Outlook for iOS and Android gains momentum, gets new look

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Today’s post was written by Javier Soltero, corporate vice president for the Outlook team.

It has been an exciting journey for all of us on the Microsoft Outlook team since launching Outlook apps for iOS and Android in January. As I said then, our goal is to bring a true Outlook email experience to every mobile platform. Today we’re thrilled and humbled to share that almost 30 million people are active users of Outlook on their smartphones and tablets. Roughly one in five of those are connecting more than one account, and we hear time and again from customers that they’re using Outlook regularly—both in and out of the office—to the tune of 1.2 billion sessions per month. These numbers show what we’ve known for some time—despite reports to the contrary—email is a key communications channel across all parts of our life, and there is growing demand for a mobile email experience that helps to effectively manage those conversations. We made terrific progress over the last nine months, but we are just getting started.

To help us continue to accelerate this momentum, we asked our new friends from Sunrise for some help. Over the past few months, we put their design expertise and fresh thinking to work on helping us deliver a more beautiful and improved experience. For Outlook users on iOS, this will be rolling out beginning today. Users on Android can expect to see updates beginning in early November. Of course, Outlook comes pre-installed in Windows 10 Mobile. Stay tuned to learn more about Outlook when Windows 10 Mobile arrives on devices.

A fresh new look for Outlook for iOS

Outlook for iOS receives a clean, refined new look that puts your email, calendar, people and files front and center. Throughout the app, we focused on improving the small but important details that add up to making Outlook the best designed, most powerful mobile email app available. We tweaked UI elements by adding visual cues to help you see and process information more quickly at a glance. We also improved navigation around the app and made key features more prominent—so you can do more with fewer taps. When getting work done on the go, it’s these little time savers that count.

For example, the message list on Outlook now clearly calls out event invitations. The “event” icon makes it easy to identify events at a glance, by showing the details of the proposed event with a clear action to RSVP right from your inbox. In addition, the “flag” and “attachment” icons are more prominently displayed on the right side of the message list, mirroring what Outlook users are used to on Windows. And when you’re scrolling down on your message list while triaging email, pressing the “Mail” navigation button pops you back to the top of your inbox.

A fresh new look for Outlook for iOS and Android 1 - 2

When composing a new message, the attachment options are simplified and easier to access. Both File and Photo attachments are now available in one click.

The “Calendar” navigation icon now shows today’s date, while the “Today” button moves dynamically as you scroll through your calendar to help you visualize how far away from today you are. The day picker grays out days in the past, making it quick and easy to find the current day of the week or month. Drag down the day picker to show a full month view.

A fresh new look for Outlook for iOS and Android 3 - 2

When viewing event details, Outlook provides a cleaner, clearer representation of information. All the core details (date, duration, location) are grouped at the top, while attendees now have green, gray and red icons that represent their responses to your invitation.

A fresh new look for Outlook for iOS and Android 4 - 2

Outlook for Android gets a makeover

We want Outlook to feel like a natural part of Android. By deeply leveraging Material design and its common interface elements, we are making it easy to get started and become familiar with Outlook.

With this consistent design, Outlook for Android feels more cohesive. You’ll see right away as you open the app, with our redesigned header, message list and compose experiences. Contact images appear to the left of your emails, making it easy to see who emailed you. Clearer and more prominent icons help you identify read versus unread emails, pick out event invitations and quickly see emails that include attachments.

A fresh new look for Outlook for iOS and Android 5 - 2

The Calendar Agenda view is overhauled with a beautiful new UI, showing more information about your events at a glance.

A fresh new look for Outlook for iOS and Android 6 - 2

Event details, the People list and contact details all get a fresh new Material look.

Bringing the best of Sunrise to Outlook

The Sunrise team is now officially a part of the broader Outlook product team, bringing a fresh approach to calendaring and combining it with Microsoft’s deep expertise in both email and calendar. Better Outlook calendaring gives you more ability to manage your personal and professional life from a single, powerful app. Over the coming months, you’ll see richer calendar experiences come to Outlook from Sunrise—including Interesting Calendars and connections to your favorite apps and services. You will also see improvements to Outlook’s ability to create meetings while on the go and handle meetings across time zones. All of this means Outlook will eventually replace the current Sunrise app. We will leave Sunrise in market until its features are fully integrated into Outlook, the exact timing of which we will communicate in advance.

We continue to work to deliver amazing improvements in Outlook every single week. We need your feedback to help continue to make Outlook even better! Let us know what you think of our new designs in a comment below and suggest and vote on future feature ideas right within Outlook by going to Settings > Suggest a Feature.

—Javier Soltero

  1. Has the outlook app been added to the Office 365 trust center yet? We are not allowed to use it corporately until it is moved from AWS to O365. thanks!

    • I am hoping that’s the case. Sunrise Calendar does this, so that method should be integrated into Outlook when it is.

    • @Brett – Outlook’s cloud service meets the commitments outlined in Category A of the Compliance Framework for Office 365, as outlined in the Office 365 Trust Center. (link to learn more: We are planning to achieve Compliance Category C around the same time as our move to Azure and Office 365. Stay tuned here, we are working hard on this and will share more as soon as we can.

  2. JesperStahle

    Looks great. What about the ability to sync Contacts to the device native Contact store, so we can see who is calling etc. when our contacts live in our mailboxes (which they do for many of your customers)? Thanks.

    • @Jesper – thanks for the comment. We are very close, this feature has started rolling out to Android devices already (Settings > Account Settings (select your email account where you want to sync contacts) > and select the toggle “Sync contacts from this account”. There is still work to do to make it work perfectly on Android, so stay tuned. We are looking at delivering this in November for iOS.

  3. I’m really impressed with this approach, and hope we see the influence of Sunrise in the Windows 10 Calendar also.

    • @Daniel – glad to hear! We want Outlook to feel and work great on all of the platforms we support, so stay tuned.

  4. This bit doesn’t impress me… “All of this means Outlook will eventually replace the current Sunrise app.” Pretty sure I remember Sunrise saying they would continue as a standalone and separate app when they were bought, much like Wanderlust also did.

      • From the original blog post ( announcing the acquisition:

        “Sunrise will remain free and available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and Desktop – we’re not going anywhere.”

        Killing off the app sure seems to contradict that statement from the Sunrise team.

        • @Thomasruns – 8 months ago, that was the plan. After careful and thoughtful consideration with the whole team, as they explain in their post, they have decided to go all in on Outlook to bring their amazing capabilities to millions worldwide. As noted in our blog, Sunrise will continue to be free and available for some time, although without any more future updates. Eventually, that will no longer be the case.

          • I stand by what I said, this doesn’t impress me – not just by the backdown on promises that Sunrise made at the time but the fact that after taking the money from MS they’re happy to drop their users like a piece of trash. Yea, I really did buy into the whole spiel about appreciating their users blah blah blah. I’ve tried Outlook and I didn’t even mind it but my email needs are taken care of elsewhere and on a matter of principle now I won’t be trying it again.

      • This is for exchange online only – what about onpremise exchange?

  5. I’m also interested how the credentials issue has been resolved if at all. We also won’t be using it until the credentials are not stored.

  6. Great to see continuous improvements. Do recognize that this app is frequently updated and really appreciate that.

    I really hope lots of these improvements ends up in Windows 10 too in the mail, calendar and people app because frankly these are so basic (and buggy). Unfortunately I have to use these win10 apps or read my email via OWA/web in office365 on my PC. That’s why I use this outlook app on my iPad as my main email client.

    • @E Driessens – thanks for noticing, we are working hard on improving the app and adding features. The Mail/Calendar apps in Windows 10 are also built by our same team, and these are also getting updated at a fast pace (we’ve had almost weekly updates since launch). Stay tuned, we know we have more to do but are working hard. Thanks for using our products!

      Question back at you – why don’t you use the full Outlook app (Outlook 2016) on your PC?

  7. Any chance that the ability for shared calendars of o365 is integrated in this version?

    • Thanks for the comment. It is not supported, but is on our backlog. In the meantime, try using Office 365 Groups to created a shared calendar and subscribe to the group. You will receive all the appointments on your primary calendar, which will sync to your phone. Please let us know about any additional feature requests you have and vote on others’ suggestions by going to Settings > Suggest a Feature.

    • Thanks Tim, working on it. Please let us know about any additional feature requests you have and vote on others by going to Settings > Suggest a Feature.

  8. All of this won’t matter unless outlook gets a Mac companion that works in the same way. Mail is now about the entire eco-system of one preference.

    Everyone and their mother are looking for a Mailbox replacement. There’s many iOS alternatives but no Mac app that supports snooze and the brilliant snooze to desktop.

    So, since this is the sorry state, I might as well use apple mail. All the fancy features of outlook, sparrow and whatever does not matter as long there’s no Mac companion.

    Oh, and Outlook 2016 does not cut it. It’s bloated desperate cry from the 80’s that in no way resembles its mobile namesake.

  9. Been waiting for exchange shared calendars feature. Shared calendars is an important feature in exchange that is used in organizations. It only makes sense that outlook mobile should have it. Please MS soon!

    • @Dan – Thanks for the comment. We hear you and it is on our backlog. In the meantime, if you are an Office 365 customer, try using Office 365 Groups to created a shared calendar and subscribe to the group. You will receive all the appointments on your primary calendar, which will sync to your phone. Please let us know about any additional feature requests you have and vote on others’ suggestions by going to Settings > Suggest a Feature.

  10. This is truly disappointing. I don’t need or want another email and contacts app, but I love Sunrise Calendar.

  11. “All of this means Outlook will eventually replace the current Sunrise app. We will leave Sunrise in market until its features are fully integrated into Outlook, the exact timing of which we will communicate in advance.”

    Not a fan of that honestly. Sunrise is clean and instant as a calendaring app. I hope all of the integrations Sunrise does make it to Outlook, like Evernote, Trello, etc.

  12. Once burned, twice shy — the other Outlook for Android app you got from that French company was such an unmitigated debacle I removed it after three grueling weeks (during which interval, MS removed/broke various features that had been perfectly all right when unmolested). I went back to a bookmark of on the home screen (with auto-forwarding to a different provider for notifications). I suppose this new one couldn’t possibly be any worse?

    • @D Tread – sorry about your experience with the old app. This is an entirely different app & code – please give this a try and let us know what you think. We think you will love it!

    • @Nick – sorry you are having issues. It should absolutely work there, please contact support by going to Settings > Help > Contact Support within the app.

  13. Not surprising, but certainly disappointing that Microsoft didn’t keep their word about keeping Sunrise as a separate app. What’s baffling is that they think users will actually install Outlook as a replacement. The only way anyone uses Outlook is if their company forces them to. Say goodbye to all those Sunrise users!

    • @Thomasruns – Thanks for your continued feedback in comments. I encourage you to give Outlook a try. Today, more people are using the Outlook app with personal email accounts than work. We’ve had great feedback thus far from both our work and person life users and even from tech press too. In fact, the Verge named us the best email app on the iPhone With Sunrise coming onboard, this experience will get even better. This is just the beginning.

  14. I really wish you guys would get rid of the inbox avi’s in the android version…or at least give us a toggle in setting to turn them off.

    Accounts I have for shopping/billing/non contacts mail are a horrific mess of random colored circles with giant inital letters. The same is true for a multitude of people who I don’t have selfies of

    It’s made my ability to process email much more difficult and now I am running cloud magic, in parrell, for testing other email app’s to find a replacement.

    • @Nickel – Thanks for the feedback. We need your feedback to help continue to make Outlook even better! Suggest and vote on future feature ideas right within Outlook by going to Settings > Suggest a Feature.

  15. Request: please support the Outlook (desktop) auto-discover protocol.

  16. And this is why the world dislikes Microsoft. I cannot begin to express my disappointment about this decision. The world does NOT need another behemoth of an app which does email + calendar and lists (yes, I know it’ll just be a matter of time before wunderlist is killed as well). Welcome to the new Microsoft, same as the old Microsoft; where the it wasn’t invented here philosophy has just been dressed up in better PR speak and weasel words.

    Sunrise is a good calendar app. It is useful, light and is well designed. Sigh, back to using the underwhelming native iOS calendar app.

  17. I have suggested one of the simplest things Outlook on iOS is missing… multiple times! Automatic/default notification on events being created!!! It’s crazy that this is not ON by default, like every other calendar. For those of us who rely on our phones/apps to nudge us to the next meeting, not getting a notification is critical issue. Please address this critical gap.

    • Thanks for the feedback @Sopan – Please let us know about any additional feature requests you have and vote on others’ suggestions by going to Settings > Suggest a Feature.

  18. I really like to know if u can fix the outlook so I can delete all emails and junk and all deleted email please fix it

  19. Congrats on updating accompli. It’s so disappointing to read about sunrise, arguably the best app on my phone. I love new microsoft, but decisions like this one take you 4 years back. Real too bad.

  20. Am unable to log in to new IOS version “Please check your email address and password and try again”.

    Was using previous version on iPad mini to access my IMAP email account on my own domain name up until two hours ago when I deleted the old version from my iPad mini before downloading and installing the new version.

    Now cannot get access to my email account because of log in problem.

    • @Ernie – sorry to hear you are having issues. Please reach out to Support in the app (Settings > Help & Feedback > Contact support) and they will help you out.

  21. So when are we getting some of these capabilities in the windows 10 mail/calendar client. Would love to see scheduling of messages, sending of availability, files capability, unified inbox, etc… in whats supposed to be your top client… I know you are working on a ton of things but getting this working on your premier platform would be really great thing for everyone.

  22. Using the new iOS app – loving it so far. Great job guys…

    Quick question – when are you adding OneDrive for Business support? Would be really useful for my corporate O365 account.

    Thanks and keep the awesome going… 🙂

    • @Utkarsh – we are working on it, one of our top priorities. Thanks for your patience!

  23. All I need is a single calendar.
    OK, I will use Google Calendar instead.

    And, no, I won’t use Outlook app unless there is no other email app I can find on earth.

    • @Alan – sorry to hear that. Could you with me what you dislike about Outlook? We appreciate all feedback and would like to know how we can improve our app.

  24. This is some good news. It is good that separate standalone apps get integrated into one consolidated app or a bundle. At this time there are so many apps competing for the same space.

    While we are at it, when would OneDrive for Business integration come in for files and attachments? Without OdfB, this app is of much less use in enterprise environment for us.

    • @abhitalks – Thanks a lot, we are glad you are as excited as we are. As for ODfB, we are working on it, one of our top priorities. Thanks for your patience!

  25. Stein Erik Paulsen

    I realy like Word for Android, Excel for Android and OneDrive for Android. They are so simple and clean and work realy well. For instance navigating rather large Excel workbooks is amazingly easy. And those apps look and feel like their desktop client counterparts.

    While the current Outlook for Android is a mess. The folders are allmost impossible to navigate. After half a year in service it still have basic faults like crashing when trying to empty the trash folder. It looks and fells like something entirely different than Outlook 2016. And to finish it off – the calandar insists on inviting me to my own events when syncing from You realy should scrap it and start all over again.

    • Hey Stein, thanks for the feedback. As we announced in the post above, we have a major design and layout update coming in the next month. This updates will help resolve many of your concerns. Please let us know about any additional feature requests you have and vote on others’ suggestions by going to Settings > Suggest a Feature.

  26. Hi, folks,

    I will miss Sunrise but I like Outlook (on iOS) as well. Are there any plans to add functionality for the “Today” screen on iPhones? I can get notifications, but I always look at the Today screen first. It’s minor.

    Keep doing great work!

    • Thanks Steve for the feedback – glad to hear you like Outlook, we thinks the combination of the two apps is going to be killer. Yes, today screen support in on the backlog. Please let us know about any additional feature requests you have and vote on others’ suggestions by going to Settings > Suggest a Feature.

  27. Did this new update affect the appearance on the Outlook desktop version? Almost all the text in my inbox is blue now making it difficult to distinguish read from unread emails.

    • @JAB7787 – no, this had nothing to do with Desktop outlook. My guess is your company IT just updated Outlook to a new version coincidentally?

  28. What about folders and sub-folders? I’m using rules in Microsoft outlook (office 2013), so most of my emails goes directly to sub-folders and not to “Inbox”. How can i see which sub-folders has new emails? Do I need to go manually to each and every sub-folders (i have like 400?) what about smart folders like in outlook 2013? most important – “Unread” smart folder that will analyze all the email I’ve received including emails in sub-folders? or smaert folder “Today”, that will analyze all the emails received today or in last 24 hours, including the ones that are in sub-folders?


  29. Has this new version of the Outlook app resolved the security issues when connecting to locally hosted exchange servers? The previous version of Outlook for iOS and Android stored passwords for users using this application in the Microsoft cloud. Does the new version of the Outlook application still behave in this way when connecting to a locally hosted exchange 2013 server?

    This issue with cloud based password storage prompted IU to block access to the Outlook application, and required all users of the application to change their passwords. For details see:

  30. So far the outlook app has many of the features that the sunrise calendar had which is a good part, however it still can’t link Facebook, Meetup, LinkedIn, etc but hopefully that will come over time. It would be great to be able to have a Web version of this calendar line sunrise had. The whole point of calendar integration is to view all your calendars in one place, and currently that seems to only be available on the app and not via the Web, which is a hindrance if needing to view the calendars on a desktop.

    • @Sam – Today’s announcement was simple that the integration is coming – so stay tuned. Much more to come, including integrations with other calendaring services.

  31. Love the mobile app and all of the features until just recently. When I try to attach a file right now the choices I have are: Recent Files, Photo Library, and Take a picture. I’ve looked this problem up and saw that many other users have the same issue. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times with no avail.

    I see that I can access my OneDrive through the recent files choice however I am not able to access internal storage or any other share point apps which leads me to assume that this is Microsoft’s way of forcing me to use OneDrive only. Is this true or is this an issue with the app and will this be corrected soon?

    • @Sahba – sorry for the issue. Please reach out to Support in the app by going to Settings > Help. They should be able to help you out. We are not trying to force you to use OneDrive, you should be able to attach from any location on your phone.

  32. I just discovered and LOVE #‎Sunrise. I respect and understand your intended integration move with Outlook. However, I don’t even use Outlook at the moment. So I only ask you @OutlookTeam to please please either make a seamless integration with all the features from Sunrise that we love, or release a standalone app as in Outlook Calendar 😉 — PLEASE MAKE IT RIGHT

    • @Juan – thanks for the feedback. We think you are going to love how the features integrate with Outlook – the combined best email and calendar experience on your mobile. Stay tuned – this is just the beginning.

  33. sorry Microsoft, but you’re not entirely assuring me and the legions of fans of Sunrise calendar here.

    Firstly, shutting down the calendar app because you feel having 2 calendar apps doesn’t make sense doesn’t explain why Windows on desktop and mobile has a SEPARATE calendar app. So, why is it that other product teams think that they can have separate calendar apps, while your team wants to combine email + calendar? Is this Outlook app going to be free on other platforms? Because Sunrise is!

    As a segue, I happily use Sunrise on a Mac and iPhone to replace Apple’s sparsely featured offering, and use CloudMagic’s email client. So, why are you forcing Sunrise users to migrate from other mail clients (some they might have PAID for) to Outlook? You cite superior UX but the hurdles are actually quite coercive!

    Secondly, the features that will be ported over to the Outlook app sound nebolously vague. If you’re going to placate fans and users from migrating and fleeing to other apps (which is tough to do since Sunrise is too damn good!), then tell us, is Meetups/Eventbrite going to make it? How about Evernote? And Foursquare check-ins? I love seeing that in my Sunrise. Reading the blog post, I cannot INFER what is going to be cut and what is going to make it.

    Thirdly, the fate of Sunrise as it approaches dusk is that you’re going to leave it on the market and then pull it when you ‘finish integrating’ its features over to Outlook. Okay. Look, you’re the Outlook team but you’re also Microsoft, so why don’t you just LEAVE it on the market and on life support?? Fixing whatever bugs that may afflict it in the foreseeable future. Hire a few devs to deal with that side of things while the creative geniuses behind Sunrise work on Outlook’s calendar. Because, despite what others say, Sunrise was perfect for about 2 months when it gained Outlook & Exchange integration and was left alone. Sure, i could have used some more convenient features like the ability to book a meeting room with Google Apps, but it’s a minor inconvenience i can live with.

    While i’m sure stellar work is going to be done on the Outlook app, I think the way this has been communicated to the public both by Sunrise and Microsoft has been clumsy and that the rationale has not been explained in a convincing manner. At least Steven Sinofsky made a coherent argument as to why the Start Menu was replaced with the Start Screen and detailed it with user research and testing in pages-long blog posts. All we have here is some fluffy announcements that doesn’t really say much except “hey guys, we just devoured the Sunrise app, and our Outlook app now looks MUCH healthier!!!”

  34. Disappointing so far. Really doesn’t look or feel any different from iOS native calendar, which is why I sought out Sunrise in the first place. Had to stop using the Sunrise apps due to too many inconsistencies in time zone mix ups when scheduling appointments. The apps now seem to select whichever zone they want. Obviously a result of no longer being supported.

    • Hi Michele – we haven’t begun the product integration yet – we simply announced that we are doing so. So stay tuned for those feature to come available in Outlook. Thanks!

  35. Nice to see more features are being added rapidly. Any news regarding the Category function, which now can be used in Outlook Mac, Outlook Win and OWA? We would like to be able to categorize certain appointments with the Outlook IOS app, but are not able to.

    • This is on our backlog. Please let us know about any additional feature requests you have and vote on others’ suggestions by going to Settings > Suggest a Feature.

  36. I know us Windows Phone users are few and far between, but when will we get the love? Don’t even have an Outlook app available in the Windows Store yet. Hopefully with the new Window’s phones available and the Windows 10 integrations it will drive more app options on Windows phone!

    • Hi Mongie – Windows Phone 8 comes with Outlook Mobile built into the operating system. New Windows 10 mobile devices will come with an updated Outlook app as well. So stay tuned for the update!

  37. I really would like to use Outlook on my Android phone but I can’t get it to send & receive from my ISP mail servers. Also, will there ever be an option to sync with the Outlook client on my desktop?

    • We support connections to Office 365/Exchange,, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and IMAP. Is your ISP has the ability to connect via IMAP and this still is not working, contact support in the app. If your ISP only supports POP connections, we unfortunately do not support that at this time.

  38. Hi, great work so far. Looking forward to the new android version. It’s a small issue, but I really hope MS updates to icon to be inline with material design. I really dislike the square icons currently used on all MS android apps.

    • You may or may not have a surprise soon, at the next Android app update! 🙂

  39. Obviously a little late to comment. Really loving how things have come along. Use yours for better email support with the Apple Watch then native. Need a couple of things to be a strong solution/replacement app for all users:
    1. HTML Signature; need to be able to include an image and corporate font.
    2. Needs to open EML attachment/files.
    3. Would love to be able to approve/decline moderated distribution groups (again eml necessary).

    • Hi Jake – thanks for the suggestions, glad you are loving it thus far. These are all items we are evaluating – help us prioritize our next features by visiting and voting on our UserVoice site – Thanks!

  40. The new app look nice but why the calendar is not available in the Android system as it was in the old app? The default calendar app and any other widget can’t read my outlook calenders, that’s really unlucky. Who want to use three or four calender widgets to see whats going on? Is there anyway to get this working?

    • @Tim – thanks for the feedback. This is on our backlog of items to do. For now, you need to keep the existing EAS sync relationship for your account in Android account settings to sync to native calendar. You can turn off all but the calendar, so it won’t keep syncing email in both places. That should allow you to get both capabilities until we deliver this feature.

  41. Do not like the iOS look. Would make my default email app if Android look were available on iOS.

  42. My main issue is that the Outlook App for Android is that it is optimized for phones and not tablets, the extra real estate which is available is basically wasted, especially the calendar section. This is the main reason I still use Sunrise as it offers a month view, this is a feature is still is missing in Outlook

    • Thanks @Peter – this is on our ToDo list to get done. Stay tuned!

  43. Is there away to sync this app with outlook 2016 desktop calendar? Also, in the contacts section, is there away to put contacts in groups for better organization and if there will be an option in the future for the website version? Thank you!

  44. Outlook for Android – This is a great app but I am missing a couple of important features:
    Could we please have:
    – Search ability within Calendars
    – Ability to turn off notification for individual calendars (ie not all calendars)

    many thanks!

    • @Jaap – great suggestions. Please add these requests to our UserVoice site, so you can help us prioritize our backlog. Just go to Settings > Suggest a Feature. Thanks!

  45. I have multiple email addresses/accounts set up, one business, one personal. When I go to contacts, Outlook groups and lists all the contacts from both accounts together. I need to be able to separate the business contacts from the personal contacts, in the view. I can view the emails from each account separately. Iit would also be helpful to see the contacts from each account separately.

    • @ Jay – great suggestion. Please add these requests to our UserVoice site, so you can help us prioritize our backlog. Just go to Settings > Suggest a Feature. Thanks!

  46. I can’t view attachments on my Android device since the account switched over to the Preview. I have tried using the native app & tried downloading the Outlook app but neither works.

    • @Darren – we have a bug we are working on. Please send a note to support in app by going to Settings > Help and Feedback, and stay tuned for a future update.

  47. The Agenda view on the Android app version 2.0.3 looks quite different than what you are showing here. It is missing all of the day of the week and date information on the top of the screen.

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