoft) But then to reach out to everyone including the people not involved with this service and screw them over too is unacceptable.

        plseplse plse spomeone make a new desktop os where I can simply install a game a nd play it. And no lynux and whine is far from acceptable.

    • 950+ comments about this change and not a single one praising MSFT for this sudden reversal in one of the dealbreakwers for a vast majority including Windows Phones (even new phones have limited internal storage), Surface Pro (32 – 64 – 128 flavors) or even Windows 8 and 10 users. The marginal loss in revenue for this offering in OneDrive / Skydrive vastly offsets what the marketing wizards for Cloud will be offering… Bad news for us WP lovers and Good news for Android / Google. Marketing at MSFT sometimes bafles me.

      • yeh they basicly just killed their 950 and 950xl. sounds small but its gona be a lot biger a issue than just a handful of missing gigs gone, its gona amount to a high financial cost . the small things do count. To be fair if they survive this after the next year or 2 ill be shocked from a consumer point of view.

        • I’ve been around this block many many times, I’ve researched hundreds of cloud and backup solutions providers; icloud, dropbox, onedrive, gdrive and then so many other smaller and hybrid solutions. as a security and info tech consultant, if you are worried about data, do your own data storage and backups… cloud storage solutions are for cost savings and ease of use. anyone with half a brain know no one can truly offer unlimited, and i personally never saw it lasting. too many users wanting to really exploit a system through way too many loopholes… i would rather m$ have caps and solid service… and i’m sure, m$ would rather have quality or quality of clients just as any real logically forward thinking company. unlimited is not an effective biz model, and this thread of replies proves, that the average user would prefer more for less…. regardless of quality.

          i applaud m$ in the reversal and i will use my personal onedrive 1tb accounts accordingly with a smile and as always, my clients and my biz will happily pay for quality of service vs quality of services.

          my data is important. is yours? if so, why are upset about actually having to pay for a solid service? are you some cheap *** who expects quality for free? if so… good luck. 😛

    • its not about limiting the unlimited storage that I get and agree, but you should limit the office 1tb package only and leave your 15gig free alone.

      I find it a outrage and disgusting that microsoft is going to penalise people on the low end. I was about 2-3 weeks away from getting the 5.99 version 1t storage buit not any more. I have 30gig overall of fre storage and while I’m happy with 30 gig , It doesn’t quite meet my needs. I need at least 50gig a moth and was about to pay for it. But when you take away 15 gig it means I can no longer stre my 15 gig music collection. Itr means if I go away I cant put on a few movies or even after another year I wont even have photograph room, its a huge mistake one that has stopped me buying into microsoft eco system. I’m very disappointed and feel let down but microsoft who I have continuously supported and fought in their corner over the years. I can no long do that cause this is just plainly wrong.
      Microsoft is not a company I trust and it isn’t one you should either after this move.

    • They gave a temporary 10tb to many while unlimited was bring rolled out… they could of at least let us keep that! Google drive time!

    • J. Taylor

      I couldn’t agree more, John.

      This plan is idiotic. If the Terms of Service give you the right to change the contract you had with almost all of your customers, it gives you the right to do that for those who are “abusing” the service. Why would you even consider angering 99% of your customers rather than the 1% who are causing a problem?

      Why would you want to give up your major (only?) competitive advantage over similar businesses by solving your “problem” in this way, instead of in another obvious way that is available, and would have no appreciable negative business or public relations consequences?

      What are you thinking, Team?

      Please take this opportunity to show that you “listen to your customers,” and abandon this plan.

    • MS has gone crazzzzzy, either be like Google and give fixed limits, or give unlimited and have rate limiting in place like flickr,

      @Product managers of Microsoft, isnt rate limiting a better option than just axing everything

    • I don’t think I’ve seen such a badly communicated corporate message like this before.

      The whole thing stinks. If you want to begin charging for storage, then say it as such.

      Don’t wrap it in layers of frankly ******* excuses like ‘a few users abused the service’, and the words ‘productivity and collaboration’.

      And then, the frankly CYNICAL decision to lower it to specifically 5GB. When the average user uses just over 5GB.

      Then, to top it off – you insult us by saying we get O365 free for a year, (which then, we’ll have to pay for to retain, when all we want is hassle free storage for things like photos).

      It’s so transparent, it’s insulting.

      And, there’s so many better ways this could have been done.

      Charge ‘new’ users instead. Let existing users, who’ve supported this frankly shaky system, retain some benefits.

      I have 8GB of photos. I won’t be paying, so I’m off to find some other service.

      Seriously, screw you, whoever made this ridiculous decision.

      And well done for TOTALLY undermining the work and trust that the rest of MS seemed to have been building.

    • Completely agree
      I undertook to use Onedrive in good faith and stuck by my agreement with Microsoft and their offers
      15 free and 15 from Camera Roll
      Now I am stuck – I will never trust Microsoft Again
      If you say unlimited then it’s unlimited
      An organisation of this size must have at least one lawyer of worth that might have reviewed the agreement?
      Why am I being penalised for Microsofts lack of business acumen?

    • 100% agreed

      MS please stop punishing your loyal customers for a few bad eggs and through that shooting yourself in the foot.

      Removing photo sync bonus? Seriously? 5GB free storage for windows phone users, when google gives us unlimited photo storage?

      You do realize that windows phone right now is the definition of insignificance in the mobile market … cutting donw cloud storage is not going to do anything for you there.

      What are the guys in your marketing/product department smoking?

    • “unlimited cloud storage” has to be under a specific limit that you neglected to tell anyone about? Uploading 75TB is NOT that persons fault when you literally told them that it was unlimited. Stop lying to people and maybe you wouldn’t have this problem in the first place. Why should we ever trust anything you offer in the future? The answer is simple, we shouldn’t.

    • I absolutely agree

    • Wow……guess I won’t be buying a new ‘Lumia 950 phone. I was expecting to be able to use onedrive on it for everything… they advertised! What a huge letdown. Idiots.

      I would have scaled back the unlimited plans, not reduced the phone backup storage feature?!?!? Why?!?!? This is gonna hurt their sales of their phones big time!

    • Very disappointed with the reduction from 30gb to 5gb, will be going elsewhere for sure, definitely not buying a windows phone now.

    • Hopefully MS sees the error in this, as it’s hard to be mobile first, cloud first with a non competitive cloud platform. I’d be ok with “our bad guys, we’re just going to cap unlimited at 5TB and leave alone the free stuff and other plans.”

    • Sorry, but I call ********. I understand that Microsoft may not have the storage to support a bunch of users uploading massive amounts of data from numerous PCs, but surely one of the bean counters in Redmond told the suits in charge that some users were likely to upload significantly more data than the average person. It feels like Microsoft is feigning surprise.

      I’m also confused by Microsoft’s decision to slash its other offerings, the ones with pre-determined caps that are impossible to abuse (if you’re offering 15GB, then it’s not an abuse to use the full 15GB).
      This isn’t the end of the world, but at the very least, the timing sucks. OneDrive is one of the key services Microsoft is trying to tie in with Windows 10, so why make it less attractive right as Windows 10 gains some traction?

    • Yup, count me in as another disappointed customer. I fully appreciate Microsoft’s issue with those abusing the system, but I think that it could have been handled differently for the abusers while allowing those in the 1TB to 5TB range with legitimate backups and data that does not include copyrighted material.

      Also, I think ******* on the free customers (those that redeemed various bonuses along the way to go from 5GB to 15GB) is completely unnecessary to battle the stated problems.

    • With many improvements in OneDrive lately, I finally decided to move from Google Drive (for photos and music mainly) and Dropbox to OneDrive just in this summer!

      Now with this move, I just want to say you cannot ever beat Google ! You tried to lure new users from other services and then cut your features, are you testing to see if OneDrive is strong enough to keep users in this kind of move?

      Your excuse is inadmissble !!! To avoid extreme cases, you removed unlimited stockage, it’s OK, understandable! But to shrink 30GB to 5GB in order to avoid extreme cases, is it just a joke from Microsoft?

      You gained back my trust this year of 2015, not it was just short-lived.

      To move your files to other services, use

    • Time to move back to Google Drive or new secure cloud service

    • Onno Meijer

      Agreed. This is wrong in so many ways that i don’t even care to go into detail. The explanation is so beside the point as this could and should have been expected and dealt with in a reasonable manner. Isp’s and mobile operators have been dealing with this for years. Microsoft clearly had no intention on providing us with their true motivation and shows clearly how they value their users.

    • Very bad move

    • Onedrive has always been that one place to store my files. Now because the camera roll bonus is gone and free storage is moving down, I need to painfully and slowly move my photos from OneDrive to Google Drive. Sorry Microsoft, but you got to figure out a better way to punish the people that abuse your system.

    • This is indeed a very disappointing move from Microsoft. 12GB of my web storage is utilized by photos I captured using my Windows Phones. Besides, the other commenters here are correct, why punish the rest of the users who aren’t even abusing the free storage? I remember they offered the 15GB Cameral Roll storage to get more Windows Phone users. So how would that go now that they’re making their storage down to 5GB? This is indeed not helping them get more Windows Phone users.

      Again, very disappointing.

    • You offered unlimited storage and can’t handle the very tiny small amount of users actually taking up your offer and using the unlimited storage? That is very untrustworthy on your part, and you should be ashamed. I am moving all my files, and leaving OneDrive, and maybe also quitting to use all my other Microsoft products too.

  2. Christian

    Having been a user of Onedrive since the mesh days, I must say I’m highly disappointed with these decisions. I’ll more than likely cancel my subscription and move to Dropbox as my primary cloud storage provider. You’re trying to say it was a small minority that messed this up for everyone, but the truth is you offered too much free storage to the average user and we’re not making enough of a profit. Now everyone that has exceeded their limit will either pay for an upgraded storage tier or transition to a different provider.

    • buddelman

      This flip-flop-strategy will cost you indeed a lot of customers. You’re simply not reliable anymore and lose your credibility.
      I was an early adopter since the mesh days as well and experienced so many cuts and steps back in this and other Microsoft services. Customers will fear, that suddenly every free service will cost something in the future. Infinite updates for Windows 10? Maybe forcing us to subscription plans will be the next step.
      The effect of this will be disastrous – just expect horrible media echo.
      Best thing happening for dropbox.

      • I totally agree with you guys…i’ve been using onedrive since the first days and i feel betrayed.
        I suscribed to office 365 to get unlimited storage and now? Im using more than 1 tb…
        And what about all my family i convinced to move from dropbox to the free versione of onedrive because they could use 30 Gb free (15 free + 15 camera roll)? They all use more or less just 18-20gb and they should stop using onedrive or pay for it just cause to some guys who used 75+ tb?
        We are using every Microsoft product, invluded Windows phonea so onedrive was the way to go, expecially fornohoto uploads…but now Microsoft is failing.
        I hope u can change your mind in this idea Microsoft and avoid to disappoint all of your loyal customer. Just punish who abused the service, not everyone else who believed u and your Services.

        • Andy Parsons

          I can set you up with a google drive under my business account for the current unlimted rate (£6.60 or $10).
          You can get in touch via if you’re interested.

    • I think I’m gona try drop box too because of this bs but do you know I=f I can link it to my windows phone so groove will work seamlessly with it. If not then I might have to switch to android because I’m sure they’ll have a app and a media player to do that.

      That’s the issue there, most people will move on now.

  3. Wow, gutting the free storage and killing the photo backup bonus. Bad move. One of the big plusses of OneDrive was not having to micromanage storage space.

    I already have a Dropbox account. Not sure why I need to keep OneDrive around any more especially since sync is so slow.

    • exactly !

    • Dear Microsoft, what have you done with this announcement? I was your loyal customer, but now I am not anymore.

      If anyone wish to migrate to Dropbox, please use this link to register at Dropbox and both of us will win an extra 500MB:

      Thank you and God bless you!

  4. Seriously???

    The Free OneDrive storage (15 GB) and the 15 GB camera roll storage bonus was the big differentiator between dropbox, google drive and the rest of the competition. It was how I was able to convince my friends to try and use the service.

    This is a really bad idea… You’re going to lose a lot of potential clients.

    • And a lot of existing ones.

    • Yeah! Now even Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage because of OneDrive now Microsoft is downgrading it to just useless 5GB free storage? Seriously, this must be a bad joke.

      OneDrive is marketed as a one storage for everything and synced between devices, with new 5GB free storage that’s just limiting for today’s need especially flagships that have at least 13MP of resolution while others even have 4K video recording as a default.

      Remember, OneDrive isn’t a household name for cloud storage nor that popular. The most popular are Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud. Google Drive is preinstalled on most android devices which is the majority of smartphones while iCloud is tightly integrated to iOS devices and Mac and also well marketed. Dropbox for a long time has been a household name for cloud storage and very popular regardless of the platform. OneDrive? That’s only popular for handful of Windows users and Office 365 subscribers. Now OneDrive offers same or less storage than competitors for free? No Placeholders? Now why people choose OneDrive again?

      • Yeah, “mobile first, cloud first” strategy? They can better use “mobile we don’t care, you better use someone else cloud” strategy.

    • Yes, I feel stupid too for recommending this service against much faster and reliable Dropbox.

    • I agree, used the free, reasonable OneDrive to sell friends into MS services. This does appear to be greed, definitely not a benefit to loyal customers. Don’t really care about the unlimited, but the overly limiting 5GB is ridiculous

  5. Carlo Mendoza

    What a let down.

    • Carlo Mendoza

      What kills it is the 15GB downgrade to 5GB for new users and no more bonus for using it for photo backup.

      • maxauthority

        Indeed. I just switched from Google Drive to OneDrive a few days ago, and having 11GB Photos/Music, so 15GB (actually 30 with the bonus) was great for me, as I prefered the way onedrive handles music integration into groove. But now thinking of going back to google drive.

        • Not aa bad idea as they offer unlimited photo and video uploads at a reasonable resolution/megapixel.

          Really disappointed about the big backflip and d@#k move on reducing the 15GB to 5GB

          Guess I’ll be moving all my storage to Google and will no longer be buying Surface Pro in the future having bought 2. Maybe buying a MAC will treat me better

      • Totally agree. 15 GB Camera Roll storage is a big incentive for Windows Phone users. 15 GB sign up bonus was great for home users. I have a Windows Phone, Laptop, and Desktop, all syncing via OneDrive and using 28 GB.

        MS has practically forced us to use OneDrive with the Win 10 update.

        Is this just a Blog Post or an official service change from MS?

    • What a dishonest statement.

  6. Terry Coombs

    So, you’re punishing EVERYONE because some people abused the system? Yeah, that sounds fair. Another Microsoft service taking several steps back instead of forward.

  7. Vitor Mikaelson

    Even iCloud now is more cheap. This must be a joke, right?

    • Is Steve ballmer back?
      Seems like his logic

      • Even Steve Ballmer wouldn’t even do this. SkyDrive which is formed under his helm have 25GB of free storage and believe it or not is a strong supporter of cloud services too. That’s why he came up with “3 screens and the cloud”, which I think means its about Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox all knitted with OneDrive/SkyDrive.

  8. Passing the blame onto the users…

    You offered unlimited storage..what else did you expect.
    Capping it at 1TB for all users is a good idea if this problem was highly impacting but why are free users being impacted and cut…OneDrive literally has 0 advantages against Dropbox/Google drive now…

    Honestly Microsoft knew they wanted to make unpopular, user impacting OneDrive changes and have passed the blame onto the customer, well done…..

    I used to recommend OneDrive and laughed at the 5GB of which iCloud provides their users….back to the old Microsoft I guess…

    • No advantages at all. Especially after they removed smartfiles.

      Just when MS good will was going up and they pull this too. This is ridiculous.

      Awful. Awful.

  9. Trong Kien

    an extreme cut to storage? way to alienate both new and existing users. Now probably Google Drive is the way to go.

  10. Why not just put in a top end limit – your examples of users actually using your ‘unlimited’ service, then blaming them for having to make changes to everyone is nonsensical. It’s a great way to get rid of existing users, and push them towards other solutions – especially when people lose their automatically sync’d photos with the OneDrive app on their phone, in 12 months time.

    Note – I’m not a free customer, I have both personal and work subscriptions.

  11. As an early adopter of OneDrive, this news is not only disappointing…. it is impossible to rationalize. 50 GB of iCloud storage is know cheaper than 50 Gb of OneDrive and for a Mac user (like me) there is no point in paying double for the same amount of storage.

    Great job in alienating OneDrive loyalists. I’ve purchased my 50Gb of iCloud storage and have already begun transferring files. You just lost a customer (and I am sure many more)

  12. Here’s an idea, Office 365 should come with its own backup service.

    Oh and this is a ridiculous change, why clamp down this hard? Documents of today are larger and larger. Sharing pictures with family can be a huge event. Consumer cameras can be a modest 36MP, those digital negatives can eat storage fast.

    Google Drive and Dropbox still offer unlimited tiers, even if it is for ‘business’ for a modest fee a month.

  13. ***********! Pretty much sums it up

  14. Lucas Vitalli

    Sempre utilizei da plataforma da microsoft, influenciando inclusive minha rede de contatos a utilizar o serviço em vez de outros como dropbox por exemplo, estas decisões me surpreenderam por parte da companhia e me deixam apreensivo quanto aos arquivos que tenho de backup (alguns com certa de 5 anos ou mais), gostaria realmente que a companhia voltasse atrás para não perder público como ocorreu com algumas decisões do xbox one por exemplo.

  15. *********** ! was the word that got blanked out…

  16. ***********.. was the word they blanked out…

  17. Rooster Suckers

  18. changing the free storage for current users and getting rid of the unlimited storage PEOPLE PAID FOR (yes, you made a statement about unlimited storage)?

    I guess you don’t want us to use OneDrive to back up our photos anymore.

    You are pushing us away to competing services and once your force users to do that they might abandon you altogether.

  19. To be clear no one abused the system, We were given unlimited storage, and expected MS to keep good on that promise. I am wondering why I should keep paying for that office subscription now. Google still has free office alternative correct.

    • This is a terrible decision. It would have been much smarter to keep 15 GB free and 2 terrabytes for OneDrive. There are a lot of photographers that will drop MS Office and move to Google docs +drive as their office solution.

    • Even a smaller company like Mediafire gives 10 GB of free storage in each account. Do they really want us to believe that they cannot afford offering 15 GB for free? Lol

  20. Last night I just explained to 25 people how wonderful it was to have unlimited storage on OneDrive for use in keeping copies of all my pictures, family videos, documents, etc. in an off-site yet online environment and convinced most of those people to become Office 365 subscribers. I described how easy it is to keep my data synchronized. How comforting it is to know my data is secure and welcome in Microsoft’s cloud. Well, thanks to your outright stupidity, I have E-mailed them as of tonight suggesting they hold off and no longer consider purchasing the O365 product for its OneDrive benefits.

    This is classic bait-and-switch, plain and simple. Microsoft overpromised and under delivered here, period. There is no other way to slice it. Hiding profit-chasing under the guise of ensuring quality of service due to a small minority abusing the system may convince a 5 year old, but certainly not me.

    This decision is absolutely atrocious and leaves Microsoft with precisely ZERO competitive advantage against other cloud storage service providers.

    “Mobile first, cloud first”. Right, sure looks like it. Your Azure cloud and the datacenters that power it are supposedly so powerful and so capable that in an era where storage is cheaper than it has EVER been in the history of computing, you’ve decided to restrict anyone and everyone to quantities that in today’s world are nearly *USELESS*.

    OneDrive has been routinely billed as *THE* place for the storage of online media for customers. Be it music, video, documents, spreadsheets, etc. You even told us to upload all of our music so we could live stream it to our phones with a special Music folder! Now you’re all of a sudden trying to change your tune by claiming it was only ever intended for “Productivity” (read: small, highly compressible Word documents because we blew our service and revenue model due to improper due-diligence)?

    You can consider me a lost Office 365 subscriber, permanently. And I am a devoted Microsoft user who convinced his enterprise to sign a multi-million dollar Premier support contract that also holds an EA with SA on all of our products! You can bet I will ensure news of this bait and switch will spread like wildfire to any and all Microsoft customers I encounter.

    Pathetic. This is the “new” Microsoft is it? Very impressive. Off to Dropbox we go.

  21. Austin Loeb

    Wow, this is scary, I guess I’m just going to have to move all of my photos to another service because while all other cloud services are increasing their free storage, Onedrive decides to decrease it. This is a huge step backwards. I was considering paying for extra storage beyond my 30gb free (with camera roll bonus), you can forget that now. This is NOT how you attract new users. Why punish free users because a couple people who pay for office 365 with unlimited storage abused the system?

  22. Jefferson

    Bad move.

  23. Bad move. Punishing many people for a few who took advantage of “unlimited” storage. Maybe you shouldn’t have promoted “unlimited” storage.
    Back to Google Drive

  24. How do I get a refund on my time and effort to move photos and documents of your service onto a competitors? Where can I send an invoice for my time?

    • I agree. The real cost here for me is the time and bandwidth it took to upload all my data. $60 a year on Amazon’s cloud for unlimited is looking pretty good now…

  25. How the F*** do you uninstall onedrive?

    • catena silvano

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


  26. Tim Sullivan

    “Unlimited”: not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.

    With all due respect, nobody “abused” the system. Regardless of what they stored or how they stored it, assuming the content itself was within the terms of service, it is simply not possible to abuse a resource bound by no limit.

    My Office 365 subscription is getting canceled within the next 15 minutes.

  27. Rich Warren

    This is the Microsoft that Satya Nadella is carefully crafting? Nothing says “Mobile First, Cloud First” like an online cloud storage solution that is *reducing* storage limits. This is 2015 is it not?

    Satya wants people to “love” Windows, not tolerate it. Nothing makes me want to love a Microsoft service more than knowing I paid for something that Microsoft is outright refusing to deliver. I have canceled my Office 365 subscription.

  28. WOW because of some people you punish all your loyal users? please ban users who did that! not by decrease your amount of free storage and camera upload!

  29. How unprofessional of MS to use #OneDrive abusers be the excuse for cutting back the service for all. #youredoingitwrong

    Either target and limit the abusers – or own up and be transparent about the real reason (presumably $$$) that EVERYONE’s service has been cut back. Mind you, a service MS have promoted and positioned based on the earlier value proposition to customers.

    Subscribe to Office 365 = extra value, WP Camera Roll backups – extra value, Other Bonuses – Bonus value….all adding people’s OneDrive storage available….until today.

  30. Such a bad move. It doesn’t make sense to reduce the free storage from 15GB to 5GB. I’ve been using onedrive from the earliest Mesh date and convince many of my friends to use it. Now it’s useless compare to other service. I’m moving to Dropbox. Go to the ****, Onedrive. You are killing yourself

  31. I had to read this post several times to make sure I was understanding it right, specifically this part:

    “Free OneDrive storage will decrease from 15 GB to 5 GB for all users, current and new. The 15 GB camera roll storage bonus will also be discontinued. These changes will start rolling out in early 2016.”

    So as a current user, I have 30gb of storage today. Under the new changes in early 2016 (assuming February), I will lose 25gb of that 30gb. But to be nice, you will give me a 12 month grace period in order to move my files to another cloud storage service. Because, I have done nothing wrong nor did anything to abuse the system.

    But, I get a free one year of Office 365, which gives me 1Tb of space, to keep me around for another year.

    Which maybe by that time, you will have realized you screwed up and repeal all of the changes you just announced above.

    This is the new Microsoft?

  32. Joshua Timothy

    Now that is a low blow Microsoft! Because of the malicious acts of a few, you take away all of our earned storage and then make us buy more in smaller increments at a higher price. You are hurting everyone, especially artists, designers, programmers, etc who depend on their cloud storage.

    A better solution would be to not take away storage from those who already have it and just change the policy here on out.

    I am close to 1tb of used storage and now I won’t have enough space to store my photos and office documents!

    I am a legacy user of onedrive(skydrive) and have been an avid supporter since the beginning. I have got my friends and colleagues to switch over from Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Now I can no longer recommend One Drive to others because now the competitors offer a better deal. (Google Drive gives 15gb of storage and unlimited for photo) (Amazon gives unlimited storage for photos.)

    I hope you can rethink a better solution and meet your supporters half way! We realize that you need to make some changes to keep your business model, but there is no need to throw us under the bus and take everything away from us!

    Lesson to learn, don’t promise what you can’t support! You offered unlimited storage.

    By the way, camera upload was one of the most useful features. First you get rid of smart place holder files, and now camera upload.

    Please reconsider!

  33. Wow, that’s a shocking difference and decrease in the offering. As a huge Microsoft fan this has just taken a huge chunk of my faith in this company’s practices. It doesn’t make sense to offer 10 TB of data for EVERYONE and then take it away because few people started using 75TB of data –> only about 8 times of a normal user that YOU offered to honor (well, actually unlimited, but mine had been saying 10TB for a long time now.) If you are going to make a promise for certain capacity, then make sure you CAN handle that load! Clearly, you weren’t capable enough to offer everyone the amount of data you promised, and now you’re backing down with some LAME excuse. This is a huge HUGE disappointment. I don’t usually speak out for stuff like this, but this has me raged. Granted, I don’t have more than 100GB of data and it probably will not affect me with my Office subscription, but this is huge setback for you, Microsoft, with the slowly improving reputation of your company. Just watch, everyone will be talking about this starting tomorrow, and your image will be destroyed by this retraction of a promise you made to tons of users. More of your future practices like this, I will be more than happy to take my business elsewhere.

  34. Tom Pearson

    Bad business. Will immediately discourage all of my coworkers. Competitors have the edge will gladly pay them for better services options. Now that money grab is out I will find best competitive option. Thanks for finally showing Microsoft’s true colors. It’s been hiding all along.

  35. I guess the horse was put before the carriage and the horse caught up. But now instead of stopping the one carriage you’re blocking an entire thoroughfare…

    I’m not sure how to take this as I’ve been trying to support MS rationally for a while, but this is as they say, “*** backwards”. Definitely jumping ship on my cloud storage I stayed with the slower transfer rates for long enough.

    Most of this is as a disgruntled end user, but it’s no less true. Hopefully those that you drive away free up enough of the system for your team.

    • “Carriage before the horse…” **** 😛

  36. Brian Freeman

    Just when OneDrive was heading in the right direction. Thought I was reading an April fools joke.

    We need multi terabyte plans so we can completely move to the cloud.

    The unlimited plan was a marketing trick gone bad. Now you have more bad press than you bargained for.

    Come out with realistic pricing plans and stick to them.

  37. Are you try to kill yourself?
    Decreasing free storage from 15GB to 5GB is a MAJOR DRAWBACK!
    And discontinuing Camera Roll bonus is a DEAL BREAKER!

    Why do you suggest every Windows Phone user to backup photos on your service but you don’t give them space they needed?
    OneDrive will be another Microsoft’s junk.

  38. I’m confused. Just what did you think was the definition of “unlimited”?

    If you have a problem at people using 75 TB, then why did you announced unlimited storage? Why are you now changing it to 1TB? Why not something reasonable like 10TB?

    Will Microsoft be making a way to transfer data directly to an alternative service, or will they be paying for the bandwidth overage fees my ISP will charge me when I download all my OneDrive data and upload it somewhere else? This could cost me $250!

  39. Despite all the complaints here, one has to say that $1.99 / month to store 100GB photos/data securely in the cloud is still a great deal!

    I think the Office 365 Home deal is the best deal. Yes, sometimes you have to pay for something, but we’re talking coffee level money here.

    • Yeah, it is a good deal, only that isn’t what they’re offering. They’re killing the 100GB and 200GB plans and offering 50GB for $1.99:

      “100 GB and 200 GB paid plans are going away as an option for new users and will be replaced with a 50 GB plan for $1.99 per month in early 2016.”

      • David Hanson

        ^^ saved me the effort thanks

  40. Faragondk

    Onedrive is a service that is getting worse and not better. I have enough storage for my use, but I use the service less and less, because of constant annoying sync issues with my office files.
    Microsoft is doing with OneDrive as they did with Windows Phone, remove function after function that made Windows Phone cool and different from iOS and Android.
    I used to own a Lumia 920, I use iPhone and iPad today…

  41. Jeroline Suarez

    So are you telling me that I have 30gb that I win with referral and you’re going to down my gb to 5gb? Let me tell you that you suck I was a happy user of One Drive until today and now I’m not using anymore you’re cloud.

  42. It’s pretty disappointing as it feels a little bit like a bait and switch.

    While I’m trying to keep myself from making a knee jerk decision, I’ve been lamenting OneDrive lately for it’s lack of features, speed, and the way it bogs down my computer but the service plans have been keeping me around.

    Dropbox is sounding like a nice alternative now due to its buttery smoothness and speed.

  43. Anonymous

    This is really shortsighted of Microsoft. I have to believe the vast majority of users don’t use a whole lot of data, or even come close to what their max is.

    It’s important to be able to offer 15GB free, which puts Microsoft on par with competitors such as Google Drive. It’s also good marketing to have things like the loyalty bonus and the camera roll bonus. It gets people to start using the service and who cares about 30GB? That’s nothing for Microsoft.

    I completely agree with capping the accounts at 1TB though. OneDrive isn’t meant to back up full images of multiple PCs or 75TB of DVR recordings. 1TB should be more than enough for people’s documents, pictures, & music.

    • Anonymous

      To continue my comments, since it got cut off:

      I don’t get why you don’t just contact people with more than their 1TB, tell them they have 3 months to get it below 1TB, and leave all the accounts that have 15-30GB for free alone. I just feel that this is going to **** off the majority of users who use the service in good faith to stop the small minority who take advantage.

  44. I cannot believe this is happening right after they rolled out a new OS that has deep integration to this service and a new phone OS which will rely heavily on this service. I could engaging dropping the 15gb picture sync bonus but to go from 30gb free to 5 gb is JARING even for someone who isn’t paying for the service.

  45. I can’t believe Im being punished for the actions of others. Why not drop the storage for those who are abusing the service ? This is not good. As a faithful WP and One Drive user this is disheartening to know you would do this. I’ll take my services elsewhere if this is not revoked immediately!!!

  46. What you’re doing is destroying OneDrive, and making it a far less viable option than you competitors. What are you people thinking? Your competitors offer multiple paid storage options, and you’re only going to offer one 50GB option?

    Goodbye and good riddance. I was thinking of paying for extra storage but now I’ll take my business to Dropbox.

  47. Hi,

    As a loyal users of OneDrive since the first day. This is a big let down. The current onedrive is not perfect. In fact until today I have still have problems with files not syncing or refuse to sync once in a while. But still, I stick with Onedrive.

    Microsoft should not penalize the normal user and long time user who do not abuse the system. For those who do abuse, please do take action but please do not have policy in one stroke whack everyone.

  48. Ok this is very simple, Microsoft. You have two options:

    1 – You keep these plans, specially the cutting of 15GB to 5GB of free storage, and I’M OUT and moving all my stuff to Google Drive; or

    2 – You rethink this really really really stupid decision of punishing everyone because a few were idiots, and I’ll keep using your services.

    This is a “battle” that you can’t really hope to win. If you go ahead with this, I will simply abandon your services. And I’ll incentive and take along with me as many people as I can (starting with my entire family).
    You’re not granting me the “privilege” of using your services. *I* am the one granting you the privilege of having my patronage. It’s users that keep your business alive, not the other way around.

    So think well about this. Without users, you might as well kiss your cloud services goodbye. Because what isn’t lacking out there is offer. From Google to Dropbox, to Mega to a ton of other cloud services. You are NOT special, Microsoft. OneDrive is NOT special.
    You would do well to remember that.

  49. Chaitanya

    It was just 12 hours ago that I was explaining to my colleagues how OneDrive provided a superior experience when compared to Google Drive and Dropbox. I am using the free usage right now and I was just about making my mind to get the Office 365 for lifetime and share it with my family for its unlimited storage capabilities. I never intended to abuse it by storing terabytes of data but just considered it to become a safe haven for all my RAW photographs are other important files.

    Now you screw your loyal users by taking away 10gb of free capacity and other goodies and capping the Office 365 limit to 1TB, I simply don’t trust your team enough to believe that you are going to honor that as well, though that may have been sufficient for my use cases.

    Everyone who was reading this blog post, this is a reminder that Microsoft was able to determine that these users who abuse the service were weeded out as OneDrive store your precious data UNENCRYPTED and they have the right to access the data without your consent (read their data policy), so I suggest we look for alternatives to this non sense.

    I am not so sure if I want to get that Yoga 900 or the Lumia 950 XL anymore. Microsoft CANNOT be TRUSTED. Yet again!

    • I agree, Chaitanya. Trust is the real issue. If they’re going to make a blanket change like this, with no consideration of the average user, what’s next?

  50. Chaitanya

    It was just 12 hours ago that I was explaining to my colleagues how OneDrive provided a superior experience when compared to Google Drive and Dropbox. I am using the free usage right now and I was just about making my mind to get the Office 365 for lifetime and share it with my family for its unlimited storage capabilities. I never intended to abuse it by storing terabytes of data but just considered it to become a safe haven for all my RAW photographs are other important files.

    Now you screw your loyal users by taking away 10gb of free capacity and other goodies and capping the Office 365 limit to 1TB, I simply don’t trust your team enough to believe that you are going to honor that as well, though that may have been sufficient for my use cases.

    Everyone who was reading this blog post, this is a reminder that Microsoft was able to determine that these users who abuse the service were weeded out as OneDrive store your precious data UNENCRYPTED and they have the right to access the data without your consent (read their data policy), so I suggest we look for alternatives to this non sense.

    I am not so sure if I want to get that Yoga 900 or the Lumia 950 XL anymore. Microsoft CANNOT be TRUSTED. Yet again!

  51. It’s ’cause of overselling. You just cant offer “unlimited” to all your paid users. Even for “small number” of them, who use those “unlimited” storage. Don’t blame them, blame yourself. But that’s OK capping upper limits to 1TB. I don’t understand why you capping 30-50GB to 5GB. You can’t afford it either, aren’t you?
    People just will move to other services, and left only DOCX and XLSX files with you. For some time.

  52. There are two questions:
    1) will loyalty bonus remain? There are now words about this bonus there or in OneDrive Changes FAQ.
    2) will referal bonus remain? As well there are no words about this bonus.

  53. No one abused the service they used what was offered, it’s MS abusing everyone that wanted to use onedrive.

  54. Wow! I’m done! Bye.

  55. Alright Onedrive, I am going over to Google Drive. I have been here since beta and been using Onedrive has been my primary storage with all my school content. Now I have a sour taste in my mouth. Will avoid future offers because I will probably get screwed again!

  56. StefeBear

    Very disappointing news from Microsoft/OneDrive that you are not only removing the unlimited, though I can certainly understand the reasoning behind that and think it fair. But reducing the free stuff from 30GB to 5GB.. TERRIBLE. Are you going to remove the old “Loyalty” bonuses as well?

    Maybe now Google will write a windows all for Google Drive backup and get more customers from Microsoft Services?

    What’s the likes of a Dedicated Windows and Windows Phone user meant to do for Photo Storage..
    Oh I know.. Pay for Office 365 (something I never use at home) to get 1TB of storage online from Microsoft.

  57. I’m practically in disbelief – I thought the idea was to bring customers into the Microsoft ecosystem? I have a Windows phone, tablet, and desktop. Syncing files between the three is impractical without the cloud, and I definitely have more than 5 GB of content. 5 GB? Correct me if I’m wrong, but looks like we are heading back to 2008. I am not going to pay $24/year to keep the same service when it is available free somewhere else. I guess I’m going back to Google

  58. Well, so much for that…. after racking up loyalty bonuses, enthusiast bonus, Groove Music Bonus and now you want to take it all away. Not enough room for photos, not enough room for music, let alone both..

    Why would I stay, why would I sign up at all? For a service that touts Cloud first, you will now have the worst cloud storage offering and we be completely incapable of providing the service you were implemented to do. Worse still, you have lost the trust of a loyal band of followers…

    • Only the free, camera roll and O365 allotments are affected. Other bonus allotments are not being toughed. See the FAQ. Last question specifically.

      Ps. I think changing the free and camera roll allotments is a mistake.

  59. Ouch. I’m a MS fanboy through and through, but this is one of the worst marketing blunders in recent memory. It’s one thing to realize that your offer of unlimited space might be too generous. It’s another to kill it (along with other popular options), hamstring what’s left, and top it all off by referring to the moves as a “pursuit of productivity and collaboration”. Because nothing says “productivity booster” like a feature-gutting announcement made at 9PM on a Monday night in November.

  60. Paul Thurrott already told everyone to jump ship for dropox. First it goes from great to just ok, and then they betray customers. Nice move guys. Makes sense, WP is dead so they don’t need to offer back up anymore as an advantage and they would rather use servers for online document collaboration. This is just them getting out of the business.

  61. Get ready to lose lots of customers. You guys messed up bad and you deserve what will happen.

  62. Microsoft, do better next time. We thought you had changed.

  63. You have lost my loyalty with this announcement. Microsoft is clearly forgetting that they have many competitors in cloud storage field in addition to losing loyalty and trust of existing consumers. If Office 365 users are abusing the system, punish them! Why punish us who are using less than 50GB of data

  64. Ok, I see.

    * Breaking not-yet-fulfilled promise of unlimited paid plan.
    * Using non-relevant dummy reasons (75TB argument is not relevant for 30 -> 5GB decrease).
    * Drastically lowering free plan.
    * Breaking promise from windows devices’ marketing materials.
    * Price increase for standalone paid plans (for the same $1.99 amount giving just half of the paid space (50 GB instead of 100 GB, so for 100 GB it will cost 500%, for 200 GB it will cost 250% of the original price as the user is required to buy Office 365 plan).

    And the Business/Enterprise promise of unlimited storage is still not even started rolling out yet even it is basically a year after being promised and announced with big halo. This halo is linked with bogus reasoning as well (need to announce at least 12 month in advance, this is not relevant as it is not a breaking change).

    This announcement and the recent announcement of deeper integration of Dropbox in Office does not smell to be independent.

  65. You know what? If you guys are actually going with this, I am going to pay $1.99/mo to Google for their 100GB storage.

  66. This is horrible news.

    Force everyone not running Windows 8.1 to use OneDrive in the least convenient way by removing placeholders, then do away with one of the greatest reasons to have an Office 365 account?

    I am not only a podcaster, but I do some video and photography work for clients from time to time and have only accumulated 1.5TB including my own personal files that I have uploaded off of my machines.

    I can understand clamping down on those who are abusing the system much in the way that people using their mobile data plans for dozens of GB of mobile data, but to drop everyone down to 1TB instead of the 10TB tier users see before they go over? That is just ridiculous.

    I wonder which service will read this and offer to get this bad taste out of customers mouths you have placed here this evening.

  67. Change back to 1tb from unlimited is understandable. Changes to the free allotment is ridiculous.

  68. Anonymous

    but why

  69. Why aren’t you just putting a cap on storage space at 2TB or so? Why are you punishing every OneDrive user, including the free ones, for the actions of just a handful of people that abused the system?

    And why are you getting rid of the Camera Roll bonus? It’s almost as if you WANT everyone to head to rival services en masse!

    Quit punishing everyone for something that only a few people did!

  70. OneDrive client already took a step back when we went to Windows 10 …. now the entire service is being rolled back.

    Someone in MS needs to be fired. For all the good things MS has done to turn the image around, OneDrive has been one continuous disappointment. It’s the friggen backbone of Office 2016 collaberation and it’s been systematically downgraded _twice_ this year.

    Major overhaul is needed guys. MAJOR overhaul. THAT has to start from within.

  71. What is this ? i have 30 GB some how and i have a Lumia and my auto back up already hit 6gb so i need to delete everything ? Huge backdown MS a big one

  72. Better say, “We will no longer provide OneDrive service” and offer a nice migration with step by step instructions for current users to jump ship to Dropbox or Google Drive. Wors’t decision ever in the lead of Satya Nadella.

  73. Whose bright idea was this? Just a few weeks ago, Panos Panay was showcasing the Lumia 950’s 4k video upload to OneDrive, how do your scenarios work? You asked us to trust you with our digital lives, gave us a great home for files, images and video. The demands for cloud storage increase with every next generation of devices, your own offerings demand a lot of storage. And now, out of nowhere you cripple your service yet again, first was getting rid of placeholders on windows 10. What did you think was going to happen when you offered unlimited storage? What did you think was going to happen when you forced OneDrive onto every user of Windows 10, and set your goal for a billion devices running it? Was no one doing the math? This is your fault for your shortsightedness. Don’t blame the users. When you gave unlimited storage and people used your service to upload hundreds of terabytes, it’s not abuse, it’s just using the product as advertised

  74. So what’s next? You’ll tell me that I can’t install Office 365 on 5 computers, only 3? Then only 1? All in the same term of service? Because you’ve decided the revenue model isn’t working out?

    Your trust is now blown and I live and breathe Microsoft day in and day out for a career and because I believed in the company and its vision. No more. This is the biggest blunder of PR and Customer Service I’ve seen since… oh wait, it wasn’t that long ago: You just did the same thing to customers with the Xbox One launch.

    When will you learn that customers are your bread and butter and that we choose you, not the other way around? Consider me another departed.

  75. Anonymous

    – no collaboration support
    – limited file supports compared to Dropbox and Google Drive
    – slow syncing speed compared to Dropbox and Google Drive
    – so many bugs with their syncing mechanisms.
    – not versatile to use other onedrive accounts on the same PC
    The only reasons I bought 2 years worth of Office 365 was just because of their cheap storage, nothing else. I am saying bye to onedrive soon. Hope Google Fiber is coming to my city soon with their free 1TB of storage.

  76. Dylan Maz

    This is not something Microsoft can do when their Windows Phone customer base is so small.
    The camera roll 15GB was a great way to back up my photos and helped to differentiate OneDrive.

    Poor choice Microsoft…

  77. Honestly, how dare you. After years of having 30gb of space you expect me to be ok with only having 5gb!? What about backing up my photos from my WP!? What about the music streaming from Groove!? You guys are making a huge mistake that will not only harm Onedrive, but will ultimately harm and possibly end a ton of other Microsoft services.
    I genuinely hope someone (or several someones) on the Onedrive team lose their jobs over this anticonsumer mess.

  78. So a short timeline (of free SkyDrive/OneDrive storage) is in order 25GB->7GB(+15GB)->15GB(+15GB)->5GB

    Yep this is normal progress in a “Mobile First, Cloud First” world. I’m not sure how making a service that has less space and costs more than Google and Apple (and let’s be honest sync has been getting slower for years) will make anyone use this service voluntarily. Now it will be set up by default on Windows, immediately complain about no space, and be summarily disabled. I just don’t see the end game. Where does the profit come from if no one has a chance to store more than a $2 flash drive on the service before paying (how would a user even know they like it, yet)?

    PS. As a customer who has been with you since my storage was 25GB (that in every previous act of crazy you specifically grandfathered), am I to assume my 40GB free will become 5GB??? (The FAQ stated my 100GB is safe for now, but I should probably make arrangements to move that – how convenient that Google charges the old rate of $1.99 for 100GB.)

  79. whatsdisco

    OneDrive is most key component for bussiness user. OneDrive is a decisive blow to adopt Azure. If MS stops the unlimited service, many bussiness users will shift their system from Azure to AWS, also from Windows 10 to iOS.

    It seems MS give up their cloud service itself.

  80. Are you completely crazy??? M$oft? 50GB for all the family pictures… Ridiculous…

  81. This is absurd! I had really started to embrace OneDrive and considered subscribing to Office 365 largely for the unlimited storage. There’s no way I’m subscribing now. Not only is the unlimited storage off the table, but what’s next? What’s to stop Microsoft from cutting Office 365 home from 5 installations to 3, for example? Microsoft has gutted not only the value of their service, but also public perception and trust. When people perceive the value of a product is unstable and they do not trust the company selling it, they don’t buy it. This is not the way to get people to love your product.

  82. Wow! OneDrive officially lost out to DropBox. This is surrender.

  83. Abdul Kareem Chala Mohammed

    Disappointing move from Microsoft.

  84. This just made Google Apps much more palatable.
    As a OneDrive customer, the OneDrive plan changes just made it more comparable to a Google Apps account which offers more than just storage and online doc editing.

  85. Microsoft, you should seriously reconsider your plan to roll back storage for existing users from 15 to 5gb. These users are your bedrock, the ones who championed you from the start of Skydive. You really should reconsider going back on your word with US.

  86. Lexus Yuen

    Hope this blog was published by a Temporary Worker’, and Microsoft can make some kind of apology.

  87. rajesh surapaneni

    I am one drive fan liking the service for the amount of stuff i can do with the colud service. i was one of the guys who got it earlier.

    This is such a disappointing news to me. You should not do this because some small section of poeple is misusing this service.

    Very Bad for you Microsoft. You are just trying so hard to push away your fans, dumping more and more reasons on people to hate Microsoft. Dont do that.

  88. KeepSpreadingTheWord

    Please for all of you following the comments here, please keep spreading the word and request that people come here to comment. Especially since UserVoice is being shut down.

  89. OK. I will go to google drive now. Good bye, OneDrive.

  90. davorradman

    This is really nasty ********.

    Just because some people took you for a word (UNLIMITED, WHY DID YOU NAME IT LIKE THAT?!) does not mean ALL users should suffer the consequences.

    You know what this is? Screw the minority. Screw us who actually use 5~GB, for out photos and such. And than extort me to buy plans (which are now ridiculously more expensive than the competition).

    Well guess what? Those users are the ones who were switching other people to you devices and services. No more. So you can continue shooting yourself in the foot.

  91. First you take away the intelligent file-syncing Windows 8 had, and now this!? OneDrive is the only file-storage service that gets progressively WORSE over the years. The only reason I’ve been using it has been the file storage.

    As a photographer and videographer, I felt comfortable knowing I had a backup of my work with you guys, but I can no longer rely on that. “Disappointed” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  92. WOW.

    I hope it’s a joke. First of all, you should fire some people in legal department. Someone forgot to add “fair use” clause for the unlimited storage ?

    Second, punish most of your customers because of a few heavy usage accounts is something that children do, not grade A companies.

    I’ve been an advocate for OneDrive for many years now, recommending the service and Office 365 to my family and friends. Using it as my daily driver cloud storage, switching people to your cloud and mobile platform and now this ? You know what, I care less about the loss of the storage space as I do for you making me look like an idiot in front of my family and friends. Thanks for that.

    This is a stab in the back.

    If your goal is to kill the service all together, at least man up and say so.

  93. Very bad news!

    Cutting down free allowance (15GB) and camera bonus (15GB) to a total 5GB Free allowance… is an extremely bad news for casual OneDrive users.

    So, DropBox, Box etc. here I come!

  94. FormerCustomer

    Microsoft has yet to learn the lesson that customers are fickle creatures and will gladly, most of us anyway, turn to wherever we need to go in order to obtain trustworthy, quality service in exchange for our money. You’re blowing it here, big time!

  95. Who was the product manager who went bananas? This is a bad move. I love your service, but this is horrible

  96. Oh, ****. only 5GB for backup image.
    Bye bye Onedrive

  97. I’ve been a OneDrive user from its very early days, but I will cancel my subscription following these changes.

  98. I know we can’t sue you as you must have left some loopholes in the contract, but I will definitely not subscribe O365 anymore, even though I do not need so much cloud storage. You are losing your reputation by doing this. You said we could have unlimited storage, YOU ARE A LIAR.

  99. My trust in this service has been betrayed. I no longer trust Onedrive with my files.

  100. I know we can’t sue you as you must have left some loopholes in the contract, but I will definitely not subscribe O365 anymore, even though I do not need so much cloud storage. You are losing your reputation by doing this. You said we could have unlimited storage, YOU ARE A LIAR.


  101. Tired of radical changes. I’ve been a Microsoft loyal but tired of all this **** now. I’m done.

  102. I’ve been using OneDrive since the early days of SkyDrive and I have more than 300GB of storage from Surface and early adopter bonus. I will cancel my Office 365, demand a *full* refund, and move my files back to my NAS.

    I will also file a complaint to the BBB. The OneDrive team, you should really be ashamed of yourself. MSFT spent the last 2, 3 years to rebuild the trust with its power users, and you managed to destroy all that hard work by a blog post.

  103. This is a really awful thing to do to your (soon former) Users.

    Okay, so a few people abuse the ‘unlimited’ storage you put in place, and you decide to punish everyone as a result? Even the Camera Roll bonus..really?! Like it’s not hard enough being a poorly treated Lumia fan.

    Well, your service is about to get faster, because quite frankly you’re going to face a mass exodus. No wonder Thurrott left your slow service months ago. I’m out too.

  104. Only Microsoft would believe that the reason many consumers have purchased Office 365 subscriptions since the announcement of availability of Unlimited storage was because the world all of as sudden got a massive Viagra-induced plumper at the thought of being able to create Word documents by the thousands as opposed to storing pictures, music, and videos. You just took away practically the ONLY selling point for an Office 365 subscription for consumers in the face of stiff competition from Dropbox and other free Google Docs offerings.

  105. Limiting the free limit to 5gb is a joke, and puts onedrive far behind other offerings like Google.

    Firstly office documents count towards that limit (unlike google documents which are quota free on google drive). And you expect people to use onedrive with office 2016 and Windows 10…
    Although google docs isn’t as polished as office, it does a pretty decent job and quickly catching up.

    Next Google offers free photo backup. Although the resolution is limited it works perfectly fine for me and my thousands of photos from my phone. There’s also Flickr for high res photos at a generous free 1tb limit. Onedrive was ok with the 15gb camera bonus for most but does not stand a chance without.

    Finally music is again free to upload on Google music. In fact, I haven’t bothered with Groove for that very reason, and this move is simply throwing that idea under the bus.

    I don’t see how making the storage plans more expensive than iCloud will do you any favors either.

    This is a really dumb decision. Users want a good product and value for money – neither of which is offered by onedrive’s new plan. Falling behind the other alternatives will do nothing to achieve Microsoft’s “Cloud first” vision. And nowhere near second place for that matter.

    Do what the others suggest to deal with service abusers, but don’t screw over your customers Microsoft.

  106. phoenixjiangnan

    SHAME ON YOU!!! Microsoft!!! My usage stays around 8GB for 2 years. I’ll move to GOOGLE DRIVE if this ****** notification really comes to me

  107. Microsoft completely killed their credibility. Bait and switch. How do they expect people to trust especially giving away windows 10 for “free”.

  108. Slap OneDrive..
    OneDrive literally has 0 advantages against Dropbox/Google drive now…

  109. 去你妈的微软

  110. Chris Pavlidis

    What about with the 100GB bonus by Bing rewards and dropbox?

  111. What the ****? 5GB? I get cutting out the unlimited options because people were abusing it, and maybe even discontinuing the 15GB camera roll bonus, but chopping it down to 5GB? Why should I keep using OneDrive now compared to Google Drive?

  112. Ok, I have been. holding back 3 Windows 10 upgrades due to the ****** state of the Win 10 OneDrive sync client (not supporting SD cards). Now I am really irritated, I was never going to use unlimited, but based on your own words, you could have set the limit to 10 TB or something. Your offered unlimited and people took you at your word. Now you renig. I don’t know what happened in theOneDrive department, but I would hate to be working there right now. It shows all the signs of a rapidly sinking ship. And this is sad because in Win 8.1 it was totally awsome. I am flabbergasted at how a company can so significantlyt ****** defeat from the jaws of victory. You had something great, something to be prowd of, and you are totally messing this up. I know you likely don’t read all these posts, but if you catch this one, please I beg you, go back and read all them. These are your loyal fans. For gods sake, who do you think reads these blogs… People who give a ****. People who have the capability to make a choice for them, their families, & others.

  113. Google can offer 15GiB and I didn’t even buy any of their products. I bought multiple Lumia phones and you’re cutting the camera storage down to 5GiB?

    I guess I’ll take my business elsewhere.

  114. Well, wow!

    – You don’t have functional “albums” – a feature you so loudly harped about
    – You don’t have a stable “uploading” mechanism – my windows phone frequently barfs on multiple-uploads
    – You have a sub-par sync client as compared to Dropbox
    – You’re not even fully cross-platform: you don’t have a Linux client

    And you have the ******** audacity to **ck your users over without actually getting your own s**t together for once? Well, you know what? F*** You OneDrive.

    • Not to mention their high-quality music streaming to Windows Phone devices out of the Music folder. Works for 1 / 10 songs at best, suffers from cache corruption, file conflicts, extreme index slowness, etc. More quality.

  115. @Satya Nadella, you have done a great job as CEO, Windows 10 looks good, Microsoft seems to be a better company and now this. I have been a huge Microsoft fan but this is taking to far.

  116. So glad I didn’t renew my Office365 for a year after trying it for a couple months. Almost stayed because I had everything setup with Groove Music and was going to rely on the unlimited storage for photo backup. Because of this change of heart from Microsoft, its understandable, but horrid for users. If we can’t rely on it later on to be there, it will be tough to use as an archiving service for media which most of us intended to use it for. Since Windows 10 came, and destroyed the mobile interface for Microsoft, I have since transitioned to the iPhone after many years of hoping Microsoft was having a change of face and was on the road to success. Glad I changed, Apple is not only cheaper for the middle plan (1$ vs 2$/mo, though the 1TB deal is sweeter with MS), but seems to offer much more customer focus services and details that just bring that apple magic to their devices. Adios Microsoft, it was decent while it lasted.

  117. This is ridiculous. I’m done with this. How much does it honestly cost you to reward those who have been loyal to you for years? I’ve been with Windows Phone since it began, I have an Xbox, a surface Pro, Windows 10, Office and was about to buy the new 950. I am legitimately your perfect mindlessly loyal consumer. A half decent OneDrive storage quota was the one and only thing I could point to as a reward for that loyalty and now you’re tearing that away. Don’t try to pass the buck onto the minority of people who are using more than what you anticipated when you set your limits. The 15GB limit has zero impact upon that.

    Classic bait and switch tactics to get people in then the sucker punch. I’m done advocating for Microsoft. I’m starting the slow and painful transition away from the MS ecosystem from today.


  118. I really don’t know what M$ is thinking about.
    I subscribed zune pass, bought zune, purchased an early Xbox360 with RRoD and 1st-gen Surface RT.
    Now they cut off my OneDrive.
    Good job. Really.
    I’m moving to iCloud Drive anyway.

  119. So you’re trying to seriously damage your image and additionaly the image of Windows Phone with it?
    What a bad and stupid move. The bad press generated by this will have a serious impact.

  120. Why in the **** is everyone saying that it is “understandable” that Microsoft is limiting people from Unlimited to 1 TB? It is patently NOT understandable by any stretch of the imagination.

    They advertised and sold “UNLIMITED”. That should be the deliverable. No different than the FTC, FCC, and DOJ recently arbitrated with US cellular providers about. Unlimited data means just that: unlimited data.

    In this age, 1 TB is NOT a large amount of data anymore and is frankly a pittance for those who work in engineering disciplines like myself. 10 TB would have been acceptable, even for a price increase, but to limit to 1 TB makes the service *too* limited for my use and probably for most other power users as well. They bought their Office 365 subscriptions with the intent of likely using more than 1 TB but not necessarily 75 TB as the example that was given. Therefore, 1 TB is not a sufficient limit and makes the service useless.

  121. Yall are stupid as bricks for killing off the literal only reason why people used your inferior product. Too bad I have a prepaid card for another year of Office 365 that I can’t refund but thanks for the headache in a few months when I have to pay for 2 cloud storage services at the same time so I can transfer my excess files off OneDrive.

    Good bye Microsoft; this was an incredibly stupid decision and I honestly question the intellectual capabilities of the people that work for this incredibly incompetent company.

  122. Bill Gates is a swindler.

  123. As someone who specifically switched from Dropbox and Google drive to one drive and the 365 office subscription this is a huge disappointment. Rather than crack down on the users who are obviously using in excess, you use them as a convenient excuse to remove space from everyone? And even the camera roll bonus? Are your business divisions in sync? You launch new phones and surface products then take away a great support feature that helps with marketing? At the very least, the removal of the camera roll space is something that needs to be reconsidered by your upper management, as this has nothing to do with the excessive users you point out.

    A huge disappointment coming from Microsoft at a time when you all are hitting a good high.

  124. *** Microsoft? Why are you making me hate you as day goes by? And **** your #upgradeyourworld if thi is how you gonna continue!

  125. Wait. When did you guys re-hire Ballmer? “Cloud storage? No one’s gonna want that. It doesn’t even have a real keyboard!”

  126. This is a very bad idea…

    If you keep this decision of punishing normal users (I’m ok with 1TB limit) then I’m going to change to DropBox – which has a much superior file syncronization technology!

  127. I can understand limiting people who are backing up 75 TB, but what does that have to do with 15GB for free users or the 15 GB bonus for photo backup? It’s one thing to come out and say ‘we need money from you to offer this service’, but framing it that way (a small number of people are ruining it for you) is dishonest. Goodbye!

  128. This is it! I am done with msft bs. Despite all the odds I was trying my best to use my lumias, msft services and I was trying to persuade people to use vs, one drive, surfaces, lumias. I guess there is no point in trying when the company doesn’t give a *** about their customers. We have very low upload speed here I tried like a month to upload all my documents, backups and pictures.

    1) I am done with onedrive, will use google drive,
    2) I was planning to get 950xl, now I’ll sell both my lumia 920 and 640xl and get a nexus or 6s+ ASAP,
    3) I had 2 office 2013 licences (1 hup and 1 regular pro) and was planning to buy 365, *** 365, will use gdocs. Sadly I have to use office at work.
    4) I was planning to buy a surface 3 and a dell xps 15 infinity, *** both, will get a macbook pro as soon as I find a good deal.
    5) I was planning to use vs to develop my next mobile app and target android, ios and universal windows platforms. *** uw apps and vs.

    Now I won’t have to deal with all the hurdles, shortcoming, policy changes, os reboots, framework reboots and do something productive.

    Well done ms. I applaud you for being such a ****. I hope the one who wrote this arrogant blog post would get fired.

  129. My advice is to check your country’s laws. If you bought Office 365 retail (activated by code) and have the email confirming the unlimited storage. Microsoft made the offer and can’t take it back for existing subscribers, only for new ones. Don’t cancel or ask for a refund, check it with a lawyer first.

    it doesn’t matter how much it is, if people have abused it or not. It’s not consumers problem.

    • Based on when these changes take effect, it seems that after their original subscription expires, they would have to capitulate to these new demands when they try and renew their subscription anyways.

      • That depends on local laws too. The confirmation email granted unlimited storage as long as you keep an Office 365 subscription. They can’t change the contract terms like that, it is false advertising.

  130. 15 gigs free to 5…rediculous!! and elminating the camera bonus also!! Microsoft come on!! This is not what you want to do to your customer’s, especially since you promoted the camera bonus less than a year ago and more importantly, giving only 5 gigs of free space is just not acceptable nowdays. You will loose for sure many users because your new $1.99 per month for 50 gigs is way to expensive in comparison to other backup services who offer much more space for the money. You need to reconsider this move and grandfather in existing free account amounts as an option or better yet drop this change completely. Another bad decision for sure!!!

  131. Daniel Dionisio

    You just killed the only reason I was using OneDrive (1.2 TB but stable)
    I have a free university Office lincese and still bought the 365 subscription just for the OneDrive space.
    Now I will have to look somewhere else. And guess what! Office it’s not so integrated there so I will probably be moving away from Office too

  132. So why don’t you discontinue OneDrive whatsoever? I mean, what the **** is the point of even having a 5 GB storage? First you integrage OD in all your products, then this? I’m seriously annoyed.

  133. This is exactly how not to treat your customers. Suppose, I’ll have to get back to using Google Drive / Dropbox .. I loved the new Microsoft, but this is madness.

  134. Sorry, I will stop using OneDrive and switch over to Google Drive. The 50GB Plan is not enough for my data. Goodbye OneDrive!

  135. I’ve used OneDrive since day 1 and recommended it to so many people. I won’t be able to do that anymore. How could such an unbelievably stupid decision make it past the desk of a leader like Satya? I was truly hoping Microsoft’s days of shooting itself in the foot were gone. I was gravely mistaken.

  136. Hello Microsoft,

    it’s a very bad idea to restrict existing users. It’s also not very clever to sell “unlimited” storage and get mad if somebody uses 75 TB – what did you expected? Don’t make unrealizable promises! I’am very disapointed.

  137. I am getting more and more disappointed from Microsoft! Can’t understand your strategy! You keep promising things and suddenly you turn direction. Think about it first before you promise stuff and PLEASE don’t punish the wrong people!

  138. Thirs is a bad idea.
    There used to be a fair amount of reasons to use OneDrive over other storage.
    I convinced many people to switch because of the extra storage for photo back up, ect.
    Nearly every university student I encountered used Dropbox or Google Cloud. Lots changed over for photo back up and extra space.
    Now your punishing everyone.
    I currently have an iPhone and thought iCloud was a joke because even with my normal usage iCloud is not enough to back up all my photos off the phone.
    You try and make out your lumias have great cameras and you won’t even let your users store the photos!

    Finally, when you offered unlimited storage, what did you expect!? That some people wouldn’t use lots of it!? The word unlimited means, use AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE! if you meant anything else, the. You should look up what happened to mobile phone carriers who claimed unlimited data that was capped.

    I currently have the 365 account and have a very small amount used, over the 5gb allowance that will be imposed by normal users, but no where near the 10TB you offered! Not even passed 1TB. But even so, I won’t be renewing because changes like this make me loose confidence in the stability of a service.

  139. Wow just freaking wow! You idiots take two steps forward then four backwards. Wonder how you’re going to screw your enterprise clients over now.

  140. Poor decition!!!
    You will loose lots of clients because of that.
    I can’t believe you’re going backwards where all others are going forward.

  141. I better wake up to a retraction. Did y’all hire the Taco Bell guy who was just fired or something?

  142. Slawootsky

    This is just unheard of. Really makes it hard to be a fan of your company. You offered unlimited storage so people used it without limits. What else did you expect them to do? And about that 15GB – absolutely disgraceful. People’s needs in storage constantly rise. You could’ve waited a year or two and the users would come to you themselves and buy storage for storing photos from those new flagships with crazy megapixels and 8K video or whatever. What a letdown. This is not the New Microsoft but the old one, at its worst.

  143. Thaninwat

    Don’t you know that someone including me use your service because others was limit the free storage of 5 GB so I decided to try OneDrive. It give 15 GB plus with photo backup that’s up to 30 GB, I was very happy and recommend friends, family to use it. Now, you going to cut down to all of your users due to someone misuse your service. Do you think this is fair for all people?

  144. Bad move. Now think what I’m going to do with my ms account.

  145. Chris Gregory

    I cant believe you are cutting my phone photo storage. its like you dont want me to use your services anymore?
    And what the **** has my photo storage got to do with some idiots using 75TB of your unlimited plan?

    Grrrr. Making me angry MS

  146. After reading this, I moved my files from my “SkyDrive” (!) to my “Dropbox” folder, turned off camera upload on my smartphone and enabled it in the Dropbox app.

  147. James Bork

    Bye OneDrive and hello iCloud.

  148. Seriously.. Microsoft, I really have nothing to say (well I do and will), but seriously.. you guys are operating like you have no sense of your customer base. None.

    I’m usually one to brush over major corporations, making drastic changes, turning their backs on their customers, lying basically. But, this is utterly ridiculous. I’m mainly upset because I used my own trust in your word, to place my word on a recommendation for YOUR service. Many friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, bystanders, I recommended OneDrive to, solely on the principle they you offered more storage for free and if you subscribed to Office 365 (because plenty of them needed the software or were going to use it), you would also gain an UNLIMITED amount of storage. Then you decided to just cut the cord? Because 1% of users (even if it was 10%) uploaded movie collections? WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN? No, seriously.

    When you guys at the OneDrive division of Microsoft, collectively sat down to discuss your competition, how you could be competitive, what you could do for your loyal users and decided on UNLIMITED storage, just what crossed your minds? A few customers uploading some kitten pictures, maybe a few food recipes taking up about 10MB, couple Word documents, a PowerPoint presentation here and there, a few home videos of the kids?

    OneDrive Office round table discussion:

    “…guys, they aren’t REALLY going to use an unlimited amount of storage, we’re good!”

    What makes this a total pile of garbage, is how Microsoft didn’t see this coming. Don’t act shocked, you hire the best (well, supposedly judging from the direction this team just took) minds in the business to steer you towards the right choice. You gained FAVORABLY attention, through the media, your customer base and even had competitors attempting to match the offer (Amazon famously offered up unlimited storage). You even gained a noticeable amount of recommendations for an Office 365 subscription, because NO competitor offered the same level of storage and you also gained Office subscribers. Yet, here we are with a sorry post about how you had NO idea, people would ACTUALLY use your storage abilities to… and get this… an U-N-L-I-M-I-T-E-D level. Mindboggling.

    I’m a little more irked by this decision, because I’m also fighting my emotions about WHY Halo 5 has no local co-op (that’s ANOTHER story entirely), but this just added fuel to the fire.

    What’s the point now of OneDrive against any number of other options? Why am I subscribing to Office 365 (lets be honest, I’m not writing papers/documents to the level that would warrant $99.99 a year, I’m really not), but I WAS willing to play ball for the storage. 1TB of storage (when I’ve used approximately 2TB of your supposed “unlimited” 10TB allotment) is nothing. Yes, its more than enough for picture backups off cellphones, but for DSLR/RAW footage or pictures, where does that leave us? Movies when you are traveling abroad? Music collections? I mean that’s what storage is for, that’s EXACTLY what Cloud Storage is for, to eliminate the need for carrying anything extra. To have access from anywhere, for all that you need (sounds like a similar tagline I know). Where does tis leave us?

    “Oh, just pick up another external HDD for cheap.”

    That’s the problem with this entire decision. That someone will be foolish enough to make such a statement. Similar to your famous Xbox lead saying to buy an Xbox 360 for offline play. You guys are flipping and flopping, like fish out of the water. Stick to your guns.

    I’m sure someone will say, “You’re not entitled to anything from these companies, your fault for dumping all your stuff on their servers!” Yeah, I’m not. Also, realize I have BARELY touched 1% of my available storage, with ZERO abuse. AS others have said here, instead of pinpointing these abusers or actually staying true to your word, we all are reduced to a pathetic level (considering where we were). My end goal was to use 10TB of my given UNLIMITED storage for YEARS to come. And keep my Office 365 subscription going for that same time. If that was 6 years, that’s $600 from just me. Do the math. Now, I’m back to having to find alternative options because 1TB isn’t going to do it. Also, strongly looking at this Office 365 subscription (because hey, Office Online is more than enough) and its ultimate value.

    Bravo, Microsoft. Bravo.

    As a fan of your services, a Windows Phone user, Xbox (TWO of them) owner, Microsoft Band 2 wearer, Surface owner, OneDrive user (well, that’s up for questioning), you just played me. Let’s not forget who Microsoft touts the use of OneDrive across ALL their devices. So, imagine my shock reading this post to find out I have a year to consolidate my measly 1.5TB of 10TB.

    Once again, Bravo to you Microsoft.

    You had us all fooled.

    Rant over.

  149. The “coming” unlimited OneDrive was the ONLY reason I signed up for Office 365. Ironically I’m just under 1TB at the moment after nearly 12 months.

    I will NOT be renewing 365 if this is not reversed and simply revert to Office 2013 which is fine for my purposes and no doubt will be for many years to come.

    Camera Roll bonus was a big plus as well. I use both Android and Windows Phone so guess which direction I’ll be going in the future?

    I feel totally *** upon now. Windows 10 has been excellent. The past 12 months of MS have been great but what a way to make customers seek alternatives………….

    Will I use MS in the future? Yes, I have to. Will I pay for “services”? Not now, not unless it’s 100% impossible to avoid it, and neither will my customers.

    The End

  150. Bad move MS! BAD MOVE!

  151. They promised to give unlimited storage to users for a price which gives them a marketing edge over other competitors, now when people really start using what they paid for Microsoft is getting ******?
    1. If they claim they are giving unlimited then why set 75TB limit for each user?
    2. They sell unlimited package and when people use 75TB, how is that abusing the system? Unlimited > 75TB right?
    3. Was Microsoft expecting people to save 300 kb .docx files in the unlimited storage files for which they were paying?
    4. Why on the earth punish free users for this? Free users got extra storage because they remained loyal with Microsoft? Does, Microsoft think they did a favor to free users. I picked Onedrive over others because it gave me more benefits, if it was 5 GB from start i would have gone with other options and saved me a ton of pain to switch over.

    Free -15 GB
    Loyalty bonus -10 GB
    Camera roll bonus -15 GB
    Bing bonus -100 GB Valid through: 2/10/2017

    so all this gone because some lead at Onedrive team baby raged?

    Grow up Microsoft. Baby rage isn’t going to take you anywhere. I am moving all my stuff to Google, why? Because they are professionals and they don’t baby rage.

  152. iGamer777

    So a couple of users used 75TB of the “unlimited” space and now you make all the other users pay for your miscalculations? Make total sense to me! What a joke.

  153. Most of the People switch the Service to other Like Google Drive or PCloud.
    I think PCloud is a Best alternative for all these Drives with Extra Features,

  154. That is a good news!I bless U!

  155. This really sucks and as an longterm Defender for Microsoft as an “valuable” IT-Provider really, really disappointed!
    But okay, you can make the rules. But then, be consequent and give all the windows 10 users a possiblity to deactivate onedrive and let users choose “the integrated” cloud provider for themself (and not onedrive per default!). The same mechanism like Browser, Media Player etc.

  156. Just when I thought Microsoft was turning a corner and becoming a “leader” again in technology, they show how wrong I was to assume such nonsense. Looks like Microsoft’s lack of proper data management has gotten the best of them and their cloud service will now become one of many lost in the shuffle instead of LEADING.

    Count me, my family and my friends OUT of Office 365 with about faces like this. What next? Is Microsoft going to reinstate the “Always Online/DRM” Xbox One? Stand by your product and make it the best! Don’t cower to mismanagement and leave the table with your tail between your legs! Deal with those abusing the system and lead!

  157. This is a really terrible decision… Capping the storage to 1TB is one thing, but actually stripping people from their 15GB (+15GB photo upload) storage, for agreeing to upload their photos to you in the first place??

    Way to thank your customers. Will probably move to a competitor if this is not a joke.

  158. Anonymous

    Bad form

  159. Hello OneDrive Team,

    Are you aware Microsoft is trying to change their image? How are these changes helping to drive that change?

  160. Shame on you M$

  161. Just started the one month trial. Won’t be subscribing now. No reason to. I’ll come up with another solution to store my family’s photos and video.

  162. So you punish the 15gb users because the ones with paid/unlimited storage option abused it. The people that made this decision have never been on the receiving end of such downgrade because they get the MS bonuses and trinkets, but the average joe is getting rammed in the dark spot. Good one.

  163. Anonymous

    And what about the different bonuses, like Bing bonus, Enthusiast bonus or Loyalty bonus? Are these going away too?

  164. I’m planning in buying a new Lumia. The MS Store still says it comes with 30GB of Onedrive storage. Is this changing also ?

  165. Satya Nadella

    Haha we got you!

  166. Kazuaki Shimazaki

    I don’t plan on screaming as loud as some here. Here are the facts of life: Not counting Office 365, we are still talking about US$10 for 1TB of space, which is comparable to what DropBox and Google is offering for similar data size (1TB). I hadn’t tried DropBox but overall the user experience I’ve had with OneDrive is at least no worse than Google.

    Sitting here, I’ve never really gotten the invite to the unlimited plan. However, for about as long as I can remember, OneDrive has been giving me, a new Office 365 user, 10TB, which is great. I’m really happy. Even happier than Unlimited because the old saying goes there is nothing more expensive than “Unlimited”.

    I won’t begrudge Microsoft for reducing free storage – they’ll definitely lose some customers for this but it’s their choice and I think free users only have so much moral strength to bargain for terms.

    Still, OneDrive is definitely in third-place, behind Dropbox and Google. If Microsoft wants to win, it can’t offer the same deals as everyone else. The Office is a start, but so would multi-terabyte storage for the same price.

  167. Wow, isn’t it predictable that all the freeloaders are the ones who leave comments on a story like this? Go ahead, go to Google Drive or Dropbox. This “unlimited” data was a stupid Ballmer-era move to buy customers that never should have been offered in the first place that Nadella is wisely un-doing.

    • The problem ISN’T the “unlimited” data. It’s that the move along with all of the plan changes could’ve been avoided or not offered at all. Microsoft, a company with tons of usage statistics and an awareness of the tech world should have looked at the failures of the past cloud storage providers and come to a realization that they were over promising and under delivering. They are cutting their free storage uses down to a third of their previous storage space. From an amount offered by ALL of their competitors. They’re showing their hand and cannibalizing their product. How can anyone trust them to do what they promised or offered a compromise for the users that were not abusing the system. A system their WHOLE platform going into the future is based on. Are they going to start charging me hourly for access to the computer I paid for?

  168. I’m back, to point out my own statistics. This is basically what I’m set to lose, because someone, somewhere, in this world uploaded a movies collection to 75TB. Let’s not forget that UNLIMITED has ..uh, no limits. But, lets not get into the true DEFINITION of the word unlimited.

    Here’s where I am at:

    Free Storage: 15GB
    Loyalty Bonus: 10GB (keyword LOYALTY)
    Office 365 Subscription: 10,240GB
    Groove Music Pass Subscription: 100GB
    Camera Roll Bonus: 15GB
    Bing Bonus: 100GB (yeah, a LOYAL Bing user, who would of thought)

    Total: 10.2TB
    Available: 9.8TB

    My previous post I miscalculated, due to my utter disgust, what I was actually using. Seeing this makes it even worse. I’m reduced to nothing, because you guys can’t regulate or at least KEEP 10TB, as the limit.

    I’m angry now.

  169. J. Portelli

    I’m not here to complain about the unlimited data storage which I kind of always found a ridiculous idea. But stopping the unlimited storage is one thing and going down from 15Gb to 5Gb is totally insane. How do you think you are going to attract people to your ecosystem ?

  170. Idiots…

  171. WoW, this is why we can’t have nice things….Bad move and bad reaction


  173. The way you are taking these measures seem like you want to cut off your head just because you have headache, so that it never occurs again.

  174. So, based on this post and the other news sites, I pay for Office 365 Home and opted in for the ‘unlimited’ cloud storage. I currently see 10 TB available on my OneDrive. That will go down to 1 TB only, right?

    If so, that’s just pure bullscheisse.

  175. Time to move my files to Google Drive…

  176. Just moved to OneDrive 2 months ago. This is a huge disappointment.
    I will move back to Google Drive or some other service.

  177. Wow, this is weirdest thing from ms I have seen so far… Losing the unlimited is one thing, and not so bad. But the 5gb and 50gb stuff… Wow… It’s like you want people to use other services.

  178. This really is a shame to hear about.

    One of the best things about OneDrive was the storage space offered, and it also provided a very strong value proposition for Windows Phone devices.

    You removing any and all incentive to use the platform will cause a lot of nasty backlash (as evidenced here and other places this news was posted), and will likely result in many users moving to a new provider.

    Myself, I will very likely stop using OneDrive and transition all my files to Box.

  179. Anonymous

    Bye OneDrive.
    Hello Google Drive.

  180. In addition to everything else, I find this concerning:

    “Since we started to roll out unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 consumer subscribers, a small number of users backed up numerous PCs and stored entire movie collections and DVR recordings. ”

    How does the OneDrive team know what’s inside their users’ storage? Under what circumstances does the OneDrive team go looking at users’ documents, photos and videos?

  181. What concerns me the most is that Microsoft must know that the basis of cloud storage is first and foremost: TRUST. That trust will now forever be diminished. How can i or anyone, in good conscience, now recommend any of Microsoft’s services without warning them that at any moment what you thought you were getting has been altered and is possibly no longer even fit for the required purpose.

    I am most disappointed that Microsoft values the trust I place (Placed) in them so cheaply…

  182. localidiot

    wow i was from the service from day one, now i’m leaving if that is how you treat loyal customers

  183. Oh Microsoft…..

  184. okay….

    removing OneDrive (click

    that is a really BAD IDEA to cancel camera bonus (15GB) and cut down basic plan (15GB to 5GB)

  185. very bad decision, and as a microsoft loyal user and promoter i’m ashamed

  186. This is disgusting. They baited me to switch from Google Drive, Now when I’ve got more than 1TB in there, they change the plan. Bloody unethical. Luckily, my office 365 home account is due in 10 days. I won’t be renewing. Now i will have to go thru the hassle of moving back to google drive. Microsoft jerks.

  187. I stuck with Office 365 due to OneDrive’s value proposition. It is no longer there, so I will go to iCloud Drive so at least I don’t have to bother with two ecosystems. Thanks for removing any differentiation in your product, and instilling ill will with a loyal customer.

  188. First it was 25 GB, then 7 GB, 15 GB and now 5 GB?! You are easily losing trust if you can’t make up your mind on what can you honestly offer to users.

    Have a look at Dropbox, starting point is still 2 GB but extra storage can be gained easily and plans are cheap.
    Google Drive – from 5 GB to 15 GB of shared storage, cheap plans and no fluctuations.
    Also worth mentioning: MEGA, MediaFire, JustCloud.

    Just make up your mind and stick to it, and it better be the 25 GB we were offered at first.

  189. Microsoft really please consider following:
    If one uses a Microsoft Handset (Lumia) or a Microsoft Surface, give those customers the 15 GB free storage back.
    You really should have a more holistic approach in your customer orientation.
    Give your _loyal customers_ a certain bonus above those who use OneDrive from an iOS or OSX machine.

    • What the **** is the supposed to mean? Just because I use OneDrive from my Macbook, then I’m less of a “loyal customer”? I’m actually a paying customer and use MS services daily. Don’t generalize people.

      • How touchy, I meant those who do not use anything from MS they have PAID FOR to MS other than the OneDrive Service, and get 5GB exactly as those who have bought a Lumia or Surface.
        If you have bought another MS Product, you obviously do not fall in this definition.
        Let’s make a new definition:
        Those who are running Linux and using Open Office, get 5 GB as me who is running a Lumia and Office Professional (not 365).
        Which user is loyal to MS?

        Was that so difficult to understand?

  190. Over the last year or so Microsoft has done some great things. The one glaring exception is OneDrive Consumer. (OneDrive Business has other issues!) It has been going downhill ever since the Live Mesh Beta days. When they cut that and gave us SkyDrive as a substitute, lots of functionality was stripped. The sync engine has been extremely dodgy ever since (I’ve had less trouble than many tho’). The Smart Placeholders was a step forward in 8.1, but they turned around and stripped that out in 10. In a January 2015 blog post they gave feeble excuses for their actions and promised shared file sync by about 10RTM and a substitute for placeholders by the end of the year. A very restricted shared file sync appeared well later than RTM and we’ve seen no sign of a placeholder replacement, nor a promised high performance reliable sync engine. A snail goes faster than the OneDrive team.

    Now the space allocations are being slashed – to next to nothing for some people. Going downhill again!!!

    What’s left now after everything has been emaciated. I had great faith in what OneDrive could achieve. I’ve now almost lost all of it. I never thought I would ever consider an alternative, but now I’m beginning to waiver. Can all the cloud functionality built into Win10 work without OneDrive? I doubt it, but can I live with the loss? Good question.

    Please, someone in authority, do an audit of the OneDrive team’s performance over the last five years and give it a good kick up the proverbial.

  191. I’m super dissapointed. Moving away from Onedrive.

  192. Android, here I come. I won`t stay with onedrive. Thank you. Bye.

  193. Just leave the 15GB+15GB plan alone for free accounts, and do 2TB or 1.5TB for the unlimited plans. Can’t be that hard and customers will understand…

  194. Even if they revert some of these stupid decisions, damage is done already. It’s a huge blow to the loyal customer’s confidence.(and also MS IT-professional’s like me).

  195. Dissapointed

    I had switched over from Google when MS finally had revamped Hotmail and with a decent storage capacity for non-subscription users. Webmail interface was a huge improvement and I liked it better than Google.

    Being Microsoft I felt like this was a company I could trust to keep their service up and running and make it my online home. Family photos, documents, some file backups… basically only the important stuff. I just kept a local copy of my music/video and didn’t want to store all that online.

    Now I’m being told I have 1 year to take my belongings (all 24GB of it .. GASP ) and leave.
    It’s pretty much like getting evicted.

    Sure I could pay for more storage… until Microsoft changes their mind again and paid users will get stripped of their storage and be reduced to 10GB and be told they have to pay more to get more… again… and again.. and again…..

    Google!!… I’m coming home!!

  196. SpencerAM

    This doesn’t directly affect me, since i pay for OneDrive storage, but it makes me look like an ******* for reccomending it to so many of my friends and family.

    After getting everyone I share data with onto the ecosystem, you’re pulling the carpet out. Most of them are moderate users who are backing up more than 5GB, but were more than comfortable with the 15GB free cap. There is no way they’re going to pay for additional storage that they won’t use.

    Well, the next stop for this train is Google-town, and I’ll never reccomend another one of your services. Microsoft, you’ve been generating a lot of good-will in the last year two. I you want people in your ecosystem, this is not how you go about it. Google and Apple are eating your lunch precisely because of policies like this.

  197. Good Bye OneDrive!!! Hello Google Drive.

  198. you let us down always

    no surprise microsoft does not care for users. be happy microsoft management. we are out. next time don’t bring stupid ideas like skydrive, onedrive, bing, etc if you cant keep them up for more than a few years

  199. Ondřej Pantlík

    Microsoft is unreliable partner. Few users upload 75 TB of data. So everybody must have only 1 TB? This is Microsofts doublespeak. The reason I subsribed office365 for home was that i do not want to care about free space (I did not exceeded 1TB yet).

    • Agreed, if they allow this to happen, it shows Microsoft can not be trusted for the future for your business or personal information. I really hate much of what Google does, but now I guess I have to use them.

  200. This is a bummer. I really respected OneDrive for enabling the unlimited option and giving the large free 15gb cloud storage space. These changes are really disappointing and completely disregarding users who have been sticking onto the service, or even those loyal users since the early Live Mesh days.

    For me, I have made cloud storage plans and proceeded to transfer data around to fit within the allocations given, and I am sure I am not alone on this. Putting a blame on the extreme users does not justify this course of action. If it is down to cost, just admit it and move on…

    What a way to annoy your users. For a company trying hard to win back users, you are trying equally hard to keep committed users to your services.

  201. Time to cease using Windows Phone – it was aslways pain and without a chance to backup it (5GB is too low for backup the phone with photos) I’ll switch to apple, instead of Lumia950. Good bye ‘discontinuum’ feature.

  202. You have effectively killed Windows Phone, OneDrive,Outlook and my faith in Microsoft. Discontinuing the camera roll back up takes away one of the best advantages of Windows Phone. And removing most of the storage punishes your loyal customers and kills one of the reasons I have been pushing In my 30 years of being a proponent for Microsoft this is by far the worst decision ever made.

    Please fire those responsible and do not let this happen.

    • As an Office 365 subscriber I realize, even being dropped back down to 1TB and 5 copies of Office, this is still the best deal out there however, it’s now become a trust thing. Google has offered 15GB for free for ever and have NEVER backed down. This is a horrible move. Guess it’s time to pull my stuff off OneDrive and go with a company that’s not **** bent on screwing over their customers and giving them less for more.
      Was on the fence about getting a Windows phone and trading in my Mac for a Surface. Thanks for taking that decision completely away.
      Trust is a big thing, you royally f’d that up!!

  203. Very very big mistake by MS.

    I always use OneDrive to save my design homework. It must overs 5 GB. You can image that on PSD file is over 100MB easily. If the policy continues, I must leave and use another cloud.

    MS says that one platform, but she doesn’t support their cloud user. You must know that cloud storage is very important for connecting different platform into one.

    So sad…

  204. That’s it then. I’m going to have to go over to Google Drive now, the company with whom I used to have a sweet deal whereby I was locked in to a low rate due to early adoption, but to whom I deserted in order to take up with OneDrive as the deal looked so good. People are right, this looks just like a bait and switch and I feel like I’ve been conned. I’ve spent the past couple of years recommending Microsoft to everyone but now that’ll have to stop.

  205. This is a shortsighted decision that doesn’t focus on the customer. You now have many people already using and ready to try Windows 10 and use the extensive Microsoft cross-platform apps to have the “mobility of experience” across their devices from Android, iOS and Windows. But forcing them to use 5GB is simply ridiculous. How is that new user going to take advantage of syncing his smartphones to his Windows device? What about that person who buys a low cost Windows Device with only 64Gb storage? How will they sync their data and be more productive?
    This announcement appears to force the hand of the user to switch to Office 365. There is no denying that it is a great service, but you seem to imply that one MUST have Office365 to be “productive”. What about the users who already standalone licenses of Office? What the users who have no need for Office365? Why limit their options to get adequate storage.

    Making the majority of users pay for the sins of a few seems to be a “smoke and mirrors” reason, and something that could have been addressed by less drastic means. If the real reason for this change is capacity struggling to keep up with demand, then simply say so. In addition, since no one from the “OneDrive Team” has even bothered to sign their name to this announcement, it shows us that you are aware that it is not in the best interest of your customers, and further more that you are not even wiling to stand up and have a dialog with your customers.

    I, along with the hundreds of Microsoft users who have taken the time to express their feedback, am very disappointed with this announcement and how it was disseminated. I hope that you all come to your senses and reverse this decision.

  206. This is a TERRIBLE mistake. As a UK University making business plans around the unlimited storage, we will now have to revise these and take MS off the table.


    There were other ways of achieving this… Google it is then.

  207. *** you M$. Switching to GDrive instead, 15GB free and $1,99 för 100Gb extra. Unlike your $1,99 for 50Gb….

  208. 15GB + 15GB Bonus for Picture Upload -> 5GB? 5GB? 5GB?
    Google Drive 15GB +35GB = 50GB for free.

    What can i do with 5GB? Nothing!

    Realy? So i have to chance to google drive and must buy an android phone anstead of a windows phone… and 10 persons of my family too. Nice Microsoft… 😉

  209. Terrible!!!! HUGE BACK!!! what I wanna say is, goodbye M$!

  210. This is a lame move. I’ve been a OneDrive user since getting the extra free space as a student, but I’m quite disappointed by this move. I guess everyone already has other providers anyway, I’ll be switching to Google Drive probably, or I’ll just use one of the services that allow for multiple clouds like Koofr or Otixo.

  211. This is just so mean,

    Im absolutely with John on first comment. I was buying a Windows Phone years ago and I was so happy that windows phone users could get another 15GB of online storage. Thats 30GB for personal use and I’ve backed up all my documents and many photos into onedrive. Microsoft adverted for those benefits, users would get if they create a Microsoft account. Now with Win10, where you’re actually urged to have an account I was happy I could use my already owned one and backup important files to OneDrive. Okay abusing “unlimited” storage by archeiving their FullHD Media up to 75TB is definitely too much but decreasing storage to ALL users seems to me like they want to make money out of this situation. Remember: In times, when DropBox and MEGA adverted for up to 1TB Plans, MS touted to use theirs as you could get “unlimited storage”. MS also promoted for OneDrive, that you could store all your images in the cloud. Well, thats about 15GB in my case. Sure, let people backup their images and documents to free OneDrive with up to 15GB (or even 30 for MS hardware users) and after a time, just decrease that available storage. What should they do? If they still want to use the cloud service for that matter, they are compelled to pay for it. Microsoft is even perky enough to call that out now, so of you wanted more than 50GB of Cloud drive, you should better sign up for a plan fast as it’s not available from 2016.

    Wrong direction, Microsoft! It’s not that 5GB wasn’t enough (actually 5! is definitely too less these days), I will backup to my own hardware then (and definitely not getting one of your plans). But you’re losing believe here. If you promote any benefit for Microsoft users in future, how could we know, that it’s not a hoax again?..

    • …oh and if you will force us to spend a single cent for Windows in future (which I’m pretty sure of after that OneDrive decision), Microsoft is dead for me.


  213. I feel cheated because the free, unlimited and perfectly integrated storage was a major selling point for the surface and lumia devices I use (Lumia 930, Surface 2 and 3 Pro).
    The major advantage of sufficient cloud storage space is the abililty to keep all data synced on all devices. Loosing that (or having to pay extra for it) seriously compromises the user experience.

  214. 韓佩文

    為什麼要對沒有違規的會員做出這樣的舉動?應該針對違規的會員開刀,而不是用這樣的態度解決事情。我是office 365的用戶,也是微軟忠實的用戶,本來還想要買Surface 3,看來是不必了。

  215. This is… *facepalm*.

    OneDrive has steadily shot itself in the foot time and time again, changing from something that was a true brand ambassador into something I’m embarrassed to mention. I bought a Surface, with the 200GB bonus, and a Windows Phone, with the 15GB bonus. These bonuses contributed significantly to the value propositions of these purchases, even though I then didn’t use OneDrive. But, of course with all that space, I used it. And then saw the value in Office 365, quietly confident that I didn’t have to pick and choose which files I stored anymore.

    Now, not only can I not imagine anybody making the choice to use OneDrive in the first place (especially those users with free university accounts who get into the confusing mess that is “OneDrive for Business”), but I am no longer confident in keeping my own files let alone recommending the service to anyone else for long-term usage. My confidence was based on the assumption that storage would only ever increase and become cheaper, with healthy market competition driving that. It would be such a dumb move to go backwards! Well, here we are.

    I’m looking forward to the next press release announcing a re-think of this strategy. Take more than five minutes this time.

    • 100% Agree!

  216. How much of a reduction do I get off my Office 365 Home plan per month going forwards?

    I can’t believe this decision was made so easily rather than trying to control the people abusing the service – Even if they were uploading large amounts, you advertised it as unlimited storage, so what does that mean exactly?

    1TB for paying customers is not really enough – It should be 10TB. In terms of people abusing the service, you had every chance to control this. Unlimited customers only got 10TB initially anyway, and then had to request more when that was used up.

    Obviously the “small number” of people abusing the service is just a cover. Your pioneering unlimited cloud storage lasted just over a year…

  217. Are you out of your mind?
    Every reputation earned by Windows 10 for your company could be ruined by this ridiculous decision.

  218. I subscribed to the Office 365 subscription to preserve my important data like photos and videos produced in-house.It does not seem right to do all the same brush and be labeled as the “genius” who abuse the service.

    Consider that indicate unlimited service when you launched your advertising message as the service. It could provide only 10 TB and stop, long-term add another 10 and so on.

    I hope facades step back on this because I find it fair. At least considered the photographs and videos as unoccupied space.

  219. David Clark

    Well I wont be renewing my office home subscription, very soon 1TB will not be enough for my photo collection, this is pathetic, are you mad?

  220. I am very sad to read this. This is a terrible mistake. Because of some abusers, you are punishing your loyal customers! This is really bad practice!

    You want users to upload their music to OneDrive and listen to it on all devices. How to do this with a 50GB plan (or just 5GB free space)?

    You want users to upload their photos from their smartphones to OneDrive. How to do this, when you reduce the 15GB camera roll backup (while Google offers unlimited)?

    You want users to switch to OneDrive with a by far inferior sync client compared to DropBox stability and performance wise and by offering so little free storage?

    You want users to use Windows Phones, with an app problem, amongst many more looking at the current Windows 10 Mobile builds. Why not just switch to Android (which now have a really nice design language too), many more apps and unlimited camera backup storage?

    You assured users one year ago of unlimited plans, something quite cool – a year later, you are killing it off. This results in trust issues, especially for companies which Microsoft really needs now.

    WHY not just go a simple way and restrict the unlimited plans to 1TB again? But not kill of 100GB and 200GB plans. I as a longterm Microsoft user, and OneDrive/SkyDrive user from day one will soon lose my Surface & Bing enthusiast subscriptions. My intend (without hesitation) was to switch to the 200GB plan in February. Now, if this plan doesn’t exist anymore, If the 200GB plan doesn’t exist anymore, I will switch to DropBox which have a 1TB plan for 10$/month, a better sync client and office integration.

    I think you are doing a major mistake and are killing of a very important part (if not foundation) of your ecosystem.

  221. Dropbox has the best sync client but its more pricey, I could live with OneDrive but this is a big blow. What worries me most is that this change could be just the beginning, maybe OneDrive is being gradually phased out?

    If you are in Europe now there is no reason not to switch to Hubic. its 50 euro for 10TB / year. The client was not great in the past but compared to Onedrive its not any worse.

  222. How disappointing, i used since Skydrive providing 25GB then 7GB then change name into OneDrive, and now cut all the user into 5GB? Really? Using 1st Windows Phone HTC HD7 util Lumia 1520, and i still hoping to get Lumia 950 XL, but now? What? Give me any reason to continue support you please Microsoft

  223. Please, I’m a loyalty, see this policy for OneDrive, maybe I should say Goodbye to it. Microsoft should punish those abusers(not us), this move is breaking the heart of the OneDrive fans.

  224. You can always buy a £700 apple product and get no storage for free

  225. Somehow I knew that before ,I dint Stored My pictures and documents on onedrive . You cannot trust microsoft on their offerings , and 15 to 5 GB that lot less than Google Offering .

  226. Where can I get free 1 year office 365?

  227. Why should we make of no violation of members such a move? Should surgery for violation of membership, rather than such an attitude to resolve the matter. I was office 365 users, but also a loyal user of Microsoft, had wanted to buy the Surface 3, it appears to be no need.

  228. I feel cheated and betrayed. I’m a MS guy to all my friend. I use Windows, IE/Edge, Bing, Outlook, Office, Surface, Lumia, Band. I recommended OneDrive to countless family and friends. I’m also one of those who think the original plan for Xbox One was good, but just poorly explained.

    But this announcement is terrible. For this single decision, you’ve lost my trust to not only OneDrive, but all of Microsoft. I’ll start looking elsewhere now, not only for cloud storage, but for every software, hardware, and service from Microsoft I’m using. Why should I trust you again after this?

    • I totally agree with you. I am returning the surface book.

  229. Office 365 User

    We know what happened when Broadband plans and Cell phone data plans came out. They started with Unlimited but got capped.

    What I don’t understand is, that Microsoft made this decision of providing Unlimited storage last year. Did they not even think of scenarios where this maybe abused ?

    Did Microsoft not have perspective on offering unlimited storage from the flip flop of carriers pulling back on unlimited data plan of cell phone users? Surely you have a research team who crunches numbers and does some user behavior analysis prior to announcing services.

    Microsoft must have seen this abuse coming before they even announced unlimited plans! To me this looks like a case of dangling the carrot of unlimited storage in front users to suck them into Microsoft ecosystem and then cut off the Unlimited storage plan purposefully!!!

    Even me as a regular user can see clearly how this unlimited offer could be abused. BUT why the drastic cut in storage space from 15GB to 5GB ????

    Just when I was in the middle of migrating all my photos to One Drive, MS does a U Turn. I was about to buy Lumia 950 phone so I could move everything to MS ecosystem but not anymore!!

    Go to **** Microsoft!!! Who ever runs this One Drive team is an idiot!

    Camera bonus = 15GB
    Free storage = 15GB
    Total = 30GB
    I have more 10GB Photos why i must delete this photo?
    I go to Google Drive or Mege or iCloud. Cancel the changes or else lose Members. OneDrive meant a lot for my phone. I have to go to android ? So I’ll do it if you do not cancel changes to tariffs

  231. Say “forever”?


  232. jan noordman

    So were moving back into the past? less and less storage for more money? If you want to be a company of the future you can’t go backwards instead of forward.

  233. 1TB for £7 a month is still one of the best offers around.

    I can understand that the loss of some (mostly free) customers is probably counteracted by the few who will now start paying for OneDrive, at least in terms of revenue. What MS is not considering is the word of mouth effect this will create, discouraging new customers to join the ecosystem and later become paid users. They might benefit short-term, but on long-term, this is a bad strategy.

    What is worrying is the decision to offer a worse service than before. This will cause trust issues with a lot of people. As clearly visible above, a lot of people will migrate very soon, and even the ones who stay will look up alternatives.

    Mobile first, cloud first, eh?

  234. Aleksandar Đurić

    I am wondering, does anybody reading our comments from Microsoft?
    But, think, probably not.
    Microsoft, do you noticed something as company, I already noticed?
    On OneDrive blog, no positive comments, a whole year!
    You need to begin immediat investigation, who is destroying sistematicly the best cloud ever?
    OneDrive was the best cloud.
    But, as we can see, 2015 and 2016 will be years of OneDrive complete distruction.
    I am expecting the following blog post:
    “Tuesday, march 17, 2018.
    Dear valued users, we are sorry for any inconvenience, but, we decided to discontinue our OneDrive at all levels. We have a really negative trends last 12 months, even we tried to hold our beloved users. However, its not hard to see that competitors beat us on every aspect.”
    Microsoft, why you think that your name is enough to pay you for nothing?
    Not only those changes are horable.
    Something more is much worse, dear Microsoft.
    Its your relation with your customers.
    What you think, who we are?
    Just machines who making your profit?
    A bunch of stupids?
    Ah, no, Microsoft, no.
    Your customers are often more inteligent and smarter than your few managers.
    Believe me.
    Try to believe me.
    You are ignoring comments on your blog.
    You are ignoring more than 29000 votes for turn placeholders back.
    You are lowering space for free and paid users.
    I have no unlimited space.
    I have acceptable 1 tb.
    Its honestly enough for me, but without placeholders, its nothing.
    OneDrive have 0 advantage…
    If anyone reads it, can you tell me, does any other cloud solution have something similar to placeholders?
    I am depending on placeholders…
    Ah, microsoft, great signature, the OneDrive team.
    Who written this?
    Mister Moore Moron?

  235. Phạm Trình

    I will use Google Drive, not Onedrive to save my data because it larger than 5G and Google is free.

  236. If they need to ask 2$ for 50GB (before it was 2$ for 100GB) and reduce the space amount to 5GB for Lumia users (before it was 15GB). The reason is not that some users had 75TB of data.

  237. Göran Lind

    Boo, not cool!

  238. Bruno Silva

    Let’s just get this straight!

    First of all, OneDrive doesn’t compete with Dropbox, Google Drive or even iCloud for the simple fact that this is a service that can’t store file paths longer than 255 characters, it can’t (at least for me and my friends) share a folder for direct collaboration using ONLY the OneDrive app to sync said folder with all members. This, as unfair as it may sound to the developers behind this, a service from the 90’s built and marketed by a company of the 90’s.

    This is a clear bait-and-switch! Don’t try to pin this on anyone using your service with the terms YOU established. I’m also a paying costumer, but not for long, I intend to ask for a refund TODAY! To be honest I only use about 200gb of my “new 1TB”, however I and most costumers feel cheated!

    You’re within your “right” to change the terms for new costumers and renewals, but changing terms mid-subscription… that’s low, really low even for Microsoft standards.

  239. John Ulric

    Very disappointing. I’ve been (even successfully) convincing people of switching to Windows Phone, not least because of the good OneDrive integration and automatic photo backup. But for photo backups, the new free 5 GB plan is a joke. For most people that doesn’t even cover a week of taking photos and videos on a holiday. Is this how you encourage users to migrate to the cloud?

  240. Seriously?

    Kill off the abusers with a 1 or 2 tb limit by all means, but dropping the baseline to 5gb from 30gb?

    Are you crazy?

    This wont get you more o365 subs, this will DRIVE THEM AWAY. Me in particular.

    Amazon offer an unlimited everything solution. I’ll be going there instead.

  241. Which imbeciles run this OneDrive operation? First they use a trademarked name, then they kill their best feature (Win 8.1 placeholders), and now, just when MS is launching the 950 and 950XL, the free quota is being reduced to what? A few dozen 20MP photos and a couple of short 4K videos…. Microsoft really are clueless when it comes to marketing.

  242. And this is the main reason you should NEVER trust cloud storage provider, they change plan / mind / charges, every time they want. Taking back things they gave you.
    I can’t wait for P2P full encrypted cloud solution to raise and this olready obsolete buisness model to fall down!

  243. Smileyguy

    I trusted you guys and shifted to Onedrive from Google Drive and THIS IS HOW YOU TREAT US???? Honestly, this is REALLY disappointing especially when I have been advocating Windows Mobile phones and Onedrive storage. REALLY disappointing that you are doing this. I am going out the moment I find a better service.

  244. Punishing all users for the excessive usage of a small group is a very strange move and completely breaks the trust that users had in Microsoft as a reliable service provider. As a Mac user I was never a huge fan of Microsoft but I actually thought that they were on the right track with their recent product offerings, including OneDrive. Since I already get Office from work, the only reason for me to get an additional Office 365 subscription was the unlimited OneDrive storage for my personal data. I haven’t even used 1 TB yet but the fact that I can’t is enough for me to look elsewhere now, such that I don’t need to migrate all my data in the near future. Amazon “Unlimited Everything” looks like an attractive alternative and it offers a 3 month free trial, so I’m going to sign up for that.

  245. Wow, I’ve been using OneDrive (nee SkyDrive) for years, over several computers and multiple windows phones. You made it easy to use (though the lack of placeholders in Windows 10 has made it a much worse experience) but I have been cautious with my usage and I currently have 7Gb stored on there.

    So, after years of loyalty, I’m going to lose the ability to use OneDrive how I use it now, which is already hampered by the backwards step of Windows 10’s implementation of it, because of some specious reason that some people who were promised unlimited storage used it as such?

    So my 15Gb camera backup bonus and my loyalty bonus all gone? You really want people to move to other cloud storage platforms, don’t you?

    Why should I care about using seamless integration between my various Windows PC’s and phones if you’re prepared to pull the rug from under my feet in this way?


  246. This is terrible decision.

    I choose Window Phone because 15 free stoage OneDrive + 15 GB bonus camera roll. End now….

  247. Do ming si

    I think it is best to use a raid solution in a nas for those with speedy connections. terms changing too often to rely on. I also prefer to own my data

    • Tought of that too, too bad there’s no fiber in my city…

      And seriously, i have 30gb 15 free+15 camera, and only have used 9gb, you gotta be kidding me, not?
      I know what i have done wrong, trust you Microsoft.

      Moving to GDrive, with 15gb, is more than enough for me.

  248. How costly is offering online storage such that Microsoft needs to make a decision with such catastrophic consequences for customer loyalty? And how poor was their business planning one year ago when they thought they could afford offering “unlimited storage”? There are ALWAYS going to be people trying to abuse the system: just ask any mobile operator that offered All-you-can-eat data packages..

    For me as an Office 365 subscriber this move has no short-term practical consequences because I am nowhere near the 1TB mark. But my illusion of Microsoft becoming a company with my interests at heart has been shattered.

    I was gradually warming up to the idea of replacing my wife’s old Mac with a brand spanking new Surface Pro; I was seriously contemplating replacing the old PS3 with an XBox. But now I am thrown back to the dark days when I was seriously let down by Microsoft after enthusiastically (and admittedly with a bit of an Apple grudge) embraced Windows Phone 7 (!) and Surface (yes.. the first one..).

    So they have just lost 3 years of effort trying to reel me back in as a Microsoft HW customer, and for me THAT is the big mistake Microsoft has just made.

    • Oh.. And I forgot to add that I don’t understand why there is no (monetary) compensation to me as a loyal Office 365 Home subscriber, but subscribers that were using a FREE service now get a FREE one-year Office 365 Personal Subscription.

      So Microsoft, yes please: I would also like to get a one-year subscription redemption.

  249. Oh my god. A really bad decission Microsoft. Office 365 is losing one of the things that make it better to another solutions.

  250. Is this some kind of a joke? Has the blog been hacked?

    5GB is enough to push me out of the MS cloud completely, how is this in line with any of MS current strategy?

  251. ***? Turns out now I have to lose my files or transfer them to another service?

  252. Unbelievable. And it’s not so much the redaction of “unlimited” storage to 1TB, but the broken promise and the action that affects the average user that is the most infuriating. If Microsoft is going to advertise using OneDrive syncing with Windows phone, Groove music, and Office in general, then those files shouldn’t affect the total used space.

    Personally, I have at least 15GB of pictures and videos taken with my Windows phones, so it’s especially ironic that the limit for non-O365 subscribers are also being punished.

    This move is so far beyond ridiculous, it’s hard to articulate with G-rated words.

  253. Just wanted to move my data from gdrive as I liked the online integration of office better, but I definitely do not require 1TB of online storage for my purposes. Especially the 200GB plan was a killer feature for me as it is reasonably priced and not available on gdrive.

  254. This is a really disappointing change.

    You have every right to punish the users who you think are abusing the service, but why got those innocent involved? Your action is just not consistent with your reasoning.

  255. Please don’t decrease storage from 15 GB to 5 GB for all users. We must move our files if so. Just punish users with high quota.

  256. Too bad, for me one of the main reason for buying Lumia Phones is gone than.

    Hopefully Microsoft will reconsider this topic and leave it for causual users as it is.

  257. Dear Microsoft,
    I’m a Windows 10 and Windows Phone user and I believe that onedrive service is one of the plus that Windows ecosystem gives to the customers. I think is very stupid punish all one drive users to hit some that use the service in a not legal way.
    You simply must set a strong gb cap per user and punish who try to use one drive in an illegal way.
    Otherwise you’ll lost many users, and more problematic, it will be a boomerang against your intensions to build a strong ecosystem based on Windows. Google (and Android) thanks you.

  258. So basically Microsoft is saying that they are no longer in the cloud storage for consumers business.

  259. Classic bait and switch strategy. Never expected such a move from Microsoft. Couldn’t you really find a better pretense? From one of the best cloud storage solutions to just another cloud storage solution. Bye bye OneDrive, we had good times.

  260. I was already on the move to abandon cloud storage because of privacy concerns (for example, how do they know what people with 75 GB of data store there exactly?) and in course of that decision didn’t add any new stuff to OneDrive for the past few months, but now this is just the reason to remove all the content that is still there (about 8 GB, not much private stuff, mostly my personal music collection) ASAP. Getting a Office 365 subscription now too keep that stuff is out of the question because it won’t pay off for me, I’m using Office 2013 standalone on exactly one machine and the feature set of it will be good for another seven years, so I would in fact lose money going down the subscription route.

    Apart from my personal point of view: We were already at 25 GB of free storage before the Windows 8 days, then at 7 GB. Now going to 5 GB is ridiculous.

    My advice: It takes a little effort to maintain, but I recommend everybody to check out a personal cloud solution. If you don’t need remote access, even a NAS server in the LAN is fine and that’s what I use at the moment. For all the content I need on the road: I keep all that on a USB thumbdrive in my pocket, or sync it to the phone storage. It’s not as easy as using a cloud storage provider, but at least you are in full control over your data at any time.

  261. I really hope this is a joke,

    what is the reasoning behind this? I have never seen a bigger own goal in my life…

    and 5 gb?!?! why have any storage at all then?

  262. Rajanikanth

    Google drive& Photos – welcome me 🙂

  263. It seems that there isn’t a “new Microsoft” after all with this reactionary decision made by a bean counter somewhere in Redmond. I am an Office 365 customer and have <2 TB, so I'm not the problem, but going to 1 TB destroys my workflow. I'll be requesting a pro-rated refund and going to Google Drive with the Office HUP and Google Docs.

  264. The fact that they are cutting the free storage down to 5 GB and removing the free camera roll bonus is devastating to OneDrive and Microsoft. I was really enjoying that I could store my favorite Music and Photos on OneDrive and could access them anywhere on any device. OneDrive is what really tied me to Microsoft’s ecosystem. Its a shame that Microsoft feels like they need to punish everyone for what a handful of people have done. I guess I have to move on to other things…

  265. Why………. T.T Why????? </3

    Please don't drop the 15gb free to 5gb. also don't remove the 15gb camera roll bonus.. OneDrive is my primary cloud storage. Hope you guys hear our petitions. We are loyal!

  266. how stupid this policy is, as you said, that is a small number of users, and even if they stored 75 tb content, they have nothing to blame. because OneDrive was able to do so, they will love and continue to subscribe the service, and now, you are losing them and more other customers. If OneDrive is focused on collaboration, then why did you let us choose OneDrive as default storage location. Also, if you want to save storage, you can simply using MD5 like file identification, to store only one copy of the file, this saves bandwidth and user’s time, but apparently no such thing exists in OneDrive. When problem arises, one should consider to solve it by yourself, not to affect customers. this policy made me rethink online storage, as the provider is not consistent on their services.

  267. 1 year for revision strategy. Not very clever. I have more than 1tb but it almost all my photos. And if somebody have 75 Tb with movies why you reduce my storage without movies? And why you reduce to 1tb, not 10, which I have now?

  268. Simon Cutting

    Bye OneDrive, Hello Google Drive!

  269. Damiano920

    Sad makes me angry
    It’s insane to get back what you have give previously….want to resolve the problem? erase unlimited space upper 1TB far all or who want more than 1 Tb pay more. But 15 GB free space for all,temp space bonus till the end 1 year,2 year)…it’s not fair to claim back what you gifted7ps. I bought 2 year Office 365 so for me no problem….bit my family,my girlfriend will switch to mega,google drive otherwise….50 gb and 15 gb free
    Think to it,I’m not alone….Satya said: “mobile first,cloud first”: in this way you’re destroing cloud and mobile first

  270. Yossarian

    “stored entire movie collections and DVR recordings”

    How the hack do they know what was stored?
    Are they continuing to peek in customer’s e-mails, files?
    Moving to some other provider which respect privacy.

  271. Microsoft is loosing the user and forcing them to switch to google, which will eventually make Microsoft outdated. Microsoft don’t follow the steps of Nokia, if you are not in the competitions then one day you will be out same like Nokia. My first email and services i used is Microsoft, so love to be here don’t force to move us to other platforms.

    Sure we have lot of choices now available, but what the users want is to stick to one platform. Come on grow up don’t be so mean, be the leader as you have been.

  272. Oh well. I just transferred my files from OneDrive to Google. I was planning to get Office365 because of that unlimited (or 10TB) storage, but no way now. I have 680 GB of pictures now and was going to back those up to the cloud. Getting a new 3 TB external HDD costs €100, no additional costs.
    Microsoft has again proved that it can’t be trusted. I have a laptop running Windows 10, mostly because it came with 8.1 installed, the most horrible O/S I’ve ever seen, and Windows 10 was a big improvement.
    However, my desktop is running Windows 7 and it’s not going to get Windows 10 now. This “free” upgrade is very likely going to turn into a monthly subscription some time next year. No trust anymore.
    Besides, I save money in other ways too as my current flatbed- and film scanners and inkjet printer aren’t supported in 10 thus upgrading would force me to buy new hardware as well.

  273. The old 1TB limit would fix the Problem. Why must every user suffer? It is not necessary to change so much things.

  274. So, basicly, Microsoft is punishing a whole group of users due to the fact some abused the unlimited storage. Microsoft could have seen this coming, if you offer unlimited storage, some people will use it. So why not maximize the limits to say 5TB. Most users would be happy with that. Except for some of the excesses.
    But instead Microsoft is turning their back to a lot of users, most importantly by limiting the free storage from 15+15 to only 5 Gb. Like they did with Windows Phone 7.5 and currently the Surface RT which will not be updated to Win 10. Is this the same direction as the ‘free’ windows 10 update is going? Once everyone has upgraded to win 10, make it no longer free anymore and intead charge a monthly fee? Returning back to 7 as fast as I can, now it is still possible.
    There are 3 Windows 8.1 phones, 2 surface RTs, a surface pro, 2 win 10 laptops, 3 win 10 desktop pcs and a Xbox One in my family. But Microsoft tells us ‘thank you, but go f**k yourself for being a loyal customer’. I really liked the integration of all those devices, but if this is the way Microsoft is pushing us, I’m going to invest in the alternatives like Apple and Google.

  275. Just another reason to remove this **** from my computer, every time Microsoft release a new version of OneDrive features get dropped. Who actually sits down and thinks this is how to retain customers, idiots

  276. I’m lucky …. was just ready to leave Dropbox … I stay with Dropbox 🙂

  277. Brian McGee

    The obvious point to make in this move (which may already be made but there are so many comments I couldn’t actually read them all) is that the accountants have just noticed that MS are buying into DropBox but also giving away storage at a frightening rate. They have already paid for Nokia and lost big time as well as the surface RT experiment as well as all the other writedowns recently. Since MS are into making money, giving stuff away when they don’t really have to is probably a whipping offence now so lets just stop giving free storage except for just enough to sync favourites and settings between the various devcices and let someone else do the hard bit of managing lots of files for people. It is ok if people move their data out of OneDrive, it will still be there in the background doing just enough to make the user experience seamless (!) but not really costing MS anything much. That is the only reason to reduce the free limits back to 5Gb. Google and Amazon can afford to give away storage MS can’t.

  278. Microsoft, you had them all.
    The Photographers, Videographers and Musicians. The ones who wanted to be productive in a uncompromising way – who wanted to experience real freedom when they were going to create something. Not to worry about how much space is left on their OneDrive, when they load up, back up and share their projects via the cloud. Not to worry about any boundaries. Just to make one decision and then to have it right there, when they would need it.
    How many people abused the system? I dont think they stack up against the users you will loose or even won’t aquire by this bad decision. OneDrive was supposed to stand for something. Even when I am the normal user, who dont neet that 1 TB – it was about the comfortable thought to never have to worry about it. You shattered my confidence today with this poor decision. Just right at the point, when I was feeling proud for this company again.

    So some months ago, there was this guy who said: Cloud first, mobile first.
    He also said he wanted to empower people to achieve more. What happened to him?

  279. Aleksandr

    Microsoft, you are the worst company ever. I’m buy you Win 10 PRO. That’s your gift for me ?

    Жлобы, OneDrive это одна из вещей, ради которых я купил Win 10 PRO.

  280. how can we cancel the Office 365 one year contract without penalty after 6 months?
    I still have not received extra +9TB yet. I register that.
    yes. Microsoft never wrote about +9TB thing on contract.
    soooooo clever as literally con man. – Literally. sigh –

    but why Microsoft said that as news release?

  281. Aren’t you considering an affordable subscription to up to 10TB? I’m asking as I’m shooting 4K home videos and those tend to be large and now you take away something I was relying on…

  282. Always loved OneDrive, because it was just really convenient:
    – it had integrated Office Online with great collab abilities
    – integrated with Windows 8.1 and its place holders allowed to keep all files online and sync just the ones you needed on a Surface 2 with limited storage capacity
    – unlimited storage

    How it is today:
    – Office Online can be found in Dropbox as well
    – Windows 10 removed the cool place holder feature
    – storage gets restricted

    This whole move doesn’t make any sense in Microsofts “Mobile first, cloud first” strategy”.
    Microsoft as a company just started to turn into something cool, new innovative (especially the recent hardware announcements) which Google and Apple have missed in the last year.

    BUT instead of improving their services, they do the opposite: They remove all the advantages of their services for power users which often are loyal MS customers and which buy MS hardware (I own a WP and a Surface), just because of a few people who could’ve been blocked from Onedrive with 2 mouse clicks.

    I will switch to Dropbx which most of my friends use. I always tryed to convert them to OneDrive, but now the last pro argument has been ruled out.

    Thanks Microsoft!

  283. This is a horrible idea. I’ve been using and recommending Onedrive for atleast a year now, but this will stop instantly. I believe you are convinced this will get more people to use Office 365 but this will probably have the direct opposite effect.
    Bad move Microsoft. Bad move…

  284. This makes me angry and sad.

    Dear OneDrive team,
    if the reason for this change is really “a small number of users” abusing the system, why does that guy who bought a Lumia phone and enjoys his few GBs of storage for photos have to suffer for it?
    Why do loyal customers who spent years convincing their family and friends to use your great service have to look like idiots now, because “In some instances” users stored countless Terabytes of data for free?

    I can’t really say anything that hasn’t been mentioned thousands of times in the comments before mine. I’m just sad now. Thanks.

  285. With only 5 free gb of storage why would anyone use onedrive to start with? Other competitors have a better (faster) service with more space for free. Why would anyone on android use onedrive when google offers free unlimited storage if you agree to having your maximum resolution capped at 16mp?
    Your only advantage on the free tier was the space. And after one puts all they’re photos on google why would they change?

    God ****** Microsoft you make really hard to recommend your services :-

    PS. I’m an office 365 home subscriber. But I started with the free tier. Wich I would never do if the limits were 5 gb.

  286. Emanuel Alves

    I wasn’t expecting this from Microsoft… at all. Punishing everyone for the wrong-doings of a few isn’t fair.

  287. OMG……….Don’t know what to say……I’m using 35 of 40 GB FREE OneDrive storage.

    Goodbye OneDrive.

  288. This will push everyone with more than 5GB of files onto Google Drive, good plan Microsoft!

  289. One of the biggest tech company in the World didn’t have the insight that it would be possible? Feeling myself as a complete fool.

  290. Change in pursuit of productivity and collaboration, eh? How’s that working out for you so far, MSFT?

    Please don’t insult our intelligence.

    Reading all these irate comments is so refreshing, though. Too bad MSFT does not seem to learn.

    Sometimes I feel that MSFT has unintentionally hired some agent provocateurs that meet on a daily basis to discuss: “How can we antagonise our user-base today and make MSFT look like **** in the process?”

  291. Алесандр


  292. This is beginning of Cloud for personal use- first give free then say we can’t .. and charge … at least 50% will pay for extra cost because they will escape from moving data … 🙁

    Good Money.

    Once all business will be on cloud, similar changes will be there … oh we can expect this much growth from you organization, so now you need to pay more or you have time move … where to move you don’t have choice or budget to move so finally you have to Pay.

    This is called business 😀

    why you offered unlimited – if you can’t keep your promises ???

    after this seems iCloud is more planed way. they know there customer respect their feelings ..

    No temporary commitment to get more customer 🙁

    I will say there is very poor sizing planing by OneDrive team without market analysis.

  293. What a great way to completely destroy a product and **** of millions of people. You guys are officially ********.

  294. Alexander

    Самый глупый поступок Microsoft, который я помню. Поступок, который приведет не только к потере большинства пользователей OneDrive, но и к потере репутации Microsoft. Отныне Microsoft будет считаться компанией, которая ничего никому не способна гарантировать. Это полный провал.

  295. I remember a similar move by Microsoft back in the days of Hotmail. Google was promoting 1 GB of free storage with Gmail, and Microsoft REDUCED the limit to 5 mb! so what happened then? the Gmail-switchers never returned to Hotmail/ because it is not easy to switch cloud services. when somebody is gone, take it gone forever.

    is this the same strategy now?

  296. This news came totally out of the blue. It’s incredible in the worst possible way.
    “OneDrive storage plans change in pursuit of productivity and collaboration” is the title but even though i went through the entire article twice, i struggle to find a real explanation to this sudden move.
    You cite a few that literally took your claim of “unlimited storage” and actually stored a LOT of data (because obviously, you can’t “store unlimited data”) and because of that you slash the service to all other users, while trying to disguise that as an improvement in “Productivity and collaboration”. I’m sorry but I wish you could clarify this because I miss the logical consequence. If you can clearly identify those cases and feel like they’re using the service in a wrong or illegal way, then why don’t take actions against them? If this move is so clearly aimed at improving the “Productivity and collaboration” why offer a compensation for something that should be already a gain by itself ?

    I’ve always been against the mindset that wants everything for free: “If it’s on the internet, I must NOT pay for it” and I understand that whole OneDrive infrastructure probably costs more money than what it generates. What I CAN’T understand is why lie at your users? Is it a matter of profit ? Just tell YOUR users! Sure someone will complain because that’s the reaction when you take away something that’s considered “a right” but at least it’s clear statement.
    Now everyone is raging about this announcement, on websites, on social media, even on this very same blog it’s almost impossible to find a comment with a positive sentiment. There’s plenty of people writing “switching to another service” or “we lost the only differentiator”. While for many of them it’s just a way to express their anger in this moment and probably it will never turn into reality, you’re starting to loose a more important and almost invaluable asset: their loyalty. If you loose your credibility, if you tell the people something they can’t possibly understand or give value to, their passion begins to wither and once that process starts, it’s incredibly hard to get it back on your side.

    • This.

      If it weren’t enough that they were doing all this, they way they decided to ‘come out to us’ just adds insult to injury.

      A post titled in a way to imply that they’re going to outline some changes that will improve productivity and collaboration, but does nothing of the sort.


      In my opinion the post would’ve been better titled ‘SORRY’.

      Or just ‘LOL ** (because we can)’.

  297. E’ chiaramente solo una mossa commerciale. Non si puniscono tutti per la colpa di pochi, Se di colpa si puo’ parlare. Se offri spazio infinito e’ chiaro che qualcuno se ne approfitera’. Se non vuoi, limiti lo spazio e il problema e’ risolto. Bruttissima mossa!

  298. Uhm, well I guess I can’t vouch for OneDrive for my friends and relatives, seeing that now Google Drive and such now have leverage with more free space (and it doesn’t help that photos/music don’t count against this free space). I’m not sure why you’d move the 15GB down to 5GB, and give no incentive for using the camera roll…

    All this for some select customers that put 75TB of stuff in their unlimited storage? This is the wrong way to go about it, because now you’re not even trying to compete against guys like Google Drive and DropBox when you clearly can…

  299. Kristof bolckmans

    This is just wrong Microsoft.. So wrong! This is how you kill a service / app.
    I hope you react properly to all the commotion on social media about this change.

  300. really nice… we will see what will really happen, but it might be a reason, why I will stop paying for Office 365 Home subscription – now I am really glad, I recently extended the subscription for only 1 year! (There was a sale for Office 365 Home in the local retailer and I was thinking for more years…)

  301. Chung Wei Leong

    When the 15GB came out, I move all my photo from BOX to OneDrive, and now you all just wanna cancel it…i think I have to switch back to BOX once again, there is also 15GB for free….if you cannot handle user to use more than 75TB, just don’t use the word “unlimited” at the beginning.

  302. Tomas Janirek

    Let’s make a bet … will Microsoft really shrink space from 30GB (for windows phone users) to 5GB?:o) It would be really funny! I have 16GB of photos from my two lumia phones alone ….. so should I delete them? Move to other service? Stop using windows phone? At least I hope there will be the some update to WP8.1 to integrate dropbox, gdrive ….. the same way onedrive is integrated. Otherwise it would be (another) epic fail. I love the integration of phone and PC and I’m not going to pay for that! Not even a symbolic price for something I was lured to be free. It’s just nonsense and I don’t believe Microsoft can afford to do this ……
    Another problem is, the onedrive servers are located in US only and in the rest of the world it is incredibly slow …. almost unusable, so I wouldn’t really miss onedrive at all, IF THERE IS THE SAME INTEGRATION OF OTHER TECHNOLOGY!!! But most of the WP application offering cloud synchronization using integrated onedrive!
    So …. there are only two options for MS, to integrate dropbox, gdrive etc. in Windows, Windows Phone, Office etc. and just leave the cloud business or RECONSIDER – HARD! And also there is another possibility, just don’t use Windows Phone ….. it seems, in last few months the most productive department in Microsoft is the department introducing nonsenses and sabotages Microsoft:) For example, W10 is just unusable on the tablet …. it’s just 10 steps backward from W8.1 and I seriously consider moving back (I will give it the last chance with threshold 2 update). If WM10 will be the same fail (and it seems to be, according to the last insider builds I tested) and lack of ton of WP8.1 functionality, I will probably wait another year (if ever) to move to WM10 on my lumia 930 …. such “smart” Microsoft decisions will seriously damage “universaI applications” concept ….. I was going to buy L950 before Christmas, but now, I will wait at least until next year whether Microsoft will pull its head from its *** …..
    P.S.: It really offends me personally, when you are feeding me with the nonsense about 75TB users …. so just get rid of these users!!! And you can increase space for regular users!!! It’s that simple.

  303. ein bis jetzt zufriedener Kunde

    wollt ihr unbedingt die kunden verärgern? Limit auf 1 TB ist ok, aber die Kürzung des freien Speichers ist nicht ok. Google, dropbox und co werden sich freuen

  304. I am really disappointed by this decision of Microsoft. What irritates me most is that they cut the free storage for everybody. For all current users Microsoft must seem really unreliable as a service provider. I can’t imagine an action which makes a worse impression on customers.
    Goodbye Microsoft/OneDrive!

  305. Harrie Duivesteijn

    Microsoft should be ashamed of actions like this, i am done with microsoft, what a fraude

  306. The only one thing I can think now is: was everything planned from the beginning? It seems so.
    Yyour offer was such attractive that many people (like me and some of my friends) switch from DropBox to OneDrive (ex Skydrive). Now that you’ve been successful in grabbing users from other services you simply say “Ok, folks, you’re in our hands now, so rules changes… don’t you agree? So go away, we are not not interested; Actually we know the effort you would have to invest in changing your cloud services, so we know the most part of you will bend to our will.” Let me say that the last time I felt this way was when Apple destroyed the iPhone 3G with the last OS update, forcing me to buy a new one. The result? I bought the new branded WP7.
    The worst part of this is many of my friends will say “so now? Do you still trust Microsoft? I’ve always said you shouldn’t have given confidence to them and… I was right”
    Thank you, Microsoft, to demonstrate my confidence in you has always been misplaced (can you imagine how much stupid I feel right now? As an Office 365 Home Premium Subscriber, as a Xbox Music subscriber, as a Windows Phone User since he very beginning (hoping in the future of the ecosystem), as a Microsoft Developer… I only feel stupid, now, and probably I am.

  307. Why Microsoft kill all that we come to trust?
    Now my trust on cloud on accounts on all microsoft services is ended.
    I choose an recommande to others skydrive-onedrive and windows for placeholder file…end.
    I trust lumia even I loose with windows phone 7…now again.
    I love list reader…go.
    I love music video apps but to many names and not for Romania.
    I buy apps from store because pay once and have on phone and pc …but now my phone is ver 8 and desktop 10 so I pay twice….very bad.Also all the trash are promoted in store.
    I put friends family to trust windows update now this things are every second and we dont know what are and this use more of ours space.

  308. That means: Good Bye Onedrive and back to Google Drive and others.
    Thanks for reducing free users to 5GB which is a very very small amount of storage in today’s world..

  309. Very, very disappointing. Great way to use loyal cutomers

  310. Goodbye Office365. Goodbye onedrive.
    This is such a pathetic excuse.

    And this comes after making the sync experience useless on that steaming … pile you call Windows 10.

    Please just stop trying. Go with Joe Belfiore on a boat and stop messing with our lives. Just stop.

  311. First it was the smart files on windows 10 thing. I’m still using windows 8.1 because of that. Now there’s this. I use 2 terabytes on my OneDrive account so this makes it useless for me.

    I guess I’ll go back to pirate Office and get my cloud service somewhere else.

  312. This is just stupid, you sold “unlimited” plans and now cry about it. I have news for you: Onedrive was and is a slow buggy piece of **** that had only two things going for it: Large cheap storage and Office 365 sidekick. Going back to 1 TB from “unlimited” is a HUGE insult. You easily could have limited it to e.g. 10 TB, which was given first, when customer asked for more space (to 1TB).

    Cut to free storage plan is just unbelievable. You really want to kill this service?

  313. It is clearly a business move.: Nadella said “Windows everywhere” and now removes GB from users. Mhh… Seems to be a good idea to push people to buy Windows phones and Surface. A very good idea.

  314. John, Essex UK

    This is very disappointing for those of us on the free 15GB. I hope Microsoft reconsiders the 15GB downgrade as this will affect a lot load of people who rely heavily on OneDrive to complement their low phone storage. I sincerely hope the OneDrive team in particular think seriously about shutting out MS mobile users who desperately need this 15GB storage space. For those abusing the “unlimited storage” , I think Microsoft should contact them to reduce their storage usage instead of melting out collective punishment to the OneDrive community at large.
    Microsoft, please think again about this collective punishment!!!

  315. This means my Onedrive limit goes from 30 to 5 Gb. Bye Onedrive.

  316. And the lesson here is: don’t build a cloud sync service into your semi-free operating system, make it a defult destination for most documents, and then promise unlimited storage for subscribers and expect them not to use as much as they can. It’s unlimited. Unlimited just that. It does not mean “maybe unlimited”, or “a little bit unlimited”. It is unlimited.

    Furthermore, it’s somewhat disconcerting that Microsoft were having a rummage around those larger OneDrive accounts and have been able to identify the file types that were being stored. While I appreciate Microsoft never promised an underlying encrypted filesystem in which Microsoft staff could not access or identify files and their filenames, this nevertheless raises some issues.

    This sort of thing makes cloud services look extremely bad.

  317. ThisIsRidiculous

    You would have known that no one would like this change, yet you’ve still done it.

    Is your goal literally to lose customers? Are you trying to make even more people hate you?

    Most people don’t care about you focusing on “productivity”, whatever that vaguely means, they just care about storage space and simple things like being able the share files.

  318. Thanks MS. Having earned 40GB of free space for my photos over the years I really love the idea of losing most of that space. Why? Just started using google photos, thanks to you, and found out how much smoother and faster it is compared to onedrive. Couldn’t be happier:).

  319. As a MSFT shareholder, I’m seriously shocked. Satya Nadella wants people to love Microsoft. With moves like this, you are disappointing existing users massively. It kills trust in your cloud. And it’s a easy way the get bad press worldwide. Just to save some cheap cloud space.
    Please, stop this ASAP. This is massive!

  320. Anonymous

    I’ve dealt with the lack of integration compared to dropbox, the awkward interface, and just overall lack of refinement with OneDrive solely because the unlimited feature made it future proof. I wanted to prevent the exposure, risk of loss, and time involved with a potential transfer to another service in the future. Well, I’m nowhere near 1TB yet, but I can tell you I’m shopping other plans today and locking it in for as long of a time period as is allowed. Owe and goodbye Office suite, I’m going back to open source options.

    M$, you should be offering stand out service and features to draw some users in now that you’re finally approaching the bar in some areas of mobile (W10, Surface). Service is as important a part of the ecosystem as hardware and software.


  321. Kunde | Germany

    Ich bin sehr enttäuscht über diese wenig nachvollziehbare Entscheidung. Sie wird einige Kunden zur Konkurrenz bewegen.

    I´m very disappointed and can´t understand this decision. MS will lose costumers.

  322. Well this is pretty disgusting. I’m definitely not saying anything new here as many have chimed in with how this affects them similarly. But I want to make sure the OneDrive team is inundated with a sense of how many customers they just alienated.

    I started with this during the LiveMesh days, and I loved that it would sync up my files over my local network. Letting me keep my files backed up and accessible behind the scenes without eating up my online storage. A system that didn’t put me at a company’s mercy as far as having my files accessible to me, worst case scenario (which happened) was LiveMesh stops working and files no longer sync.

    It was a relative pain to have to let that go once they deprecated Mesh for OneDrive (which was Skydrive). But I made the switch, being able to back up my Camera Roll (and the 15GB they provided for that use) was instrumental in my decision to stick with this service. And it made me wary, as it put my data at the mercy of another company, keeping that trust is a big thing.

    Then in the years that followed we’ve had complaints about WP not having SD storage, and the dearth of devices with decent onboard storage. Again, OneDrive was frequently quoted as the panacea, a cloud first world where online always-available storage that was the answer, and THEN they come in and change their tune on that as well?

    Offering the unlimited storage to 365 users was stupid. Unlimited anything is usually stupid as various ISPs have learned (or have they?). How long are companies going to be allowed to use hotwords such as ‘unlimited’ to bring in customers only to change their minds at a later date? Hoping that the inertia of changing providers and the sloughing off of less pocketed competitors to be what keeps customers.

    Don’t offer unlimited if you can’t do unlimited. But this doesn’t affect me, but it’s not fair to say this doesn’t matter, I may feel 1Tb is enough, but I’m sure it matters for some, and they have a valid reason to be unhappy even if they’re not the bulk of users. I’m pretty sure their voices will be ignored, simply because they don’t number as many. But they have a valid complaint..

    No, what’s really sad, and what seems to be affecting a whole lot more people, is how they shoehorn that as justification for slashing the 15Gb+15Gb for free users (with Camera Roll back up).

    How is that related? Own up to your stupid policies.

    Even if they were to retract this, there’s irreparable damage in how I view OneDrive as a viable place to store my memories. As a die-hard MS supporter I can’t adequately express how this policy change shakes my faith in trusting this company to be in charge of handling my digital life, and by extension whether I will continue to buy into owning their devices that hook into their services.

    It’s so shocking that they felt this was okay in a market that has so much competition, it just shook me to the core to realize there really is no ‘new Microsoft’, of course companies operate for their own benefit, but to know the welfare of their customers don’t guide their policies anymore than they did in the days of 2Mb hotmail storage makes me unbelievably sad.

    A real kick to the gut. Wow.

    • I agree fully, this plus the forced win10 upgrade shows clearly there is NO new microsoft no matter what they’re trying to show. It did not last long, 1 or 2 years maybe? 😀

    • I agree fully.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with every word you said.

      I’ve been a devout WP user from before it was WP and was WM. Taking away the 15 GB + 15 GB and leaving it at 5 GB has shaken my loyalty considerably. Even if they backtrack like they did with XBox One not being able to play used games and no backward compatibility, the fact they don’t care about loyalty by not at least grandfathering the current users in to the 15 GB + 15 GB plan is such a blow that I’m no longer dead set on the Lumia 950 XL as my next phone. I will have to start researching Android phones or even look at iPhone (never thought I’d think that, let alone write those words).

      Congratulations MS & the OneDrive team. You’ve disappointed me for the last time. I will always take your offerings with a grain of salt and be forever disillusioned with your company.

  323. Anonymous

    Это просто ужас, сперва дают, потом отнимают…подобного отношения к клиентам я никогда не ожидал! Ищу новый сервис облачного хранилища, чтоб не кидал!

  324. I’ll try to demonstrate how Microsoft support the piracy for his supremacy.
    In this days are very easy to secure the products for people that not pay but Microsoft always leave that door open for numbers because they know are few people that support financial this ecosystem.
    So if Microsoft want that I continue as a subscriber a user that pay your services must close all that users that not pay use crack and post comments with their dreams.
    Can do this Microsoft let we see?

  325. I’ll try to demonstrate how Microsoft support the piracy for his supremacy.
    In this days are very easy to secure the products for people that not pay but Microsoft always leave that door open for numbers because they know are few people that support financial this ecosystem.
    So if Microsoft want that I continue as a subscriber a user that pay your services must close all that users that not pay use crack and post comments with their dreams.
    Can do this Microsoft let we see?

  326. This was the final straw for me.

  327. I am a Microsoft user for a long time, support the good products MS has been creating… Xbox, skydrive, Windows phone, office, Windows, surface… But I have been disappointed by the stupidity and ******** you have been showing. Please reflect and think!

  328. Disgusting Microsoft – not to mention commercially completely stupid. I currently have a lot of extra storage which I was expecting to expire anyway, but I pay for the 50GB plan and would soon need to upgrade to the 100GB. Now you’re saying:

    a) You’re taking away some of the storage I already have – my ‘free’ storage.
    b) you’re increasing the cost of my 50GB plan
    c) when I grow out of 50GB, there is no further option for me?

    Great work. I was comparing OD to upgrading my Google account – I use Google and OD for different purposes at the moment – but you’ve just made my mind up for me. Well done.

  329. Wow, just wow. So very disapointed here.

    Been a MS fan and Onedrive / Skydrive / Mesh user from the early days and have put up with connection issues, **** sync clients, changes in strategy and all the rest because it seemed that the goals for Onedrive were in the right place.

    To create a cloud storage / collaboration platform that would fit into my digital life and world. This latest change really feel like it c$%£ all over that.

    How is such a drastic pruning of storage like this a benefit for collaboration? Are you really saying that you want OneDrive to only be a place for keeping office documents and nothing else?

    Please have a long hard look at what your competitors are doing. If online storage isn’t a space you want to be in, please come clean and just pull the plug so we can move on with our lives instead of just dragging us along.

  330. Used OneDrive as Backup for my private Family photos and raw files…

    Please do it like amazon photos and let paying customers use OneDrive unlimited for photos and raw files.

  331. This is stupid. Just stupid.

  332. I used OneDrive for automatic Backup of my Lumia Photos.
    This must be huge mistake by Microsoft, if this will turn to reality!
    I mean should I use another service (google photos (unlimited with resized images), amazon photos (unlimited with Prime subscription)) instead for free backup of the photos?
    Whats wrong with you Microsoft?

  333. I suppose Microsoft is aware that Google’s free plan contains 15GB? Basically 3 times the space Microsoft will be offering.

    Also, 50GB $2 is twice the price Google is actually charging ($2 for 100GB).

    I suppose Microsoft wants consumers to either to pay for their Office365 plan or just get off. Because this is what’s going to happen.

    • Haha we don’t need to wait long until ALL major online sync services will go back to 2GB free plans. The only reason for them to push limits out was OneDrive. Now that the big brother becomes a small brother, they can also bak up and cut their plans.

  334. Great news!!! First they killed the ‘online-only’ mode, so I can’t use the onedrive like before with my win10 tablet, then they go from 20GB (15+5) to 5GB, well, seems to me to go to gmail (still I will be able to check my outlook emails) use the 15GB google drive , after all seems a good idea as gdrive can sync with Linux (esp Ubuntu) . BYE BYE M$ and good luck

  335. Another terrible customer unfriendly decision.

    Back to Apple and Google people.

    Ugh, I just migrated all my pictures, music and documents. Grmblr

    For people in need of an alternative solution:

    Google Photos = unlimited storage
    Google Music = 50 000 tracks to store for free
    Google Docs = free to store
    Google Drive = 15GB free
    Google Books = free storage of my e-book collection
    Google Chrome = bookmark sync and free extensions like AdBlock

    => you have to buy an Android or Apple phone though since those services are not available on Windows Phone.

  336. Boo, Microsoft! Someone who approved this decision should be fired.

  337. Ok,
    i was disappointed by a lot of descision, i think it’s the last i accept from you.
    I will change all for a google
    i get a win7 whhich never get w8
    i get a surface which were abandonned
    i get a office account for onedrive…. and now they change everything…

  338. It took me a fair amount of time to convince several family members that OneDrive was the best choice based on the 15gb free + 15gb camera roll bonus. Now i get to look like a fool as they (I) have to scramble to move their data to another service that offer enough storage for all of their personal photos and documents.

    To title this obvious money saving move as “OneDrive storage plans change in pursuit of productivity and collaboration” is insulting. What part of this encourages productivity or more collaboration?

    If this was truly about a few abusers the correct move would be to cap storage, not reduce it for all. It’s obvious now that when you said unlimited you lied.

  339. well bye mc
    never going to buy mc phone again .

  340. Very disappointing. Decisions like this undermine the trust needed to have a healthy relationship with a service provider. Deal with the exceptions, don’t punish the general user base. This feels like greed. not

  341. In the first place, it is unfair to punish ALL your users because of the mischiefs of very few ones.

    Then, you should add some 10-15 Gb for Camera Roll: I’ve been using Windows Phone for 2 years and it’s not always nice, so it doesn’t seem wise to let us down as if we were like those guys using iOS or Android. Well, maybe that’s the way you want it.

    And, finally: please give us the option to keep placeholders on Windows 10. That’s the only reason why I won’t upgrade my Windows 8.1 tablet.

  342. Very disappointing. Decisions like this undermine the trust needed to have a healthy relationship with a service provider. Deal with the exceptions, don’t punish the general user base. This feels like greed.

  343. Microsoft I’m sure you understood these changes would be unpopular, but instead of just removing ‘unlimited’ options and saying – “we messed up, unlimited is more popular than we thought and you’ll now have to pay for extra storage”. You’re instead saying that it’s no longer going to be POSSIBLE to store any large files on your system – by limiting it to 1TB you’re completely ruining your system. I enjoy taking photos and video and I currently have about 5TB of data stored on your system. I’ve spent a LONG time collating and de-duping my photos from various back-ups onto one single online location and now you’re telling me I can’t even pay extra to store that data on your system? Where’s the 5TB storage option? or 10 or 20TB?

    All I’m left with is 100gb and 200gb options, which, frankly, is pathetic. You’re one of the largest tech companies in the world… get your S*** together and make sure I don’t have 4/5ths of my data deleted in a year.

  344. This is the best way to drive people away from the service, even if the Office and Windows teams force you to save files here.
    I think you should reconsider and pull an Xbox One on this one.
    For now, is the best alternative.

  345. Blaaaah that’s what you are. Going back to Dropbox and Google Drive/Calendar.

    Squeeze more less you get.

  346. Пиздец.

  347. We use Windows Phone because Onedrive, without Onedrive why we use Windows Phone?

  348. Cloud first, mobile first, powered by Google!

  349. Wow, typical Microsoft. Promise the world and then deliver an island.

    So I cancelled my Dropbox and Google Drive accounts because MS told me that I was getting unlimited storage. ****, I even had a post on the MS community where I as assured that I would be getting unlimited storage

    Now this news comes out. So either I was being lied to all of this time because this decision didn’t happen overnight or MS Community moderators don’t have a flipping clue what’s going on with the company that they are answering for.

    Tell me again why I should place any trust or faith in Microsoft.

  350. Another flabbergasted customer here. This puts you behind practically every competitor and destroys any trust in your offering. Why would anyone subscribe when they could suddenly find what they are paying for reduced?
    I have been using your cloud offering since the early mesh days and seen your offering get worse and worse
    25GB > 15GB > 5GB. What a sorry excuse for a cloud storage service.

  351. So you might as well remove the Groove Music syncing features with OneDrive as you’ve pretty much killed this feature/service now. I currently have 263gb but only use 8gb which is mostly just photos – that sync with all my PC’s and Windows Phone – another feature killed which let’s Windows Phone users down massively. Utterly pointless and unfair, and I will be going back to DropBox ASAP!
    Thanks Microsoft!

  352. Just to add my name to the list of aggrieved users. I don’t use 1Tb yet, but am getting close enough for this to require me to rethink how I use OneDrive.

    If the “unlimited usage” is being abused by a few people with 75Tb video collections, why not change the usage terms to outlaw that, and deal with people who break the rules, not penalise the rest of us? Why not set the limit somewhere more realistic, e.g. 5 or 10 Tb?

  353. This storage option was THE reason I bought an Office 365 subscription. I am not using a terabyte, but I never will because I won’t be renewing. Google Drive and iCloud is cheaper. Google sheets and docs are easy replacements for home use. A company should always under-promise and over deliver. The onedrive team did exactly th opposite.

  354. John Bandela

    I am an Office 365 subscriber and although I use less than 1 tb of storage I am upset by this move. It seems all the storage solutions such as DropBox and Google Drive are giving their users more storage while Microsoft is giving less. This actually makes me question that the underlying Azure Storage does not have the price or performance scalability for Microsoft to continue providing storage efficiently. For our company’s cloud solution I was considering recommending Azure but I definitely won’t be now. OneDrive is the halo product for Azure storage. If the storage costs are not competitive enough for an internal customer, how are they going to be competitive going forward for external customers.

  355. lukas adamec

    thats epic fail MS and time to say goood bye Onedrive and say hello Mega or Dropbox

  356. you lured me with space for my music and my photos and now u cut it off. so i guess you want me to switch to google? then i think i can change my windows phone for an android too?

    • just in time I was thinking to upgrade the current android to Lumia, guess that? Thank you microsoft! NO F* WAY TO BUY A M$ PRODUCT

  357. I don’t agree with these changes. I think the 1 TB limit is a generous amount for O365 users, don’t get me wrong, but I do have a problem with the 5 GB limit that the free accounts will have. With MSFT offering the use of OneDrive as a default save location for photos, videos, documents, and as a music locker for Microsoft Groove, you would think that they would at least keep the 15 GB limit, if not offer 25 GBs like they did when OneDrive was Skydrive.

    I don’t plan on switching cloud storage providers, as OneDrive has done a great job for my use, I just wish that they would re-evaluate their decision. If I do have to share anything that is of decent size, I will probably default to BitTorrent Sync, which does a great job of syncing files between computers over the Internet without the limitations of a cloud storage provider.

  358. Craig Dawson

    Yep another disgruntled user here, I’m well over 1tb but still considerably under the initial 10tb I was given of my “unlimited” storage. I’ve not been a loyal user since day 1 of the beta, I have been a user who moved from a rival service since day one of the unlimited storage upgrade being officially sold as a feature after a long marketing campaign lauding it’s addition.

    People need to stop justifying this even partially by calling people abusers of the service. Microsoft offered a service which people bought and used as described. Given that one of the reasons placeholders were removed was due to the size they take up when people store huge amounts of data on your unlimited service you didn’t seem to concerned about it then. I could probably learn to live with 1tb, may have too depending where I end up, but I feel used as I have also recommended the service to several people and sold more than a few office subscriptions on your behalf. I am now responsible for them being lied to!

    I’ll be cancelling for a refund as soon as my data is all backed up elsewhere and this is definitely going to impact future purchasing decisions, if adobe would support linux it would be an attractive option at this point. In the meantime I’ll stick windows 8.1 and add dropbox or hubic whilst I pick out my now ps4 package.

  359. Pedro Carvalho

    Who will save my 3.5GB of music in the Groove Music folder and another I-don’t-know-how-muchGB photos from my Windows Phone??? I didn’t like the new plans, especially the free one, I don’t have money to pay for online storage and need it for my Windows Phone… Actually I use 16/30GB, becaouse I have 2 Lumias and a PC with Windows 10 where I save ALL my Files…

  360. I’m highly disappointed. There are so many examples of how to handle a situation like this, but what you are proposing, is not one of them. Fix the issues and don’t punish those that use it for legitimate purposes based on what you offered. This breach of your trust is going to drive me straight it another storage provider and has soured Microsofts brand – just as you guys were becoming cool again.

  361. This is bait and switch. I have about 2TB of photo and video files from personal professional production work and was happy to use OneDrive. This is such an awesome decision and I am positively sure it will put a bad mark on the company. Hope MS will reconsider the decision.

  362. Unlimited storage was one of the main features I liked about office 365, even though I haven’t used a TB yet. The free use amount is incredibly small now.

  363. What is the point to downgrade the storage of those already using OneDrive for more than a year … At this rate all you will achieve is just push away those people liking using your products to competition because to be honest it is not that difficult to switch ….

  364. This is a pretty good announcement if you are Google, Amazon or Dropbox. Punish the majority for accounts that are abusing the system.

    When the ‘unlimited’ plan was announced I drew a breath because without a fair usage policy and reasonable enforcement you become a troll magnet. Most users wanted a sensible cloud storage for a reasonable amount of ‘stuff’. Mostly personal photos, videos, documents and maybe music. My own personal use is somewhere between 14gb and 20gb.

    My WIndowsphone netted me some camera roll space, my early adopter status got me a bit more.

    So my Windowsphone loyalty is being punished.

    Now OneDrive sync isn’t the smartest in the world. Dropbox easily beats it. The big news was that OneDrive had space albeit you waited a long time for the sync – particularly if you buy a new PC.

    Free stuff is expensive to offer. That’s why ‘unlimited’ plans for anything are dangerous to offer because they raise expectations. However the OneDrive changes are not directed at ‘high users’ but across the board, many of whom use other Microsoft services, so this is pretty much a marketing disaster.

  365. Steadily driving OneDrive (and many of your other services) into the ground…

  366. Alexander

    Poor show Microsoft, this is gonna make me seriously reconsider getting another Windows Phone now I can’t even backup all my photos.

  367. This plus getting rid of placeholders has turned One Drive from my favorite cloud file solution to something bland and indistinguishable from any of the other offerings.

  368. Jovan Kosovac

    This is a shame, I’ve always supported Microsoft, but this move have disappointed me.
    I’ll have to drop OneDrive and move on to Google Drive.

    • Andy Parsons

      I can set you up with a google drive under my business account for the current unlimted rate (£6.60 or $10).
      You can get in touch via if you’re interested.

  369. Joaquin Eng

    Translation: “We don’t know how to sync more than 5GB and we need to cut budget. So we blame a few users and stop giving service to all the others.”

    5GB is not remotely enough to sync WP. This is bull****.

  370. Wow… 420+ comments up until now and more than 400 disapproving comments… That’s a good job of ******* off both paid (revenue generating) and free ( your base) customers.

    A little honesty over the actual reason behind the decision would have at least left most people disappointed instead of making them angry.

  371. Back to Google Drive!

    (When they start offering PayPal as a payment method)

    • Andy Parsons

      I can set you up with a google drive under my business account for the current unlimted rate (£6.60 or $10).
      You can get in touch via if you’re interested.

  372. Adrian Minz

    I’m owner of a company creating a software product. We thought about using azure in future. But now, how can we possibly trust in Microsoft cloud products, if you betray your loyal customers like this? We really thought Microsoft has changed to a friendly, lovely company. But now you show you old ugly and greedy face again. How can you. Do you have any ideas how big such stupid descitions can be? Microsoft can not affort to lose customers.

  373. Andy Parsons

    I get unlimited storage through google for my business.
    I’m happy to setup an account for anyone who would want it, at whatever the current unlimited rate is (£6.60 or $10)
    You can get in touch via if you’re interested.

    • Pretty sure that’s illegal. You should read you’re terms of service

  374. Orion Bencze

    I was an early adopter during SkyDrive, at one point i had 55 GB for free and was told it was forever as a thanks to my loyalty. I am tired of these takebacks your team has done to us loyal users. Microsoft is better than this and you need to fix this problem on your side not punish the users. Get yourself straight OneDrive “team”.

  375. Andreas Müller

    No 100 GB Option any more, but I can get 50 GB for the same price? I can see that you are annoyed with customers storing up to 75 TB of data and understand that you limit them to 1 TB, but that is no excuse to reduce the service for anyone else. And if that is the way you treat your customers, then I should look for some other cloud provider to store my data.

  376. I enjoy watching the downfall of the mighty Microsoft.

  377. You are crazy! this is the most crazy thing that i read about your services ! Now where is the bonus for purchase a lumia? with only 5gb i cannot upload many photos, videos and documents. I want at least 15gb bouns for for lumia phone! otherwise i will sell it and will purchase an android!
    Now is better to purchase an android so i can upload more photos and documents and i can works with your apps for andorid. Unbelievable!!

  378. So much for the all inclusive multi platform experience Microsoft wants to offer. At one point, I could take a picture with my phone, pull it up on my computer to re-touch it a bit, then put that slideshow on my TV during a kids birthday to show picture of him. and all that work was super easy and fast. Now I have to pay extra for it. I get that “pay to play” is a good business model, but if everyone is doing it, no one will use the services anymore.

    I, for one, dont need 200 different monthly bills to use office, photoshop, onedrive, xbox live, my internet, electric, water, gas, car, house, daycare, phone, phone’s data plan, insurances, warranties, micro transactions being added to any games you wanna play, songs you wanna hear, video’s you wanna watch, Hulu, Netflix, and any other host of services that are trying to get the last remaining dollars in my pocket. I dont think these should all be free services, I’m not that dumb, but its death by 1,000 cuts. And now YouTube, founded on “Broadcast yourself” is becoming “Broadcast yourself so long as you pay for YouTube Red” (great marketing, please Bing “You Tube Red” and see what your results are. Google own YouTube, and all “Red Tube” results have already been removed from the top 2 or 3 pages)

    the result is going to be that no one uses it because its an overload, and one drive storage isnt a priority over daycare, or a mortgage.

  379. I feel cheated and can no longer trust you as a reliable long-term provider of cloud storage solutions. Moreover, you just ruined all your recent efforts to rebuild Microsoft’s image.

  380. Really disappointed. Spent a lot of time convincing friends and family to use OneDrive instead of competing services due to the fact that it offered more free storage and awesome photo layouts/sharing tools. To add insult to injury you’ve priced the 50 GB plan higher than Apple’s iCloud! Looks like I’ll be dropping OneDrive in 2016. This has totally made me rethink trading my MacBook Air in for a Surface Book. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

    • OMG, you have no idea… I did the same thing and have gotten tons of people hooked on one drive. With the win8.1 smart files, sharing, etc… there was almost nothing I wouldn’t do with it. Plus, I do all my condo association business for documents through it. I will reluctantly have to go with some hybrid model of google drive.

  381. I wonder if it’s too late to cancel my Surface Pro 4 i7 preorder…

    • don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  382. Glad I waited to spend $2700 on a surface book since I won’t be now. I also will not be renewing my Office 365 subscription. Much like the OneDrive app from win7 being used in win10, this is a backwards step. It’s 2015, storage is cheap but customer loyalty and investment into an echo system is not. I have to completely revamp all of my workflows now. I hope that you guys flip flop back on this.

  383. Suleman Raja

    Bad move Microsoft

  384. 多麼傻逼的行為啊!

  385. What a glorious update. 30 to 5 for the free options and 100 to 50 for the same price.
    Somehow this announcement fails to excite me.
    Does it mean that we have to get paid OneDrive subscriptions with the new 950 Lumias just for the sake of making photos/vids?

  386. “•Free OneDrive storage will decrease from 15 GB to 5 GB for all users, current and new. The 15 GB camera roll storage bonus will also be discontinued.”

    Just reread this. I thoought you were only limiting future users to 5 Gb. But now I understand current users will also be downgraded. It makes no sense. I’ve been recommending and helping people to use onedrive even of they’re on android (like my self).
    Now I have to move them all to Google Photos.

    Good luck getting those users again. 😡

  387. Going from 30 GB to 5 GB is huge step backwards. At least give Windows Phone or Surface customers a bonus.

  388. hard to read this blog. grey on white is not good for reading. remember some of us have poor eyesight!

  389. So, you have decided to kill this service, haven’t you? There is no other explain to this decision.
    Ok, most people probably use less than 5GB, so there is no problem… but what are you doing is a dangerous precedent: how anyone can use a service of your if you can change it so much? 30 GB vs 5 GB, for everyone, even early subscribers…
    Any are abusing of OneDrive? Close their accounts, set different limits to what you can upload, but to shrink the space to 1/6… bad, too bad.
    What’s next, people could only sync on equal days, calendar on odd? Outlook will not accept attachment with pink icons?

  390. Jürgen H.

    I am very disappointed: the >1TB was the key argument for me to get an office 365 subscription.

  391. I hope the board directors and senior leaders in MS are taking note of this. There is not a single positive comment. You need to do a damage control ASAP. This news is not good for Microsoft at all.

  392. Worst move ever. at least making the same amount of free storage as google do. otherwise it’s self killing.
    Most disappointing news from MS ever.

    Windows (Desktop & Mobile) success depends on these free gigs. do you really realize it ?

  393. Carlos Sosa

    Loyal user since FolderShare. I have recommended OneDrive, Windows Phone, Surface and even Office 365 to multiple users. Mostly because the ability to keep things in sync, even when people take photos with their phones (WP) or tablets (Surface).

    Now I’ll look like an idiot. And you give the same tratment to the guy using a $10 chinese Android running Chrome or to me using a Surface, WP and several other products and subscription. I’m *@_#(*@#_%)#@% ****** and feel betrayed. Also, I can’t stop thinking that I’m feeling unsure about Azure, since you may change the rules any time.

  394. What year are we living that the world’s biggest IT company can offer only 5 gb to run it’s c l o u d based ecosystem?

    Understandable if you want more customers to subscribe for the paid storage plan, but at least reconsider the pricing. Now you cut the current 100gb plan by 50% while keeping the price the same.

    “50 gb for 1$ a month!” didn’t sound good to your product team? it sure **** would have generated more customers than this approach.

  395. I’ll add to the “this is bull****” column”:

    You justify this by pointing to a small number of bad actors who were abusing the unlimited storage pilot, but then you add that you’re also cutting the free storage tier and getting rid of the 100GB and 200GB paid options. Straining our patience even further, the new 50GB tier costs $1.99/mo, which buys 100GB today.

    Personally, the fact that unlimited storage isn’t happening isn’t a huge blow; I only using a small part of the 1TB allocation I have. But other people were depending on that commitment, and there were better ways to handle it. Frankly, you’ve stated the ambition to have a billion Windows 10 users, and I don’t honestly believe that no one at Microsoft could have imagined that there would be a population of users that would take you at your word. But if unlimited storage wasn’t practical, you could have offered alternatives that don’t punish the majority of your users. You could have offered paid tiers above 1TB, for example.

    Given the other changes announced, it’s clear that there were other motivations beyond the need to reign in a few extreme users. People are smart enough to read between the lines and see that, and what’s angering them is the lack of forthrightness in communicating these changes along with the lack of integrity that comes pulling the rug out from under those dependent on the existing free and paid tiers.

    Hang your head in shame, Microsoft. This is pathetic.

  396. Louis Gielen

    Horrible decision to punish everyone. Limiting the max usage is understandable, 1TB isn’t, and all the other decisions aren’t either.
    5 GB free storage+15 GB camera roll storage bonus will also be discontinued = making Google drive superior.
    This is just making people hate OneDrive and MS, while the goal of MS is the opposite.

    I can see that this is likely marketing to get people to buy Office360; but this will only result in losses.
    I was planning on getting Office360 along with a Lumia950, now I’m doubting it, this doesn’t inspire trust in MS…

    I still believe in OneDrive, I hope you undo this horrible decision.

  397. Dissapointed

    Now I have to worry about backing up data from Onedrive to some other place…. Seriously this move is VERY damaging for Microsoft.

    How can anyone trust you anymore ?

  398. I don’t think I’ve rolled my eyes as hard as after seeing your byline – “in pursuit of increased productivity and collaboration”. Yeah, right. How about, in pursuit of more money at any cost and at the risk of alienating my entire user base.

    Seriously MS, I am trying to like the new you. I want to like the new you. I even just bought the Surface Pro 4. But every time I warm up to you, you go out of your way to remind me just how ****** you are as a company and how completely out of touch you are with reality. It’s no wonder you’ve been losing out to all your competitors.

    I mean, who in their right minds is going to feel compelled to make a transition to One Drive, which has always been late to the cloud storage game, for a whopping 5GB of space? All your competitors provide much more, and they are already beating you at this! So your solution to compete is to completely strip your solution of any semblance of parity with the other free services out there? Got it, could not expect any different from the MS the entire world has gotten to know and gotten tired of.

  399. Idiot decision, just it

  400. So it is one thing to change your offerings but another thing to apply it to everyone just so they can save on space. Thanks for nothing Microsoft and I thought you were learning I guess all of us were wrong about that.

  401. I went from pirating Office to paying for Office 365.
    I went from pirating Office for my family to getting them to pay for Office 365
    I went from pirating Office for my friends to recommending they pay for Office 365.

    The key persuaders in this argument to myself, family and friends was that:
    a) You always have the latest version of Office
    and b) You can have an unlimited cloud backup of your PC.

    All in all I think I got Microsoft around 5-10 new Office 365 subscriptions. I use about 3.5TB of OneDrive storage to hold all my Photos, Videos and Games (all legally purchased through Steam I might add).

    This completely screws me over. I spent months uploading all of these files, it took so long and now it’s all for nothing.

    I will not be renewing my Office 365 subscription, I will not be renewing my parents and I will resume pirating Office for anyone that asks.

    You’ve really, really… really screwed this up, I hope to god that you receive an avalanche of criticism, complaints, and feedback that forces you to reverse this shortsighted and terrible terrible decision.

    Goodbye Microsoft.

    • User123456789

      I’m with you…your scenario almost mimics mine to a T. Not a giant heavy user, but sure I backed up my movies and games (all legal….DVD/BR to Digital) as you’re supposed to have 3 copies (1 local, 1 offsite, 1 cloud). I jumped on the 5 account process for my wife, myself, and immediate family…..such a shame that i’ll have to move them off now too. It’s a bummer.

  402. I subscribed to Office 365 because of the unlimited storage. I keep 3,3 Tb of photos there now and planed to add more. I’ve spent a lot of time uploading them. Now I’m forced to stop paying for the subscription.

    What a bad move, Microsoft.

    Who will trust you after that?


  403. Here’s my deal. I use OneDrive Unlimited to BACKUP and offer my RAW photos across multiple machines and devices. I killed a different service offering unlimited backup to migrate everything to OneDrive because I am a Windows user. Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3, a Dell XPS desktop, and 2 Windows Phones (yes, there are people using those… stop laughing).

    I also took advantage of Groove’s offer to store my MP3s (I converted them from lossless just to store on OneDrive) so I could listen anywhere, from any device. That’s about 180 GB of my limit now, for legitimately purchased and converted from CD MP3s. Now I am rethinking THAT strategy as well.

    Before someone asks, I am using just under 1 TB. A few more photo sessions and I’ll be over the 1 TB limit with my RAW photos.

    I think removing unlimited is one thing, not giving me an option to purchase an extra 1 TB block say, will really push me back to using other services.

    This is also a fun stance when competitors like Google offer 15 GB for free. And Amazon has a $60 a year unlimited service. Maybe I’ll migrate to that, as that will definitely meet my needs. That is, of course, until THEY pull the rug out from under me as well.

    It’s just nice to use the built in functionality of the OS with OneDrive sync, without having to add another agent to my machine to ensure my stuff is properly backed up.

  404. I liked OneDrive for it’s Windows integration and free storage options if I synced my photos from Android. Thanks to this decision, I will be moving all my files back to Google Drive, and probably paying Google for more space. Clearly Microsoft cannot be trusted to deliver on their promises. What a terrible idea.

  405. University freshman team could have done better competitor analysis for the future of OneDrive than your people

    1) 50 GB for 2$ / month (Microsoft) vs 100 gb for 2$ (Google). That would make a nice PowerPoint slide right? (Oh sorry you don’t have any space left, so better use Google Drive instead)
    2) Percentage number of these 75 tb abusers is running at a 0.001% level, how about friendly reminder to stop hosting a pirate island and leave the +99% users using less than 50gb alone?
    3) For a company who promotes “Do great things” you are awfully bad at offering that platform storage wise. In a year where the tip of your little finger can store 1 tb of data, 5gb seems like a good deal to switch from Dropbox/iCloud/Google Drive to Microsoft lair?

  406. Blasso Nestoff

    Sounds like a class action lawsuit is on its way.

  407. I was referring my friends and family for OneDrive since last year! But not anymore…
    Good bye OneDrive! I’ll be start using Dropbox and Google Drive again.

  408. I’ve two Lumia, where I’ll save my photos, videos and documents?
    Please, MS tell me. WHERE?????

  409. LongTime User

    This is terrible. How can I keep convincing people to embrace windows 10 platform when the cloud is part of it? Now it is getting reduced to a tiny sliver? How are we going to keep bringing platform changers into the new 10 if things like this happen?


  410. Kevin Jones

    Please make sure the OneDrive team is up and around at the MVP Summit. I’m sure many of us have some feedback on this.

  411. bait and switch. just like windows phones.
    as an IT professional, I’ve expounding on the benefits of Office365 and the Windows Phone interface in the office and personally. now i found myself looking the fool, professionally and personally.

  412. Charles Kao

    Such a bad news!

    Since you cancel the Live domain service unpredictably. It impact the my trust deeply.
    This event make you lost my trust completely!

    If I paid for service still not a stable solution!

    What can I beleve in Microsoft!!!?

  413. Anonymous

    Trust – it’s a hard thing to earn. Your word is all we have to go by – and now – backing off a commitment when it’s convenient for you makes it hard for us to rely on any of your services going forward. I was considering a new Surface tablet but now, that’s in question as I don’t know how long you will support it – regardless of what type of commitment you’ve made.

    Very disappointed recent champion of Microsoft.

  414. Bad move for Microsoft. It’s ok to limit users from using so much space (75ΤΒ), it’s ok to make free space smaller, but it’s unacceptable to sell storage space in such high prices (only 50GB for 2$??). Office 365 is good, but not everyone wants this. At least, leave the old free space limit as it is.
    With such decisions, trust goes away and the mobile market share of Windows Phones will never catch up with those of Iphones or Android Phones.

  415. This is really not acceptable. At the moment I have only backed up my photos and some documents to my OneDrive, which takes about 40GB, using the free storage, including some bonuses. But I have about 3TB in other files stored locally that I simply didn’t back up because of my slow upload speed.
    If you want to push Windows as a service and make OneDrive part of that service, it should have at least the storage you are now offering.
    Diminishing that storage is like selling a car that will break down after 1 year and not offering warranty.

  416. Juan Stevens

    Wow guys. Just wow. You’re really pushing a lot of LOYAL windows supports away. It’s not only taking back a promise but you’re seriously cutting existing services that have been there. This along with all of my Surface Book issues. Way to go.

  417. But, who works in MS marketing? Before lunching the sale of Lumia 950, Lumia 550, Surface 4 and Surface Book you going crazy and reduce the OneDrive space???? You are in time to go back. Please don’t do it otherwise you loose a lot of consumer.